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  2. 17.3.20
  3. March Madness + Nibiru Connection w/ Marshall Masters
  4. The Michael Decon Program
  6. 1:14:45
  7. So what is going to happen?
  8. Right now we are waiting for it to reach its point of perihelion, when it is closest to the sun.
  9. When it does, it will going to be up and to the right of the sun.
  10. At that point, when it reaches perihelion, everyone's going to know....
  11. Right now, when you look at all the objects, you have a full face.
  12. You are seeing daylight sides
  13. That means they are on the opposite side of the sun.
  14. What I am looking for is when they are up on to the right of the sun.
  15. Then all of a sudden, you start to see a terminator.
  16. The terminator is like, think of the moon; the phases of the moon.
  17. You go from a full moon and then it slices and slices
  18. Takes thinner and thinner slices
  19. The slice between the daylight and the night sight - that's called the terminator.
  20. Once we start seeing a terminator, we know it's reached its point of perihelion, closest to the sun.
  21. Then it's going to be arcing over on our side of the system because it's moving on 2 axes.
  22. It's moving on a 36 hundred year orbit on one axis, from the southern skies to the northern skies - comet like orbit.
  23. But then, on its other axis, it's orbiting around the sun in a matching orbit with us.
  24. It's a little bit faster
  25. We're 365 days - it's about 360 days
  26. So it's just a matter of time before we creep up on each other and that's when it happens
  27. What's going to happen next is ... if we are seeing 3 objects here, then either Nemesis is on the ecliptic or above it.
  28. Which means that things are going to start accelerating because if you understand the physics, you know that in an orbit like this, when it comes to a point when it's going to whip around
  29. This elongated 36 hundred year orbit, when it gets to the top, it whips very violently, very quickly speeds up.
  30. Then it passes through our system.
  31. We will watch it actually pass over our heads.
  32. Then it is going to go down between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, heading back into the southern skies.
  33. .... from perihelion to the ecliptic, that is always what we call the 'death zone'.
  34. This is when the interaction between Nemesis and our sun is going to be greatest and we have problems.
  35. But it's when Nemesis reaches the ecliptic, that's when we really run the risk of really severe events which would include Ed Dames' cosmic sprite and also a pole shift.
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