墓前 (In Fron of the Grave) - Indigo2

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  1. 【MV】墓前/feat.初音ミク+etc / MV - In Front of the Grave (Feat. Hatsune Miku + etc) -
  2. Artist: indigo2
  5. Lyrics:
  6. This is the wasteland that comes when life withers away
  7. With mummies sleep without being loved by anyone
  9. An endless samsara eating life up
  10. You feign ignorance
  11. Even though you actually understand it all
  12. You can't wipe your sins
  13. In this nest inside a dark corridor
  14. A pylon cries with a coarse voice
  15. Until it melts away
  17. A wasteland where talent doesn't sprout anywhere
  18. A piece of life mended with patches made from lies
  20. In the forgotten grave the spirits meet
  21. Without even waiting for the sunset
  22. Scrambling for the paints of someone
  23. In front of a nameless tomb
  24. The voices dissolve into sand,
  25. Among the boundary of the heaps of corpses
  26. Where I saw life tumble down
  28. "Say Goodbye", means "Rest in Peace"
  29. Farewell, until the day we meet again
  30. A speder-man who raised just after falling down
  31. God, please save us
  32. In my life, what I loved wasn't your sound but you
  33. Is waving my hand while saying "see you in the next life" so absurd?
  35. The fishes gathered in this sea of electrons are Swimmy's
  36. Wear-out suicide note and neverending thirst
  38. Somewhere a sleep-walking girl
  39. Is covered by the applause at the finale
  40. You've been able to see it all, haven't you?
  41. Feigning ignorance means it's over
  42. A life where you only wait for the end
  43. And the destination pointed by the great detective
  44. Is not the place you hope
  46. Flowers can't bloom in a dry pond
  47. For yesterday and today, tomorrow doesn't mean anything
  48. Rotten brains and memes are just detestable
  49. There's no use for the obsolete towns
  50. The foam bubbles of Tidal Hopper flew so high
  51. Rushing and competing among themselves
  52. An insect shines at the bottom of the sea
  53. There's no love for a nameless song
  55. Is the compensation for a life that burnt down
  56. A kind of love that became food for death?
  57. You actually remember it all, don't you?
  58. Resisting with a trembling voice
  59. An elegy that won't reach anybody
  60. We, who can't create anything at all
  61. Don't whisper, sing out loud!
  63. When I say "Let's go out", it's an SOS
  64. Until it becomes a grave
  65. Please don't erase these footprints
  66. So that someday someone can follow the path
  67. Please sing, until you come up to this place
  68. Listen to this music dyed with just your music
  69. And that's all
  71. "Say Goodbye", just means "Rest in Peace"
  72. Farewell, until the day we meet again
  73. Go on with your life, until you return to your place inside the dirt
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