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Pure Marae route, Part 3 - More to Unearth

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Mar 20th, 2018
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  1. You row to the shores of Marae's island once more. You think not just of the harmonic landscape, but also of seeing the goddess like you did before. So much so that it almost consumes your focus. The slowly shifting hue as you reach your destination helps restore it. This is no time to let your concentration slip.
  3. You stand before the great white tree once more, and Marae's human form approaches you. As she walks, you still remember how the goddess looked in that moment, and can't help but compare that to what you see now. The tree rings curve down her whole body, each knot suddenly feels like a blemish. What you saw before was divine; this is not. This is tangible.
  5. "A pleasure to see you again, Champion."
  7. [If this is the first time triggering this scene]
  9. You have to ask, though. When Marae connected with you before, she seemed very different to how she is now. Are all gods like that?
  11. "No. But as you see, there is a divide between those attuned with nature and those who are not. I'd compare it to the difference between a human and demon, but far away from corruption. Still, it is not something that can be easily shared."
  13. She made contact with you before, though, when you told her of your victory at the demon factory. How did that not harm you?
  15. "Opening up is something I can choose to do; if not, it would be hard to interact with mortals when I need to. The connection is part of my strength - but it's also a weakness. It's why the demon taint across the land has weakened me so. Still, if you want to help purge some of the nearby taint directly...this will have to be how."
  17. It's hard for her, then, not just you. All the more incentive not to fizz out just by touching her.
  19. "So, where to begin..."
  21. [Otherwise.]
  23. You nod, sharing the sentiment. After some quick catching up, the ivory woman asks.
  25. "Much yet to do. Where shall we begin?"
  27. [Meditate] [Examine fauna] [Touch]
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