Latex Basics

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  1. %
  2. \documentclass{article} %if you want a different style of document you would change the name in the {}
  3.                         %don't do that if you don't know what you are doing lol
  4. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} %this is like the type of encoding that the words you write turn into in the pdf
  5. \usepackage{minted}     %this allows for the insertion of code
  6. \usepackage{hyperref}   %this allows for the insertion of hyperlinks
  7. \usepackage{graphicx}   %this allows for the insertion of images
  8. \title{General Latex Basics} %this will be the title of your document
  9. \author{Max Hops \\Oliver Sux} %please make this your names
  10. \date{October 2019} %this is the date. If you do not want it either comment it out with % or delete it :)
  11. %you can also make it do today by typing /today instead
  13. \begin{document}  %this is when the document starts (like html)
  15. \maketitle %this uses the things you wrote in title, author, and date to make the title
  17. \section{Introduction} %this is what a section name looks like
  18. These are words that occur inside the section.\footnote{This is a foot note!! You can also insert links in here.} It may look daunting in the code, but if you break it down section by section you will see that it is actually quite simple! In this essay I shall...
  20. \subsection{More Introduction}
  21. These are words that occur inside the first Subsection. If you would like to include an image, you must upload it to your side bar on the left. Then, you can insert it with the following code:
  22. \begin{figure}[h]
  23. \includegraphics[scale=1.3]{"Capture".png} %the photo is the code lol
  24. \caption{hi}%if you want a caption
  25. \end{figure}\footnote{\href{,_Figures_and_Captions}{,_Figures_and_Captions}}
  26. \\After you have gotten your photo, you will upload it to overleaf using the upload button in the top left.
  27. \subsubsection{Even More Introduction}
  28. These are words that occur inside the first Sub Section.
  29. If you would like a backslash at any point, you may type \textbackslash textbackshlash
  31. \subsubsection{And yet still more Introduction}
  32. These are words that occur inside the second Sub Section. If you would like to read up on paragraphs please refer to this link: \href{}{This is clickable!}
  33. I will now insert a \textbackslash pagebreak so that the next section does not get split in half
  34. \pagebreak
  35. \subsection{End of the Introduction}
  36. If you would like to use code at all, you may do this:
  37. \begin{minted}[  
  38. breaklines,  %this is the most important part. It allows for lines of code to wrap to the next line
  39. mathescape,  %you might be able to delete all lines in the [] other than breaklines and mathescape if you would like
  40. linenos,  
  41. numbersep=5pt,  
  42. frame=single,  %you may remove this to remove the frame
  43. numbersep=5pt,  
  44. xleftmargin=0pt,  
  45. ]{Java}
  46. public static void main (String[] args){
  47.   // this is what Java looks like
  48.   // make sure to capitalize the appropriate languages!
  49. }
  50. \end{minted}
  51. The code here, looks like this: \footnote{\href{}{}}
  52. \begin{minted}[mathescape, linenos, numbersep=5pt, gobble=0, frame=lines, framesep=2mm]{LaTeX}
  53. \begin{minted}[  
  54. breaklines,  %you don't have to have it on multiple lines :)
  55. mathescape,  
  56. linenos,  
  57. numbersep=5pt,  
  58. numbersep=5pt,  
  59. xleftmargin=0pt,  
  60. ]{Latex}
  61. \ end{minted}
  62. \end{minted}
  64. I have decided to end the introduction now. Thank you for attending my TED Talk\textsuperscript{TM}.
  65. % or \texttrademark
  67. \section{Conclusion}
  68. This should help you write your own Latex Document :)
  70. \end{document}
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