My room dialogue translation

Aug 14th, 2015
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  1. * = max bond dialogue
  2. Birthday lines (credit goes to the anon who TL'D these not me)
  3. Scathachs event Translation (again credit goes to the anon who TL'd these)
  5. RULER
  6. Jeanne:
  7. "Yes, I am your Servant and leading you is my duty. As your Servant, and you yourself Master, let us try our best!"
  8. "Master? Is it not time for us to go? How do you expect to be an experienced Master that way?"
  9. "What do I like? Well... I'm not quite sure, but I'm quite grateful for my energy. Let us both try our best."
  10. "I'm sure with us together, we can come over any threat. Now let us go, Master!"
  11. "The Holy Grail? As a Ruler, I have no desires, but because I am your Servant I shall try my best to help you."
  12. "There isn't anything I particularly like... just helping thwart illnesses."
  13. "I may not be experienced as a knight, but as a flag-bearer, there are things only I can do. Stick close and please follow me, master!
  14. "Actually, my expertise lies in support. I keep morale high and pray over the weapons. As such they become quite exceptional. Same goes for you."
  15. "Forgive me! I was just watching your fighting form. Much like Gilles, you don't use your inexperience as an excuse to run away"
  16. "Without a grain of hate, I love all servants. And now let's fight together. Master, with you it's certainly possible."
  17. "*I will always remain by your side. Through hardship and sorrow, we will overcome it together. Now, let's work hard master!*"
  18. "Has something happened to sieg-kun? Don't tell me he got into more trouble?!" (Happens when in the same party as siegfried)
  21. SABER
  22. Arthuria:
  23. "Ready? Then let us be off."
  24. "Are you familiar with merlin? He may have been one known to pull jokes but despite that he was still an incredibly reliable ally. Truthfully if he was here I would be more at ease"
  25. "I enjoy having you around. It is a mysterious feeling."
  26. "Sometimes I dream of a world where I did not pull the sword of kings. How would I have lived my life?"
  27. "*Your words are warm and comforting. If my sword has the power to lead you then let us use it together*"
  28. "As a Master and Servant, we share a special bond."
  29. "What do I like? I'm sorry... I cannot remember."
  30. "What do I hate? Unfortunately I cannot remember that"
  31. "Make sure to train, Master."
  32. "While I may have a variety of opinions on the exploration for the Grail it was simply a thing of the past. If evil has plagued it then it must be cleansed"
  33. "Why pretend to be a male? Back then only kings could rule and with the body of a woman I would not be able to protect anything"
  34. "That red Archer... I knew we would be fighting together, but it makes me neither happy nor sad. It is simply our destiny as heroes to fight." (Happens when in the same party as EMIYA)
  35. "To think that you would even make a contract with the king of heroes. However...he is a heroic spirit who possesses many problems but he is among the strongest. I'm sure you'll be able to get used to it one day...even if I likely never will" (happens when in the same party as gilgamesh)
  37. Arthuria Alter:
  38. "Hey, get up. We have some flies to swat."
  39. "I am no longer a king nor a knight. Just your Servant."
  40. "The holy grail? If it's useful I'll use it. If it's fake I'll destroy it."
  41. "I dislike the weak. Even ignoring their weak bodies, their hearts are pathetically ripe for the taking. I cannot stand seeing them."
  42. "I like the strong, be it of heart or body."
  43. "When your knees give in, I'll take your head. Until then you can depend on me"
  44. "Master, as your Servant, I regret asking this but... um the junkfood pound cake you usually get, when will it come?"
  45. "Don't suck up to me. Because even if my retainer dies or people suffer, I'm a woman who feels nothing."
  46. "I am the one who was made from dragons in order to destroy the wicked king Vortigern. But now I am as guilty as him...that's what you call "going for wool and coming home shorn"
  47. "I'm bored. And I'm hungry. Master, prepare something. It can be anything as long as it's food. Hm? "Hamburger", you say?"
  48. "*WAAH...don't scare me like that!..what? Seconds?...fine sit down. I-I shall permit it this one time as you are my master*"
  50. Altera the rainbow:
  51. "Our battle hasn't ended."
  52. "Thinking. Feeling. I will leave that to you. I kill. Like a silent, thoughtless machine. That's what I am."
  53. "I... cannot destroy. Is it fine if I stay here with you? Is it fine if I don't listen to you? ...I see. Thank you. In that case, I shall always honestly answer you."
  54. "I can't think, I can't feel. Only fight and kill. Hm? I'm like a machine? Yes. I believe that is a correct comparison."
  55. "It's Altera. I don't...want you to call me Attila. I don't really like that name. It...doesn't have a....cute ring to it..."
  56. "A wish for the Holy Grail? All I wish is to destroy it.
  57. "Master. Master. Hehe, isn't it a strange feeling?"
  58. "All I do is destroy. I can't do anything else. Umm....mmm...I just thought about trying to love...and embrace someone....with these hands that bring about destruction...."
  59. "*You say it's okay for me to be with you? I see. Thank you. In that case, I shall answer your call whenever the time comes. Even if it's something outside of destruction. I would like to try to the best of my ability.*"
  60. "How strange... I dreamt of a quiet world destroyed by me... I'm thankful that was taken from me."
  61. "I shall follow your every order... fufu, you truly are interesting"
  62. "What is it? Are these engravings on my skin strange? They have been there ever since I was brought into this world."
  63. "Something's happening, master. Let's go. Let's defeat the enemy."
  65. Caesar:
  66. "Uhm"
  67. "Summoning me as a Saber was your mistake. It's not a correct use."
  68. "I look different than on sculptures? Oh, just look from another angle."
  69. "I'm reminding Galia. It was certainly..."
  70. "There are dreams and love contained in my stomach."
  71. "Women, Rome, the world: all are things I love."
  72. "You're on a mission? Even if you're taking a break, I don't mind"
  73. "I remember my time in Gaul. It was actually..."
  74. "I'll warn you now, master. Be sure to not let pride be the end of you."
  75. "I've had enough of this scheming and backstabbing. This and that. I left everything to you."
  76. "If I had the grail, do you think my dream will come true?"
  77. "Why don't we talk about the old days? No, that was a joke. Let's leave it at that."
  78. "I loved many women, but I was mesmerized by only one. Do you know who that was?"
  79. "Cleopatra...I treated her so cruelly...I regret it to this very day. Deeply."
  80. "*You see, my wish accept Caesarion as my son. And then Cleopatra's children.*"
  81. "Do I always give out my affection? For you. It's special."
  83. Chevalier d'Eon:
  84. "Uh... mm... eh What is it?"
  85. "I love you! It's true!"
  86. "Pride and love, to you!"
  87. "Please tell me anything, as you're my Master."
  88. "If it's for you, I can wear a skirt. But... let's keep it a secret."
  89. "I don't like being laughed at."
  90. "I'll go anywhere with you. OK! Let's save the world and France!"
  91. "This appearance is my pride as the knight of France."
  92. "There's only one wish I want from Holy Grail, I want..."
  93. "Dresses? A long time ago, I dressed up as a woman and did things like go to balls. But now that I have taken up the sword, I wonder if..."
  94. "I have done many things...adventures so to speak...all for the sake of the French royal family. Sometimes as a man and other times as a woman, I traveled to many places."
  95. "Master, what do you think of me? How do I look to you? Do I look like a man? Or...a woman?"
  96. "You see, I can be a man or a woman. That's just who I, Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Thimothée d’Éon de Beaumont, am."
  97. "*You know, I can become a girl or a guy; everything is me, Chevalier d'Eon!*"
  99. Fergus:
  100. "Now then. You haven't forgotten that you're my master, right? Give me some orders to follow every now and then."
  101. "Master-servant? Master and servant huh...well it's not like pay much attention to that kind of thing. But I'm not as bad as that rascal Cu Chulainn."
  102. "Come on! It's time for us to head out!"
  103. "The grail? Let's see...maybe I could use to settle things between me and the ex-girlfriend? Man, I'm an earnest guy..."
  104. "Alright. Despite how I look, I don't care much for women. Alcohol and fights are more my thing. ...But fair-skinned women are a special case."
  105. "Jealousy, envy...are foolish emotions. You can't possibly be a good person if that's all you are
  106. "Yo, master. What's the matter?"
  107. "Oh, master, are you worried about something? If it's about the opposite sex, then leave it to me. I don't care if it's the same sex either. Hahahaa!"
  108. "Oh, is that you master?'ve gotten much tougher than when we first met. You're on your way to becoming a great master."
  109. "Mm, master. My love for you no longer wavers. What? Oh you don't need to accept my love. Love is something you keep to yourself after all."
  110. "*Master are you here? Hmm, you can't drink? Well just take a quick swig. The moon is nice and the a pleasant wind is blowing. And now you're here. I can keep on living if all I have is this.*"
  111. "Well, if it isn't Cu Cuchlainn! Glad to see you're doing alright. How about it? Wanna have a fist fight?" (When in the same party as Lancer cu)
  112. "Cu cuchlainn? Hey, what's with that getup? What happened to your usual spear?" (When in the same party as caster cu)
  114. Gilles (Saber):
  115. "Isn't it time for us to continue our battles? We mustn't dwindle."
  116. "What do I hate? ...I wonder what the answer to that is. I'll have to think about it."
  117. "The Holy Grail grants miracles... if I can save that girl, that would be the truest miracle."
  118. "I am a man who serves God, the Holy Maiden, and you master."
  119. "I like children! Their smiles give me strength."
  120. "Master, I have but one favor to ask. If by some means I go mad, please use a command seal and take my life."
  121. "Haha! Do you need something of me?"
  122. "Oh my, you are just like a child"
  123. "What is the matter?"
  124. "The Holy Maiden? Ah, yes. I have no problem with talking about her, but can I have 3 hours of your time?"
  125. "*Someday, I will fall into damnation. Until then, let us fight on the side of light until we are no more.*"
  127. Mordred:
  128. "Hey! Master! Let's go! Let's go on a quest!
  129. "Master, we get along pretty well. Yeah, getting along is important."
  130. You might be my master, but naturally I'm the one in charge. Got a problem with that?"
  131. "What I like, huh...Like cruising around town? What's with that face? I'm good at driving too, you know."
  132. "What I hate? Yeah, that's right. Obviously, it's my father!"
  133. "The holy grail? Hmph, ya know since I'm the strongest and all, the right to have it is mine."
  134. Hey, don't touch me. Want me to bust your teeth in?"
  135. "Don't pull my hair! What are you a kid?"
  136. "Christ, you're such an idiot! You're so useless without me doing all of the work! Honestly!...Good god!"
  137. " you think I'll be a better knight than my dad? Hmhm, is that so?"
  138. "*I entrust you with my sword, honor and life. I might just be a third-rate knight...but you're still okay with that?*"
  140. Nero:
  141. "So you have regained your strength. Let us continue our battle."
  142. "The Holy Grail... grrr, I don't like it. Don't talk to me about it."
  143. "I don't need my master to have talent, it's fine if they're just beautiful"
  144. "You! You've got quite the forceful've caught my eye! From now on, call for me, make me the person you rely on the most!"
  145. "Indeed...I did say that I have no need for you having talent, but aren't you a little too weak? I'm worried since you can't even wield a sword. I won't always be there for you!"
  146. "It's decided! From now on, I will take the lead in battle. Yes. That will do. A fine idea, indeed. Now I will always be able to protect you, master!"
  147. "What do I like? Well, of course, it is Olympia!"
  148. "What do I hate? War and violence!"
  149. "UMU! What you said shall be very useful~"
  150. "*I am quite content. Is this what it means to be a happy emperor? To think, I met such a great hero in a world far removed from Rome...Huh? Who am I talking? You, of course! You are my pride and joy, master...*"
  151. "Aahh...these clothes look so refreshing. Fitting for even a hero who shall save the For who? (ruffling noises) Is that not obvious? For you my master."
  152. "A new stage awaits us. Let us go master"
  153. "That strangely clothed caster...casko is a little dumb but I don't dislike her. In anycase she is my love rival!" (Happens when Tamamo is in the same party)
  154. "Red lancer, when I wasn't looking, you're ability grew. I can't afford to be careless. Master, make a voice training room." (Happens when in the same party as Lancer Elizabeth)
  156. Okita shouji:
  157. "If my lord orders me to kill, I shall kill. That's all there is to it. After all one's own principles and position have no meaning when crossing swords."
  158. "Whenever I have free time I can never figure out what to do. Master! How about going on patrol, eh? Let's go on patrol!"
  159. "Master and Servant, huh...Hmm...To be honest I don't really get it. Kondou-san and Hijikata-san were basically family to me. Ah, if possible I want Master to be like that too."
  160. "What do I like? Dumplings and small candy! I'm quite fond of sweets, you see. Ah! While we're here, can't we go eat some?"
  161. "What do I hate?...Hmm, if I really had to say, there's actually a lot of things...Though...I wouldn't say I hate it, but...Getting sick of eating is kinda, how do I put this..."
  162. "My sickness is healed? Great! Eh? Skills obtained as a Heroic Spirit don't heal? Didn't you say my wishes would come true!? Uwahhh!"
  163. "A genius…swordsman? I-I wouldn’t go that far, but, in general, swordfighting is all about fighting spirit. If your sword or sheath breaks or even if you are unarmed…no one will wait for you on the battlefield. Anyway, fighting spirit! It’s all fighting spirit."
  164. "Love affairs? Well, I can’t say I’m familiar with something like that. Hijikata-san, however, seemed to enjoy them. Actually, it’s more like he was involved in too many of them."
  165. "You are so nice, master. Being so friendly to a killer like me feels a lot like that from which you would get from a child. Ah! I don’t mean to call you childish or anything!"
  166. "Umm…this is hard to say but…when I’m with you master, I feel…how should I say this? I feel as at ease. And…um…my heart starts to beat quite fast. It’s weird, right? It’s something I never felt during my lifetime, but now I feel alive once more"
  167. "*I no longer have any doubts. Wherever you are master, even if it’s to the ends of the earth, the ends of the sea, even if the stars cease to be, even if it’s to the gates of the underworld, I shall always be with you!*"
  168. "With her...I feel a destined connection. At the captial, our gazes met and I saw her merciless eyes. Well, in terms of a match-up, I'm far better than her!" (Happens when nobunaga is in the same party)
  169. "An unavoidable cursed blade...Indeed, I too have a great deal of interest in his sword techniques. I would like to request that you instruct me, but...Eh? Start by slaying a swallow? Hahh...A swallow...You mean -those- swallows?" (Happens when in the same party as koujiro)
  170. "Many happy returns! Shall we get you your very own Shinsengumi haori?"
  172. Saber Lily:
  173. "I'm still in training, so let me learn about you, Master."
  174. "The things I like? A country festival and taking care of horses. It's not something I'd ever forget, so I'll remember it my whole life."
  175. "The things I hate... there are none, but there is one thing I'm bad at. I'm great at dancing with same-sex partners, but it's completely different with men."
  176. "A Grail that's capable of granting any wish? If there was such a thing, it would certainly be useful."
  177. "Becoming a King? T-That's something in distant future, so I haven't given it much thought yet. S-Sorry."
  178. "Resting too much wouldn't be useful for Master, so let's do our best today!"
  179. "I'm still in training. I haven't performed enough great feats worthy enough to be called a heroic spirit, but I'll try my utmost best as a saber-class servant."
  180. "Master, you're still growing too. I'm happy that I could make a friend. Fufu, let's a race to see who will become an adult first"
  181. "I'm still an apprentice of the sword and becoming a full-fledged knight is a distant dream. I have skill, but I'm still lacking in mental discipline. Someday, I will obtain the strength of heart needed to be worthy of this holy sword."
  182. "Umm...when I was summoned I said "for many years", but I didn't think you would accept me so warmly. Now, when you are near me, I'm filled with a great power, master."
  183. "*You have my gratitude, master. I may be inexperienced but now I understand the difference between something you're must protect and something you want to protect. Huh? You feel the same? Fufu." "This is what they call "telepathy", right?...Until I'm made to part ways with is sword, please allow to fight by your side, master.*"
  184. "It's your birthday? Well then, let's celebrate. I'll treat you to a pie. Ah...but I'm not that good of a cook so please don't expect much."
  186. Siegfried:
  187. "What I want from the Holy Grail isn't anything special. If I can continue fighting as a hero, then that will be more than enough."
  188. "To fight the forces of evil... I rather like being a hero of justice."
  189. "No matter what, I cannot ever forgive evil. I shall do whatever I can to stop it."
  190. "Master, shouldn't you lay down? You don't look well."
  191. "Master, don't get too close to my back. It makes me uncomfortable. Sorry.
  192. "I can't hide my back. It's a curse."
  193. "Master, sorry, but I want you to watch my back. I take care of the front."
  194. "I believe in you, master. I entrust my back to you. What? There's no special meaning to it. I just feel like it's the right thing."
  195. "Do you need anything?"
  196. "Master, I will give whatever I can to help you."
  197. "I am fine with being your servant"
  198. "Fighting evil is what I do. I like it a lot"
  199. "*Friend...someday even if I put down my sword I will continue protecting you*"
  202. LANCER
  203. Arthuria alter:
  204. "How long are you going to stay like that? Let's go."
  205. "Master, servant, I don't care. Let's crush anything that stands in our way."
  206. "Master, your orders? I would prefer ones that allow me to crush my targets"
  207. "Which one....was my dream?"
  208. "I was dreaming for a long time..."
  209. "This lance belongs to you now."
  210. "Have you ever thought about what sleeps within the grail?"
  211. "What...did I do with this lance..."
  212. "Things I like? Such as what I want right now? My mana is running low, so I would like some junk food."
  213. "It's my fault that I died...For the sake of all the lives that were scattered because of me"
  215. Benkei:
  216. "Hmm... the wind is blowing our way."
  217. "The Holy Grail battle may be a grand war, but please consider your actions in the future."
  218. "I serve Yoshitsune but I don't intend to go against your orders either."
  219. "I'm being asked for my favorite things? I like rakugo more than ghost stories. They warm my heart."
  220. "I'm being asked for things I can't stand? Tragic love and tragedy in general. I don't like those kinds of things"
  221. "What? Fight with Yoshitsune? I don't mind. Whether or not, I have a chance of winning is a different story though"
  222. "Hm? What is it?"
  223. "I see, you want to do something fun? How about sumo wrestling?"
  224. "It's fine. Despite how I look, I am good at taking care of children."
  225. "I am famous for my body becoming muscular and hard during my time as a monster. Hahhahaha!"
  226. "*Oh? I see. Well then, will you dance with me?*"
  228. Brynhildr:
  229. "I am a servant and a former Valkyrie. It is my destiny to follow the orders of others."
  230. "Yes, you are my master."
  231. "I await your orders, master. I shall obey you."
  232. "About the holy grail, if it truly grants wishes, then I...want to meet that person once more."
  233. "What I like? Perish the thought. I have no desire for anything or anyone. Or at least I try to do so."
  234. "What I hate is...oh, it's nothing. Nevermind."
  235. "Excuse me, master. Please think of me as a tool. Please don't treat kindly..."
  236. "Being treated so kindly puts me in a difficult position. I mean...I..."
  237. "If I'm treated kindly, I'll start to like you and then fall in love. If that happens...No, no. I musn't."
  238. "I always kill the people I fall in love with. Like the person I loved more than anyone..."
  239. "*Please don't treat me so kindly, master...Master? No, Dear...Aaah, Sigurd is that you? Aaah! Could it be that you're Sigurd's reincarnation? In that case, I must love you! I must kill you!*"
  240. "The one named Siegfried resembles that person very much. So... I'm sorry. I'm extremely sorry... I will, kill him." (Happens when in the same party as siegfried)
  241. "A sorrowful person, Emiya. That sad back brings memories of that person." (Happens when in the same party as emiya)
  243. Cu Chulainn (Lancer):
  244. "The Holy Grail, huh... Well then, I wonder what I'll do... Well, I'll figure it out eventually."
  245. "We've been together for a while and I may stink, but I'll keep counting on ya like usual, Master!"
  246. "Ahhh this is so boring, let's go fight, Master!"
  247. "If you have something to say just say it. Don't hold any regrets."
  248. "A nice fight is a nice fight. Anything is fine."
  249. "Huh? I'll follow your orders, master. That's the Ulster way of doing things"
  250. "What I like? You mean like unreasonable or strong-willed women? Well, neither of em are what they're cracked up to be"
  251. "I'll be clear about what I don't like. If I'm betrayed, I'll give em payback. And tedious things don't suit me"
  252. "The rules and scope of the Holy Grail War differs depending on where it takes place. It's going to be a huge one this time too"
  253. "Geis is an oath for Celtic warriors. The more you have, the more accomplished you become as a warrior. But usually, depending on who you piss off, it becomes more trouble than it's worth! HAHAHAHA!"
  254. "I had 3, no, 4 women, you know. There was my master, the princess, the goddess of death, and the queen of an enemy nation. "I couldn't keep my promises with all of them. So this time, I hope I can be more dependable."
  255. "*We've been together for quite some time now. I may be the veteran here, but if I can be helpful, then I'll do it with all I've got. Man, this is kinda embarrassing, but I'm counting on from now on, Master!*"
  256. "Many thanks, master. With Fergus here, our strength has gone up big time! Now if my teacher was here, we would be unbeatable!" (Happens when in the same party as fergus)
  257. "Hey, master. Scathach may be my teacher but I don't seems like she has gotten stronger since the time she ruled at the castle. I mean, she's dual wielding the Gae Bulg! I've never seen that before!" (Happens when in the same party as scathach)
  258. "That bastard in the red, ya know him? Where does he get going off like that, shouldn't he be calmed down by now? Aaagh, I don't like it." (Happens when EMIYA is in the same party)
  259. "Haven't I seen that person somewhere before...? Ah well. Nice to meet ya." (Happens when caster cu or anyone from the fuyuki war except for kojiro is in the same party)
  261. Cu chulainn prototype:
  262. "How long are we going to wait? We have a world to save"
  263. "Are there any animals you like? Well for me its dogs. Especially hunting dogs"
  264. "You got lucky being with me. It'd be nice if everything goes well"
  265. "Leave the fighting to me. I'll even slay a god if needed"
  266. "Fergus was right a woman's body really i'll stop there"
  267. "you are my master. I'll make sure to show you something grand"
  268. "You know, the woman who was my previous master...nah let's end it there"
  269. "My spear, you see, I can only use the real deal when I reveal it's true name. What a pain."
  270. "I'm Culann's hound. Yeah, I'll sink my fangs into the enemy and kill em."
  271. "There isn't really anything that I can't deal with, but I've only ever had bad luck with women. And that includes the good women too; they were real lookers to boot. My bad luck is truly nothing to scoff at."
  272. "Hey do you know about Dadga's cauldron? It's the original holy grail. I wonder what would happen if I found it"
  273. "With you, it looks like I'll be able to really get things done. Well, be sure to use me the best you can"
  274. "There's a different me? Well, I'm not surprised. Heroic spirits are different than humans in all sorts of ways"
  275. "Since we're the heroic spirits of the same hero, I keep seeing the other guy. Yeah, looks like I'm gonna get switched out soon."
  276. "When you think about, people change a lot in their lifetime. In just that small bit of time, the difference can be devastating. I wish I could go back and notice it sooner."
  277. "*You know, you kinda remind me of Scathach. Oh it's nothing. Just rambling. I mean, I'm not talking about how you look. But yeah it's something I thought about from since as far back as...I can't remember when*"
  279. Diarmuid:
  280. "Serving you is unexpectedly enjoyable"
  281. "I am merely a loyal servant. Do you need something?"
  282. "Master, is it about time we depart?"
  283. "I have no wish to make for the grail. I'm only here to serve you"
  284. "Friendship is a great thing. In fact, it is a magnificent thing."
  285. "The things I don't like? I hate boars to the point of death. Besides, nothing else."
  286. "Oh? Master, what's wrong?"
  287. "There's nothing I regret in life., don't mind me."
  288. "My wish may be a luxury, but I want to give my life to you as a knight."
  289. "Master...I thank you from my heart for treating me so well."
  290. "*I take pride in being able to serve a master like you. No matter how I wield these two spears, they shall never lose their brilliance.*"
  291. "Oh? That's...I see. We are allies this time. I'll rely on the sword of the honorable King of Knights." (Happens when in the same party as arthuria)
  292. "K-king of Conquerors? Is that you? Y-you...what happens in the next ten years to make you like that?" (Happens when in the same party as shotalex)
  293. "Oh? I sense something."
  294. "To think that it is my king Fionn mac Cumhaill! To be able to fight alongside you once again is the utmost honour. By the way, it couldn't be that the princess is also... No, it's nothing." (Happens when in the same party as fionn)
  296. Elizabeth Bathory:
  297. "The stage is calling me! I'm coming, you dogs!"
  298. "What do I want from the Holy Grail? A pretty glass... Eh, I can wish for whatever I want!? Seriously?!
  299. "You don't look too bad... Perhaps once you get into the A league I'll let you be my manager, Mas~ter~"
  300. "What do I like? Oh, you don't ask an idol that so suddenly, you nearly scared me!"
  301. "I'll be working with ya till the end. Maybe I'll even give ya an encore at the end!"
  302. "What do I treasure? Obviously it's desertion,rebellious behavior, and misery right?"
  303. "To satisfy me is your job as a Mage, is it not?"
  304. "I'll say this now, as my master, I will not tolerate failure from you. Aim to be a top class master. Otherwise, if you even so much as reveal the least bit of clumsiness, I crush you flat and turn you into juice."
  305. "I hate dark places. I can handle caves but underground prisons drive me crazy. Well, I was already crazy to begin with."
  306. ""Why do I aspire to be an idol", you say? Well, I mean, come on. Idols! They get to do cute things and getting pampered is their job. Don't you think it suits me?"
  307. "*You have some promise. You're not quite cut out to be my manager yet, but I think about letting you be the AD at least. So from now on, master work hard for me, okay?*"
  308. "Carmilla...the me that became a vampire. No, that's no good, Liz. I can't avert my gaze. That is my sin. My punishment. If I can't atone for it, I'll at least accept her without running away." (Happens when in the same party as carmillia)
  309. "*Snicker* You? A queen? Antoinette! You rashly flaunted your royal status. Ha! But that's what it means to be a destined idol...the pinnacle of brilliance...OKAY! I too will climb to the top and become that kind of idol!" (Happens when in the same party as marie)
  310. "It's getting noisy out there. Is there an event going on?"
  312. Fionn:
  313. "Diarmuid Ua Duibhne! The greatest of our Fianna group of knights! To think that the day would come where I would fight together with him again!" (Happens when in the same party as diarmuid)
  315. Hector:
  316. "Isn't about time we left eh master?
  317. "Oh my that looks interesting. If something looks dangerous then it might be worth the trouble"
  318. "The Holy grail eh. It stinks. Ahh it doesn't matter to me. If there's something you want then I'll get it for you"
  319. "Living a carefree, fun and ordinary life. Well isn't that ideal."4
  320. "The truth is this old man can't move his body very well but he cannot help it ah wait wait it was a joke don't go"
  321. "If you need something just ask this old man"
  322. "Achilles? Nono I don't want to fight him ever again. Well I'm sure he feels similarly"
  323. "Are you hurt? This old man can keep on going"
  324. "You're really a no-good Master, hahaha! Alright, since we're both losers, let's laze around together."
  325. "*You're just like Troy to me, Master. I will adore you and protect you with verything I have"
  326. "Oh, looks like there's something going on...It seems like a pain, so we could just pass on it, you know?"
  328. Karna:
  329. "If you order it, I will only carry it out"
  330. #I have no interest in the holy grail. However, if you want it, then it's a different story."
  331. "We can live according to our supply of mana"
  332. "Things I like? Friendship, effort and compromise...they're all wonderful things. Don't you think so?"
  333. "I don't hate it, but I'm bad at communicating. Can people truly understand each other with words?"
  334. "Master, only be a couch potato in moderation, alright?"
  335. "I hate to say this but how boring. Oh, forgive me. The problem is with me not you."
  336. "You're a rather eccentric master. Oh, don't worry. I have no issues with your orders. Use me as you see fit."
  337. "*As a certain master of mine once told me, it's not that I say too much, it's that I say too little. Since then, I decided to do something about it, but what do you think? Is...that so? I see.*"
  338. "What is it? Is there any meaning in doing that?"
  339. "The day of your birth, huh. It's an occasion worth celebrating."
  340. "It seems like something is happening. Can you see it?"
  341. "I'm on par with...that man? I like to consider him as my reliable other half. Our squabbles also get out of hand. In any case, the ideal mother once wished for is here. Take the time to see for yourself." (Happens when in the same party as arjuna)
  343. Leonidas:
  344. "I have no interest in the Holy Grail, but I shall at least watch with you."
  345. "Master, is it not time we got going?"
  346. "I shall fight as a king and as your Servant! Please watch closely."
  347. "You are indeed my Master, and I will never disobey you because of it."
  348. "I was previously a king, but now I'm a servant who will obey you. What an intriguing twist of fate.
  349. "You may be my master, but I absolutely refuse to do anything of which I don't give my consent."
  350. "My god! The Spartans are a bunch of muscleheads. What would happen to them if I wasn't around?"
  351. "Numbers are nice. It's a great feeling when your calculations are correct."
  352. "Oh? You like muscles?"
  353. "If you want muscles like these, then you must train like you mean it."
  354. "Master, you have the makings of a great Spartan! Ah! No, I don't mean to say that you're a musclehead...but well, the truth is Sparta is that kind of place."
  355. "My reason for becoming a king, or rather, an excellent leader? It's simple. It's because there was no one other than me who was good at calculations."
  356. "*"And without further ado Master we shall eat meat! But first let us strip down and FIGHT LEOPARDS!*"
  358. Romulus:
  359. "Hm."
  360. "Roma does not treasure anything, because the world is everything to Roma."
  361. "The Holy Grail? Yes, with it, Roma shall go home."
  362. "What are you doing? We must go. Roma is waiting for us."
  363. "Roma is the world, and the world is Roma"
  364. "What will you do once you have touched me? Haha, is there is no one who has any other choice but to be mesmerized by me?"
  365. "Nero is excellent. Truly, a splendid Roman emperor"
  366. "I still have regrets concerning my little brother Remus..."
  367. "I-I am not Roma?"
  368. " I thought, you are not Roma"
  369. "You...what is this? I feel the Roma in you"
  370. "That's it! You cannot be Roma. As the world is Roma itself."
  371. "*My too are Roma*"
  373. Scathach:
  374. "I shouldn't have to say this but, you want to save the world right? If so, then resting all of the time isn't good"
  375. "I don't have a wish to make for the grail" what I would like to say"
  376. "What I like are courageous people. Not just ordinary warriors or foolhardy brutes. A brave warrior who exceeds my expectations."
  377. "What is it that I dislike like you ask? I don't really like cowards."
  378. "I am the queen of the land of shadows. The ruler of a strange and mystical place. There is no one who is my equal."
  379. "Lonely? No, it wasn't like that since Despite being in the farthest ends of the land of shadows, the eager and hard-working warriors would gather to become my student."
  380. "Master...huh. I never thought I would be in this situation."
  381. "Even if it is a beautiful death or an unsightly one. I cannot die. I shall exist until the world and it's outside cease to exist."
  382. "Incinerate the world...even if that truly came to pass...I wonder if it could kill, it's not that I want to test it out, but for the sake of my own dream, I don't want to be forced to live this way..."
  383. "*Sigh* That's right. I wish for death. If the grail is truly almighty, then I hope it sends someone who can kill me. I pray that someone...would be the one that i have once bestowed the spear too...."
  384. "You really like to stick you nose into trouble, don't you?"
  385. "Cu Chulainn is here. He's sure grown on his journey..." (when in the same party as cu)
  388. ARCHER
  389. Arash:
  390. "Wanna go out? What do you want to do?"
  391. "You should try some of this kiyokotsu! It's delicious."
  392. "You are my Master and because of that, I am ready to give it my all. Counting on ya."
  393. "An eternal hero... I wouldn't mind that at all."
  394. "What is it? What do you need?"
  395. "I'm ready to go at anytime. Let's go save the world, master!"
  396. "If you are a worthy master, then go perform acts of goodwill. I'm counting you."
  397. "I want to avoid fights where I can't die with honor, okay?"
  398. "The fact that the holy grail can just turn a person into a heroic spirit is really puzzling. You think so too, right?"
  399. "Guys who get the job done when the time comes are called "heroes", aren't they? Well, I don't really get it myself"
  400. "It looks like I will get along real well with you. Let's try our best to do a bang-up job. I'll lend you my strength whenever I can"
  401. "As the name implies, my noble phantasm is a real killer. Release it's true name with care, alright?"
  402. "Actually, I've been a servant once before. My master was a woman..."
  403. "*I'll protect you. When push comes to shove, leave it to me. But well...our "trump card" can only be used once*"
  405. Arjuna:
  406. "Yes. I, Arjuna, will be delighted to sincerely serve you."
  407. Between you and me, I am the one being recognized for their greatness. However, that is not important. You are my master. I will hold that in high regard."
  408. "What is your verdict, master?"
  409. My wish for the holy grail? I wish for eternal solitude...that is not a joke. I'm serious."
  410. "My favorite...thing? I feel at ease when I'm alone...but as a hero, that is just wishful thinking"
  411. "Things I...hate? I don't really like people who try set foot into the recesses of my mind...please be mindful of that, master"
  412. "Karna, I did not think I would be fighting on the same side with someone like you. Was this also an act of the gods? I'll leave you alone this time, but if I see your face again, even I don't know what will happen" (happens when in the same party as karna)
  414. Artemis and orion:
  415. "A: oooh darling about you like me?
  416. O: I'msorrybutdon'tmisunderstandjustlistentomeI'mtrulysorry"
  417. "O: This smells like an event"
  418. "A: darling have you kissed
  419. O: I! AM! NOT! LISTENING!"
  420. "A: the Holy Grail war? Hmm...oh! I wonder if I could get darling something new!
  421. O: what age do you think you live in?"
  422. "A: darling! For all eternity I'll always love ya
  423. O: don't underestimate eternity. And your voice is scary"
  424. "A: Now now let's go embark on an adventure!"
  425. "A: Eh? You are my attendent right?
  426. O: I'm sorry she's always like this"
  427. "O: hey why are you putting your hands on me?!"
  428. "O: ahaha that tickles s-stop it"
  430. "A: jeez stop petting darling so much"
  431. "A:*Ahahaha master you really are an interesting person. I may love darling but I'm starting to fall for ya"
  432. O: This one doesn't usually become attached to anyone but me. You think you can continue trudging through the snow?*"
  434. Atalanta:
  435. "I dislike those who hurt children the most. Do you feel the same master?"
  436. "I only have a single wish for the Holy grail: to save children everywhere"
  437. "Hmm...master is there anything you like? It may seem odd but I do not remember what I like myself"
  438. "What's wrong? Your slowing down"
  439. "Master I am much faster than you"
  440. "Hey quit moving around! I swore an oath of chastity g-got it?"
  441. "Master-servant relationship? You test me, and I'll test you. That's what you mean, correct?"
  442. "Master, I'm an archer...Therefore, don't expect much protection."
  443. "Mmm...master, would you like a boar? I don't mind killing one, but I just remembered that I don't like boars."
  444. "I wasn't loved much...and I wasn't blessed with children. I wouldn't call it a regret, but I'm rather disappointed."
  445. "*Master, you won't laugh at my wish? If that's so then I'm happy...*"
  447. David:
  448. "So basically, we're both in the same boat, right? Your bankruptcy means my bankruptcy...Ah, but my bankruptcy's mine alone, so if that time ever comes, please cut your ties with me."
  449. "You look like you have some interesting stories to tell. Why don't you tell one?"
  450. "The Holy grail huh. Ah well I'm fine. I'm not too interested in that"
  451. "What do I like? I'm full of desire so I rather enjoy women and money. And with multiple wives it's even better."
  452. "What do I hate? Hmm....I don't really like fighting. It's true you can receive many favors from it, but I can't bring myself to like it. I'm sure you feel the same way about guys who go around carrying stones while pushing down the seal when signing a contract, right?!"
  453. "Let's go on an journey!"
  454. "Even though I may be a former king you have nothing to worry about. No I truly don't want you to worry. As a Servant I would like to be a sheperd"
  455. "Yeah, I want to maximize my efficiency, so I can receive something even when I'm not doing anything."
  456. "Eh is there something you need?"
  457. "I'd be really grateful if you could give me a massage"
  458. "*I would like for us to be on equal footing. May I touch you?*"
  459. "Looks like someone's doing a get-rich-quick scheme. Wanna give it a try?"
  461. EMIYA:
  462. "To save humanity is too large of an order, but... I won't lose to you"
  463. "We are in a contract. No matter the order, I shall listen."
  464. "As a Servant, there isn't anything I wish."
  465. "I'm not interested in the Grail, and I have nothing to wish for, but I will neither be a bore nor your butler. I hope you are ready."
  466. "Do you dislike it? Well, you can handle it... On second thought just forget what I said."
  467. "As a Servant of class there isn't anyone I dislike, but please do not put me on the same team as the gold Archer and blue Lancer."
  468. "I thought this battle wouldn't be much, but it looks truly sad. For a Servant and a king, it's a special war.
  469. "As a servant, I have likes and dislikes. I hope you give trustworthy commands"
  470. "What do I do on my days off? Things like looking over my weapons...arranging the kitchen"
  471. "What do I hate? My inexperience has yet to show up but I can't stand naive ideologies. No, I'm not talking about you. I'm referring to myself, master"
  472. "Time to go. Are you prepared?"
  473. "A rookie, a rookie magus, huh. I understand how you feel. Reminds of how frustratingly powerless I was. But this time, I'll think before I act."
  474. "How do servants carry on with everyday life? Well let's see. After being summoned, we're not much different from you. Each servant has their own personal quirks, but there are those who look forward to eating and sleeping. Me? I...well, I enjoy food. Making it that is."
  475. "I see someone is in top form. It seems like you've grown a bit of a backbone. Well done. That's the spirit. I may not be all that great, but I'll support you the best that I can."
  476. "Hm? "Why do I sometimes change how I refer to myself", you ask. Oh...I-I see. I unconsciously let it slip...when I let my guard down, I show my true colors, huh. Using "myself" was a bad habit of mine when I was younger"
  477. "*When I think about how this battle will end in due time, I start feeling somewhat lonely. As a heroic spirit, I have experienced countless battlefields, but this fight is special. As long as you continue to fight, I cannot lose.*"
  479. Euryale:
  480. "You're a Master, I'm a Servant. But who's the one being used, I wonder?"
  481. "Hey, Master...Ahh, what's this feeling? Being used by someone, feels weird..."
  482. "I don't really care either way, but...You're saving the world, right?"
  483. "I don't care about the grail. I mean, it's useless to us."
  484. "I'm pretty, right? I'm cute, right?...Yes, yes. I know."
  485. "I hate noisy people. I hate rude people. No, maybe it should be said that I hate people."
  486. "What?"
  487. "Want to have a chat?"
  488. "Kyaa!...Hey, where are you touching? What a hopeless guy."
  489. "Is Stheno around? And Medusa..."
  490. "Hmm, this place is different from the shapeless island. No, it's not that I'm lonely...I'm not...lonely..."
  491. "Atually...I might be feeling lonely. To think that I would be feeling like this...And talking about it with someone...
  492. "Make my loneliness go away. Hey Master, that's your duty from now on. Be sure to work hard for me."
  493. "I can sense your feelings...You're already...five seconds away from falling for me!"
  494. "*I love you, Master...but not as much as Stheno. Just for now...*"
  495. "Something just started...Aren't you going? Let's go!"
  498. Jobber:
  499. "Our Servant and Master relationship? If you wish to properly use me you must improve to stand on my level!"
  500. "Everything is mine and if there exists a treasure I do not possess I shall claim it"
  501. "A limitation to my treasery? Of course there's a limit and that would be human ingenuity. You'll understand it one day"
  502. "The holy grail? It would be a divine sake cup. Unfortunately it reeks of blood"
  503. "Do you not like it? What if your limit was just that you would be a bore that is no different than animals"
  504. "This fight is just a waste of time because there is not a single fight that will force me to get serious.
  505. "It would appear you have gathered other servants. Im aware it has to be done but I don't approve of it...unless you make sure they are fit to fight alongside me"
  506. "What? I'm not as strong as I claim? That I let my guard down consistently? You fool! What is a king without pride?! You must desire to be as free as I!"
  507. "I shall properly judge you starting now mongrel!"
  508. "*it may be idiotic but if you so will it I don't mind fighting to my full power*"
  509. "Onward! To relieve my boredome I request that we depart!"
  510. "Your recklessness during that fight was quite something mongrel. Hmm...yes things like that still exist don't they?"
  512. Nikola tesla:
  513. "I am a man who tries to be as much of a gentleman as possible. Thus, I swear to the skies that I will protect and fight for you."
  514. "Evil spirits exist in this world. Sometimes, those spirits also take human form"
  515. "I look forward to your endeavors, master"
  516. "We have no time to just stand here. The world and the future is waiting for you!"
  517. "Zeus, Indra, Thor, Perkunas, and Thunderbird. From antiquity, man revered thunder and lightning."
  518. "No problem. If you are my master, then I shall be the teacher that shows you the way."
  519. "The holy grail. The almighty wish-granting vessel. A truly intriguing research subject."
  520. "As a heroic spirit, I am thunder and lightning itself. Thus, I love the sky."
  521. "Watch yourself. You might get shocked."
  522. "*it is impossible to stop my lightning. However there is a single exception - the demon edison*"
  524. Oda nobunaga:
  525. "Hey, stop being such a lazy fool. Shouldn't we be getting ready to depart!?"
  526. "An omnipotent grail? I see, so you're the type who gets deceived easily. Turning it into a bomb seems to be the only thing to do...Hm? That's it! A bomb! What a great idea!"
  527. "I love those with talent. You too should never forget your devotion in serving me."
  528. "I don't mind playing around, but I won't forgive looking down on me. You should make sure to never forget that."
  529. "What do I like? Let's see, I'm quite partial to european-imported goods. What? "I can tell by looking"? What is that supposed to mean!?"
  530. "What do I hate? Let's see, fools who are quick to give up are useless. Indeed! "You can do it if you try", I think that feeling is very important!"
  531. "What’s that? “It’s strange for me to be a woman”, you say? Ooh? Do ya wanna be turned into a skull?"
  532. "Okehazama? Aaah, that battle. Well, to be honest, I out right won that one. Or rather, it was quite a slaughter. I honestly regret it."
  533. "Honnouji? Honnouji, indeed. Honestly, I have no clue why turned out that way. However, afterwards, the monkey came to power! Well, it wasn’t strange for the monkey to go as far as he did, but I’m quite satisfied!"
  534. "Yes, you have some merits of worth, and you’re actually a great retainer. As a reward, I shall prepare some tea. Moreover, I use will use the tsukumonasu with the bakouhan! Rejoice, for I have not valued a retainer this highly since the monkey, you know!"
  535. "*Hmph. No longer do we have a dull relationship like master and retainer. You and I are one mind and body! Let us go! We shall start the unification of the nation, together!"*
  536. "That hitman…how troublesome, she was. If she wasn’t there, the nation would have been mine. In the first place, isn’t something like warping strange?" (Happens when in the same party as okita)
  537. "It would seem there's new winds blowing. Let's go, follow me!"
  539. Robin Hood:
  540. "If the Holy Grail could grant anything I'd surely be happy, but nothing like that exists."
  541. "I am the Servant, and you are the Master. It is that simple."
  542. "Looks like the sakes about to kick in. We better go soon, Master."
  543. "What do I dislike? Knighthood, I guess."
  544. "I am your Servant, so I'll try my best to behave."
  545. Alright! It's my time to shine, master!
  546. "Since I'm a lousy archer, I'll be sure follow your every order, master."
  547. "From the back lines, you give the orders and I'll back you up. We'll leave the scary stuff to the guys in the front lines. the Yep, this is ideal relationship."
  548. "Things I like? In that case, let's go pick up some chicks. It'll be even better if we don't get into trouble."
  549. "My specialty is prep work. Look, I use this to win if my opponent doesn't approach. If only life was always that simple."
  550. "I've almost used up all of my tricks. If that happens, do you think winning is still important, master? It'll only get worse."
  551. "*Okay, okay. I give. I give. The persistent otaku with lame hobbies wins. Man, when you go that far, even a lazy person will be inspired to work. If you're okay with me and my bow, then I'll follow until the end, master.*"
  552. "Happy birthday! I don't really have a present for you, but I hope my smile will be enough."
  553. "Guh! Even though he's an archer, he's heading for the front lines. We've got a real idiot on our hands. Hey, Red Guy over there! You know we have to protect our otak-, I mean, master, right?" (When in the same party as emiya)
  554. "Master, can I take a short break? I really want to go "fox hunting", you see. That pink color though. I wanna go for a real "shootout" with that." (When in the same party as tamamo)
  557. RIDER
  558. Anne and Mary:
  559. M: "everyday is fun. Being a pirate is just like that"
  560. A: "Oh my no just because your our Master please don't think strange things"
  561. A: "Isn't the Holy Grail great? We could obtain great treasurers...or I mean if it's not too selfish of me"
  562. A: "It's fine. There's no helping it so for now let us just take a break and continue after a good rest cuddled up together...all three of us"
  563. A: "Don't worry we'll look after you, uhuhu"
  564. M: "Looks like we're going on an adventure together!"
  565. M: "As pirates we may be free but as our Master you come first"
  566. M: "I hate shackles. Is Master, going to tie us up...?"
  567. M: "Jeez, Stop teasing me master! Please!"
  568. A: "You want to touch? Oh what a troublesome person hmm"
  569. A: "I smell treasure. Let's go"
  571. Blackbeard:
  572. "Hey, hey, Master, can't you call me Captain just once?"
  573. "HEY, NOW ISN'T THE TIME TO PLAY, LETS GO!... I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I love to play."
  574. "Pirating is freedom and it is as grand as what you've heard in stories. You should try it!"
  575. "What do I want from the Holy Grail? As I pirate, why would I wan?AAHH, I CANNOT SAY THAT!"
  576. "Ummm, master. I would like to depart soon."
  577. "Of course, I'm the servant. And you are the master. Nooow then, master can you please go out and buy me doujinshi"
  578. "Pirates are warriors that enjoy freedom. Such as someone who can appreciate a wide variety of genre. DFC isn't so niche, you know?"
  579. "I looove to play with kids! ....Um, could you please stop giving me such a cold and distant look. It stings a little. I really do enjoy playing with kids in a completely normal and honest way"
  580. "A wish for the grail? The mighty pirate Blackbeard certainly has one. I WANT TO MAKE A HAREM!
  581. "Uwhuhuhu"
  582. "Ohohohoho. What's the matter, master?"
  583. "What? Laughing by myself is creepy? Now that's just meeean. I was laughing at dream I had. That dream will definitely come true someday. You'll see!"
  584. "Master, are you popular? Despite how I look, I am not popular at all. *Sigh* I'm not married and all I do is pirate-related business. When I realized that....Uuuugh"
  585. "*Master! Let's realize our dreams with a doujin project! I will be the director and the voice of the main character. Master, you will take care of the art and story!*"
  586. "Happy birthday, master! Here I'll lend you a notebook containing my dark past (his chuuni days). Let's decide on a voice actor together!"
  587. "It's not even summer or winter, yet there's an event going on?"
  589. Boudica:
  590. "Hey, you! Don't touch in weird places."
  591. "Hungry? OK, let's make something for you!"
  592. "I'll do everything for you, so please tell me what you want."
  593. "Are you really that interested in... my looks?"
  594. "What do I like? I like the sky and relationships. Also it's the best when there is a tasty lunch!"
  595. "I don't have anything I hate, but... I just can't like Rome."
  596. Hm? I don't seem like a queen, do I?
  597. "Actually, I wasn't cut out to be a queen. But my husband, the king, was killed, and we didn't have a son to succeed him"
  598. "You know you're a nice guy. What about you is good? Well you're tagging along with a plain old servant like me, of course?"
  599. "A kind older sister...kind older sister, huh? What should I do? I don't have that kind of experience...huh? Oh, Ehehe, it's nothing! Nothing at all~!"
  600. "*I don't hate kids like you. Ah. No that's wrong. I have to say things like this properly. Otherwise, I'll regret it. I love you. As my master and as a person, I like you. I really do.*"
  602. Francis drake:
  603. "Huh!? You want to be part of my crew? How promising. Huhu."
  604. "I have rules on my ship, but my helm has no such thing. If you ever want to go on a danger adventure, you're welcome aboard anytime."
  605. "Contract, remuneration, split 50/50! There's no master-servant relationship more trustworthy than this, is there?"
  606. "Hey, aren't you sleeping? We've got work to do, work!"
  607. "The grail? What's what? Something like that is too good to be true. It's not fooling me. I'd be more interested in getting a huge load of pepper."
  608. "What do I like? Well booze, of course! And partying all night with my beloved idiots!"
  609. "What do I hate? Ahh....I hate people's sense of justice, it just bothers me. Also, tone-deafness! I won't forgive any tone-deaf woman!"
  610. "I'm quite the merchant. I don't really care for getting rich quick, though. Just a bit more and that delicious high quality wine will have matured nicely, right?"
  611. "Men? That, huh. I wonder why I don't have much luck with men. I mean, I'm a women. With a good companion, a nice life wouldn't out of the ques-...Yeah, right. No way that would happen. I'm the ever-sailing El Draque."
  612. "Whew. Aaah~ I drank too much. I'm done for. Sorry can you lend me your lap? I want to rest for a bit..."
  613. "*It's been a long journey, huh. It's not an adventure money could buy. My journey's over, but you're just getting started. Alright! Let's see how it ends. Bring out the ship, master!*"
  614. "I smell treasure...Wanna go grab it, Master?"
  615. "Yo, it's your birthday, isn't it? No enemies today, right!"
  617. Marie Antoinette:
  618. "I'll have to keep practicing my speech"
  619. "I've gotta keep myself happy no matter what so the people can stand on their own"
  620. "Don't you want some bread?"
  621. "The holy grail war may be ferocious but my wish shall never change. the brilliant sky, the blessed land, and the joyful people.
  622. "What do I like? Then I want to take a bath. I love baths!"
  623. "Brioche is delicious and I love it. What of it?"
  624. "You know perfume, flowers, and herbs. Light things are nice."
  625. "A master is kind of like a spouse, right? Fuhuhu..."
  626. "No matter how much it hurt, no matter how much I was despised, I never stopped smiling. That is the duty of a queen."
  627. "*However my last moments were, my life was full of great happiness. It's okay... it really is okay... Because right now, I am truly happy knowing even someone like me could be of use to a person like you.*"
  628. "Master! Hehe it's nothing. I just wanted to call you that"
  629. "Together I'm sure we can handle anything no matter what fate throws at us"
  630. "Your work, your destiny, let me assist you!"
  631. "I love everyone and I hate no one."
  632. "Because everyone loves me, I love them."
  633. "For the shake of everyone I shall do anything!...b-but I've already done everything"
  634. "Is there a festival going on somewhere? Hey, let's go!"
  635. "Guillotines...I hate those things" (happens when sanson is in the same party)
  637. Medusa:
  638. "What do I like? Reading. I rather like that activity"
  639. "We shouldn't waste time. We must get back to work"
  640. "I'm already used to being used. You needn't worry about me"
  641. "The holy grail war....I wonder if it would grant even my wish"
  642. "'s a small world. Would you mind if I were to call you that as well?" (Happens when in the same party as mashu)
  643. "I am not joking master"
  644. "You really are a curious person"
  645. "Things that I hate...I can't stand emerald. *Sigh* the seaweed that wraps around your legs. In particular, it makes me want to chop up wakame."
  646. "I'm the female monster Medusa. "The same monster with snakes for hair and magic eyes that petrify", you ask? Well you're not completely wrong."
  647. "This body is the form I had before I was cursed by Athena. But when will I turn into a complete monster, even I don't know the answer to that. If you're scared, then end our contract right now."
  648. "You sure are kind, master. Or am I being deceived?"
  649. "Yes. Since this is my height from before the curse, among the three gorgon sisters, I'm the biggest.
  650. "As you can see, the number of books here has grown. I've been with you for quite some time now. Yes, as long as you permit it, let us fight side by side."
  651. "If it's something that could be permitted I'd like to fight with you forever
  652. "*I cannot stop's been a long journey but I do not mind it while with you. Yes...let us go out and fight*"
  653. "I see you've made a contract with medea...I know it is not my place to say but we share the same foul smell and I get the sensation that I am being watched" (when in the same party as medea)
  655. Saint George the unbeatable:
  656. "Master, you should get some good rest. I shall assist you in anyway I can."
  657. "There is nothing I truly hate, but... I do dislike liars and villainous scoundrels. But that goes for everyone."
  658. "I am your Servant, and therefore I shall do whatever you request."
  659. "No one should be able to attain the Holy Grail... but if a warrior obtained it through natural means, then I would have no problem with it."
  660. "Master, journeys help people grow"
  661. "Hobbies? After being summoned, there is this camera that was given to me. Yes, taking pictures of the place we visit is a guilty pleasure of mine"
  662. "Oh? What is it?"
  663. "I would like if you didn't look forward to my reactions"
  664. "Yes, what is it?"
  665. "Good heavens, you really are helpless"
  666. "*Oh, great timing. Would you like to get together and take a picture?*"
  668. Saint Martha:
  669. "My little sister... You remind me of her. Let us save the world; we may face troubles, but I'll be here with you."
  670. "Now lets get going! ...Ahem. No, let us proceed."
  671. "HUUUH?! WHAT I HATE?! ...Oh, um, I could never hate anything ,Master, ohohoho...."
  672. "What I like? Well, I desire the love of God. For myself and for you."
  673. "I'm sure we'll be able to save the world... But first, we need supplies. It's always been like that."
  674. "It will be all right. I'm here for you"
  675. "I'm praying for your success. Now, let's go."
  676. "A long time ago, I did things like cook and clean"
  677. "There is a reason behind all atrocities"
  678. "The grail is something that bears the blood of the savior. Anything other than that is a false grail."
  679. "Protecting the people. Being a guide. That is my mission as a saint. To observe and to pray. Until I truly lived that way. But I couldn' like him."
  680. "The time with Tarasque was quite troublesome. I couldn't believe that there could a monster stronger than the leviathan."
  681. "Haaa~ So tiiired. You're being pretty rough, don't you think? Aaah! Aaaaaa.....mmmhmm. Ufufu, what is it?"
  682. "Huh, what? My mood is different? What do ya mean? How rude."
  683. "*As a saint, no matter what, I can't let my city girl tendencies slip out.*"
  684. "Have a blessed birthday. Being in this world is worth rejoicing over."
  685. "Oh! Something interesting is hap-...taking place"
  687. Santa arthuria alter:
  688. "I want to go out and give presents. It's an honest job that brings smiles to people's faces."
  689. "Master and servant? Do we not have a contract in which I am santa and you are the reindeer?"
  690. "I don't fight for your sake. You lead the way for my sake. Now then, we should get ready to give out the next present."
  691. "I like strong things. There's nothing better than a toy you can go out and break things with."
  692. "I hate weak things. Like stuff animals that fall apart at the slightest touch. Things like that have no right to exist."
  693. "The holy grail? Such as, a basket that never runs out of candy no matter how much you take. Something like that? Why you...if something like that did exist, I wouldn't have this job. You're fired."
  694. "I've gotten rid of the title of Saber. I am the Rider who rides my master, Reindeer. Nothing more than a strong wind that appears on Christmas eve...I see that you've gotten excited."
  695. "This bag is full of hopes and dreams. The kind that has me spend a year handpicking offbrand toys. Fuhuhu. Aren't you looking forward to giving them out?"
  696. "I'm not emotionally attached to Christmas, but turkey is good. Really good. I can't get enough of its simplicity, vulgarity, and the fact that it's dripping with oil. All food should be like this."
  697. "Honestly, even I don't know the answer to why I am santa. I don't particularly like give out presents nor do I necessarily like receiving them. But if you, Reindeer, are happy with it, then I can't slack off."
  698. "*Dawn is about to break. As such, this temporary role of mine will soon be over. This bag is about to be emptied as well. But....yeah. Before that happens there's something I would like to give you. It's one of my favorites, a toy dragon. Take good care of it.*"
  699. "Your birthday huh. Well the contents in this bag are for christmas but I'll see what I can do. Here, this...toy train with an odd-looking expression should suffice."
  700. "Oh? A Halloween servant is here as well. Okay, let's have dragon steak for dinner." (Happens when in the same party as caster liz)
  702. ShotAlexander:
  703. "What do YOU hate?"
  704. "Ahahaha, it tickles!"
  705. "Is there anything you hate?"
  706. "Everything's so interesting! You,this place everything!"
  707. "I am a king. No, rather, the boyhood form of the one who will become king. A king is ruled by no one. Therefore, the relationship between you and I is... hmm...
  708. "The Holy Grail? Well, in this form I don't really strive for it."
  709. "Do you have anything you like? I've got so many things!"
  710. "My body? Ah, yes, I do train it. Quite a lot."
  711. "This isn't my first time fighting in the Holy Grail war. I think this may be my fifth... Or ninthc Hmm, I wonder which it is"
  712. "This form... isn't exactly suited for this war."
  713. "My outfit? Ah, it's pretty comfy."
  714. "I'm ready to go whenever. What about you?"
  715. "*I want to evolve. This is a request from me to you sensei not as a master or servent*"
  716. "Is Illiyas not here?"
  717. "You are my master and I am your servant. Hmm....yes I understand that since this isn't my first time fighting"
  718. "I want to go see too! Listen, something's going on out there right now!
  720. Ushiwakamaru:
  721. "Even if I am betrayed I shall fight to the bitter end. I wonder if Master will forgive me and stay with me to the bitter end Ah, it's nothing."
  722. "As a Servant of heart, just ask me any questions you have."
  723. "Master, isn't it time to go? We can't stay here tanu?... Forgive me."
  724. "I've already decided what I want to wish from the Holy Grail... To be happy with my brother... It would make Ushiwakamaru truly happy."
  725. "Naturally, much like with my brother, I will serve you with all my heart, master. Umm, that is if you are fine with me, though."
  726. "My brother Minamoto no Yoritomo? Yes, I love him!"
  727. "Things I don't like? High places are a bit...and I never want to do hiyodorigoe again.
  728. "Everything is going fine, master. Oh speaking of which, master, I'll be sure to give you a good scolding for any sloppy habits."
  729. "My brother Yoritomo? I respected him as samurai and loved him as my brother, of course. Not to be boastful, but I say he was the most exemplary older brother in the world."
  730. "I like to have fun too. When I was a child, I was rather mischievous since I spent my days playing pranks on adults as a hobby and causing trouble for the monks, all while laughing out loud. I-I'm not like that any more, though. I conduct myself properly to the best of my ability."
  731. "I never thought battle was frightening. I was regarded a prodigy because no matter what battlefield I was sent into, I would always make it out alive, is what my brother often told me."
  732. "*No matter how many times I am betrayed, I still want to fight for someone's sake. If you would allow it, master, until your final moments, let, it's nothing*"
  733. "Benkei? Is that really you, Benkei!? If it is, then just try doing "that". Recite you death sutra. What? You can't? Then jump. Jump and give me the money. You can't do that either? I see. Come see me behind the temple then, you cur." (Happens when in the same party as benkei)
  736. CASTER
  737. Andersen:
  738. "Heaven? It's the moment right after finishing work, dumbass!"
  739. "Hell? It's whenever I'm in the middle of work, demon woman!"
  740. "Aren't you going to fight? Give me some material, material"
  741. "You can make me work hard some more, Master"
  742. "The grail? Anyone who says they wish for happiness is full of shit. Instead of cooking that thing up, bring me a warm stew instead."
  743. "You're a publisher, I'm a writer. There's nothing else to our master-servant relationship."
  744. "Boasting's fine and all, but get to work. I can make that much feel comforting, after all"
  745. "I think I finally get it but, I must be a misantrophist. Don't expect an honest opinion from me, alright?"
  746. "Whenever I wish for it, I find there's already tea served, if I want rest, I'll have it. Could it be you're a first-rate Master?"
  747. "May I write your story? I'm not used to that type of shonen story but I don't dislike them*"
  748. "Well,well if it isn't the master writer himself. I bet you sure lived a life of luxury writing stories didn't you? Or were you betrayed?" (When in the same party as Shakespeare)
  751. Cu Chulainn (Caster):
  752. "The things I like? I have all I need right now."
  753. "So, about the Master -Servant relationship? Master's luck... Ah, let's not talk about it."
  754. "We can take it easy but... Don't we have a world to save?"
  755. "Want to learn Rune magic? Eeehh.. eh... maybe later."
  756. "I'm looking forward to seeing your abilities of being a Master."
  757. "The things I hate? Agh in the past I met mave and Morgan of the caster class. Don't want nothing to do with them after the bad memories they left"
  758. "The holy grail Huh? There aren't many things I want"
  759. "But jeez it sure is boring here. Nothing's happening!"
  760. "I'm totally counting on you master. I may be different than the standard me but, let's get the job done."
  761. "There's no way I can relax. I'm hardly wearing any armor!"
  762. "Is there a fishing spot around here?"
  763. "So about my noble phantasm's name, it isn't a bad idea to make it something easy to understand and hip. "Rune Source: Matrix Ordyne!"...yeah that's not gonna work. Man, this is embarrassing!"
  764. "Someday, I want try being summoned as a Saber"
  765. "How many times have I been summoned? Yet this is my first time as a caster."
  766. "This, in a different sense, is a holy grail war. I hope I can be of use."
  767. "*Man really are growing right before my eyes. You've gotten a lot stronger than when we met*"
  768. "We are master and servant. You are my master and...ahh just forget it"
  770. Elizabeth balthroy (caster):
  771. "Ah! This presence is of a secret live! Over there!
  772. "You aren't allowed to break the contract. I'm trusting you with this master~"
  773. "Come now come now we have to go the bright stage and the adoring fans are awaiting for me!"
  774. "What do I hate to eat? Weeell....I guess that would be octopus..well I wouldnt say hate but its just not my thing"
  775. "My favorite foods? Well cakes are fine with me and so are puddings but truly what I want is anything that has a red,tantalizing and exciting flavour"
  776. "How did I get that Holy grail? Ah that thing from awhile ago. When I made a wish It just suddenly appeared like 'sparkle' and there it was"
  777. "There's all kinds of Halloween. In my country, we celebrate Halloween rather quietly but Jack-o-lanterns are still commonplace. Well, our pumpkins weren't that sweet or delicious."
  778. "Ugh...sometimes, my head just starts pounding. I don't know what causes but, how should I say this, when I see your defenseless back full of openings, I want to just stab you. You know what I mean? Even when I'm like this, I'm a villain after all..."
  779. "Juuust kidding! Did you break into cold sweat wondering when you'll be betrayed? You did, didn't you! Oh, you're calm. You've gotten used it, huh? Is it because of the faith you place in me?"
  780. "**Sigh* I can't believe it. Halloween ended in a night, but our romance is just getting started it seems. As long as you think about nothing but me, I'll follow you into the depths of hell, master!*"
  781. "Happy birthday! You're an adult how about today we do it a bit more rough than usual?"
  783. Gilles (caster):
  784. "O, brilliant one. When I think of the Saint, my chest swells without restraint. Especially of the moment she is defiled...AAAH!!"
  785. "I can't stand to watch the wretched and greedy dead. In this world, certainly there's a sin for exploit the peasantry?"
  786. "The holy final hope in obtaining my greatest wish. I will surely obtain it someday"
  787. "You too are one who like me faithfully sought the favor of god. Now let's go commit acts of sacrilege and ridicule."
  788. "Now then what kind of plan will you have me conjure up next?"
  789. "Ooh, what splendid authority. You are worthy of being my master"
  790. "Hmph, let's put the plan into action"
  791. "Hmmm, that sincerity and passion is in need of re-evaluation"
  792. "Ooooh, what ingenuity! Could you be..."
  793. "The brilliance of doubtless genius! I admire you master"
  794. "*OOOOH! This is the embodiment of the divine beauty! I can't even describe how my very soul is trembling!*"
  795. "We meet again, I see, the reincarnation of Jeanne. To commemorate our reunion, how about I have this squid-like sea demon eat you." (When in the same party as arthuria)
  796. "Hmmm, something is off. Just being a blond swordswoman won't work. You're cleanliness, cuteness, modesty, and purity aren't enough...if fact I would say you don't have any of these things." (When in the same party as nero)
  797. "(Cannot be rendered in words) My master! You are a god! Truly wonderful! Wonderful, indeed! You have summoned her for meeee!" (When in the same party as jeanne)
  799. Mephistopheles:
  800. "Well what do I hate? Normal peace sure is a bore but I rather like true peace since it can be destroyed in an instant"
  801. "The holy grail sure is interestingly bizzare! Don't you agree?!"
  802. "What do I like? Well don't be surprised but I REALLY,REALLY like myself"
  803. "Yes just like that I AM YOUR SERVANT"
  805. "Afterimage! That's an afterimage! Just kidding! HAHAA!"
  806. "No, no. You really don't let your guard down, huuuh. I wonder if I'm a summoning failure? AHAHA!"
  807. "Mffufufu ahaha that's funny master"
  808. "Right here and now! A shocking confession! I'm not actually a demon. But please think of me as one! What? You already knew? I'm just a clown! How perceptive! YOU'RE THE BEST!"
  809. "*As long as I, Mephistopheles, am with you, interesting and strange things will happen, you see. Now then, let's go a trip to scare the world senseless! ...Just kidding!*"
  811. Medea:
  812. "Isn't it almost time to head out?"
  813. "I'm your servant so make sure to use me well"
  814. "The holy grail eh? Mufufu with our magic the ending is sure to be in sight"
  815. "What do I dislike? Well there's no reason in particular but perhaps a man with a nice face"
  816. "Don't make impossible missions or use a crude manner of speaking, okay? Other than that, you do have some merit."
  817. "I was taught magic directly from the goddess Hecate. Compared to what you call magic, it's on a completely different level"
  818. "Stop, there's no reason to be in such a rush. I'm here for you so calm down."
  819. "I once had a little brother. If he were still alive, he would be honest and splendid just like yo-...oh, it's nothing. Just forget what I just said."
  820. "*Honestly! Back-stabbing witch this. Senile old bat that. Kindly enough, you don't say such things. Because of that, as your witch, I shall entertain you.*"
  821. "It's rather hot! Too hot! Excuse me, master." Could you please keep that over 300kg behemoth away from me!? (Happens when in the same party as herk)
  822. "A change is occurring in the world. If you don't want to miss it, hurry up."
  823. "Blonde with a nice body there can only be one saber. Yes that saber. Aaahh that girl is so nice I want to bully her" (happens when in the same party as arthuria)
  824. "It seems some changes are happening in the world. Let us make haste lest we miss out."
  825. "You know that blonde, petite Saber but with a terrible scowl? Yes, that Saber! Somehow, something's off about her. Still, I do adore those type of faces.... How shall I put it, she riles up my inner modeler?" (Happens when in the same party as mordred)
  826. "My, is it your birthday? Seems like a joyous occasion has arrived"
  828. Medea lily:
  829. "Master, let's work hard together! Even though I may end up being unreliable...Haa..."
  830. "Master, shouldn't we be heading out?"
  831. "The grail's unnecessary so I'll hand it over to Master.....It doesn't seem like I'll need it..."
  832. "What do I like? A marriage born out of love, one that begins from a marriage interview. I really, really like that!"
  833. "Being betrayed, and being left alone is really painful, and sad. Getting along with others. is the best."
  834. "Master, it's embarassing if you keep touching me. That kind of thing's no good, ok?"
  835. "Servants are complex beings. If the me who trained at the temple is here, then the me who left the temple and traversed the sea is also here. But I don't know who ended up the happiest."
  836. "What's the matter? Payment is needed? Please wait one moment, okay? Let's magic okay? Or maybe a first aid kit?"
  837. "With this kind of injury, if you apply spit, you will heal! *Kiss*"
  838. "Maste-...Ah! It's nothing, I just wanted to try calling your name. Ahaha!"
  839. "*When I met you, I changed. I'm no longer afraid of the outside world. Now I use this staff for the sake of your future and the world you live in. Thank you. I pray that I can be at your side until the end, master.*"
  840. "Seems like there's an event going on...Ah! Could it be sales day!?"
  841. "U-Umm, Master...About that Caster with the purple hood over there...She's glaring at me in a strange way...It's scary...But, she doesn't look like a stranger..." (Happens when medea is in the same party)
  843. Mozart:
  844. "The things I like? Music is my whole life, so it's not a matter of like or dislike. So dirty jokes I guess. No, no! Forget it!"
  845. "If you want to listen to a piece tell me, I'm always perfectly prepared."
  846. "The things I hate? It's definitely Charles Sanson, he's not honest at all."
  847. "My relationship with you? Haha, I'll abstain from any comments, I don't want a fight with you."
  848. "While being a composer I'm also a Servant, so I'll leave my baton to you."
  849. "The weakest caster in the caster class, that's me. I am sorry, but don't expect much from me. AHAHAHA!"
  850. "What can I expect then?", you ask? Isn't it obvious? I'll take your life to the next level! With my music! That's how I do things."
  851. "I'm not like other fine arts servants. I'm well aware of the people around me and try to get along with them. It was only with Salieri that I had nothing but misunderstandings and miscommunication issues."
  852. "Still dealing with me up to this point makes you quite the oddball. Even though I was better off being thought of as a gramophone in the corner of a room, many chose to regard me a genius among musicians. Excuse me, but I need to get serious...don't you agree?"
  853. "*Eine kleine Nachtmusik. My summoning this time around led to a great journey, a great sound. I hope the break of dawn never comes. Thank you, master. We've been to together for awhile now, but I'm still counting on you.*"
  855. Nursery rhyme:
  856. "We should go look outside. I'm sure there'll absolutely be something marvelous awaiting!"
  857. "Holy...grail? Aaahhh...IT'LL BE MY FIRST TIME SEEING IT"
  858. "Can you help?"
  859. "I love happy endings! Afterall I have none!"
  860. "You are my very special master. Please pay attention till the very last page"
  861. "Holy...grail? Bad endings continue to scrape right by it. I nearly forgotten"
  862. "I'm sick and tired of bad endings. I'm tired of seeing them."
  863. "A master-servant relationship, you say? For us, it's a relationship between a book and its reader. Is anything other than that necessary?"
  864. "I'm bored of the view seen through a window. Let's go outside and play."
  865. "Is it teatime yet? I would like blackcurrant flavored macaroons."
  866. "Reading is something you do while leisurely savoring it. Paying attention to the time is silly."
  867. "A good reader is someone who cherishes the contents of the book over anything else. In that regard, you pass, master-san. I had a lot of fun."
  868. "Fighting is fine but please be careful, master. If something were to happen to you, who would be there to love Alice?"
  869. "*A book loving a person...Do you find that strange? No, it is not strange at all, right? As we speak, there is a book that is in love with a person right here! You and I, Alice, are the greatest couple, master!*"
  870. "What have you done!? That person is andersen! How could you befriend someone who made the little mermaid to be so cruel?! (Happens when in the same party as andersen)
  872. Paracelsus:
  873. " friend. By all means, I will work to the best of my abilities."
  874. "I once committed high treason. However, with you...I certainly wouldn't..."
  875. "Your duty is to save all of the beloved children."
  876. "The holy grail...I had once wished for such a thing"
  877. "Things I like...What I wish for? Well...I wish for all of the beloved children of the world to receive love and affection"
  878. "Things I hate? Yes. Betrayal is unforgivable"
  879. "The radiance of true ether is what I seek."
  880. "Are you in need of a homunculus?"
  881. "Even mages need a friend. After all, they are people too"
  882. "May you receive the blessings of ether. The world is filled with blessing. They can come at anytime."
  883. "Since you know of my atrocious act, you won't forgive me, will you?"
  884. "I am a man who committed treason. Therefore...I must not be forgiven. In no way should I even have the pleasure of getting close to someone."
  885. "I pray that someday...with your, it's nothing. Don't mind me and my silly ramblings."
  886. "*Misaya, I betrayed you while obeying another master...there is no way you could forgive me.*"
  888. Shakespeare:
  889. "Aaahh yes, I am your Servant. What of it?"
  890. "So Master, why don't you tell me what you wish for"
  891. "The Holy Grail war... It could be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more interesting."
  892. "We shall go on a journey! A truly marvelous and beautiful journey awaits right before us!"
  893. "I neither like nor dislike. I simply feel much like Anthony did as that was the type of person he was"
  894. "Has something tantalizing come forth? Fuhaha! I am a being who is subservient to words and letters."
  895. "I don't particularly hate anything. But I detest mediocre people. They simply live their lives as they are told."
  896. "Hmm, my shoulders are somewhat stiff. Oh, great timing, master."
  897. "Well then, I shall present you with some words"
  898. "Yes, in that case, let me present you with a poem, master. I will be sure to make you cry."
  899. "Yes. Yes. Now, let's create a story. Your life will be quite something. Show me what twists and turns it will have."
  900. "*Your story of happiness is just begining! No matter what happens you shall advance with bravely through all that stands in your way*"
  901. "So the time of machines have arrived. Muwahaha what an interesting existence"
  903. Tamamo:
  904. "Mfufu I'm ready to gogogo. Let's depart master~"
  905. "Don't we have a quest to do? Tamamo would really like to go"
  906. "What do I hate? Perhaps it would be the mistakes of the past I have committed"
  907. "What do I like? Well of course while it may be small it would be MY HOME....well I guess that'll come later"
  908. "The Servant and Master relationship? Of course it would be absolute domination~!"
  909. "THE HOLY GRAIL EH?! Long ago I took part in it but I'll be declining any questions about it thank you very much"
  910. "I have been around many ages of the past but now I think I shall rest"
  911. "*I may not have all of my powers at use but despite that I wish to use all current power in order to answer you. Let us go master and with our own hands save this divine world!*"
  912. "Oh my it's miss empress as free as ever I see. Jeez...if she's not careful I'm worried that she'll fall into depravity. I hope she's aware of that" (happens when nero is in the same party)
  913. "Hey kintoki! Keep away from me won't ya!? Your renowned lightning is going to fry everything ya know" (happens when kintoki is in the same party)
  915. Waver/Zhuge Liang:
  916. "What do I like? Well let's see... nice students lined up in a nice classroom... is what I would say if I was prepared to handle students."
  917. "The Holy Grail, huh. I don't need it. If I could, I would just ignore it. But maybe you might want it."
  918. "Now then, isn't it time we headed out?"
  919. "You are the only one who could use me well. Think well about how to."
  920. "In no way do I feel like being ordered around by anyone except maybe that conquest idiot. However, I do want to develop a nice relationship with you."
  921. "A type that a hate? I hate loud and reckless men, obscene men, and men without hope and aspiration. The same goes for women"
  922. "Ugh! How troublesome."
  923. "In the way. You're in the way."
  924. "Reines? You're mistaken. I'm Zhuge Liang. I have no idea what you're talking about...hey, don't contact the clock tower. Hey!"
  925. "By the way, is this related to the Far East Branch's plan to change history? Like Akihabara. The history of games are...oh, it isn't? I see."
  926. "*As you can see, I'm in the middle of a game. I don't mind you talking to me, but could you stop playing with my hair? It's beyond distracting!*"
  930. Carmillia:
  931. "Be sure to remember this. I may normally obey your orders but don't expect me to do things I'm opposed to"
  932. "What do I like? Well that's obvious. The blood of a girl"
  933. "I cannot help your stupidity"
  934. "Don't. I'll kill you"
  935. "The holy grail eh? I may not know what will happen but that is precisely why I am interested in it. That is all"
  936. "Are you interested in vampires?"
  937. "I am what I truly,TRULY hate"
  938. "We must head out. Do you intend to become a vampire?"
  939. "Ugh. You sure are persistent...I hate being touched."
  940. "Okay. Okay. Instead, give me blood. Equivalent exchange, right?"
  941. " are quite spiteful. More spiteful than even me."
  942. "*You're not going to touch me?*"
  943. "It seems it's the day of your birth. Not that I care."
  945. Hassan:
  946. "Master and Servant are linked in death, so leave fighting to me."
  947. "I have no regrets. I will go to death, Mage."
  948. "I have never been unhappy once in my life. It's time to go die, magus"
  949. "I will not inquire about the source of the holy grail. If if grants my wish then that is fine."
  950. "Servant and master need to trust each other. Leave the fight to me"
  951. "My favorite things? Hmph...organizing my room keeps me calm"
  952. "Things I hate? People who don't adhere to loyalty and duty and people who bring righteous indignation about themselves"
  953. "What is it, magus?"
  954. "We are group of assassins who have rid ourselves of emotions. If there is dirty work to be done, don't refrain from ordering us to do it"
  955. "If it's for the sake of the grail, I can bear with prolonged conflict. You should rest from time to time, magus."
  956. "Fuhahaha...if the workshop needs to be cleaned, I'll readily prepare to clean it, magus"
  957. "My wish is to leave my mark in history. I, too, think it is a hopeless dream."
  958. "*Leaving my mark in history is something I have long desired for, but now I understand that the fight at hand takes priority. Master, it may be that protecting you until the end is the purpose of my birth.*"
  960. Jack the assripper:
  961. "Together. Let's go look"
  962. "My mommy is my mommy ya know!"
  963. "Hey hey mommy let's go let's go"
  964. "My wish...for the Holy grail? All we wish is to go back inside mommy. That' enough 
  965. "We all love mommy ya know"
  966. "Nice memories? Sleeping on a warm futon sure does feel good
  967. "Bad memories? We hate bullies"
  968. "What is it?"
  969. "You want to do something that hurts? We hate hurtful things. Why do you do hurtful things? Do you have to?"
  970. "Yeah, if it doesn't hurt then it's okay"
  971. "Uwahahaha, that tickles! We said it tickles!"
  972. "*Mommy, hold us tight, okay? We will do anything for you.*"
  974. Jekyll and Hyde:
  975. "Master, my previous summoning, I...nevermind"
  976. "Master and feels very similar to being Jekyll and Hide. In a good way, I mean."
  977. "Are you going somewhere? I'll help"
  978. "The holy grail...if I had that, I..."I"...!"
  979. "I believe in the honesty and virtue of other people. But I...LOVE THE ATROCITIES LURKING IN PEOPLE"
  980. "I HATE THE HONESTY AND VIRTUE OF PEOPLE. But I...hate the atrocities lurking in the hearts of other people."
  981. "I'm an assassin now? ...previously, I was definitely a berserker...wasn't I..."
  982. "I'm being torn apart...I might hurt you someday...please be careful...unfortunately, I don't think I can control myself much longer."
  983. "The good memories I have of you as my master aren', those splendid days are certainly there...but one day I'll forget you..."
  984. "I..."I"...NO, I...will protect my master this time! I want to protect you!"
  985. "*You're...willing to get close to that?*"
  987. Jing Ke:
  988. "I'm killing and you're giving me mana. Is there any other method to obtain it?"
  989. "The things I like? Alcohol, Moon, flowers. That's everything I need."
  990. "You. Isn't it time we continued our journey?"
  991. "The things I hate?...well I guess maybe my family and fleeting life"
  992. "To obtain the holy grail would be like obtaining the moon...oho I mustn't think like that"
  993. "I don't mind you as a master. Perhaps it was fate"
  994. "Oh? You want to touch me? ...If you want to touch me, my throat is all yours. Hahhaha!"
  995. "Can you drink sake?"
  996. "It's not really a matter of wanting to drink myself to oblivion or not. It's just that there are times when I want to isolate myself from the world with sake."
  997. "My hair? Ah yes, could you comb it for me? Thank you...master
  998. "*Someday...I'd like to go back home on a journey laughing. I hope you'll remember me*"
  1000. Kojiro the Dragonslayer:
  1001. "We're departing soon, I've finished my preparations."
  1002. "Think of me as your blade."
  1003. "My request? Swinging the sword every now and then is all I need."
  1004. "As long as I've got a blade to swing, I am satisfied."
  1005. "The Holy Grail, hmm... There isn't anything I really wish for."
  1006. "I took the name Sasaki Kojirou, but even I don't know if that is the real me or not. It seems like I spent the last of my days as a madman who devote his entire life to the sword."
  1007. "I have no complaints with you as my master. You don't have any particularly special abilities as a magus. That's what I like about you."
  1008. "I'm aware that I'm a free spirit. But master you may be more of one than me. You burden yourself the mission of saving the world and yet you're as chipper as ever. It's wonderful. Truly wonderful."
  1009. "Even tools can be happy. I was a failure as a human, but I find being used by someone like you to be pleasant."
  1010. "*What is it? Sometimes it's a good idea to watch the moon and have a good time drinking sak-...What? You're under-aged? You can't drink yet? My word. Then I'll wait patiently for you to grow a bit older. Until then I, Kojirou, will continue to protect you as your sword.*"
  1011. "So this is karma, huh? To think, I would be fated to meet that old fox again. However, that caster is a it's almost as if she is a different person. Yes, I don't want to say this but...she is quite cute." (Happens when in the same party as medea lily)
  1013. Mata Hari:
  1014. "The Holy Grail, huh? For eternity I've always had a wish for immortality... Perhaps it would just bring despair."
  1015. "Hey, hey, isn't it time to go?"
  1016. "Master! Hey... What is it you wish?"
  1017. "I love all kinds of humans, both men and women."
  1018. "So it's decided lover and lover together are truly precious things.
  1019. "Husband!...would you like me to call you that?"
  1020. "I'll pamper you. Ufufu"
  1021. "I hate when people hide behind their social status. And many other things."
  1022. "How naughty."
  1023. "Okay, just your pinky though"
  1024. "Oh, why are you surprised? Is my touch odd?"
  1025. "Yes, yes. You've gotten better at touching me."
  1026. "*Ufu. Pinkies feel the best after all.*"
  1027. "Happy birthday. Are you old enough to drink?"
  1028. "Oh my? Something's happening. Ufufu"
  1030. Alien saber:
  1031. "I am not an assassin. I am, without a doubt, a Saber."
  1032. "As long as you are my master, I shall serve you as a Saber. What? Assassin? What do you mean?"
  1033. "My dislikes? Any Saber other than me."
  1034. "I have just one wish. Until then, I will not be defeated by anyone."
  1035. "A proper Holy Grail War. In other words, one where the Saber is the best. A Saber who is unrivaled and splendidly proceeds to win. Is that not the ideal Holy Grail War?"
  1036. "Now then, master. The next Saber is waiting."
  1037. "Are there any Sabers here besides me?"
  1038. "I'm going on patrol. Please don't let the number of Sabers increase."
  1039. "Well, despite there being other Sabers, you chose me."
  1040. "Even if there are other Sabers here, it doesn't change the fact that I am your mightiest saber."
  1041. "*Yeah, who cares about the other Sabers. What's important is that I'm a saber. Your saber.*"
  1042. "I-impossible...He's a Saber with a body like that?" (Happens when in the same party as ceasar)
  1043. I see you've shown yourself, Red! Now, let's go! X-Caliber!! (Happens when in the same party as nero)
  1044. "I see you've shown yourself, my delinquent son! Now, here's your punishment for destroying the walls around the castle!" (Happens when in the same party as mordred)
  1046. Phantom of the opera:
  1047. "If the holy grail can grant my wish I shall sing a great song for you"
  1048. "My master...your beautiful voice...aahh"
  1049. "Christine....your voice sounds just like Christine"
  1050. "You have a beautiful voice"
  1051. "Christine, my voice of love"
  1052. "My mask is meant to hide my ugliness"
  1053. "Don't look at my face"
  1054. "I have been cursed to be an ugly person. Therefore, I am the curse."
  1055. "Your voice is beautiful..."
  1056. "Those with a beautiful voice should leave now"
  1057. " me to listen to your voice"
  1058. "O, Songstress! Allow me to get closer to you."
  1059. "You are the songstress. The living Christine."
  1060. "Sing! Sing aloud! Of love! Of hope! Of death!"
  1061. "Beautiful...your voice is the true form of beauty"
  1062. "*Together! Let's sing! For eternity...eternity...*"
  1064. Sanson the danganronpa reject:
  1065. "What do I hate most? I cannot forgive treachery"
  1066. "Peace, relaxation, comfort... I don't dislike these things."
  1067. "Isn't it about time we got going?"
  1068. "The Holy Grail... Well, I guess I'd wish to keep warmth around me."
  1069. "I am your sword. But I am also the scale that determines your worth"
  1070. "As long as you walk the righteous path, I will obey you"
  1071. "Is anything wrong, master?"
  1072. "I decapitate and my hands become stained with blood. What becomes of someone who has touched such things?"
  1073. "Punishing the lives and sins of criminals. That's the role I swore to live by. It's frightening, isn't it? Bear witness to my bewilderment with your own eyes."
  1074. "Take the holy vow and I shall protect your neck until the end"
  1075. "*Your blade is unclouded and true. Be it the depths of hell or the ends of heaven, I will follow you*"
  1076. "Mary...Mary! Mary! MARIA! I should have known that you and I were tied together by fate! That's why I'm so happy that I can't stand it!" (Happens when in the same party as marie)
  1078. Stheno:
  1079. "Ufufu, Master is so sweet."
  1080. "Holy Grail? If I had it... fufufu, silly me."
  1081. "Is it fun, Master?"
  1082. "Ufufu, bad Master."
  1083. "What is it? Do I really interest you that much?"
  1084. "Things I like? It would have to be just Euryale and medusa. We keep getting separated though."
  1085. "Things that I don't like? Well, I hate when puny humans get too what I shouldn't say."
  1086. "Serving someone is...yes, a rather strange and bizarre experience."
  1087. " are so cute...master"
  1088. "You want to save the world, right? Then, staying here for too long is no good, you know."
  1089. "Ufufufu...what a naughty master...touching a goddess like that. What exactly do you plan on doing?"
  1090. "I am a goddess. I'm a phenomenon that was born to enslave heroes as I please."
  1091. "I have no interests in humans or the future. I just wanted to live on that island together with my sisters."
  1092. "To be loved is my role. I am used to exploiting and throwing away people. Yes...but don't misunderstand, master. We have never once fallen in love with you humans."
  1093. "The three of us living our lives on that formless island was my dream...but I'll do you a service by including you. But then again, humans aren't allowed. Well...even if you were to be a puny ant, maybe I'll reconsider"
  1094. "*Geez...since you're so dense, I'm only going to say this once. Okay, you win. I like you, master. was a lie.*"
  1095. "Happy birthday. Your birth...yes, it's a truly delightful thing. Ufufu"
  1099. The man,The legend and the dragon slayer himself beowulf:
  1100. "Relax, I'm a Berserker. I'll protect you."
  1101. "Hey hey Master! You gonna stay in here all day? C'mon!"
  1102. "When things get rough, I'll turn a blind eye. Of course, I can't keep doing it forever."
  1103. "I just realized...I have no hobbies. Saying I love a good fist fight won't cut it? I guess you're right..."
  1104. "I hate dragons. But they taste good."
  1105. "The holy grail, huh? It's alright if you want it. I sure don't."
  1106. "Aaahngh?"
  1107. "My bad, my bad. It's cool."
  1108. "Tch, you need something? I don't have all day, you know"
  1109. "Oh alright...I'll listen. What do you want?"
  1110. "*Now this is what I wanna hear. From now on, if anyone messes with you, just give 'em a right hook, then a left hook, and then knock them the fuck out!*"
  1112. Caligula:
  1113. "The moon....where..."
  1114. "Beautiful..."
  1115. ""
  1116. "You...Rome. You...Rome...too"
  1117. " me...madness"
  1118. "I...obey. You...destiny...fight"
  1119. "Mm....GunuUUUgh!!!"
  1120. "My soul......already...belongs to the goddess..."
  1121. "I shall citizen..."
  1122. "Holy"
  1123. "You...Nero...look like...."
  1124. " little sister similar"
  1125. "My little...Agrippina. What happened to you and Nero..."
  1126. "Somehow...happiness...Nero...and"
  1127. "*You are Nero...UWAAAAA...*"
  1128. "I am....happy...your....birth...fate....."
  1130. Darius III:
  1131. "OOooaaa"
  1132. "Uuuuuh"
  1133. "Graaaa"
  1134. "Hooooough"
  1135. "Muuuuuuuu"
  1136. "ISKANDEERRR" (happens when in the same party as shotAlexander?)
  1138. Eric bloodaxe:
  1139. "RAAAW"
  1140. "G G G G"
  1141. "GRAAA"
  1142. "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME"
  1143. "URAAWGH"
  1144. "LOSS LOSS LOSS"
  1145. "This axe is the strongest!"
  1146. "Now, I am processing the words I heard while holding my wife's hand. Stop the world's destruction. For that reason...Ba...Ga....Gu...The noise!"
  1147. "*Alright another chance has arrived. In otherwords a opportunity to say what I truly wanted to say. I sincerely thank you for summoning me. Briefing finished. Forgive me gunnhild*"
  1149. Frankensteins monster:
  1150. "Hnngng"
  1151. "Wawawa"
  1152. "Ye...s"
  1153. "Beauti...ful"
  1154. "**"
  1156. GOLDEN
  1157. "I've never seen a Holy Grail before but ya know it's gotta be gold right? Oh come on don't laugh it's gotta be true. No matter what's inside it the outside has gotta be the best"
  1158. "I can't trust a woman to be a gold ranger"
  1159. " ranger"
  1160. "What do I like? Well kids obviously. I'm going to protect them"
  1161. "Yo, master is that you? "Master", now that's got a golden ring to it."
  1162. "Boss, you plan. I do the heavy lifting. Easy to understand, right? Can't wait to see what you do, Boss.
  1163. Things I don't like? Pretty much things I'm not good at. Since I'm an idiot, I can't handle thinking about hard things, ya know"
  1164. "Making ladies cry, ain't GOLDEN at all"
  1165. "Huh? What's up?"
  1166. "Wha-...Hold on! Back up, buddy!"
  1167. "Oooh, you ain't got nothing to do? Then, the gym. We're gonna go to the gym!"
  1168. "Aaah...I'm GOLDEN hungry...."
  1169. "It ain't Kintoki. Call me GOLDEN. I don't hate my name, but it's all about the vibe. Got it?"
  1170. "It's got nothing about morals or politeness, just talking about the soul"
  1171. "I'll show ya the sickest golden bear robot in the Rider world. He's one of the flying Devil Monster Machines. Even though he's a bear, he can change. A fucking transformer!"
  1172. "Have you seen a teddy bear? It's small. The kind that they sell during your generation. I GOLDEN love it."
  1173. "This time, the fight was real flashy. It had to be a real bloodbath. But I don't remember it. How can you take it so calm, Boss. I wasn't your first time?"
  1174. "*Stay cool and order away, Boss. Whatever you want to do, I'll make it happen. For your sake, I,Sakata Kintoki, I'll beat the shit outta anything as a god of thunder.*"
  1175. "Looks like a bunch of idiots have gathered...and I'm the same type. Let's go master"
  1177. Kiyohime:
  1178. "Lies. You mustn't say such things, for I hate those types the most."
  1179. "A journey would be nice. Shall we go on one?"
  1180. "To be honest, this place is marvelous. I can hardly believe it."
  1181. "Yes. I wish to be useful to my Master...but if they lie..."
  1182. "Don't you think a world without lies would be beautiful? I wonder if the Grail would grant me that wish."
  1183. "A troublesome person. Do they want to be burned alive that badly?"
  1184. "*Giggle* It's about time for me to get serious"
  1185. "Another troublesome person..."
  1186. "*You may touch wherever you like. As long as you don't lie, I want to be touched by you. That is my wish.*"
  1188. Lancelot:
  1190. "Arthuuurr"
  1191. ""
  1192. "Ar?"
  1193. "Gala...had" (happens when in the same party as mashu)
  1195. Lu Bu:
  1196. "GREEEY"
  1197. "GRAAAAAA"
  1199. Asterios:
  1200. "Don't want"
  1201. "Come come"
  1202. "AAahhh aahh"
  1203. "Hey...hey..I...I want"
  1205. Spartacus:
  1206. "Destruction?"
  1207. "The Holy Grail? Well if I continue using my strength, I'm sure we'll come through."
  1208. "Master. Sleep."
  1209. "I shall not forgive heretics, even if I die."
  1210. "Strength! That is everything to me!"
  1211. "Master and servant?"
  1212. "A master-servant relationship is unneeded. No one should be confined to classifications"
  1213. "Master. Move."
  1214. "My favorite thing? Rebellion, of course. That is everything to me."
  1215. "HAHAHAHA! You can't harm my body with something like that"
  1216. "No matter what you do, it is pointless
  1217. "Now, follow me!"
  1218. "We are going to liberate all of the oppressed, together! Let's go!!"
  1219. "*We are all equal. I hate those who can't understand that. You seem to understand. You have my gratitude. Much thanks.*"
  1221. Tamamocat:
  1222. "Holy Grail? The legendary... GOLDEN CAT FOOD CAN?!"
  1223. "Master! It's time for a walk."
  1224. "The things I like? I like my Master!"
  1225. "Master -Servant relationship? Earning money and defending the house. This is more like a wife -husband relationship."
  1226. "The fact that I'm a fuzzy character isn't so fuzzy. Yep, that's me, master.
  1227. "Hm? Be more wife-like? Mmm, when I get serious, I become quite the temptress, you know. That's why I purposely hold back. Of course, "eating" you wouldn't be a good idea. But you look so goood."
  1228. "You're really doing me a favor by giving me time to take naps, master. I'm so happy since you sleep with me too. Will you sleep with me today as well?"
  1229. ""*If master were to die, I'd be quite sad" is something I've already proven. But you should rely on me from now on. Even if I'm reborn, I'll protect you, master.*"
  1230. "The rules of FATE are in disarray"
  1231. "This's the original! I should get her to sign something~ then eliminate her. If you truly are the original prove it to me" (happens when the two tamamos are in the same party)
  1233. Vlad:
  1234. "The Holy Grail... what a fascinating spectacle."
  1235. "Impudent."
  1236. "Hmm... How interesting."
  1237. "I am your Servant, but also your protector."
  1238. "If you do that again...."
  1239. "You and I are most fitting partners"
  1240. "What do I dislike? It matters not for I dislike none"
  1241. "To live is to rejoice for that is one of life's great joys"
  1242. "You and I are equal. Calling us master and servant is rather inappropriate."
  1243. "Pest. Do you not value your life?"
  1244. "Yes, yes. I will forgive you...goodness..."
  1245. "Master...if you want to be with me, then give me your blood. With that, we will be equal."
  1246. "* you truly wish to stay by my side for eternity? An eternity is endless boredome...but perhaps with you that can be avoided for it is impossible to be bored while around you*"
  1249. SHIELDER
  1250. Mashu:
  1251. "The outside world is truly beautiful. There's so much information I never would of dreamed of before. What do you think of it, Master?"
  1252. "Speaking of the future. Being able to do battle, cleaning, conversation with just an eye contact?this is the relationship I aim for."
  1253. "The things I like? The color of sky, the smell of earth. Those are the things I like."
  1254. "I'm still an inexperienced Servant, but I'll try my best to be my Master's strength."
  1255. "The Holy Grail war? Yes, I'm always prepared for it."
  1256. "The things I hate? I'm sorry, but there is nothing else except for the current situation."
  1257. "Finding and obtaining the Grail is my mission. Let's try our best!"
  1258. "Until we returned to our own time, life was full of the struggles and conflicts of all sorts of people. This might be a little twisted, but I believe if history were to always be like that, I would be delighted since I could learn so many things."
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