Rumble Underfoot

Apr 5th, 2018
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  1. >Day Rumble Underfoot.
  2. "Don't you have anything older?"
  3. >The man typed away at his computer to see if there was more stock at the other stores.
  4. >"I'm sorry, but our sale last week cleared most of them out." He nodded over to the scared colt. "This one is a return."
  5. >Anon looked at the colt with some disdain.
  6. >Rumble was cute, there was no denying that, but she was hoping for someone more mature.
  7. "When do you get new stock?"
  8. >The clerked scratched his head as he tried to remember the schedule.
  9. >"Next week Wednesday, I think."
  10. >She sighed loudly.
  11. >He was younger than she wanted, but he would have to do.
  12. "Alright. I'll take him."
  13. >"An excellent choice, Ma'am. May I interest you in some accessories as well?"
  14. >He explained the care and feeding needed for the Pegasus, as well as recommended different items.
  15. >By the time he was done, Anon's cart was filled, and Rumble was tearing up in his crate.
  16. >So far he had refused to speak to them, even when prodded for an answer.
  17. >He just stayed as far away from them as possible, which wasn't much.
  18. >Rumble watched Anon through the grate.
  19. >She was an average sized woman, though a little plump.
  20. >Her skin was pale, like she didn't go outside often, and she had a long brown mane.
  21. >She didn't look particularly scary, but Rumble had thought the same of his first master.
  22. >Suddenly Anon had a strange thought.
  23. >What if he tried to fly away?
  24. >He did have wings after all.
  25. "Do you think he will try to fly away when I let him out?"
  26. >The man shrugged.
  27. >"His last owner said that he tried, so we clipped his wings back. They will grow big enough for him to fly in a month or so, but you can trim them if you like."
  28. >"No, please. Don't do that."
  29. "So he can speak," Anon said, with more annoyance than she intended. "Will you promise not to fly away?"
  30. >He looked down at the thin blanket he used as a bed, but didn't answer.
  31. >Rumble knew that he would try to escape the first chance he got.
  32. 1/12
  33. >Why would he live a life of servitude, when he could fly free in the clouds?
  34. "I asked you a question, Rumble."
  35. >Still, he did not respond to her.
  36. >He just laid down and closed his eyes as tightly as he could.
  37. >He had always been a poor liar, and didn't want to try his luck with a new owner.
  38. >That would only mean a spanking, and he didn't like those.
  39. >"We do have wing binders if you prefer that…"
  40. >Anon wrinkled her little nose at the man.
  41. "Fine. But I am not buying anything else. Please ring me up."
  42. >He placed the restrictors in her cart and began the process of scanning each item.
  43. >Soon enough he was done, and helped her load her precious cargo into her SUV.
  44. >As he had advised, Anon kept her little pony in the crate.
  45. >It could be dangerous to have a pony loose the first time he is taken home, he had explained, and she understood that it was best.
  46. >Half an hour later, they arrived at her house.
  47. >It was good a size for a woman just starting her career.
  48. >Her father had lent her some money, and combined with her savings she was able to put down a sizable downpayment.
  49. >She pulled into the garage and closed the door before unloading the toys and accessories.
  50. >With that complete, she stood outside of his crate, and tapped her foot.
  51. >Was he going to behave, she wondered, or would she have to deal with a rabid pony, hoping desperately to escape?
  52. >The prospect of lifting both him and the crate did not appeal to her.
  53. "Rumble, if you play nice then we can avoid using a leash inside," she said in her sweetest tone. "And you will get some dinner. You would like that, right?"
  54. >His ears turned to her voice, but he did not raise his head to look at her.
  55. "You aren't hungry?"
  56. >Again he did not respond.
  57. >Anon was starting to get annoyed.
  58. >He was her property, and she could not fathom why he would continue to decline answering her.
  59. "Rumble, you are beginning to test my patience. I know this... situation is difficult to accept, but your behavior has to end right now."
  60. 2/12
  61. >She waited several seconds for something, but was rewarded with him simply laying his head down.
  62. "Rumble, look at me…" She grabbed the crate and shook it. If he didn't understand patience, then he would feel the lash. "Look at me!"
  63. >His eyes finally darted up at her, but only for an instant before returning to his blanket.
  64. "Fine! Have it your way! Where is that binder!?"
  65. >Anon stepped away, but stopped when she heard Rumble speak.
  66. >"No, please. You don't need that."
  67. "Ah, now he talks."
  68. >"You don't need to get it."
  69. "Why not? You are being disobedient."
  70. >He visibly swallowed when he looked up at her.
  71. >His eyes were red, clearly on the verge of crying.
  72. >"When they clipped my wings, I felt like I lost something. My connection to magic or something, I don't know. A harness will make me lose what little magic I have left. Please don't make me wear it."
  73. >He looked up at her, silently begging for mercy.
  74. >She stood there, judging him.
  75. >Was he being honest?
  76. >Anon decided to take a chance, and unlatched his crate.
  77. "If you behave and listen to me, we can avoid using it. Will you behave?"
  78. >A thousand thoughts ran through Rumble's mind.
  79. >Each one screamed a different course of action.
  80. >Run. Stay. Fly. Bow. Cry. Fight.
  81. >But he aired on the side of caution, and jerkily nodded.
  82. >"Yes, Mistress. I'll be good."
  83. >Anon smiled as she gently brushed his mane.
  84. >Rumbled pulled away for an instant, before thinking better of it, and allowed her to touch him.
  85. "Good. I want you to be happy, so we can be happy together."
  86. >His eyes again darted to hers, to see if there was deception, but he couldn't decipher her look.
  87. >If this was going to even have a chance of working, he would have to meet her halfway, he reasoned.
  88. >She stepped aside, and he slowly climbed out of his crate.
  89. >Despite being clipped, his wings allowed him to glide slightly as he hopped off the back of her truck.
  90. 3/12
  91. >Anon waved her shoe below the car, and the gate closed by itself.
  92. >Rumble didn't understand human magic, but he figured she must have some abilities as well.
  93. "Let me show you around, and then we can get you something to eat."
  94. >The house was larger than he expected.
  95. >It had three bedrooms, one which was used as an office, a living room with a den, and several bathrooms.
  96. "This will be your room for now…" Anon said as he showed him the smallest of the three bedrooms.
  97. >There was no bed, just a few boxes stacked in a corner, and a single wooden chair, like she wasn't sure what to do with the room.
  98. >This made Rumble breath a sigh of relief, though he didn't let Anon see him relax slightly.
  99. >He had half expected a room with D rings embedded in the floor to tie him to, and instruments of pain to line to walls.
  100. >But neither were there, which was promising at least.
  101. >When they returned to the kitchen, Anon put a plate of fried eggplant and hay in front of him.
  102. >It might as well have been a feast, and he devoured it while she sat beside him.
  103. >She watched him intently as he ate.
  104. >Something about looking at her pony was amusing to her, and he didn't seem to mind.
  105. >With the meal finished, she led him into the living room and plopped down on the couch.
  106. >He hesitated, before sitting on the floor.
  107. >People usually didn't like it when ponies sat on furniture without permission.
  108. "Why don't you sit here," she said while patting the floor in front of her with her toes. "It'll be warmer."
  109. >"I'm fine right here, Mistress," he said, and then remembered to say, "Thank you."
  110. >Anon pressed her lips together as she looked at him.
  111. "We're not going to get along very well if you argue over everything."
  112. >Rumble's chest tightened.
  113. >He didn't want to anger her, but he wasn't comfortable being that close to her either.
  114. >"Mistress, why did you buy me?"
  115. >Anon tilted her head slightly.
  116. 4/12
  117. >She didn't think he would ask that so soon, but it might be easier to clear the air early.
  118. >She wondered if she should tell him the truth, or a pleasant lie.
  119. >In the end, she didn't want to manipulate him, maybe other women would, but not Anon.
  120. >That's for men, not her little pet.
  121. "I had money, and I was bored. If you're going to ask why I chose you, it's because you were the only pony left, and I wasn't in the mood to wait."
  122. >Rumble sat there for second as he thought it over.
  123. >During this time, Anon removed her socks and tossed them to the corner of the room.
  124. >True, it was her home, and she could do as she pleased, but he thought all humans wore socks indoors.
  125. >Rumble shook his head, but moved forward and sat in front of her.
  126. "Good boy," she cooed as she lightly brushed his mane. "What do you want to watch?"
  127. >He looked up at the television which was showing people talking about politics.
  128. >"Do you have any action movies?"
  129. "I can find one."
  130. >She pressed on her phone and several screens popped up, before she finally selected one.
  131. >The first scene showed a boy watching as his father was murdered in front of him.
  132. >Rumbled covered his eyes when the man's head flew off, but it was just to keep up appearances.
  133. >He loved it!
  134. >The boy was chained to a wheel, and swore to get revenge for his father.
  135. "You like this?"
  136. >"Yeah!" Rumble said enthusiastically.
  137. >His last owner didn't let him watch much TV.
  138. "I'm glad."
  139. >Sometime during the movie, Anon started to pet Rumble's mane.
  140. >His ear flicked when she brushed it, but it did feel good.
  141. >Why was he afraid of her in the first place, he wondered.
  142. >She had been nothing but kind to him so far, and she let him watch things he enjoyed.
  143. >Her feet squeezed his haunches a few times during the scary parts, and he put a hoof on one.
  144. >Anon let him hold her toes while she brushed his flank with her other foot.
  145. 5/12
  146. >It was a little distracting, but Rumble kept watching the movie.
  147. >Before long, the climax of the movie arrived and Rumble felt his heart quicken.
  148. >Anon moved her legs over his shoulders in a sort of hug, and he held onto her ankles.
  149. >Having her close by was strangely soothing, and she didn't complain when he held them close.
  150. >It didn't look good for the man, but he was able to pull through and finally avenge his father.
  151. >The credits began to roll, and Rumble turned to his master.
  152. >"Wow! What happens next? Did they make a sequel?"
  153. "You really liked that, huh?" she giggled.
  154. >This was the reaction she was hoping for, which is why she chose that film.
  155. >"Yeah. When the bad guys were charging at the temple, and the music was playing… it was so cool!"
  156. "I don't know…" Anon pretended to be hesitant. "There was a lot of violence in that movie. Can't have my little honey bunny seeing things like that."
  157. >"It wasn't that bad. I closed my eyes at the scary parts," he lied.
  158. >Those were his favorite scenes.
  159. >Anon pretended to think it over as he looked at her.
  160. >It was good that she already found one of his weak spots, and she smiled to herself.
  161. "If you're good, you'll keep getting rewards like this. But if I have to keep arguing with you over every little thing, then…"
  162. >She trailed off so his mind would run wild.
  163. >And it did.
  164. >He didn't like getting spanked, or the idea of his wings being trimmed again.
  165. >Maybe one day, if he was good enough, she would let him fly around the house.
  166. >Or maybe even outside!
  167. >Rumble wasn't a strong flier, but he enjoyed the feeling of soft clouds under his hooves.
  168. >"I'll be good, Mistress."
  169. "I'm glad," Anon cooed. "Since you're down there, can you give me a massage? I've been walking around all day."
  170. >At first, Rumble wasn't sure what she meant.
  171. >How could he give her a massage from the ground when she was on the couch?
  172. 6/12
  173. >But when she wiggled her toes in his lap, he realized what she wanted.
  174. >He hadn't looked at them closely until just then.
  175. >They were pale, just like her, and her soles were slightly reddened where they made contact with the floor.
  176. >Her toes were long, and she had red polish on her toenails.
  177. >A few had small chips, but it was clear that she had painted them only recently.
  178. >The rest of her foot was smooth and soft.
  179. >Anon sat up on the edge of her seat to give him more room to move, before putting on a show she had already seen before.
  180. >It would just be background noise for them, since she didn't think Rumble would be interested in a musical about high school life.
  181. >Most boys certainly didn't like it, so why would a colt?
  182. >She was right, since Rumble only looked up for a moment before going back to his task.
  183. >He took a foot in his hooves and examined it.
  184. >What were you supposed to even do for a massage, he wondered.
  185. >He noticed, that the bottom was softer and meatier than the top, so he began there.
  186. >With both hooves, he held it down and pressed into her sole with the edge of his hoof.
  187. >He wasn't sure how much pressure to use, so he started softly at first.
  188. >His hooves made small comforting, or at least he thought it would be comforting, circles.
  189. >Anon flexed her toes and stretched them out as he played with her foot.
  190. >Both hands moved to his head, and started playing with one of his ears.
  191. >It flicked at the touch, but he didn't mind.
  192. >"And I doing it right?" He asked.
  193. "Yes," she said, though truthfully it was amateurish at best. "Keep going, you're doing just fine."
  194. >She didn't want to make him feel self conscious.
  195. >This was, after all, the first time he had willingly done something for her.
  196. >Satisfied, Rumble moved to her other foot and repeated his ministrations.
  197. >He was good at this, and if it meant seeing more cool movies, well, then that was just the price of admission.
  198. 7/12
  199. >Rumble took each toe in turn, and lightly pressed and rubbed them.
  200. >He had noticed her smell before, but hadn't paid attention to it.
  201. >Now that he was kneading her arch he finally allowed himself to sniff.
  202. >It was a short and shallow inhale, he didn't want her to notice.
  203. >He felt himself becoming embarrassed, since he wasn't given permission to do that.
  204. >But, when he looked up at her, she just smiled pleasantly, so either she didn't notice, or didn't care.
  205. >Her scent was floral, and made him think of back home.
  206. "That's enough, Rumble. Thank you for that."
  207. >Rumble hesitated, he was actually starting to enjoy their time together.
  208. >This human was being kind to him, even though he didn't deserve it.
  209. >"C-can we watch another action movie? Since… I was good?"
  210. >Anon giggled at her pony.
  211. >"What? I like them."
  212. "Of course we can watch another, but I was thinking of another reward."
  213. >Rumbled perked up at this.
  214. >He must have done a really good job if she was going to give him a treat.
  215. >But what could be better than a movie?"
  216. >He was afraid to ask, but did anyway."
  217. >"Are you going to take me outside?"
  218. >Again she giggled at him, and he felt his cheeks burning.
  219. "I'll let you go outside whenever you want, Rumble. You don't need to ask for that." Her feet moved between his thighs and pushed them apart. "I was talking about this."
  220. >Rumble nearly choked when he looked down.
  221. >Somehow during the massage he had come unsheathed.
  222. >It sometimes came out when he was sleeping, and also when he looked at cute fillies.
  223. >To him, it was a dirty thing that needed to be hidden.
  224. >Why else would it be out of sight most of the time?
  225. >"I'm sorry, Mistress. I didn't mean to-"
  226. "Shhh, it's alright, Rumble. You're still growing up, and it's natural for a colt your age to display for your master."
  227. >Rumble tried to cover his face with his forelegs, but Anon moved them aside.
  228. "Let me take care of this for you…"
  229. 8/12
  230. >She moved and barely touched it with her big toe.
  231. >It was so gentle, even though Rumble was watching intently, he wasn't sure if they were actually touching.
  232. >Then she moved her foot, up and down his shaft, and he felt a surge pass through him.
  233. >It traveled up his spine, and down to his hooves.
  234. >Nopony had ever touched him there before, and he had to gasp to maintain control.
  235. "Are you alright?"
  236. >"Yes, Mistress," he said, while nodding jerkily.
  237. >She tried to gauge his reaction.
  238. >Was he simply saying yes because that's what he thought she wanted to hear, or was he enjoying it?
  239. >Either way, he would grow to love it, or he would live his days chained in his room.
  240. >Rumble was a thing, not a man, and she would get what she wanted from him.
  241. "Good."
  242. >She moved her other foot down and grabbed his member with both.
  243. >Anon squeezed him with her toes several times, each time eliciting a new gasp from him.
  244. "Someone really likes this," she teased. "Can't you see what a kind master I can be?"
  245. >She put one sole on the top, and slowly moved down.
  246. >The other moved to his orbs and lifted up, like she was weighing them.
  247. >Rumble's mind started to become hazy as she caressed his stallionhood.
  248. >All the while, she was brushing his mane, though one hand moved to his chest.
  249. >Her fingers played with his chest fluff, and pulled at it occasionally.
  250. >Rumble began to jerkily thrust into his master's feet.
  251. >They were so incredibly soft, and the smell was intoxicating.
  252. "No," Anon said before tugging his ear. "Let me do all the work."
  253. >Rumble nodded, unwilling to defy her, which might end this new game.
  254. >She put one foot under his now fully engorged rod, and the other on the opposite side.
  255. >They moved together, up and down, over and over.
  256. >Rumble had to grab her ankles, the feeling was too overwhelming.
  257. >Anon liked watching her little pony squirm at her gentle touch.
  258. 9/12
  259. >He made so many faces as she teased him and pulled at his hard member.
  260. >The ring circling his shaft was strange to her, but that's what made this more interesting.
  261. >Her last boyfriend had loved getting footjobs from her, and it looked like this pony was no different.
  262. >She curled over her pony and moved her hands so they gripped both of his shoulders.
  263. >Anon could feel his hot breath as he tried to maintain some semblance of control.
  264. >This was always her favorite part.
  265. >The look on a mans face as she turned him into puddy under her soles.
  266. >"What's happening, Mistress?" Rumble asked breathily.
  267. >His breathing was starting to become hoarse, and she could tell he was getting close.
  268. >Instantly, she stopped, and put her big toe over his hole.
  269. "No, don't do that just yet. I didn't give you permission to cum."
  270. >"It feels like I have to pee," he protested.
  271. >He started to thrust, fruitlessly, as Anon had pulled away both feet and watched him.
  272. >The look on his face amused her, she had seen it many times before.
  273. "You have to hold on just a little longer, Honey Bunny, or we won't play this game anymore."
  274. >Rumble tried to clear his mind, but all he could think about was her feet.
  275. >Another tug at his ear brought him back down, and he let his breathing slow.
  276. >They waited there, for a few seconds before Anon spoke again.
  277. "Do you think you can handle more?"
  278. >"Yes, Mistress," he said.
  279. >How much longer would her teasing last?
  280. >Anon slowly slid her soles to his heavy balls and flexed several times so they lifted toward him.
  281. >He let out a single whimper and put his hooves at his side to keep from toppling over.
  282. >Again she engulfed him with her soles.
  283. >Her motions were smoother, and softer than before, trying to keep him from spilling his seed.
  284. >Anon pressed her heels into his belly as she proceeded to pleasure her pet.
  285. >This way her legs and calves didn't have to do quite so much work.
  286. 10/12
  287. >But it was all the same to Rumble.
  288. >He was lost in her sweet embrace.
  289. >Once more he whimpered, though this time he pleaded.
  290. >"Please, Mistress. I can't take much more."
  291. "But, you're doing so good, Rumble."
  292. >He swallowed again, and lifted his head to look at her.
  293. >His large eyes begged for her to let him finish.
  294. >She felt herself getting wetter as she continued to rub him.
  295. >During their escapade, his wings had become unfurled, and she gently touched one.
  296. >He was so cute like this, she thought.
  297. >A tear began to form in his large eyes, which made Anon decide to allow him some release.
  298. "Give me a kiss first."
  299. >Rumble pushed against the floor to meet his master's lips.
  300. >The kiss was awkward at best.
  301. >He clearly had no practice, but he was trying at least.
  302. >Despite this, she felt her mound quiver in anticipation.
  303. >Soon he would be addicted, and wouldn't be able to resist her special flower.
  304. >And then he would be hers, to enjoy to her heart's content.
  305. >The thought was a pleasant one.
  306. >Once she got a boyfriend, she wouldn't need him anymore.
  307. >But Rumble didn't need to know that.
  308. >Not yet, anyway.
  309. >She gripped him tighter, before whispering in his ear.
  310. "Alright. Since you've been good, I'll let you cum. Just close your eyes and enjoy it."
  311. >"Thank you," he whispered back.
  312. >Anon smiled to herself.
  313. >Though he wasn't her first choice, he would do.
  314. >Anon slid her feet up, so his small stallionhood was only covered by her toes.
  315. >She gripped him as hard as she dared, and moved up and down quickly.
  316. >No longer teasing, she squeezed his shaft hard as she jerked his cock with her feet.
  317. >Rumble thrust as fast as he could, the sensation was overwhelming.
  318. >"Something's happening!"
  319. >He felt something inside him clench, and his orbs tightened under him.
  320. >Rumble cried out, as he could no longer keep it back.
  321. >His cock flared, and Anon was surprised at how large it had gotten.
  322. 11/12
  323. >Still, she had to keep stroking and gripped him even harder.
  324. >He felt several shockwaves moving through his body as he clenched a muscle he didn't even know he had.
  325. >Anon watched as he shot thick rope after rope onto her toes and bare wooden floor.
  326. >It was more than she had expected, but it was a pleasant surprise.
  327. "My, my, this is a lot of cum. Has it been a long time?" She teased him, still stroking his aching member.
  328. >She wanted to coax out every last drop from his heavy orbs.
  329. >In a moment, Rumble's thighs tightened again before shooting a final load onto the floor.
  330. >With that done, he slumped back, and she could feel his stallionhood shrinking in her toes.
  331. >They sat there for nearly a minute, as she allowed him to catch his breath.
  332. >"Thank you, Mistress. That was a lot better than another movie," he said while turning to look at her.
  333. >His eyes were half lidded, and Anon knew that he was under her spell.
  334. "And we can do this more often… as long as you please me."
  335. >"Alright," he said while swaying.
  336. >Why did men always want to sleep after sex?
  337. "Clean up your mess, and then you can rest in your room."
  338. >Anon released him from her embrace, and put a box of tissues next to him.
  339. >His cheeks burned as he wiped her feet with the paper.
  340. >This was wrong.
  341. >Ponies aren't supposed to do that with people.
  342. >This stuff, whatever it was, was supposed to be for somepony he loved.
  343. >It wasn't supposed to be spilled on the floor for his master.
  344. >But he couldn't deny that he enjoyed it.
  345. >It took several tissues before he was finally done, and Anon lightly patted his head.
  346. "Alright, Rumble. Grab your bed and go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll expect some breakfast."
  347. >He collected the tissues and balanced them on his back so he could throw them away.
  348. >"Yes, Mistress."
  349. >Anon leaned back and watched him as he trotted to the trash can.
  350. >That's where his cum belonged.
  351. >In the garbage.
  352. 12/12
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