Breakfast - Leaf fall

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... It's been quite a while.
  3. >Autumn is now officially over. Now...
  4. >Winter.
  5. >You'll only leave the house once or twice a week until Winter has passed.
  6. >... Maybe it's for the best. After all, you do the most work in Winter.
  7. >Sure, your creations are fueled only by hate, but that's how they've always been.
  8. >Your hate is strongest during Winter, so you put more of it into your creations.
  9. >It really shows.
  10. >You used to consider them just as perfect as you, but now...
  11. >You find flaws with them.
  12. >Just like you, they're filled with flaws.
  13. >You were able to notice flaws before, but you able to fix them back then.
  14. >... Somehow, you just can't anymore.
  15. >Your creations have been getting worse since you lost yourself.
  16. >... How do you get it back?
  17. >With your personality, you've learned to replace it with... whatever Hexferry gave you, but you can't do that with creating.
  18. >... Right?
  19. >You put down the delicate pieces you were working with.
  20. >It's possible you've been going about this the wrong way this entire time.
  21. >Hexferry is teaching you how to use emotions other than contempt and hatred while around others, you should be able to apply them to other things you do as well.
  22. >You put your hooves on several different pieces.
  23. >... What do you think about to have "good" emotions flow through you?
  24. >... Her.
  25. >She's the one you'll think about.
  26. >She's always there for you, after all.
  27. >You start working on your new style of creating.
  28. >...
  29. >After a few hours of scrutiny, you hold the finished product in your hooves.
  30. >It's a beautiful gold and brown necklace with a glowing Aquamarine gemstone in the shape of a heart.
  31. >... The gem matches her eyes...
  32. >Usually, you'd sell something this beautiful the next time you traveled. But with this...
  33. >You'll keep it.
  34. >It gives you that light-heart feeling.
  35. >The necklace is easily one of the best things you've ever made.
  36. >You continue working on other things with newfound vigor.
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