SSX 3: Comments about my segmented runs

898ppp Sep 13th, 2016 (edited) 16 Never
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  1. R&B: Quite good. Many small jump optimizations, still improvable. Potential for a new line which will push the cap even more. Fairly optimized for the current path, I believe.
  2. Style Mile: VERY optimized. Nearly perfect. Can substitute some SAs for ASs, but that's about it. The actual TAS-TAS by Koei does something amazing with the loop rail at the end, and manages to get FIVE jumps out of it as opposed to three. The last jumps are X-X-AS and X-AS-SA though. My run gets ~1.724 M points from the loop (and the 5x), he gets ~2.286 M from it. If I had done this in this run, it could have been 12.1-12.4 M.
  3. Kick Doubt: Once again, very optimized. AS substitues SA wherever applicable. Should be able to do SA-SA-X in the quarterpipe before the last 3x. Otherwise very solid, lots of good improvements to take from this one.
  4. Crow's Nest: Optimized for our current path. Might be able to do X-X-X in the pipe, perhaps even twice, but I haven't been able to do this a single time with or without savestates.
  5. Launch Time: Kind of eh. It's decent, but can improve it quite a bit with X-SA-SA off the first jump with monster tricks, and another X-X in the pipe section would easily be possible with more time on the clock.
  6. Schizophrenia: Somewhat optimized, but the run uses a character with 1 speed and 1 accel (all other stats are maxed). This is to save time per jump and make it easier to finish in time and also make it possible to do a misty/rodeo with a grab at the end for 12-15k. Can most likely get 4.45 M.
  7. Ruthless Jam: Eh. Not super happy with this one. Got some new creative ideas, including an awesome-looking AS before the pipe, but the optimization isn't great. Still many good improvements though.
  8. The Throne Jam: Quite good, somewhat optimized, but there's still a lot of stuff to improve. The big issue I have with this one is that I actually mess up a monster trick at one point, so that's a cool 50-60k gone. :P
  10. Metro Booths: VERY good. Almost perfect. Can maybe get it a little bit lower, but not much. Plus, uses my factory pipe skip strat.
  11. Peak 1 Race w/ Wormholes: Pretty good. Really slow entry to the Happiness wormhole though. Otherwise mostly good.
  12. Intimidator: Quite alright. Not much to improve, but I got a 1:50.9 while making another segmented run live on stream. No video though.
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