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Dale North & Nick Chester (Harmonix)

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  1. Subject: Dale North and Nick Chester (PR for Harmonix).
  2. Sources: Twitter, Destructoid, VentureBeat, VG247.
  3. Date Compiled: April 24nd, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation, huge amount of articles provided by hard working anon(s) on /v/, industrylol on Reddit for the additional quote from Chester stating that North was a good friend.  
  6.                                                 **************************************
  8. Tweets from Chester to North. Archived from 2008 to 2010: https://archive.is/OCrB7
  9. Tweets from Chester to North. Archived from 2010 to current: https://archive.is/9vQ0z
  10. D’toid’s Nick Chester takes a gig at Harmonix (2011) https://archive.is/bX9R2
  11. (Former EIC of Destructoid - Nick Chester)
  14. 06.11.08 @dalenorth being productive rocks. rest up -- next week should be wild. https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-17129.0-17135.61
  15. 06.11.08 @dalenorth Do you have an invite to the Sony presser? You didn't reply to my email.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-16819.1-16819.73
  16. 06.25.08 @DaleNorth Do want that non-game. Cost?  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-16497.0-16503.29
  17. 01.11.09 @DaleNorth Dreaming of yo momma.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-13337.0-13343.22
  18. 02.26.09 @DaleNorth No, you didn't know. No one "knew." That's why people watch. Shouting out the winner of a reality show in public is dick, period.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-12705.0-12711.130
  19. 06.16.09 @DaleNorth is pregnant.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-9861.0-9867.13
  20. 02.24.10 @DaleNorth if you have time, you should come here and help me.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-5775.0-5781.52
  21. 05.15.10 @dalenorth This is a problem? I haven't noticed. Or have I? Scared. Confused. Hold me.  https://archive.is/OCrB7#selection-2931.0-2937.76
  22. 02.24.11 @DaleNorth As your boss, I demand you go stand outside in a line so you can do 3DS coverage tomorrow. DEMAND.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-71351.0-71357.99
  23. 02.24.11 @DaleNorth No, it's not. It's miserable. But it's appreciated. Makes you feel any better, I gotta be up at 2:30am on Sunday to get to SF.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-71035.0-71041.127
  24. 03.11.11 @DaleNorth Glad your safe. Stay that way.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-70393.0-70399.31
  25. 03.16.11 @DaleNorth Great to have you back and safe.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-70077.0-70083.33
  26. 07.14.11 @DaleNorth Fine: I hate you Dale. Your hair is too perfect, and it's upsetting.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-65925.0-65931.69
  27. 01.03.12 @dalenorth @Jonathan_Ross @colettebennett Would love to get into this conversation, but I've got a dinner to go to.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-64303.0-64329.74
  28. 03.26.12 @DaleNorth @ctz @alexrubens @benkuchera @ahaywa @hollandercooper Guys, stop fucking around and do some journalism.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-62613.0-62669.50
  29. 06.07.12 @DaleNorth Where are you doing drinks, son?  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-60075.0-60081.33
  30. 09.01.12 @DaleNorth I want to be wherever you are, Dale. Or with 7,000 people at the Minecraft party.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-57523.0-57529.82
  31. 09.14.12 @DaleNorth @Pewology Can't believe I am missing you by a few days.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-56881.0-56897.46
  32. 11.06.12 @DaleNorth I was actually copying and pasting some shit from Dtoid right before I sent that tweet. I hope your servers crash. JERKS.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-55913.0-55919.122
  33. 02.13.13 @DaleNorth Dale, let me love you... and I will love you. Love. Love. You. Love.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-53013.0-53019.69
  34. 03.05.13 @DaleNorth @hmxhenry Let's meet up at PAX and listen to this together on the show floor. And then again at GDC.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-50125.0-50141.91
  35. 03.28.13 @DaleNorth @elisarockdoc Coffee. What are you doing? Bees?  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-48159.0-48175.34
  36. 03.28.13 @DaleNorth Step back from that ledge, my friend.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-47843.0-47849.38
  37. 11.07.13 @DaleNorth YO GIVE ME YOUR 3DS XL THIS IS BULLSHIT WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED THIS  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-35025.0-35031.66
  38. 12.16.13 @DaleNorth @JohnLHardin @CTZ I can confirm that every year Dale's internal list was approximately 80% ATLUS games while I worked at Dtoid.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-30149.0-30175.110
  39. 01.07.14 @DaleNorth @jasonschreier @geminibros I'm there and in for steaks but will pass on the gambling.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-28843.0-28869.59
  40. 05.18.14 @DaleNorth @ObiCynKenobi @TheKevinDent Dale accidentally got a copy of Musicians Friend mailed to his house in 2001 and is an expert now.  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-20687.0-20713.99
  41. 06.25.14 @KyleOrl @jennatar @BenKuchera @mikeBithell I have literally slept in the same bed as @DaleNorth.  https://archive.is/hNXHM
  42. 08.12.14 @DaleNorth @ShaunNorton No plans. We're camped at the Coffee Bean next to Gurzenich, where the Xbox briefing is. Want to eat around here?  https://archive.is/9vQ0z#selection-17735.0-17751.114
  45. 09.16.11 I will be putting my time with Destructoid behind me. I'll be passing my Editor-in-Chief hat to Dale North, who is not only a good friend of mine, but more than capable of steering this rowdy ship into the amazing new territory ahead. [Moving On (also babybats in blankets) (Destructoid - Nick Chester)] https://archive.is/U44p1
  46. 01.20.14 I have an old friend that works at Harmonix. An old boss. A few other friends there too, so I asked them what's up. We'll see if they'll tell us anything. https://archive.is/yBWC8
  48. Potential Disclosure Issues:
  49. Nick Chester is former EIC of Destructoid and now PR for Harmonix. Furthermore, there is evidence in the way that Chester interacts with North that a friendship has also been maintained. Both of these could affect the objectivity of coverage. Unfortunately, North's tweets are protected so we can only determine through Chester's interactions. Furthermore, another article by North outright states that Chester is an old friend (old friend and old boss) and that he has a few other friends at Harmonix.
  51. Articles with Potential Disclosure Issues:
  52. 09.08.2011  Review: VidRhythm (Destructoid) https://archive.is/H86mx (Not clear-cut. Made one week before Chester announced he was leaving for Harmonix)
  53. 10.21.2011  Review: Dance Central 2 (Destructoid) https://archive.is/wxlrh
  54. 10.24.2011  Dance Central DLC catalog discounted for Kinect birthday (Destructoid) https://archive.is/beUlq
  55. 12.13.2011  VidRhythm is free today, updated with holiday content (Destructoid) https://archive.is/poXC9
  56. 12.20.2011  Rock Band 3 now an Xbox 360 Games on Demand title (Destructoid) https://archive.is/U9Mi2
  57. 12.28.2011  Viacom ordered to pay Harmonix $383 million for Rock Band (Destructoid) https://archive.is/tJQWE
  58. 02.24.2012  Huey Lewis' 'The Heart of Rock and Roll' in Rock Band (Destructoid) https://archive.is/5rUCl
  59. 05.28.2012  Preview: Rock Band Blitz: New songs and power-ups (Destructoid) https://archive.is/jBXT4
  60. 07.23.2012  Dance Central 3: Release date, new tracks unveiled (Destructoid) https://archive.is/cjkPd
  61. 08.10.2012  Foreigner mega ballads come to Rock Band Music Store (Destructoid) https://archive.is/fJ2VE
  62. 08.13.2012  All 25 songs for Rock Band Blitz revealed (Destructoid) https://archive.is/KsekF
  63. 09.01.2012  This Dance Central 3 Story Mode trailer is crazy (Destructoid) https://archive.is/9t4Ru
  64. 09.25.2012  Harmonix discounts singles and packs for Dance Central (Destructoid) https://archive.is/rkiIc
  65. 10.16.2012  Here's the full Dance Central 3 track list, crazy trailer (Destructoid) https://archive.is/WZUcg
  66. 12.03.2012  Dance Central 3 gets Carly Rae Jepsen�s 'Call Me Maybe' https://archive.is/W1FFm
  67. 05.28.2013  Dance Central 3: Entire add-on catalog on sale now (Destructoid) https://archive.is/BRIm8
  68. 09.04.2013  Fantasia: Music Evolved: Cutest Yetis Ever (Destructoid) https://archive.is/HnKuX
  69. 02.17.2014  Chroma: A musical first-person shooter from Harmonix  (Destructoid) https://archive.is/sg37l
  70. 03.25.2014  Making multiplayer music in Fantasia: Music Evolved (Destructoid) https://archive.is/Bh1Hw
  71. 05.05.2014  Harmonix is bringing Amplitude back, Kickstarter is live (Destructoid)  https://archive.is/1ofeu
  72. 05.29.2014  Harmonix layoffs affect 37 staff members (Destructoid) https://archive.is/OF0h8
  73. 05.29.2014  Harmonix: Chroma needs 'substantial retooling' (Destructoid) https://archive.is/mZuCa
  74. 06.06.2014  Fantasia: Music Evolved introduces partner apprentice Scout (Destructoid) https://archive.is/uiteS
  75. 06.06.2014  Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved dated: October 21, 2014 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 (Destructoid) https://archive.is/88aoN
  76. 06.09.2014  Harmonix announces Dance Central Spotlight, a digital-only Xbox One exclusive  https://archive.is/5pqjI
  77. 08.29.2014  Harmonix announces A City Sleeps, a musical shoot 'em up (Destructoid)  https://archive.is/N5bLu
  78. 09.05.2014  Harmonix to create a virtual reality experience for Samsung Gear VR (Destructoid)  https://archive.is/HUfMe
  79. 03.15.2015  Harmonix announces Rock Band 4 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 coming this year (VentureBeat) https://archive.is/lXy6Z
  80. 04.15.2015  The day the music died for guitar games — and how they’re coming back (VentureBeat) https://archive.is/o6Xok
  81. 04.21.2015  Rock Band 4 lets the roadie Mad Catz join the tour (VentureBeat) https://archive.is/LCiLB
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