Amazing New World - 20

Sep 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijung (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Sook Young (Sook) Employee Fiancee
Nasori (Bh) Employee Single
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

Chapter - 20

(TLN: I did those gist in hurry until the chap 23, maybe there will be some incoherence with the previous and next chapters. The quality will improve later from chapter 24 or so.)

Well teacher is awake from his wild fantasy by FMC calling his name. She asks him how he entered and since when he's here, he says that the door was slightly open so he didn't excuse himself for entering. Meh talk.. She tells him that her daughter told her that he was good with computer stuff, he tells her that he's not the best but knows a bit about this sort of stuff. She gives him Blonde cellphone and tells him to use / prove his ability right now.

MC is at his desk working, Blonde comes and offers him a coffee apologizing about what she said about him in the past and their previous "conflict". He looks at her ample chest that she exposes boldly in front of him, he tells her that's in the past and to not be worried about that. She's happy that he already forgave her and feared that he was a bit angry against her. Blonde tells, she wants to pass more time with MC because she doesn't want to be an hindrance for him in front of their colleagues and to train a with him, he tells her she'll be okay and she asks for his help in the future.

She sees MC's computer and lies about being interested in the PowerPoint and wants to look at it / borrow it (the laptop). He tells her that the PPT isn't done yet, she offers him her help for doing it together, he accepts and thanks her. She asks him if they can do it today and if he has time after work, he tells that he'll have time tonight after work because he's on night shift, she's happy and leaves whispering 'Fool.. I got you.'
MC looks at her departure figure then throws the coffee in the trashcan.

Teacher working on Blonde cellphone asking to FMC if it was remotely locked, she asks him if it's too hard for him while laying her breasts on his back. She teases him, he gets hard and tells her that maybe he has way to pass through the security.

He finishes, he calls FMC "Mother" and tells her that he synchronized her data with the cloud or some bullshit like this, well success the phone is unlocked. he notices that FMC isn't her and decides to look the content of the phone. He's surprised because there is picture of blonde and not FMC, he asks himself what and who is this. FMC appears like a death reaper and snatches back the cellphone surprising him. Shes asks him why he looked inside, he says that he thought it was FMC phone so.. She doesn't let finish is sentence asking back what the big deal if it was her mobile he still can't look inside. She tells him a story about loosing her underwear and asks him he knows something about it.. He can't explain and blushes.. She asks him about stealing underwear and what will happen if she reports him, how he'll be punished. After that she says instead of punishment he can win a reward he keeps his mouth shut.

To be continued..
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