on Dahlia by Edward Ashton

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  1. Dahlia by Edward Ashton
  3. I chose. I choose. -- Mr  Crane, Neal Asher
  5. Any story that references the Phaedo  merits notice and attention. This is especially true of a ghost story full of regrets. One measure of our humanity is our ability to make choices and then be unable to live with the results. He was there to throw himself off a cliff.  
  7. As in Sophie's Choice fate is  sometimes a cruel l bitch who throws us a curve we aren't prepared for. At once a choice is demanded and in an instant we must choose with a lifetime to regret so choosing.
  9. The author beautifully illustrates the moment of choice. He shows us what the main character saw and felt and heard when the choice was made, capturing the surreal horror of the moment. A lifetime of regret.
  11. If to make horrible choices makes us human it makes us monsters as well. And so to be human is to be a monster-- at least in one's own eyes. Especially in one's own eyes.
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