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Tarrasque, Original Pub, MMII [TSR2016], 1983

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  2. FREQUENCY: Unique
  3. ARMOR CLASS: -3
  5. MOVE:  9"  (+6" rush)
  6. HIT DICE:  300  hp
  7. % IN LAIR: See below
  8. TREASURE TYPE: See below
  9. NO.  OF  ATTACKS: 6
  10. DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-12/1-2/2-24/5-50/1-10/1-10
  11. SPECIAL ATTACKS: "Sharpness" bite, terror
  12. SPECIAL DEFENSES: See below
  13. MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard
  14. INTELLIGENCE: Animal
  15. ALIGNMENT: Neutral
  16. SIZE: L (50' long)
  17. PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil (immune to psionics)
  18. Attack/Defense Modes:
  19. Nil/nil
  20. LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: X/37,500
  22. The legendary tarrasque is possibly the most dreaded monster of all, for
  23. when  it  is active  it  ravishes the countryside for miles. All vegetation and
  24. animal life is devoured or driven away. The land through which the
  25. monster passes becomes a barren waste which requires years to rec-
  26. over. The tarrasque eats voraciously and continually, and all living
  27. things are food to  it,  although  it  prefers warm-blooded creatures over
  28. others. Normal attack mode sof the tarrasque are  with  2 forelimbclaws,
  29. a sweeping tail lash inflicting 2-24 points of damage, a savage bite (the
  30. effect of which resembles a  sword  of  sharpness  in  that a to-hit score of
  31. 18 or better indicates that a victim has some portion severed, such as a
  32. limb, head, torso, etc.), and 2 thrusting horn attacks for 1-10 points of
  33. damage each. The rush of the tarrasque is possible but once every  turn,
  34. 117
  35. because the monster is  so  large and ponderous.
  36. The mere sight of the tarrasque is  so  terrifying that creatures under 3
  37. levels or hitdice will be paralyzed until  it is out of the range of vision (no
  38. saving throw).
  39. Creatures of 3 or more levels or  hit  dice  will  flee  in  panic, although those
  40. of  7  or more levels or  hit  dice who manage to sav evs. paralyzation,  will
  41. not be  so  affected.
  42. The tarrasque has a carapace of exceptional hardness and reflective
  43. quality. Bolts and rays such as  lightning bolts, cones  of  cold,  and even
  44. magicmissiles  are useless against the tarrasque. The reflection is such
  45. that 1  in  6 such attacks actually reflect directly back upon the caster,
  46. while the remainder bounce harmlessly away from the monster. Fire of
  47. any sort has no effect upon the tarrasque. The monster's metabolic rate
  48. is such that  it  regenerates 1  hit  point per round after sustaining damage.
  49. The tarrasque can be struck only by  + I  or better magic weapons.
  50. The slaying of the tarrasque is said to be possible only if the monster is
  51. reduced to  -30  or fewer  hit  points and a  wish  for its death then used.
  52. Otherwise, even the slightest piece of the tarrasque will regenerate and
  53. restore the monster completely. Legend says that a great treasure can
  54. be extracted from the tarrasque's carapace. The upper portion, treated
  55. with  acid and then heated  in  a furnace,  will  yield gems-10-100  dia-
  56. monds of 1000 gp base value each. The underbelly material, mixed  with
  57. the creature's blood and meteoric iron,  will  produce a metal which can
  58. be forged by dwarf blacksmiths into 1-4 shields of  +5  magical power.
  59. It  is fortunate that the tarrasque is active only for short periods of time.
  60. Typically, the monster comes forth to forage for a week or two, ravaging
  61. all but a few square miles of  land. The tarrasque then seeks a  hidden lair
  62. underground and lie sdormant, sleeping for 5-20 months before coming
  63. forth again. Once every decade or  so,  the monster  will  be particularly
  64. active, staying abroad for several months. Thereafter its period of dor-
  65. mancy becomes 4-1 6 years long unless disturbed. The ratio of active  to
  66. dormant state appears to be about 1 :30.
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