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  1. ▌welcome to 60s ::
  2. username | @pluviophjle
  5. name | Moon Jieyea 「문지예」    
  8. age | 22 years old
  10. birthdate | October 30th 1995, but, Jieyea doesn’t often celebrate her birthday as the past few she hasn’t had anyone else to share her birthday with. She tends not to tell people when it is anymore.
  13. nationality | Full Korean;; South asain. (I know you’re gonna screech at me for saying Asian but I asked my geography teacher and she said; “It is vague, but yes, I believe it would be.”)  
  16. ethnicity | Korean;;
  19. birthplace | Jeonju, South Korea is her birthplace; born and raised.
  22. hometown | Jeonju, she had always lived there with her close family and near the rest of her family.
  25. height | 5’3’’ is the height she stands at, she is a rather petite being but doesn’t wish she was taller.
  27. weight | 50kgs, she is skinny but has worked to be skinny and often binge eats and then feels guilty for it as she has very slow metabolism and gains easily.
  30. occupation | Jieyea currently works in a Mac store as a makeup guru and would like to go to cosmetology school when she has the money.
  32. ▌i love play rehearsal ::
  33. personality | Jieyea holds a very strong image for herself, she is a very bold person with a very strong personality. If you disagree with her, she will knock some sense into you and if you are being stubborn? You might have to make that sentence literal..
  34. She is fierce and isn't scared of much, she doesn't play. She is always honest, sometimes too much. If she has a point to make, she will get it across.
  35. A hopeless romantic, something she wishes she wasn't. But she is just so drawn to the idea of having someone to love.
  36. To put it bluntly, Jieyea is a bitch. She gossips about people for fun, and speaks her mind.
  37. However, she isn't always a bitch and sometimes her resting bitch face breaks.
  38. She is still learning her way through life and does still have emotions even though she tries to hold her confidence. But, she is lacking a lot of confidence so pretends like she has so much. She often zones out, or finds herself very derealised and has to force herself into this strong personality that she naturally has, but isn’t always there.
  40. background | Jieyea grew up in a fair-off family, they could have more money but were living just fine. However, they lived in a flat. It wasn’t in a particularly great area of town, so throughout her childhood she kept herself in her room and didn’t invite friends to avoid them seeing her house.
  41. When she became sixteen, Jie became interested in makeup and fashion. Most of her tiny room was filled with clothes she had spent all of her pocket money on. Her mother was always a strong believer in indulging every once in awhile, so she didn’t mind her buying clothes as it kept her going out with friends and kept her out of her room.
  42. As she reached adultlife, Jieyea moved out. She had lost contact with many of her friends, and her blunt attitude had led to her dropping some toxic bitches after college. So she spent alot of her time, inside. The constant feeling where she wasn’t quite sad, but just couldn’t feel anything. In which she was just tired, not of one thing in particular, not of sadness, just tired. Like everything she did had a blurred filter over it, or she was constantly in a dreamy state.
  43. This feeling would sometimes take away social time and gave her a very bitchy attitude to life. But, she continues to live her life smoothly but has to take short breaks sometimes.
  45. family |
  46. Hye-Jin Kim || Mom || 47 || 10/10 ||
  47. Jungkaeung Kim || Stepfather || 49 || 6/10
  48. Jinyoo Kim || Younger brother || 16 || 7/10
  49. Jinya Kim || Twin Sister || 22 || 9/10
  51. ▌big fun ::
  53. Ice cream + Candy; who doesn’t ?
  54. Makeup ( Specifically Jeffree Star’s makeup collection and Mac )
  55. KFashion; Jieyea likes to often document her looks and send pictures to her friends aswell as posting them on social media.
  56. Drawing; Though Jie isn’t particularly talented at it, she enjoys colouring ( Even though she does not like to admit it )
  57. Singing; Jieyea loves singing, she is always singing her lungs out. She isn’t incredibly talented either, but she can hold a note.
  60. dislikes |
  61. Body Odour; Just shower when you start getting stanky—
  62. Rudeness; Jieyea will not tolerate rudeness and is quick to give sass back.
  63. Yelling; Jie is very jumpy, so when people start yelling it stresses her out. (Hypocrite)
  64. Spiders; Alike my point before, Jie is very jumpy and is very scared of spiders. She will force someone to remove it after screaming.
  65. Healthy foods; Brocoli? Ew.
  68. hobbies |
  69. One. Jieyea loves to sing, it is probably the one hobby she commits to the most and is the best at. She loves to sing in the shower as it is her own quiet place, but she is not confident enough to sing infront of others.
  70. Two. Jieyea used to do cross-fit, and enjoyed it. But she soon found it made her body ache. She often goes back though, and is getting back into the routine.
  71. Three. Sometimes, Jieyea does transcribing for extra cash. It helps her for extra money and is an easy job for her to do.
  73. habits |
  74. Jieyea always twiddles with her hair in her fingers, and is always re-doing her hair or trying new outfits.
  75. Often times, Jieyea will bite her nails. To combat this, she wears fake nails or paints them. But she still catches herself out sometimes, going for it.
  76. Jie hates this habit, but she says ‘like’ alot in her sentences.
  78. struggles |
  79. Talking about her personal mental state and life.
  80. Being scared of alot of things, and restricting her social life.
  81. Never being able to sleep well.
  83. trivia |
  84. Jieyea is a Scorpio, and is very invested in star sign-personalities.
  85. She is also type O+ blood and likes to read into blood type steriotypes.
  86. Jieyea is ambi-dexterous. And she spent alot of her childhood teaching herself to write with both hands and now she can, fairly well.
  87. Apparently, Jieyea is a talented kisser. She has been told this and can tie a peice of string in her mouth into a knot.
  88. Though they she cannot drive, Jieyea relaly enjoys long car rides and long walks in the rain. Though it is inconvenient afterwards, walking in the rain is always very comforting for her.
  89. Someday, Jieyea hopes to be a mother.
  90. Jieyea stans many groups, but her biggest inspirations are Ahn Hye-Jin from Mamamoo and Jackson from Got7. She adores both of them and would die if she met either.
  91. Alot of the time when Jieyea is bored, she will do her makeup or have a fashion show in her room. She can test out different looks and try on all of her different clothes aswell as throwing out anything no longer in fashion or too small.
  93. flaws |
  94. Jieyea is very scared of spiders, but most bugs in general freak/stress her out. Alike this, she is very scared of the dark.
  95. Jieyea is lactose intolerant, but this does not stop her and she continues to fill herself up with icecream and other dairy products.
  96. Jieyea is very stubborn, and struggles to forgive people which ends up in falling out with people and then being guilty about it.
  98. ▌meant to be yours ::
  99. slot | Belle Amé
  101. face claim | @naras._
  103. backup | @2v2_2v2
  105. love interest | Kim Taehyung
  108. backup | Park Jimin
  110. ▌you’ll be back ::
  111. love interest personality | Taehyung is always fun around her. He is playful, and often imitates her bitchy-phrases. He compliments her on girly things that he observes often, but can become shy when Jieyea starts to compliment him back.
  114. relationship timeline |
  115. ※ beginning | Nearer the beginning, Jieyea was not close with any of the boys. She thought they were rich and spoilt, so when she met Taehyung; he was just another brat.
  116. ※ middle | As they began to get to know eachother, Jieyea would do Taehyungs makeup and would hangout with him like her girlfriends. Though her usual stubborn, bitchy demeanour was present, she began to talk more openly and after she told him about her derealisation/depersonalisation; Jieyea caught feelings.
  117. ※ end | Though the two were close, they never truly stated what they were. Jieyea finally asked him and he was quick to officiate there relationship and became girlfriend and boyfriend with promise rings and then went and bought bagels and coffee. :)
  120. do they end up together in the long run? | Yes, Jieyea and Taehyung end up dating in the end and soon go on to hang out more and become even closer with eachother.
  122. ▌when he sees me ::
  123. requested scenes with love interest | optional
  125. requested scenes with other slots | she’s a litty bit gay tbh;;; ^~^ make her flirty, playfully, flirty with the girls.
  127. relationships with other slots |
  128. Brûler; Jieyea is the closest with her, and relates to her alot more than the others. She likes to complain to her as they have a similar humour. But doesn’t spend a ton of time with her, as she can be a little much after awhile.
  129. Flâner; This girl gets on Jieyea’s nerves. She screams fangirl, and is just way too extra and annoying.
  130. Parapluie; Though she doesn’t often hang out with her, she has a seeming respect for the girl and finds time around her pleasant.
  132.  ▌only us ::
  133. anything else? | i don’t think so >.>
  135. message to me | hihihi !
  136. this is lowkey rushed nd i’m sad ;-; but hey, i’m yoongi (like the idol, i know, it’s a common korean name)
  137. also,, ‘ i love play rehearsals ‘ ,,, be more chill ?
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