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  1. Some would say adapting your most iconic title into a VR is a risky move, what made you want to use Half-Life as Valve's breakout VR game?
  3. *Rephrased Q2*
  4. Half-Life fans have been waiting a while for a new Half-Life game, do you think Alyx will meet their expectations?
  6. This one is kind of dumb but it could have an interesting answer if he actually thinks about it
  7. What was more important when developing Alyx, making it a Half-Life game, or a VR game?
  9. All the fans have been speculating, but will Lamarr the headcrab make an appearance?
  11. Did you always have plans to make Half-Life into a VR, or did the idea of making a VR game mature as the technology progressed?
  13. The potential for VR is quite vast, do you feel that you achieved everything you set out to do in the in Alyx in terms of VR? Or are there still areas you want to explore,
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