MH - S01 E04

Oct 27th, 2014
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  1. <Darkling> The bell rings, signalling the start of first class. Everyone is on time today from the looks of it. The third day of school gets off to a good start.
  2. <Avaline> Avaline goes off to her usual spot, looking exceptionally chipper.
  3. Tina_ gets her notebook ready for doodles.
  4. Billy is as quiet and anti-social as ever, maybe a little extra frowny.
  5. <Darkling> Mrs. Herker hasn't started class yet, and has instead scrawled "Read Chapters 2-6 in your workbooks" on the blackboard. She doesn't look too chipper today, holding her head in her hand as if she might have a headache or a hangover.
  6. <Tina_> "Are you ok Mrs. Herker?"
  7. <Avaline> Avaline just starts reading, though she occasionally glances to the others.
  8. <Darkling> She grunts and points to the board, taking a drink from an enourmous sized mug of coffee.
  9. <Mr_Rage> Izumi tiiiilts her head slowly, lips pursed.
  10. Billy flips through the chapters lazily, probably not actually reading.
  11. Tina_ shrugs, not wanting to push the subject and opens the book to the chapter.
  12. <Darkling> Elis pipes up, trying to keep her voice down so the teacher wouldn't hear, but loud enough the others wouldn't need to strain. "I was thinking we should have lunch in the library today. We can work on our play assignment."
  13. <Avaline> Avaline nods and responds quietly. "I have something too."
  14. <Mr_Rage> "Oh?"
  15. <Avaline> "Saving it for lunch."
  16. <Darkling> "I like surprises."
  17. Billy might be dozing off, chin in hand.
  18. <Tina_> "Fun! I can't wait!" Tina tries to keep her excited whispers as quiet as possible.
  19. <Darkling> Suddenly the PA system kicks on and you can hear a person clearing their throat.
  20. Tina_ looks up, curious.
  21. <Darkling> "Good morning students. This is Principal Franklin. I've been asked to relay some information to you by the town's local authorities."
  22. <Mr_Rage> "Ahh?"
  23. Billy yawns, eyes opening at the announcement.
  24. <Darkling> "A number of animals have been disappearing in the area lately, and they are concerned that there may be coyotes or wolves in the area that are snatching them up. While they may not pose any immediate threat to the populace, a pack of these animals could very well be dangerous if encountered."
  25. <Darkling> "They are asking that all residents take precautions and not travel alone after dark in the town, and to avoid the forests and outskirts of town unless absolutely necessary until they have located and confirmed the cause."
  26. <Mr_Rage> "Fufufu~"
  27. <Darkling> "If anyone has any knowledge relating to the disappearance of the dogs," there is a muffled noise like a microphone being covered, "Please contact the local authorities."
  28. <Billy> Yeah, right.
  29. <Tina_> "Poor doggies."
  30. <Darkling> "Thank you, you may resume your studies."
  31. <Avaline> Avaline does just that, grinning widely.
  32. Billy frowns, still flipping through her pages. A glance to the teacher. Did ahe have a dog%
  33. <Darkling> "That's really terrible. My neighbour's terrier went missing a few months back but they didn't do anything about it. I wonder why now?"
  34. <Mr_Rage> "Demand go up, supply go down," Izumi remarks inattentively, flipping through the book. "Only reason people make changes."
  35. <Tina_> "Billy, you live near the woods right? Have you seen any wolves or coyotes?"
  36. <Billy> "No." Dreams don't count, right?
  37. <Tina_> "That's wierd. I wonder where the animals are going then..."
  38. <Darkling> "Maybe someone is stealing them."
  39. <Billy> "Raccoons or badgers maybe."
  40. <Darkling> Elisa flips a page in her book, scanning it while listening.
  41. <Darkling> "That seems a bit unlikely."
  42. Billy shrugs.
  43. <Darkling> The rest of class passes by quietly, as does the next, though Billy seems absent from it. Soon enough though the lunch bell rings.
  44. Billy_Blackfeather is back in time for lunch at least, going through the line but barely putting any food on the tray. She even plops down at a table, showing no interest in joining them at the library.
  45. <Tina_> She wasn't goin to join them for the project? "Billy, don't you wanna come with us?"
  46. <@Billy_Blackfeather> "No," she replies, poking at her food.
  47. <Mr_Rage> "Too bad, not your decision. You going."
  48. <Avaline> "It's important!"
  49. <@Billy_Blackfeather> Is she...growling? It's faint but it's there.
  50. <@Billy_Blackfeather> As suddenly as it started she stops, body unclenching so to speak. "Go away," she mutters.
  51. <Mr_Rage> Izumi taps her heel, undeterred.
  52. <Tina_> "C'mon Billy, it won't hurt you to be there, you can still eat. We just want you t be there for the project."
  53. <@Billy_Blackfeather> "I don't care about the project. Okay? Whatever Gramps might have told you? Forget it. Leave me alone already."
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  56. <Mr_Rage> "Newsflash, little girl, life not about what you 'care' about or not," Izumi sneers.
  57. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Fine. Fine, I'll go to the library with you. Just...leave me alone from now on." She stands and takes her tray, dumping her untouched foor in the trash before heading for the library.
  58. <Avaline> Avaline retreats to the library!
  59. <Tina_> Tina held back for a second to look at Izumi. She shook her head and went to the library instead of saying anything.
  60. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl clucks her tongue, and takes up the rear.
  61. <Darkling> Elisa was already in the library, she had reserved a private study room for them, and brought some snaks and drinks.
  62. <Tina_> "Hey Elisa. Thanks for getting us the room."
  63. <Darkling> "You're welcome!" She looks genuinely surprised that Billy was there.
  64. <Avaline> "Yes, thanks! I'm glad you had the foresight to set this up." She nabs an apple and sits.
  65. Billy_Blackfeather doesn't look too happy she is but at least she's keeping it to herself, sitting down and playing with a little trinket in her hands.
  66. Tina_ sits next to Avaline, bagged lunch in hand. "So what's the plan?"
  67. <Avaline> "In AD 2014 war was beginning."
  68. <Tina_> "Another one of Shakespear's unsung classics."
  69. <Avaline> She takes a bite out of her apple. "I don't know why, but I woke up in a great mood today and decided to announce my plans to take Felicia down a peg or two if she bugs any of you again."
  70. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Why do you even care about her?"
  71. <Avaline> "I don't. I care about all of you. I'm group hugging all of you in my mind right now."
  72. <Billy_Blackfeather> "...great."
  73. <Darkling> "D'aww!"
  74. <Mr_Rage> "Kufufu."
  75. <Avaline> "So, yeah... I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it! That is all, thank you."
  76. <Tina_> "That's so sweet Ava. Don't worry. If she messes with us again, I got your back."
  77. <Darkling> "So uh, should we, now, maybe?"
  78. <Mr_Rage> "Yes, yes."
  79. <Darkling> Elisa pulls out a small box and slides it across the table to Billy.
  80. <Avaline> "Mhm. We now return you to your regularly scheduled play planning thingy."
  81. Billy_Blackfeather eyes it questioningly, making no move to take it.
  82. <Tina_> "It's a gift from us." She said. "Well, from Izumi. We wanted you to have it since we all went shopping yesterda and you couldn't make it."
  83. Billy_Blackfeather frowns at the box now.
  84. <Mr_Rage> Izumi chuckles. "Relax, it nothing bad."
  85. <Tina_> "Just open it, we picked it out special."
  86. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Why?"
  87. <Tina_> "Because we like you, silly. C'mon, the suspense is killing me!"
  88. <Billy_Blackfeather> "But we're not--" She bites off the last word, hesitantly pulling the box closer to open it.
  89. <Mr_Rage> Izumi interlaces her fingers.
  90. <Darkling> Elisa waits patiently.
  91. Billy_Blackfeather pulls the knife out of the box, expression unchanged as she looks it over, twisting at her wrist to examine it in the light.
  92. <Darkling> "Do you like it?"
  93. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Heavy. Expensive I bet." She puts it back in the box.
  94. <Mr_Rage> "Not what we ask."
  95. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah, sure, it's great but I'd rather not take it."
  96. <Mr_Rage> "Oh?"
  97. <Avaline> "Would you like it more if we wrote our names on it?"
  98. <Billy_Blackfeather> "What? No, I-- I don't want it. It's expensive and too nice to give to a stranger."
  99. <Darkling> "You aren't a stranger."
  100. Tina_ looks almost ready to cry. "Y-you don't want it?"
  101. <Billy_Blackfeather> "No, and I don't want you people hanging around me." She fished into her bag, dropping a bloody dog collar and a beat up dog tag for 'Bowser' onto the table. "Or I'll end up doing to you what I've done to those dogs." Shes up with her bad and leaving. "Having fun planning the play."
  102. <Mr_Rage> Izumi reaches, grabbing the girl's wrist with a grin.
  103. <Mr_Rage> "Now we getting somewhere."
  104. <Avaline> Avaline glances at the collar, but somehow doesn't seem too surprised.
  105. <Darkling> Too bad the door is locked Billy.
  106. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Let go." She's growling again.
  107. Tina_ 's jaw drops. She looks like she had no idea what to make of the situation.
  108. <Mr_Rage> "No. We still got work."
  109. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Let go!"
  110. <Mr_Rage> "Not your choice. Going to keep letting it run you? Beat you?"
  111. <Billy_Blackfeather> "It's not your damn business."
  112. <Darkling> Elisa is curled up in her chair staring at the collar. "Why?"
  113. <Mr_Rage> "It become our business already; too bad."
  114. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Like hell! You're not my friends! Let me go or I'll--" She makes a fist.
  115. <Mr_Rage> "Let it beat you again?" Izumi certainly isn't flinching away from the punch.
  116. <Darkling> "Please don't fight!"
  117. <Billy_Blackfeather> With a sour expression Billy twists her wrist free of Izumi's grip and heads to her chair, hopping up onto it and...staring at the ceiling. Shit. Too high. Well...this was really gonna be awkward now.
  118. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl suppresses a giggle, and saunters her way over to extend a hand to the fallen Billy, giving her something very different to stare at. Something... cozy-looking. "Well, it a start. Stay for me, today? Hm?"
  119. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Don't have much choice," she mutters.
  120. <Mr_Rage> "Fufu~"
  121. <Billy_Blackfeather> Still frowning Billy gets up. Maybe she didn't like that laugh. She looked at Elisa though. "Don't think I killed those dogs on purpose. I didn't know I had until I woke up naked...covered in blood."
  122. <Avaline> "It's not your fault."
  123. <Tina_> Tina finally snaps out of her confusion for a second. She gives the native american a sympathetic look. "Billy..."
  124. <Mr_Rage> Izumi simply smiles, taking her seat.
  125. <Darkling> Well that was quite a display. Elisa is cowering in a chair in the corner of the room, Billy is fuming in another with Izumi standing tall over her.
  126. Billy_Blackfeather is back to looking stubborn and anti-social, staring at a nearby bookcase so fiercely it might combust.
  127. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi raps her nails on the table, settling back down where she was.
  128. Tina_ watches the two carefully, unsure what to do if a fight starts up again.
  129. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Can I go now?"
  130. <@Mr_Rage> "You agree to stay whole session, remember?" The Japanese girl replies calmly.
  131. <Billy_Blackfeather> "More like I don't have a choice with the door locked." She falls silent again, like the others.
  132. <Darkling> "I think this is something we should talk about." Elisa says sheepishly.
  133. <Avaline> "We should. Let
  134. <Avaline> 's talk it over before it festers like a huge, infected sore and develops gangrene. Maggot therapy is too much, even for me.
  135. <Darkling> "Why'd you do it?"
  136. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Didn't know I did." She keeps her gaze firmly away from the others, shifting in her chair.
  137. <Tina_> "What do you mean you didn't know?" Tina asked, confused. "We're you...high, or something?"
  138. <Billy_Blackfeather> "No, thats dumb." ... "Sorry. No, I was asleep."
  139. <Darkling> "Asleep?"
  140. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah."
  141. <Tina_> "I didn't know people could be so...violent while sleepwalking."
  142. <Avaline> Avaline sighs at that. "Don't feel bad about it. If you weren't awake it wasn't your fault."
  143. <Billy_Blackfeather> The swarthy girl shrugs. "I don't even remember going to sleep. I woke up next to a streak that runs by Gramps' place. I was naked, covered in a lot of blood and surrounded by...a mess. The collar and tag were there."
  144. <@Mr_Rage> "Sound like wolf-man movie," Izumi rests her cheek on her knuckles.
  145. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Okay, see, now that's dumb. No such thing."
  146. <Billy_Blackfeather> ... "Sorry."
  147. <Tina_> "You're right though. That's silly. I can believe you're sleepwalking, but not that you're some kind of monster."
  148. <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl twirls her pen between her fingers. "Wolf-man born of reality, remember. All monster real, one way or other."
  149. <Avaline> "It could be a lot of different things." Avaline says, trying her best not to make a crack about epic menstruation.
  150. <Billy_Blackfeather> "So I'm a psycho when I sleepwalk. Might as well just turn myself in."
  151. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmf. If you gonna give in that easy, sure."
  152. <Tina_> "There's gotta be some way we can help you to stop sleepwalking."
  153. <Avaline> "Maybe there's a lot of pent up frustration that needs to be released in the right way."
  154. Billy_Blackfeather glances toward Avaline. Sleepwalking was how they met and...well...could she really reject the idea of strange things after that night?
  155. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Not sure I like what you're thinking."
  156. <Avaline> "I'm not sure what I'm thinking. Just trying to sound encouraging."
  157. <Darkling> "But, how do you know it was you, if you can't remember it?"
  158. <Billy_Blackfeather> "It's that or I wander naked in my sleep looking for weird places to lay down."
  159. <Billy_Blackfeather> "There...was this weird dream the last time."
  160. <Billy_Blackfeather> She looks down, rubbing at a healing scratch with one finger.
  161. <Tina_> "What happened in the dream?"
  162. <Billy_Blackfeather> "I was stalked by this big, ugly wolf. Killed me in the end, tore out my throat."
  163. <Avaline> "Bad Ava... Bad Ava. No." She mutters to herself very quietly, frowning.
  164. Billy_Blackfeather raises an eyebrow in her direction.
  165. <Billy_Blackfeather> direction*
  166. <Avaline> "Nevermind. Just stupid stuff."
  167. Tina_ cocks her head to the side first at Ava then back to Billy. "That sounds like a pretty bad dream. Do you think it's because of your sleepwalking or the other way around?"
  168. Billy_Blackfeather shrugs. "No idea."
  169. <@Mr_Rage> "Hm~"
  170. <Avaline> "Probably shouldn't dismiss the idea that it's related somehow."
  171. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Just a stupid dream from stress or something."
  172. <@Mr_Rage> "Stress of...?"
  173. <Billy_Blackfeather> That look she gives...isn't it obvious?
  174. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi taps her nail on the table. "Point is for you to say it."
  175. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Fine. I didn't feel any stress before four girls from school started following me and talking to me and..." She sighs, feeling she's said enough.
  176. <Avaline> Avaline wags a finger at Billy.
  177. <@Mr_Rage> "Oh? So dreams start after us?"
  178. <Billy_Blackfeather> She actually looks like she's taking a moment to think about it. "That was the first one."
  179. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmmmn." Izumi tilts her head back, deep in thought herself.
  180. <Tina_> "Did you sleepwalk before we started trying to hang out with you?"
  181. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Nh, yeah, the sleepwalking has been going on for a while. Hm. Mid summer maybe."
  182. <Tina_> "Then it can't be all our fault...Can it?"
  183. <Avaline> "Only if we've been stalking her secretly since that point, as opposed to stalking her openly as we do now."
  184. <Tina_> "Well she wouldn't have noticed if we were doing it secretly, so it couldn't have caused her stress."
  185. Billy_Blackfeather snorts.
  186. <Darkling> "But, what happened to the rest of the dogs?"
  187. Billy_Blackfeather shrugs. "I went to look at other places I've woken up in but didn't find anything."
  188. <Darkling> "So maybe you didn't do anything more than get in a fight with a dog?"
  189. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Maybe, dunno."
  190. <Darkling> She looks at the others. "And you sleep naked?"
  191. <Billy_Blackfeather> "No."
  192. <Avaline> "Were you asking the rest of us too?" Ava asks Elisa.
  193. <Darkling> "Uhm... no.." She looks away sheepishly.
  194. <Darkling> "It was just odd that she woke up naked."
  195. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi suppresses a giggle, but seriouses up quickly. "Maybe they torn off?"
  196. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Whatever happens I never see them again."
  197. <Tina_> "Well, she fights dogs in her sleep, it wouldn't be too hard for her to take them off." She looks at Billy. "The woods are a big place, you might just leave them where you can't find them."
  198. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Sounds kinda complex for sleepwalking."
  199. <Darkling> "That's my thoughts."
  200. <Darkling> Suddenly the bell rings, indicating they had to make their way to class.
  201. <Avaline> "Yeah..." Avaline cracks her knuckles. "This is going to sound really stupid, but I'm serious. Maybe there's some weird voodoo mind control thing going on?"
  202. Billy_Blackfeather shrugs and stands. "I...really doubt that too. Open the door already, lets go."
  203. <Tina_> Tina starts packing up. "That sounds just as silly as Izumi's idea that Billy was a monster."
  204. <@Mr_Rage> "Who say anything about monster? Billy always be Billy," a warm smile for the rough-hewn girl, and Izumi rises to saunter out.
  205. <Avaline> "I can try to check sometime! Just not now." Avaline also packs up and heads off to class/
  206. <Darkling> Elisa gets up and walks over to the door. "This stays between us." Then she unlocks the door and steps aside.
  207. <Tina_> "Who would we tell anyways?" Tina asks rhetorically, walking out as well.
  208. Billy_Blackfeather hesitates to pick up the collar and tag, shoving them in her bag.
  209. -----------------
  210. <Darkling> The rest of school ends in a blur, the bell ringing and letting everyone out.
  211. <Tina_> "What a day." Tina says to herself, waiting at the exit of the school for her friends.
  212. <Billy_Blackfeather> Here comes Billy...there goes Billy. Right past Tina without a word. Maybe the little group heart-to-heart earlier tuckered her out.
  213. <@Mr_Rage> For once, Izumi doesn't hook a nail into the wolf-girl, letting her pass with a flirty wave and a blown kiss.
  214. Tina_ shrugs. She's had a hard day, no reason to drag her back in.
  215. <Darkling> Billy disappears down the street, and there's no sign of Avaline. What do the girls want to do?
  216. <Tina_> Tina raises an eyebrow towards Izumi.
  217. <@Mr_Rage> "Fufu, yes?"
  218. <Tina_> "Whatya wanna do?"
  219. <@Mr_Rage> "Mm! No ideas yourself?"
  220. <Tina_> "Last time, you took us to your favorite store to shop. This time, I wanna take you to mine."
  221. <@Mr_Rage> "Oo~ Lead the way."
  222. <Darkling> The thrift store isn't far fro mthe school, a few blocks away from downtown as well. Of course in a small town not much was far away.
  223. <Tina_> Tina led the way happily, "It has everything! There's always something cool to find."
  224. <@Mr_Rage> "Fufufu," Izumi follows eagerly, thumbs hooked on her jacket. "I do like cool thing."
  225. <Darkling> Well, Izumi, this was pretty much the opposite of the store you took them to. Quite a bit larger, with a lot of people shopping aisles and aisles of second hand garments.
  226. <@Mr_Rage> "Hm hm hm~" Running her fingers along the wares, Izumi kept a close following on Tina, wiggling her nose. "Like shopping here?"
  227. <Tina_> "Yeah! It's so much fun! I love finding just the most random stuff."
  228. <Darkling> there definitely was a good assortment of random things. You wouldn't see any of this stuff in a normal store, maybe in a random eclectic garage sale or antique roadshow.
  229. <@Mr_Rage> That warms the Asian's face right up. "Good! People most honest when they getting what they want." Leaning over, she picks up a doll older than she is, stitching worn and fabric softened by years. "What you think of others?"
  230. <Tina_> "Aww that's a cute doll." She cocked her head. "You mean Ava, Billy, and Elisa?"
  231. <@Mr_Rage> "Hai, yes."
  232. <Tina_> "I dunno. Billy is really stubborn but I think she's got a soft side wayy deep down. Elisa is really sweet and nice, she's a good friend. And Ava..." She blushed a little. "Ava's a good friend too. "Why? What do you think about them?"
  233. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi tiiiilts her head, cracking a small grin when Avaline comes up. "Oh, I like them. Want to see what inside Billy as bad as you do, I think. Elisa too normal, we going to corrupt her."
  234. <Tina_> "I think Elisa fits right in with our group. We're too wierd without her."
  235. <@Mr_Rage> Another of those grins, and Izumi holds the doll up in front of her face. "Good business sense. You make good executive when I rich."
  236. <Tina_> "You think I'd be cut out to be an executive? I always thought I'd go into photography or design or something."
  237. <@Mr_Rage> "Hm! Like how things look?"
  238. <Tina_> "Yeah! I like to draw a lot and I really like taking pictures." She pulled her camera out of her bag. "I've always got this on me. But I think I could design an ad or a website if I knew how to do codes."
  239. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi strikes a pose! "Conveniently, I like getting picture taken!" A wink, and the Japanese girl continues, "more serious, I provide plenty of models if you want?"
  240. <Tina_> "Yeah! That'd be cool! Usually I take more nature pictures but I should take pictures of my friends too!"
  241. <@Mr_Rage> Griiiiin. "Seem like good plan."
  242. <Tina_> "Maybe we should get a picture of everyone in those dresses."
  243. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi nods steadily, tapping her lip. "Could be fun!"
  244. <Tina_> "Makes me wish we'd found something for Billy. But I don't think she'd wear a dress if we forced her into one."
  245. <@Mr_Rage> "Probly not. Maybe deerskin dress, like Pocahontas!"
  246. Tina_ giggles. "Don't let her hear you say that."
  247. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi snickers, heels click-clicking as she hurries through the aisles, grabbing up a shirt. ...it has bullet holes in it. "Oooh."
  248. <Tina_> Tina cocks her head, looking at the shirt. "I hope those are just for design." She picks up another shirt, a blue and black Hawaiian print. "Heh, I bet dad would like this."
  249. <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl wiggles a finger through one of the holes, letting out a 'hrm.' "... buy things for your parents?"
  250. <Tina_> "Not usually. Maybe on like Mother's and Father's day."
  251. <@Mr_Rage> "I see." For once she isn't smiling, throwing the shirt over her shoulder. "We get one more thing, I think."
  252. Tina_ looks a little confused but quickly recovers. "Oh? Whatya wanna get?"
  253. <@Mr_Rage> "Was thinking..." Izumi pauses. "A book. One already read."
  254. <Tina_> "Oh?" Tina thinks. "I'm sure they've got something...I guess I'm not all that much of a big reader."
  255. <@Mr_Rage> "Picture worth thousand words, right? Long enough book worth whole album, then!" The girl snickers, and heads for what looks like bookshelves.
  256. <Tina_> Tina giggles and follows her, looking at the different titles. "Any book in particular?"
  257. <@Mr_Rage> "Nah, look for something... like..." Izumi grabs a ragged, dusty thing, with yellowing on the pages where their thumb rested, a couple dents from falls, some pen marks in the margins... "This."
  258. <Tina_> "Looks pretty beat up. Why do you want it?"
  259. <@Mr_Rage> "Is a puzzle." She thumbs through it, finding a torn page. "Why this page damaged? They mad, or accident? They get in fight with..." Flip-flip, she finds a smudge of crayon. "Little sibling who also want to read? Or maybe it was generation-book?" Closing it with a soft thump, Izumi turns her gaze on Tina. "You be surprised how honest people be with their objects."
  260. Tina_ thought a moment. "I guess you're right. At leas as far as books are concerned. But I try to keep the stuff that I like in the best condition."
  261. <@Mr_Rage> "Fufufu~"
  262. <@Mr_Rage> "Sometimes, you only need look like object to see people's real faces." Izumi turns, and heads for the counter to pay.
  263. <Tina_> "If you say so. I just try to be myself so nobody has to figure me out."
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