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  1. Deck List / Card List
  3. Warrior Deck A.K.A Mystic/Silent Swordsman Deck
  5. 50 Cards
  7. D. D. Warrior Lady x1 (Holo  DCR-027)
  8. Gilford The Legend x1 (1st Edition Gold Holo SD5-EN001)
  9. Invader of the Throne x1 (Holo MRL-026)
  10. Destiny Hero - Plasma  x1 (Limited Edi. Silver Holo CT04-EN003)
  11. Exiled Force x3 ( One DB2-EN143, Two SD5-EN010)
  12. Command Knight X3 (Limited Edi. CT1-EN003)
  13. Marauding Captain x2 (One Gold Holo 1st Edition LOD-018, One 1st Edtion SD5-EN009)
  14. Mataza the Zapper x2  (Both 1st Edtion SD5-EN012)
  15. Mysterious Guard x2 ( One DB2-EN141, One LOD-021)
  16. Greenkappa x1 (DB2-EN103)
  17. Freed the Matchless General x2 (Both Gold Holo LOD-016, One Has small crease damage going horizontal about 1/5th of the card)
  18. Gilford the Lightning x1 (Limited Edi. Silver Holo CT2-EN001)
  19. Swift  Gaia The Fierce Knight x1 (Limited Edi CT1-EN004)
  20. Obnoxious Celtic Guard x2 (One 1st Edtion SD5-EN007, One Gold Holo Limited Edi. CT1-EN006)
  21. Mystic Swordsman LV 2 x2 (One Gold Holo, One Silver, SOD-EN011)
  22. Mystic Swordsman LV 4 x2 (One Gold Holo 1st Edi SOD-EN012, One 1st Edi SD5-EN014)
  23. Mystic Swordsman LV 6 x2 (Gold Holo RDS-EN008)
  24. Silent Swordsman LV3 X1 (Gold Holo RDS-EN009)
  25. Silent Swordsman LV 5 (Limited Edi. EEN-ENSE4)
  26. Silent Swordsman LV 7 (Gold Holo WC5-EN001)
  28. Spells/Traps
  30. Lightning Blade x3 (One 1st, One Regular LON-022, One 1st Edi SD5-EN022
  31. Armed Changer x3  (One Silver EEN-EN045, Two DP2-EN023)
  32. Fusion sword Murasame Blade X3(One Silver LOD079, One 1st Edi SD5-EN026, One DB2-EN188)
  33. The A. Forces x2 (One Silver LOD-027, One DB2-EN146)
  34. Reinforcement of the Army x2 (One Silver DB2-EN147, One 1st Edi SD5-EN024)
  35. The Warrior Returning Alive X2 (One 1st Edi SD5-EN025, One 1st Edi YSD-EN028)
  36. Royal Decree x2 (SD5-EN035)
  37. Raregold Armor x1 (MFC-036)
  39. Dragon Deck
  41. 45 + 5 Fusion
  43. Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3 (One Silver Holo Limited Edi FL1-EN001, One Gold Holo (Old school Blue Eyes) SDK-001, One Holo SKE-001)
  44. Tyrant Dragon x2 ( One 1st Edi  SDRL-EN009, One Gold Holo DB2-EN151)
  45. Lord of D. x2 (One 1st Edi. SKE-016, One SDK-041)
  46. Kaibaman x1 (Holo WC5-EN002)
  47. Luster Dragon x2 (One 1st Edi. YSD-EN005, One DR1-En113)
  48. Blue Eyes Shining Dragon x1 (Holo Limit Edi MOV-EN001)
  49. Mirage Dragon x2 (1st Edi RDS-EN027)
  50. Chthonian Emperor Dragon x3 (Gold Holo Two 1st Edi, One Reg, TAEV-EN019)
  51. Masked Dragon x3 (One Reg SOD-EN026, Two 1st Edi SDRL-EN013)
  52. Divine Dragon Ragnarok x3 (FET-EN002)
  53. Paladin of The White Dragon x2 (One 1st Edi Silver Holo MEC-026, One Holo DR1-EN081)
  54. Dragonic Knight (Limited Edi. Gold Holo JUMP-EN026)
  55. The White Stone Of Legend (1st Edi. CSOC-EN035)
  56. Spear Dragon (1st Edi YSD-EN015)
  57. Decoy Dragon (1st Edi SDRL-EN004)
  58. Twin Headed Behemoth (LOD-063)
  60. Fusion
  61. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon x2 (Gold Holo Limited Edi JUMP-EN005)
  62. Five Headed Dragong x2 (Gold Holo Limited Edi SD09-ENSS1)
  63. King Dragun (1st Edi Holo FLE-EN036)
  65. Spell /Trap
  67. Polymerization x3 (DPI-EN014)
  68. Stamping Destruction X3 (Two 1st Edi SD1-EN017, One DB2-EN161)
  69. Dragon's Mirror x3 (One 1st Edi, Two Reg, CRV-EN040)
  70. Dragon's Rage x3 (LOD-048)
  71. White Dragon Ritual x2 (DR1-EN082)
  72. Double Summon (Silver 1st Edi TAEV-EN056)
  73. The Flute of Summoning Dragon (SDK-042)
  76. Machine/Fairy/Madness
  78. 46 Cards
  80. The Unhappy Girl X3 ( One 1st Edi, Two Reg, AST-010)
  81. Adhesive Explosive x3 (Two 1st Edi SOI-EN011, One Reg DR04-EN131)
  82. Moisture Creature x3 (One 1st Silver, Two Silver Reg PGD-013)
  83. Victory Viper xx03 x3 (Two 1st Edition Holo EOJ-EN011, One Gold Holo 1st Edit EOJ-EN011)
  84. Mystical Knight Of Jackal x3 (DR1-EN017, One Gold PGD-017)
  85. The Unhapppy Maiden x2 (DB2-EN079)
  86. The Creator Incarnate x2 (One 1st Edition RDS-EN006, One Reg)
  87. King Tiger Wanghu x2 (Silver Holo PGD-004)
  88. The Creator x2 (One 1st, One Reg, Both Gold Holo RDS-EN005)
  89. Reflect Bounder (DCR-012)
  90. Copycat (1st Edit 5DS1-EN015)
  91. Satellite Cannon (Gold Holo DR04-EN241)
  92. Marshmallon (PP01-EN003)
  94. Spells/Traps
  96. Shrink x2 (Limited Edi STON-ENSE2)
  97. Lightning Vortex x2 (1st Edi SD6-EN028)
  98. MetalMorph x3 (PP01-EN014)
  99. Compulsory Evacuation Device x2 (1st Edit SD7-EN032, One JOC-103)
  100. Narrow Pass x2 (DR1-EN045, PGD-097)
  101. Mage Power (1st Edit SD6-EN022 )
  102. Torrential Tribute (SD2-EN025)
  104. Fairy Deck
  106. Lighty Effigy x3 (1st Edi TAEC-EN037)
  107. Shining Angel x3 (DB1-EN052)
  108. Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x3 (One 1st Edtion, Two Regular (One has a couple of crease damages) IOC-088)
  109. Winged Kuriboh x3 (One 1st Edtion, DPI-EN015, One 1st Edi, One Reg, TLM-EN005)
  110. The Agent of Force - Mars x2 ( One 1st Edi, One Reg, AST-009)
  111. The Agent of Judgement - Saturn x2 (One 1st Edi, One Reg, AST-006)
  112. Zeradias, Herald of Heaven x3 (Two 1st Edi, One Reg, FOTB-EN018)
  113. Airknight Parshath x2 (LOD-062)
  114. Shinato, King of a Higher Plane x2 (DCR-016, DR1-EN178)
  115. Kelbek x2 (DCR-078, DR1-EN240)
  116. Gellenduo (1st Edi STON-EN067)
  117. Guardian Angel Joan (1st IOC-087)
  118. Marshmallon (PP01-EN003)
  119. Neo-Parshath, The Sky Paladin (1st Edi STON-EN061)
  121. Spells/Traps
  123. The Sanctuary in the Sky x3 (One 1st Edi, Two Reg, AST-042)
  124. Divine Wrath x3 (Two 1st Edi, RDS-EN050, One 1st Edi SD6-EN035)
  125. Cestus Of Dagla x3 (Two DCR-090, One DR1-EN252)
  126. Spirit Barrier x3 (One 1st Edi (Damaged) Two Reg SOD-EN051)
  127. Shinato's Ark x2 ( DR1-EN191, DCR-029)
  128. Draining Shield x2 (DP1-EN026)
  129. Big Bang Shot (DR1-EN141)
  131. Insect Deck
  133. Doom Dozer x3 (One 1st Edi, Two Reg, SOI-EN024)
  134. Prickle Fairy x3 (IOC-077)
  135. Parasite Paracide x3(Two DBI-EN068, One PSV-003)
  136. Pinch Hopper x3 (IOC-078)
  137. Arsenal Bug x3 (One DB2-EN210, Two PGD-007)
  138. Needle Worm x2 (One Limi Edi GLD1-EN006, One Reg DB2-EN102)
  139. 4-Starred LadyBug Of Doom x2 (DB1-EN198, PSV-088)
  140. Swarm of Locusts (PGD-022)
  141. Howling Insect x2 (SOD-EN025)
  142. Grasschopper x2 (1st Edi TAEV-EN022)
  143. Insect Queen x2 (Limited Edi  CT1-EN005)
  144. Insect Princess x2 (IOC-080)
  145. Ant Eater Eating Ant (SOI-EN022)
  146. Brain Crusher (GX03-EN001)
  147. Chainsaw Insect (SOI-EN021)
  148. Gokipon (SOI-EN019)
  149. Saber Beetle (SOI-EN023)
  151. Spells/Traps
  153. DNA Surgery x3 (One PSV-026, Two DB1-EN081)
  154. Multiplication of Ants x3 (One 1st Edi, Two Reg IOC-098)
  155. Insect Barrier x3 (One DB1-EN205,Two PSV-102)
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