Ardeth (Mary Margaret) Wood

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Ardeth (Mary Margaret) Wood (27) (Hoax)
  3. Five foot seven, 130pds
  4. Blond hair, blue eyes
  5. Dressed in workout clothes
  7. University of Waterloo PhD student [philosophy] home on a break to visit her family in Ottawa
  9. 12:30 p.m. takes brothers black Peugeot bike along the Rockcliffe Parkway
  11. Mother made a strawberry marshmallow dish for that evening's desert
  13. Disappeared : August 6th 2003 while riding her bike along a Rockcliffe parkway path near her Orleans home.
  14. Family calls police at 6 p.m.
  16. Aug 7th 2003: Massive search involving hundreds of volunteers and police officers
  18. Aug 10th 2003: Police divers discover Ms. Woods bike submerged in Green's Creek, near the Ottawa River
  20. Aug 11th 2003: Wood's nude body is discovered by a police dog, submerged in Green's Creek, not far from a bike path
  22. Aug 13th 2003: Forensic testing confirms body is Ms. Wood's
  24. Aug 18th 2003: Funeral
  26. Aug 19th 2003: Autopsy results show cause of death to be drowning
  28. Sept 10th 2003: Police release sketch of a tattoo they believe the suspect has on his upper arm [eagle or phoenix]
  30. July 6th 2004: Photo of sunglasses left at crime scene shown
  32. 5,000 Tips
  34. Father : Brenden Wood
  35. Mother : Catherine Wood
  36. Brother : Colum Wood
  37. Brother : Crispin Wood
  39. Charges laid against: Chris Myers (25)
  40. North Bay, October 20th 2005
  41. One count murder
  42. Five separate counts of sexual assault
  43. Lawer: Bob [Robert] Carew
  44. Income: Disability
  45. August 2003: Working nights washing dishes at a restaurant for $7 an hour
  46. Ex girlfriend: Katherine Piché:
  47. "He wouldn't go anywhere without his sunglasses"
  48. One of three brothers, oldest of
  49. Counsellor: Mr. Myers would lash out in rage, stripping himself naked and masturbating
  51. Myers moved to Ottawa from Belleville when he was adopted at the age of four
  53. Lisgar Street apartment, roommate, $360/month rent
  54. They'd go out for the odd beer at a Bank Street pub
  55. Myers liked Labatt's Blue and smoked cheap cigarettes
  56. Listened to 'gangsta rap' and biked where needed
  57. Two previous charges in 2000 of drug trafficking
  58. Nov 2004: Charged with uttering a threat
  60. Myers suspect in killing of a Laurentian University student Jan 27th 1998 [Sudbury]
  61. Renée Sweeney, 23, stabbed to death [11 a.m.] while working alone during the day at an Adults Only video store
  62. [robbed of less than $200]
  63. History student, trombonist
  64. Stepfather: Bill Strachan
  66. Suspect fled leaving footprints in the snow, discarding a blood-stained nylon jacket, white gardening gloves [cotton gloves: Oct 24th Ottawa Sun] and a grey fleece top in nearby wooded areas, as well as leaving DNA evidence at the scene
  68. Numbers
  69. Days to arrest: 806
  70. Full-time investigators: 10
  71. Persons of interest: 1,700
  72. Active suspects after 2yrs: 100
  73. Cost of investigation: $675,000
  74. Reward offered by police: $50,000
  75. Area searched for body: 35sq km
  76. Helicopters used: 2
  77. Days to find body: 6
  78. Pieces of potential physical evidence collected at crime scene: 100
  79. Mourners at funeral: 600
  81. Ed Teague: Says Ardeth Wood's family can 'make it through' with 'prayer and belief in our God.'
  83. Monday Oct 24th 2005: Two suspect sketches, eyeglasses not sunglasses
  84. ^Ottawa Sun
  86. Alexandra Bridge: April 23rd: Woman approached, fought off attacker
  88. North Bay: May 11th: 3 a.m.: 18 year old [shared house with father] finished late shift at Tim Hortons
  89. -Walking near Marshall Park Drive and Blair Street
  90. -Myers 'trying to get back to Lakeshore Drive'
  91. -Dragged girl across road into bush and groped her, interrupted by neighbor who chased man off with shovel
  92. -Girl has since moved into a new house near father's, lives with boyfriend of four months along with a couple of roommates and their young children
  94. Photo: Chris Myers, as in grade 9 Laurentian High School yearbook
  96. Myers worked at the Attfields' family-owned Fallowfield Tree Farm from about Aug, or early Sept 2003 to just before christmas that year
  97. Co-worker: Peter Attfield
  98. "Wraparound sunglasses"
  99. Attfield's dad: Don, contacted last June
  101. Woman: Michele Heights townhouse: Aug 2003, with g/f, thrown out early Sept
  102. -Liked wearing temporary stick-on tattoos and always had his sunglasses on, even in the house
  103. -One of them was a bird tattoo
  104. -Before, lived in tent at Britannia Beach
  105. -After leaving woman's house Myers moved a few houses up the street and into the basement of Kevin Eddy's home; there for 3 months before Eddy, 45, threw him out
  106. Worked with Eddy at a Christmas Tree Farm, the last time he saw Myers was in Jan 2004
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