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  1. This was a familiar scene for the both of them. Deep in the woods, the darkness of night approaching fast. Yoshike and Drana needed to find shelter for the night, and so far their search for any kind of hut had not borne fruit.
  3. Drana: If the forest weren't so thick, I'd fly and survey from above.
  4. Yoshike: It's fine, we'll find somewhere. Worse comes to worse we just have to sleep in shifts.
  5. Drana: I'd rather not sleep outside...
  6. Yoshike: Says the bird!
  7. Drana: We have nests at the very least! That classifies as a bed.
  8. Yoshike: Yeah sure sure.
  10. Yoshike laughed as Drana didn't respond, a little flustered, but her laughter was interrupted as she spotted something that looked like a shelter in the distance.
  12. Yoshike: Drana! Over there! Let's go!
  14. Yoshike ran ahead, pointing in the direction of the shelter. Drana followed close behind.
  16. As the two got close to the shelter, they realised this was actually a much grander building than they initially assumed, it was almost certain there'd be room for them.
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