The Invaders In My Room - 27

May 12th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend
Yoon Soo Lee [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Sex friend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [N/A] (RH) [N/A] [N/A]
[N/A] (Douche) Manager [N/A]
Min Sung (Blue) [N/A] XGF's Toy

Chapter - 27 Thanks to Clownfreak

Hotel room

NaYoung and Min Sung are lying on the bed when the mobile of XGF is ringing.

XGF: {Hmm, a phone call?... Unknown number?}

BH: Na-Young... The question that I asked you earlier..

XGF: {I'm sure of it! It's Woo Hyun previous number!}

BH: Na-Young.. Hmm? Are you listening to me?

MC's bedroom

MC and FMC are making out on MC's bed.

MC: Where the hell have you been?

She sticks out her tongue cutely.

FMC: Secret ~

She hugs his neck and presses her breasts against him.

FMC: Rather.. Don't you think that we should continue what we've left behind the other day?

They begin to make love, MC is on the top, ramming her with all his might.

FMC: Aah! Oh ~ Aaang ~ !

A bit later they are still fucking this time in the Gemini position.

MC: There is still something bothering me.. Can you finally tell me your name?

Blonde: What? Oppa you don't know your dongsaeng name?

Blonde looks at him with an angry face, her sudden appearance freaks him out.

(TN: Blonde is the girl who stole all MC's money in the first chapter, she wants to repay him later.. I didn't read the chapters 09 to 19 so I don't know if she already repay him or not and if she is still relevant to the story.. They refer to each other as Oppa / Elder Brother (오빠) and Younger Sister / Dongsaeng (동생). I don't think they are relative, she must be a schoolmate or something like this.. She fucked with a guy in the first chapter too so..)

MC's bedroom

He wakes up with a start.

MC: Waaaaaah!

He sits and takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

MC: Ah ~ Why am I dreaming of this? Oh, no. I really...


Evening - Harlton Hotel

FMC and Douche are siting around a table with a Japanese meal exposed on it.

Douche: Oh ~ It looks yummy!

FMC is silent.

FMC: {Woo Hyun.. Are you eating well?}
{It's annoying me, when I work like that I don't have any appetite..}

Douche: You know that an artist need to eat too. If you don't start eating now I'll eat all the meal myself.

FMC: It's okay. I don't have any appetite.

She stands up and heads toward her desk, he furrows his brows glaring at her.

Douche: I'm really hungry and I need to replenish my energy. Stay away like a child! I'll eat all of it by myself.

FMC sits down in front of her computer thinking about what to do.

FMC: {What should I do.. What would they do to me if I don't write all what they want?}
{I hate it! I hate this situation! I really want to run away!}

{How can I.. I really want to see you Woo Hyun!}

Next day - MC's apartment

MC is working on his toon.

MC: {Ah ~ I'm late, I'm late!}
{I don't think I'll be able to finish it by tomorrow afternoon.. I hope that this time it would be accepted without modification.}

MC: {By the way, I wasn't thinking too much about being a tutor.. But I can't believe teaching someone would be such a burden.}
{Besides, she keeps asking me to..}

MC recalls the previous events with neighbor. Suddenly someone knocks on the door frightening him.

MC: When you speak of the devil.. Hey, I already told you many times to ring the bell!

He heads toward his door and opens to "RH", she greets him with a smile and wearing a gorgeous dress.

RH: Master, let's have a meal together! Do you like cheese cake? I bought some coffee too.

A bit later - Living Room

They are sitting in front of each other with the cake and the coffee placed on the dinner table.

MC: Wait, you still haven't had lunch?

RH: No, I wanted to enjoy my meal with Master / Sifu ~

MC: Whether you eat or sleep, you will not wait for me all the time?

RH: I was worried about your health, and yes if you want to eat or to sleep I can do both with you, Sifu.

MC: I don't want to hear your sarcasm. Stop it.

RH: Why? I've only respect and love for you! Sifu ~

She gazes at him.

RH: Sifu, what do you think of me? I mean, what do you think of me as a woman?

MC: Pfft!

Her sudden question almost choked him to death.

MC: Ugh, what's wrong with you asking this sort of question when I'm eating.

RH: Wooh, that's too much for you, we've already slept together. You really can't answer such a simple question?

MC: It's like you said.. You and me are not that close!

RH: I, I'm in love with my Sifu.. Can't you love me too?

MC blushes and stays silent for a while.

MC: I don't want to have a girlfriend. I already told you!

MC thinks about all his moments shared with FMC.

RH: And.. What?

MC: You don't look like girl at all! So, yes! Are you really a girl?! Stop pestering me with that or I will stop teaching you!

RH seems pissed by his answer, she stands up and begins to undress surprising MC.

MC: Hey, hey come on what's with you all of sudden!

RH: You're the one telling me that I'm not a girl, so I'll let you check my body.

Suddenly MC's mobile rings. He takes the call and starts to leave the room surprising her.

MC: It looks like a call from the work. So I'll come back in a minute!

RH: Hey! Where are you running away?!

She stumbles because of her panties and falls on the ground.

RH: Kyaaaa!

Hallway in front of MC's door

MC: Hello?

MC's shocked by the identity of the person who is calling him.

Later in the street

MC scratches is head waiting for someone.

MC: {It's already this late.. She's still not here.}

A yellow sport car stops in front of him, Kim Na Young gets out of her car and greets him.

XGF: Get in. Let's talk.


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