(FR) Janitors dude (B+)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day TV shows are srs business
  2. >guess what? Morning routine time!
  3. >sitting near the door awaiting that inevitable knock
  4. >there it is oh joy!
  5. >opening the door and it's just what you always didn't want
  6. >a yellow pegasus with a pink mane trying to guess your fetish or rape you!
  7. >before either of you could utter a word a janitor pony comes by sweeping Fluttershy off your stoop
  8. >J: "Alright kid there will be none of that going on around here, this is supposed to be a foal's show"
  9. >Fluttershy is being swept off followed by a stream of "buts" as she tumbles about
  10. >ever since they started filming that little foal's show about friendship and junk Ponyville has become a much more family friendly place
  11. >the Mayor hired quite a few ponies to clean up everyp0ny's act and make sure nothing obscene made it into the show
  12. >it has kept Fluttershy off you for a little while, but the lack of any real booze is starting to get to you
  13. >oh well, at least you're not
  14. >Fucking Fluttershy
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