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  2. Name: Takumi Komeiji
  4. Relationship:
  5. Koishi Komeiji (Mother)
  6. Orin Kaenbyou (Mother)
  7. Satori Komeiji (Aunt/Teacher)
  8. Utsuho Reiuji (Aunt)
  9. Miasma Melancholy (Only sane person)
  10. Satsuki Myouriko (First Friend)
  11. Annette Soleil (Pain in the ass)
  12. Description: Long red hair tied in a bow at the base going all the way down to her feet, a dark yellow lab coat, a simple self woven black shirt and pants, her third eye neatly fixed within her left eye socket and light black boots.
  13. Ability: Manipulation of genetics.
  14. Bio: As a child Takumi spent a large majority of her time either taking lessons from Satori or being locked away in her room to read, she cared very little for social interaction and for the most part pushed anyone away who tried to force it upon her, upon her tenth birthday however Satori thought it would be nice to take Takumi topside along with her in hopes it would change her outlook on things and make her appreciate the world around her. And at first it began to play out exactly as Satori had envisioned, no sooner than the girls left the cave leading into the underground Takumis eyes lit up in awe. There was so much around her that she had only dreamed of seeing in her books little did she know that moment of weakness would be her utter downfall, upon arrival at the Hakurei Shrine Satori introduced Takumi to Reimu and vice versa, about a few hours or so within the conversation a small girl no older than Takumi came rushing in and landing right on top of her. Satori had warned Takumi of "love at first sight" and how dangerous it could be but Takumi didn't care in the slightest at the time, all she wanted was this one girl in her life by any means. As the months went on the two girls seemed to grow closer together but there was something Alice was hiding away from Takumi, come the day of their fifteenth birthday Takumi had made a makeshift Alice doll. Upon her arrival at Makai she was informed by Shinki that Alice had left during the night to Chireiden or so she thought. At this point Takumi should have known something wasn't right but like anyone blindly in love she simply assumed Alice had took a different route than the norm, so after thanking Shinki and leaving the doll there Takumi took off through the Forest of Magic only to find Alice and Marisa in the middle of making out, the sight alone tore Takumis heart to ribbons but what shattered her entirely was the sneer she caught from Marisa. That look alone burned into Takumis mind forever. Any other time she would have lashed out at them both but she simply sighed and turned into the darkness of the forest before Alice herself spotted her, from then on she lived her life entirely in seclusion from the topside world of Gensokyo.
  15. Spells:Malicious Spirit Brain Eater
  16. Cursed Sprite Zombie Fairy
  17. Great Beast Fluffy
  18. Absolute Law Theory of Genetics
  19. Junction Sign Delta Flare
  20. Ouroboros
  21. Cascade Prison of Bone
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