Oppressive glim (old-GlimxAnon, OS, lewd)

Jul 3rd, 2017
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  1. >I want to be oppressed by glim glam.
  3. >"Oh? Why is your dick getting hard? And look at how much bigger it is than the other stallions, that's not really fair, is it?"
  4. "I-I'm sorry, el presidente! Is because you're beautiful!"
  5. >"Mmh~, okay, I'm not going to punish you. This time."
  6. >Swipingallthesweat
  7. >"But we'll still have to do something about this,"
  8. >She says as she pokes your member with her hoof, looking at it wobble up and down.
  9. >"Don't you think?"
  10. >You're not sure of what she wants you to do.
  11. >So you wait, eyes nervously flicking left and right.
  12. >She rolls her eyes when she sees that the point didn't get through your thick skull.
  13. >"See, this is exactly why I don't want you getting so horny,"
  14. >She reaches for your pride once more, and it throbs in anticipation, but instead of poking it she pushes it up and pins it against your stomach, her soft fuzzy frog trapping your tip and pressing it against your abdomen.
  15. >You think of grunting but you don't want her getting mad.
  16. >"And so hard, all the blood in that thing should be going to your brain right now~,"
  17. >You think she's mad. She sounds kinda mad, but there's a little quiver in there, and there's the way she eyes your junk...
  18. >"So, you're going to take care of it."
  19. >And just like that, her touch disappears, your shaft now free dropping and bouncing up and down for a second.
  20. "Take care of it...? You mean--"
  21. >"Yes, I mean masturbate. You're going to masturbate to get rid of it. Here. Right now."
  22. >You blink.
  23. >And only now do you realize how many eyes are staring at you. The entire village, in fact.
  24. "B-but everyone's watching..."
  25. >"That's the point. This'll teach everyone a great lesson of modesty and what happens to those who transgress."
  26. >You stare at her for another second.
  27. >You don't really mind the other ponies staring.
  28. >But your dick throbs thinking of her watching you.
  29. >"Go ahead, we've got a big day ahead of us."
  30. >And she smirks when she sees your hand reach for it.
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