babies aren't dumb (ponkxanon, shitpost, don't read this)

Nov 22nd, 2017
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  1. >be anon
  2. >be in a relationship with penka
  3. >emergency arises, the cakes have to go to canterlot for something
  4. >well shit, it's saturday night
  5. >and saturday night is fetish night, where penka lets you do as you please to her whole body for the entire evening and night
  6. >but instead you're stuck having to watch the babies
  7. >god fucking damnit, and you were looking forward to it the whole fucking day, popping boners in the middle of town and shit
  8. >"I'll make it up to you nonny, I promise~,"
  9. >"Plus, we'll just have some fun while they sleep, it won't be long I swear,"
  10. >take care of the kids
  11. >mostly just watch her taking care of them
  12. >her bouncing flesh
  13. >her bubble butt
  14. >her plump pussy you can see whenever she has to lean down to pick up something with her mouth
  15. >damn...
  16. >can't take it
  17. >start getting a bit frisky
  18. >you give her a grope
  19. >she giggles but tells you to stop
  20. >you don't
  21. >"N-nonny, the babies--"
  22. "Who cares, they're babies, they're too young, they don't understand,"
  23. >kiss her
  24. >biter her
  25. >grope her some more
  26. >and you feel her wetness on your fingertips
  27. >that's it
  28. >"W-wait, let me feed them first,"
  29. >you groan
  30. >but you still comply
  31. >whatever, it can't take that long
  32. >so you simply watch again as she picks up the bottles and the babies, and sets down on the sofa
  33. >a baby in each hoof and using her mane and tail to keep the bottles up
  34. >you'll never understand how these work
  35. >you do know what they feel like on your cock
  36. >your pride throbs in your pants
  37. >huh
  38. >and you grin as you realize that her mouth is free
  40. >your pants find your ankles before she can even ask you what's up
  41. >and she instantly finds out what's up
  42. >"Nonny! The babies are just ther--mmph?!"
  43. >you don't let her finish and sink your head between her lips
  44. >and she simply stares at you, then frowns
  45. >but she doesn't spit your cock out
  46. >and you groan in delight as you feel her tongue lapping at the underside of your head
  47. >you let her work her magic as you watch the babies simply suckling on their milk bottles
  48. >oh yeah, you're going to give her some milk to suckle too
  49. "Fuck, you're so good at that--ah!"
  50. >she knows it
  51. >she's not the kind to act all smug about it though, but she's the kind to amp it up and show you that she can do even better
  52. >which is by swallowing your entire length in this case
  53. >you groan again as your hand finds the back of her neck
  54. >oh yeah, fetish night may not be a complete fluke after all
  56. >she keeps working her tongue and lips over your cock for a good five minutes
  57. >the bottles are empty by now, and the babies are simply looking at their auntie working at your bottle
  58. >then you feel her wet appendage slide past her lips to give your balls some love as your tip tickles the back of her throat
  59. "Holy shit, Pinkie,"
  60. >you always loved it when she did that
  61. "I'm getting close,"
  62. >she simply hums, traveling all the way up until only your head remains concealed between her lips, and then throws herself forward once more
  63. >fuckkk
  64. "I'm coming!"
  65. >you warn her right as the first spurt shoots from your cock
  66. >and she gulps
  67. >and gulps
  68. >and gulps
  69. >and you simply shiver as you feel her tongue lap and her lips suckle at you
  70. >and you pat her head as she cleans your cock of any remains
  71. "Fuck, that was so good,"
  72. >she sighs and hums once again, before she starts giggling
  73. >"Wow, that was a lot nonny, but we gotta get these two to bed now!"
  75. "No."
  76. >"No?"
  77. "No, I want to fuck you now,"
  78. >"What? Now? But the babies--"
  79. >you don't let her finish and you pick pound and place him on the sofa
  80. >he giggles as he bounces a bit on the cushiony surface
  81. >and you pick up her sister and place her right next to her brother
  82. >they look at each other for a second before turning their gazes back to you
  83. >"Wait, Anon, we can't do that in front of them!"
  84. "Why not?"
  85. >"That's not very responsible--"
  86. "Oh come on, responsible smeshponsible, amirite?!"
  87. >"Huh, that does sound like a valid reason... okay, let's fuck!"
  88. >and just like that, she turns around, pushing her plump, bounciful rump as high as possible and flagging her tail out of the way to expose herself to you, as she stretches her upper half on the sofa right next to the toddlers
  89. >and they giggles as she starts making faces at them
  90. >and they gasp in surprise as she lets out a yelp when one of your hands find her rump and the slap echoes around the room
  91. >"Nnnhg, again!"
  92. >you oblige
  93. >and the twins blink as they watch their auntie's eyes roll up
  94. >but as enticing as the sight of your excited marefriend is, you just blew your load
  95. >so you gotta gain some time for junior to recover
  96. >and you know the perfect thing to do
  97. >your knees find the ground and your lips find hers before she can even ask you about what you're doing
  98. >"Oh gosh, I love it when you eat me out--oh-oh yes, yes, just like that!"
  100. >you know your mare by now
  101. >the fact that she tastes as sweet as you'd expect her to taste helped you practicing too
  102. >so you kiss her lips
  103. >you part them with your tongue and lick its insides
  104. >you nibble on them
  105. >and then you see it
  106. >and you rush down to wrap your lips around it, and you start suckling
  107. >she gasps, and moans, and the cries that don't come from her tells you she's certainly making funny faces too
  108. >"Oh buck oh buckohbuckohbuck!"
  109. >you take some pride in being able to please her so easily
  110. >but to be honest, she's a hairtrigger
  111. >you keep suckling and lapping at her lovenub as it pulses and she convulses around your nose, and she comes
  112. >and you lap as much as you can
  113. >if you didn't know better, you'd swear that her lovejuices have some kind of aphrodisiac in them
  114. >they always get you ready when you need to
  115. >and oh dear lord do you need to now
  117. >she's a panting, heaving mess
  118. >but you don't really give her much time to rest
  119. >"Ahhh, that one was a doozy--nngh!"
  120. >she moans again as your tip parts her lips open
  121. >"Wait, Anon, I just need a second to--Ahhnh~!"
  122. >you don't
  123. >and you don't bother going slowly either
  124. >the slap of flesh against flesh resonates on the walls as you hilt inside of her
  125. "Fuck, you're so warm,"
  126. >and you get to work
  128. >and you ram
  129. >and you thrust
  130. >and you pull back
  131. >she comes
  132. >once
  133. >twice
  134. >and you ram some more
  135. >and you thrust some more
  136. >and you fuck her some more
  137. >she can't even speak English at this point
  138. >not that you need her to
  139. >not that you want her to
  140. >you love hearing her blabbering and giggling like that
  141. >as if she was drunk
  142. >as if she was drunk on your cock
  143. >fuck she's hot
  144. "Fuck you're hot,"
  145. >you lean down to kiss her neck again, and she moans into the cushion as you do
  146. >and she comes again
  147. "I'm so going to fill you up,"
  148. >she nods and groan
  149. "I'm going to knock you up and give these two some cousins, wouldn't that be fun?"
  150. >you tease her before kissing the back of her ear
  151. >and you give a rather harsh thrust as she tries to respond, making her voice die in her throat instead
  152. >"Anh-non~,"
  153. "What?"
  154. >you ask
  155. >but you don't stop thrusting
  156. >you don't think you could, even if she asked you to
  157. >you're getting close
  158. >"I love you,"
  159. >your heart skips a beat
  160. >and you lose it
  161. >you thought you still had some fight in you, but you don't, and you feel yourself throb
  162. >and throb
  163. >and spurt
  164. >and you groan, and she moans, and you pant, and she giggles
  165. "Fuck!"
  166. >you can't help but collapse on top of her, the sweat on her back instantly seeping through your shirt and mixing with yours
  167. >her warmth spreading through your skin
  168. >her smell somehow making itself even more present than before
  169. >"Mmh-mmh!"
  170. >she nods again as she turns around to send you a loving gaze
  171. "I love you too,"
  172. >you say before closing in and kissing her neck again
  174. >you bask in the afterglow for a good two minutes, simply enjoying each other's warmth and smell and touch, before you realize that you still have toddlers to take care of
  175. >but a quick glance up lets you notice they're both asleep
  176. >you're not sure since when exactly
  177. >you were kinda lost in the moment there
  178. >but hey, they're asleep so, it's a win right?
  179. >maybe your fucking sounds and your mare's moans served as a lullaby or something
  180. >that's strangely arousing
  181. >"Hehehe, I can feel you getting hard back there~,"
  182. >you can't help but grin
  183. "Guilty as charged,"
  184. >"But! We really, really gotta get them to bed now,"
  185. >she's right
  186. "Yeah, you're right, let's do that,"
  187. >"Mmh-mmh!"
  188. >she nods again, before you pull yourself off of her
  189. >your re-hardening shaft leaves her lips and the sight of your lovemix slowly escaping her and dripping down of her leg sends another wave of arousal up your spine
  190. >and her eyes find yours, and you know she knows what you just saw
  191. >it's written in there
  192. >in the way she looks at you
  193. >"Don't you worry none, nonny! The fun is far from over~,"
  194. >you groan in reply
  196. >"Oh, thank you so much for doing this Pinkie, and you too Anon!"
  197. "It was no problem Mrs. Cake, really,"
  198. >"Yeah, we had so much fun!"
  199. >"Good, good,"
  200. >you look at her open the door of the kids' bedroom as you share a knowing smirk with your mare, images of last night flashing through both your minds
  201. >until a loud gasp pops your bubbles
  202. "What's up--"
  203. >your eyes and mouth go wide as you rush next to the flabbergasted mare
  204. >there, in plain sight, still in their caged baby beds, are pound and pumpkin
  205. >but that's not the flabbergasting part
  206. >the flabbergasting part is the way pound is mounting her sister as he (tries to) slap her rear in sync with his thrusts
  207. >they still had their diapers, thankfully, but you feel time crawl to a stop as you look at your mare
  208. >and her expression completely mimics yours
  209. >FUCK
  211. >they're babies!
  212. >how the fuck did they
  213. >how could they
  214. >how the fuck are you going to explain this?!
  215. >maybe you should run for it?
  216. >take your mare over your shoulder and jump through the window and run to the frozen north?
  217. >or maybe seaquestri--
  218. >"O-oh dear Celestia, uhm..."
  219. >you somehow find the courage to find her gaze
  220. >and she looks embarassed
  221. >very, very embarassed
  222. >"CARROT!"
  223. >her scream nearly makes you jump back in fear for your life
  224. >"What is it honey bun?"
  225. >she sends him a death glare as she points to the crime scene, and he trots to her side with worry in his eyes
  226. >and he gasps
  227. >and you see her hoof shoot for her ear and he yelps in pain as she brings it down to her lips
  228. >"'They're just babies', huh?! 'They don't understand', huh?!"
  229. >she whispers
  230. >tries to whisper
  231. >you're obviously not supposed to hear that
  232. >but she's obviously having a hard time controlling her voice right now
  233. >"N-now, now, honey bun, uhm, maybe there's another explanat--"
  234. >annnnndd that's your cue, you're out
  235. >you lean down, pick your mare up and darts for the door
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