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  1. Oh, actually, there's a book that I wanted as well.
  2. Maybe I'll go with you.
  3. I see.
  4. Can I go with you?
  5. Sure.
  6. If you don't mind, do you want to go get lunch together also?
  7. What about looking after your store?
  8. It's fine, my big brother is there.
  9. He's not listening to a word I'm saying.
  10. E-Even after you were here for eight years?!
  11. He just whispered something!
  12. Or rather, he's actually all for staying here as long as possible once again?!
  13. Morita-san...
  14.  田 Taken advantage of by his smiling face
  15. Stimulated by the alcohol she drank
  16. The tear that wells up when she's shown otherwise
  17.  田 She'd already become all for it
  18.  田 Holding her head
  19.  田 Holding her head
  20.  田 Even if she tries to pretend that it was a dream
  21.  田 His paper tells a different story
  22.  田 Becoming white and discolored
  23.  田 Ascending above the clouds
  24. The silvery summer's night she was picked up on
  25.  田 She's being constricted by a mistake that won't go away
  26.  田 Receives the Mocademy Award
  27.  田 A Japanese Delightfully Wins
  28.  田 Japanese Wins
  29.  田 And
  30.  田 Melees
  31.  田 Bag:  田 "majison"  田 (Madison Square Garden)
  32.  田 Note:  田 Many Japanese families have a day of the week when curried rice is served.
  33.  田 Accepted
  34.  田 Morita Shinobu
  35.  田 will be graduating...
  36.  田 German-style  田 (Image)
  37.  田 *They haven't even taken a sip.
  38.  田 Kanji on the heads:  田 "stone" 田 .
  39.  田 The narrow path behind the school led to the pool.
  40.  田 Along with the summer color of the water, my memories of you are fading away.
  41.  田 Even today, I still haven't been able to fulfill
  42.  田 That promise I made with you on the way home...
  43.  田 At this rate, I'll forget it someday...
  44.  田 But you won't forget, right? It's unforgivable, right?
  45.  田 So I kept looking back.
  46.  田 Getting upset over stupid things, you smiled as we pinky swore.
  47.  田 Though, in the end, only my dreams were stuffed into that small bag.
  48.  田 In the end, you never came out of that summer water.
  49.  田 Alone by the pool, I wait for you.
  50.  田 Because I promised you.
  51.  田 When I try to go home, there's a splash...
  52.  田 And it stops me in my tracks.
  53.  田 kousha no ura no hosoi michi wa sono mama puuru ni tsuzuiteita
  54.  田 natsu no mizu no iro to tomo ni kimi no kioku mo toonoite iku
  55.  田 ano higaerimichi de kimi to musunda yakusoku wa...
  56.  田 ima mo soshite kore kara mo hatasenai kara
  57.  田 itsuka nakushite shimau yo...
  58.  田 kimi wa wasurenain darou yurusenai yo ne
  59.  田 dakara nando mo furikaetta
  60.  田 kudaranai koto de muki ni natte yubikiri de waratta kimi no kao
  61.  田 chiisana kaban ni tsumeta mono wa kekkyoku boku no yume bakari
  62.  田 natsu no mizu no naka kara toutou kimi wa agaru koto wa naku...
  63.  田 dare mo inai puuru de boku wa matteru
  64.  田 kimi to yakusoku shita kara
  65.  田 ie ni kaerou to suru to shibuki ga agari
  66.  田 boku wa sono ashi wo tomerunda
  67.  田 Send the lost promises to the stars
  68.  田 My memories won't fade away
  69. I steal a glance at you as we look for four-leaf clovers,
  70. But then divert my eyes
  71. The gentle rain falls above our heads
  72. as it becomes as dramatic as the number of people passing by
  73. I wonder if we'll ever be able to
  74. reunite with those precious things that were broken
  75. The scars that were left behind won't go away
  76. Now we must depart
  77. To our own separate ways
  78. Mocademy Visual Effects Awards...
  79. ...for Space Titanic...
  80. Shinobu Morita!
  81. Bonsoir, madames et messieurs.
  82. Who the hell?! I mean, is that Morita-san?!
  83. W-W-What is that man doing?
  84. He's on T-TV!
  85. And the Mocademy Awards?!
  86. Hollywood!
  87. Visual Effects Award? What?
  88. So that means that Morita-san did the CG?
  89. He's blonde!
  90. No way!
  91. I don't know! What's going on? What's the meaning of this?
  92. What? What's going on?
  93. What is it?
  94. I can't believe it. We haven't seen him in a year!
  95. Please be quiet! You're causing trouble for the other patients!
  96. And we finally see him again - on TV! And it's the Mocademy Awards!
  97. O-Oh, I'm sorry. Everyone, quiet down!
  98. He's blonde...
  99. Mocademy Visual Effects Award!
  100. E-Everyone, be quiet, his speech is starting!
  101. Um, wow, what should I talk about?
  102. I got put up to this at such short notice, and I'm not good with speeches...
  103. Then, since I'm bad at this, I'll say simply.
  104. First, a message to the man who, in the middle of everything, dumped it all on me, from the character designs and CG action...
  105. To background effects and the motion capture models, saying to me, "I'll leave everything to your talents."
  106. And when poor little me tried to go back to Japan saying, "This wasn't in my contract, so I'm leaving"...
  107. ...placed me on house arrest for a year in a studio in the deserts of Arizona...
  108. And in the end, saying, "We're not going to make it in time for the premiere,"
  109. ...made me do not only the CGs but also matte paintings for backgrounds...
  110. Eventually telling me so amiably, "Actually, we need them by tomorrow"...
  111. And what the hell is "As feeling!" supposed to mean?
  112. When I bitterly (yet honestly) complained that, "I can't draw anything without model sheets,"
  113. ...he handed me this chunky screenplay with a broad smile...
  114. I mean, this was the  田 screenplay. 田  What I wanted was the model sheets!
  115. On top of that, the latter part of it was blank...
  116. Then in the end, he starts asking me once again in a friendly fashion:
  117. "Hey, Shinobu, what do you think will happen for the ending?"
  118. So I was like, "Whatever," and answered, "I'm sleepy," and he goes ahead and uses it!
  119. I mean, if he's going that far, isn't it like half the screenplay was done by me?
  120. This isn't simple at all!
  121. I want to say, "Fork over my half of your damned box office revenue!"
  122. Not only that, but the man then hurried off on a vacation, saying "I'll leave the rest to you," and is actually absent today.
  123. To the director, Peter Lucas...
  124. Hey!
  125. M-Morita-san... why do you always do whatever you feel like doing, no matter where you go?
  126. Let go of me! I still have other things I need to say to him!
  127. I will dedicate every last bit of my 400 million fee to hiring a lawyer and I will come back to this place!
  128. Next time I see you will be in court!
  129. I'll pry away at least five times the attorney fee from you!
  130.  田 I'll be back—!
  131. I've never seen anyone I know on TV before!
  132. Takemoto-san, please be quiet in the hospital room!
  133. Amazing! I mean, would you normally act that way?
  134. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ah...
  135. He's blonde!
  136. I mean, he was never normal to begin with, but...!
  137. He's coming back.
  138. Morita-san is...
  139. America?
  140. When is he coming back?
  141. Who knows? Maybe in half a year?
  142. Half a year?
  143. Do you want him to come back?
  144. Or do you not?
  145. I don't want him to come back.
  146. I think it's good to keep trying until you've tried everything you've wanted to do.
  147. I wonder what she will do once Morita-san comes back...
  148. And for me...
  149. Nurse...
  150. W-Water...
  151. H-Huh?
  152. Did I make it to heaven before I knew it?
  153. The familiar faces of my classmates are all there like a kaleidoscope...
  154. M-M-M-M-Morita-san?!
  155. Mayama!
  156. It seems he has a light concussion.
  157. Please head over to outpatient care.
  158. Well, who's next?
  159. I'm sorry, we're leaving now. H-Hagu, we're leaving!
  160. I'll see you tomorrow, Takemoto-kun!
  161. Huh? Uh... e-everyone!
  162.  田 Today's Morning Plaza.
  163.  田 First, let's start with this astonishing news.
  164.  田 A mysterious Japanese man received the Mocademy Visual Effects Awards.
  165.  田 The recipient, Morita Shinobu-san, criticized the director in his speech...
  166.  田 And the situation deteriorated to the point where he had to be pulled off the stage by bodyguards.
  167.  田 This news is also all over the front pages of American newspapers...
  168. Good morning.
  169. Ouch... why does my neck hurt?
  170.  田 And the citizens are wondering if this was a challenge by Japan directed at their country.
  171. Hey, this is amazing. The newspapers and TV have his story all over them.
  172. At this rate, TV stations might be rushing into our school...
  173. That guy at the hospital last night... that was Morita-san, right?
  174. Why would he be in the hospital?
  175. Or rather, how did he get back to Japan so quickly?
  176. The stuff on TV last night was apparently pre-recorded.
  177. Could it be that Morita-san rushed back to submit his graduate thesis?
  178. I hope that's the case, but who can tell...
  179. Oh, but isn't the deadline 5 P.M. today?
  180. Either way, let's go to the hospital one more time.
  181. Now eat a lot and get healthy, Takemoto-kun.
  182. Oh, good morning, everyone.
  183. He's here after all! Morita-san!
  184. Are you all right?! Are you sick or something?
  185. Why are you in the hospital?!
  186. He's not blonde!
  187. He overate.
  188. Are YOU sick?
  189. N-No!
  190. M-Morita-san, you're all right now, right?
  191. In that case, we'll go home for today, Takemoto-kun.
  192. H-H-Hagu, let's go.
  193. I wanted to take care of my precious Takemoto...
  194. Morita-san, you brought back your payment in cash?
  195. Let's close the bag... the wads of bills are popping out...
  196. He just overate...
  197. Not to mention, on the honey-roasted in-flight snack...
  198. Well, they are pretty tasty...
  199. These are great! What the heck are these?
  200. Just because the in-flight food is free...
  201. This is my shirt!
  202. And I was thinking I hadn't seen it in a while! So it was you!
  203. Oh, this?
  204. Kaoru sent it to me.
  205. Since he asked me on the phone if there was anything I needed.
  206. Yeah, here it is.
  207. Are you okay with something like this?
  208. Hurry up and send it over! I don't have any change of clothes!
  209. But why my shirt?!
  210. On top of that, he broke into my room?
  211. That aside, I need to go buy more honey-roasted peanuts...
  212. What day is today?
  213. C-Curried rice day?
  214. Let me go!
  215. Well, I wasn't expecting anything out of you, but...
  216. Seriously...
  217. I've been captured! Help me, Mayama!
  218. We don't have time. Let's go, Hagu!
  219. O-Okay.
  220. Actually, Sensei is trying to save you right now.
  221. But it really doesn't feel like it's been a year. He hasn't changed at all...
  222. In fact, he's gotten worse as a human being.
  223. Can you actually make a graduate thesis in just four hours?
  224. Beats me. But I think he just wants to take him there.
  225. To the person who's been waiting for Morita-san.
  226. So...
  227. Are you going to work?
  228. After I buy a book on historical material in Shinjuku.
  229. What about you, Yamada?
  230. I need to go look after the store now.
  231. So we'll go part of the way together.
  232. Yeah.
  233. Many words came to my mind...
  234. But they all seemed too unnatural and embarrassing.
  235. I couldn't even bring them to my lips.
  236. So I just absent-mindedly watched the brown hair that I like so much turn transparent in the winter sunlight.
  237. Hey, Mayama.
  238. Yeah?
  239. How's your current job?
  240. Well, I guess it's going okay.
  241. Is it just going to be the two of you?
  242. Aren't you hiring other people?
  243. Getting more workers brings other problems.
  244. So I think we'll just do what the two of us can do for a while.
  245. I see...
  246. I asked that one myself.
  247. But I was surprised by how much my heart stung from Mayama saying, "The two of us."
  248. That's why...
  249. I see, that sounds like fun.
  250. S-Sorry.
  251. I-I should... um... get going to the store.
  252. Bye now! Good luck!
  253. I was getting frustrated for feeling so saddened by just those words.
  254. And I couldn't stop the mounting frustration at myself for venting that frustration on Mayama...
  255. There's only twenty minutes left until the deadline for submitting your graduate thesis.
  256. I'm sure that even you aren't capable of finishing this in twenty minutes, Morita.
  257. Gramps...
  258. That's not it, Gramps.
  259. This is my graduate thesis.
  260. Sorry for making you wait for so long.
  261. But I can finally turn it in to you.
  262. Will you accept it, Gramps?
  263. Gramps...
  264. The Mocademy Awards, huh?
  265. You've certainly done it again. Splendid.
  266. However, I won't accept it!
  267. CG? Hmph!
  268. Everyone's getting so cocky these days.
  269. I don't know how wonderful of an award it is...
  270. But as long as you're a student in the sculpture department...
  271. I won't accept anything but a sculpture.
  272. Listen. Out of the thousands of students that I've taught, you were number one or two in terms of talent.
  273. You are like a rose blooming in a forest.
  274. However, Morita, although roses are beautiful, it is truly difficult to maintain them.
  275. They get infested with insects, plagued with infections, and hurt both themselves and those around them with their thorns.
  276. A lifeless rose can't outshine a healthy dandelion in its beauty.
  277. Gosh, Gramps, you're so snooty.
  278. You're tickling me, telling me that I'm beautiful like a rose...
  279. I'm telling you that a person with an enormous amount of talent must put in an equally enormous amount of effort lest he fail!
  280. Morita, I have been in love from the bottom of my heart with your talents.
  281. This is the last thing I can do for you as your teacher.
  282. I'll teach you, my precious student, about the reality of life!
  283. I won't accept anything for your graduate thesis other than a completed sculpture piece!
  284. That is my farewell gift to you!
  285. Let's... see...
  286. Then, here!
  287. Like I said, I won't accept anything but...!
  288. Gramps.
  289. Take a closer look.
  290. H-Handmade... Moreover, the entire thing is made of pure gold...
  291. Gramps!
  292. Professor Tange!
  293. And now...
  294. Now that this year's graduate thesises have all been accepted...
  295. All the professors who have gathered here today...
  296. For the future of all our students...
  297. Cheers...!
  298. All right! There it is!
  299. Professors! It's spilling, it's spilling!
  300. The legendary Cross Counter Toast!
  301. This is good luck!
  302. C-C-Congratulations...
  303. Oh, dear, what a waste...
  304. On top of that, they finished it off German-style!
  305. Thank you, Professor!
  306. I can graduate without any regrets now!
  307. Isn't German-style like this...?
  308.  田 Prost!
  309. My, Hanamoto-kun, we've finally been able to make it to this day again this year.
  310. I was able to have my students' graduate thesises successfully accepted again.
  311. It really takes the weight off your shoulders, doesn't it?
  312. But we'll be teaching another set of students again soon enough.
  313. Well...
  314. And now, I'm sure that Professor Tange can return to a relaxing life as a teacher.
  315. Is the light too bright, Gramps? You might want this over your face.
  316. Hey, Morita! You can't put that over his face.
  317. No! No cloth!
  318. Morita-san...
  319. Takemoto-kun!
  320. Hagu-chan.
  321. Um, Hagu-chan.
  322. Oh, no, it's nothing.
  323. Cheers!
  324. Yeah.
  325. Cheers.
  326. Let me down, Morita. I can walk on my own.
  327. Don't overexert yourself, Gramps.
  328. Gramps, you've gotten so light...
  329. You must've gone through a lot of hardship while I wasn't around.
  330. No, you're the one that made him lose weight... Over the course of eight years.
  331. We might say this and that, but Morita-san really likes Professor Tange, doesn't he?
  332. Morita's affection is a double-edged sword, after all.
  333. Gramps, you know...
  334. I...
  335. You yelled at me and hit me a lot, but the past eight years have been a lot of fun.
  336. Be quiet, don't talk so much. My head hurts. Just get a move on.
  337. Okay, Gramps.
  338. Hey, Hanamoto-kun.
  339. Being a teacher really isn't that great.
  340. No matter how much you care for a student, they all eventually graduate.
  341. Once they graduate, who knows how many years pass until you see them again.
  342. If things don't go right, you might never see them again.
  343. I wonder if teachers are like those school ghosts who can't even graduate?
  344. Don't you think so, Hanamoto-kun?
  345. You sure say some nasty things, Professor Tange...
  346. Okay, I'll take Gramps home.
  347. Morita-san, don't push yourself too hard.
  348. Your payload will suddenly gain weight like Konaki-jijii once you pass the one kilometer mark.
  349. If you don't watch out, you'll see hell tomorrow!
  350. What payload? Am I Konaki-jijii?!
  351. Mayama, you idiot-idiot-idiot-idiot-idiot!
  352. Ayu, your underwear is showing!
  353. Don't push yourself too hard, Morita!
  354. If you get tired, use a taxi!
  355. And so, another one of our precious senpais headed off...
  356. Gracefully wiping up the numerous memories and sorrows for the parting with a V-sign.
  357. And then...
  358. Hey, want to join the Cinema Society?
  359. Do you like movies?
  360. U-Um...
  361. Hagu-chan.
  362. Oh, how about you? Would you be interested in the Cinema Society?
  363. Oh, I'm sorry. We're seniors, so we're busy with our graduate thesis and job hunt.
  364. Huh? She's our senpai?
  365. It's finally just the two of us.
  366. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the next year.
  367. Well, well, don't worry. I won't let you two be alone.
  368. Ever.
  369. Hagu-chan, the ceramics room underwent a revamp.
  370. Ayu!
  371. Oh, yeah. There's an art festival in Yokohama next week.
  372. And while we're there, do you all want to go to the Chinatown there?
  373. Oh, that sounds good!
  374. Huh? What is it, Takemoto?
  375. Well, I was thinking... that things haven't really changed.
  376. I guess I was relieved.
  377. You idiot. Why would you dislike change at your age?
  378. I-I'm sorry.
  379. Well, it's true that you get shocked if things take a sudden turn.
  380. But that's also refreshing, if you think about it.
  381. Is that so?
  382. Pretty much.
  383. Hey!
  384. Hey!
  385. Hey!
  386. Hey!
  387. Wait up!
  388. Mo-Mo-Mo-Morita-san?!
  389. I'm Morita Shinobu. I just entered the Japanese Arts department this spring.
  390. Oh, to be precise, I transferred in as a third year.
  391. So I'm a third year already.
  392. But I finally learned after jumping out into the wide world.
  393. That I still haven't studied enough.
  394. Simply put, it's nice to make your acquaintance, Senpai!
  395. And I look forward to learning from you, Professor Nakamori!
  396. Please teach me lots and lots over the next two years...  田 More like four times that amount.
  397. I'll be under your tutelage for that amount of time!
  398. Hurry! Hurry—!
  399. Oh, boy...
  400. Unbelievable.
  401. Hurry! Hurry—!
  402. Someone!
  403. Next episode: The time that was standing still begins to move.
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