When Worlds Collide 4

Mar 15th, 2017
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  1. >"Lift your arms please."
  2. >You did as you were asked
  3. >Nodding, Twilight looked down at her clipboard and wrote something down
  4. >"Good, now lift your left leg thirty-eight degrees."
  5. >...
  6. >What?
  7. >Frowning, you looked down at you leg
  8. >Gingerly, you lifted it up to what you thought was thirty-eight degrees
  9. >"No, no. That's too little," the purple princess said
  10. >You lifted it up a bit more
  11. >Twilight shook her head
  12. >"Now that's too much. You need to put it down a bit," she said, tapping your knee with a hoof
  13. >You rolled your eyes
  14. >Yep...
  15. >No matter what world you were in, Twilight would always be Twilight...
  16. >Lowering your leg, you looked over at Lero
  17. >Since Twilight had brought you all down to her basement/laboratory/sex dungeon he had sat at the far end of the room looking at you
  18. >Now, you might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you didn't know any better you'd have said that he looked scared
  19. >Which both confused and concerned you
  20. >What was the big deal?
  21. >Honeydew had just kicked you
  22. >Sure it sucked, but at worse she might have broken a rib or two
  23. >You'd have lived...
  24. >So why had everyone flipped out?
  25. >Naturally, you had some questions so that you could get this whole nonsense sorted out
  26. >Unfortunately for you, Twilight was so busy poking at you and talking to herself that you couldn't ask her anything
  27. >The other two weren’t up for conversation either
  28. >Lyra had been gone off somewhere for half an hour, only to return wearing guard armor for some reason
  29. >She was standing near the foot of the steps, eyeballing the door, so you couldn't ask her anything
  30. >Panko was sitting next to Lero, whispering something in his ear as she looked at you, so she wasn't any help either...
  33. >"Good, now could you please put these goggles on?"
  34. >Something was waved in front of your face, bringing you out of your thoughts
  35. >Your eyes snapped toward the object, revealing it to be a pair of human-sized black goggles
  36. >Plucking them out of Twilight's magic, you looked them over
  37. >These particular goggles looked kind of funny…
  38. >Almost as if…
  39. >You dragged a finger across one of the lenses
  40. "Is this coated in lead?"
  41. >”Yep," Twilight said, scribbling something else onto that clipboard of hers. "It'll help keep you safe from the radiation."
  42. >...
  43. >Wat?
  44. >You were about to ask what the hell she meant when the crazy purple dork levitated over a plate-sized hunk of metal
  45. "What the hell is that?" you asked, slapping the goggles on your head, despite your reservations
  46. >"It's more lead," Twi matter-of-factly replied, dropping it into your hands. "You can use that to shield your lower extremities."
  47. >You looked down at your groin
  48. >...The fuck is this little horse doing?
  49. >You watched as Twilight, humming a tune to herself, pulled down some weird contraption from the ceiling
  50. >Why you hadn’t noticed it until now was unimportant
  51. >What was important was she was pointing the thing at you right now
  52. >"I wanted to take some x-rays of your body if you don't mind. Hopefully we can figure out why you were able to take that kick," she said, turning a few dials on her x-ray machine
  53. >You took a step back
  54. >This was EXACTLY how Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk…
  55. >...
  56. >You think…
  57. "And why do you need to figure that out? It's not like I'm all that hurt or anything."
  58. >"That's just the thing, Anon. If Lero had gotten kicked like that he would have been seriously hurt," Twi said, looking away from the x-ray gizmo to look at you. "But you're perfectly fine!"
  61. >...
  62. >Oh no...
  63. >Her science boner's getting harder
  64. >You can SEE IT
  65. >"Other than some minor brusing, you took the blow like a pony would!" the nerd continued, taking a second to pace in front of you. "From what Lero’s told you, the two of you should be from the same world, so you your biology shouldn’t be all that different."
  66. >You took another step back
  67. “Maybe I just drink a lot more milk than him?” you suggested
  68. >Twilight giggled, covering her mouth with a hoof
  69. >”No, I don’t think so. It might actually have something to do with your Equestria,” she said excitedly. “Their magic might have affected you differently, or maybe you’re from a totally different universe but it’s so similar that the two of you wouldn’t know the difference!”
  70. >Clapping her hooves together, she reached for a button that was hanging on the edge of her device
  71. >”There’s so many possibilities! Ohhh! I can’t wait to see what the x-ray tells us!”
  72. >Your nose scrunched up
  73. "You have an x-ray machine in your basement?"
  74. >"Yep! Ponyville hospital got a new one a few months ago and they were nice enough to sell it to me!"
  75. >You nodded slowly
  76. "So... you have a USED x-ray machine in your basement?"
  77. >You looked over at mint guard hoers
  78. "Is that legal?"
  79. >"It's not illegal," she answered, wisely getting out of the x-ray machine's firing range
  80. >You looked back at the machine
  81. >You’d have a LOT of explaining to do if you came home a muscle-bound green rage monster...
  82. >Your wife might get a kick out of it, but you had to take your kids to school tomorrow
  83. >It would be awkward for your little Dawn if her daddy was too big to fit through the school’s doors...
  84. "Is it safe?" you asked with some trepidation
  85. >"Yeah, it should be fine," Twilight answered, looking down at her notes
  86. "Should be?"
  87. >"I had a specialist come in when I first bought. They told me that it was completely safe," Twilight said with a wave
  88. >One of her hooves hovered over the button, prompting you to cover your junk with the plate of lead
  89. >Thankfully, at the last second, Twilight's throbbing knowledge erection softened a bit
  90. >A look came to her face
  91. >The “I’m about to blast the envoy of a different world with radiation without his expressed permission” look
  92. >Blinking, she looked up at you with a sheepish smile
  93. >"...If you'd be willing to let me x-ray you that is. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable in anyway after all," she said with a nervous ruffle of her feathers
  94. >This little horse...
  95. >You shook your head, a small smile coming to your face
  98. "You're going to be gnawing at the walls if I don’t let you take your pictures," you said, slipping the goggles over your eyes and covering your junk. "So come on. Just make sure not to take a million pictures."
  99. >Though you couldn't see a thing, you could hear Twilight clap her hooves together in that way your Twilight did whenever she was excited about something
  100. >"Fantastic! Now just make sure to hold still and I'll start."
  101. "I'll be as still as a statue," you promised
  102. >For several seconds there was a silence
  103. >A click then filled the air, then another, then another
  104. >"Good. Now could you please turn so I can get a picture of you sideways?"
  105. >You did as she asked, this time covering your hip with the lead
  106. >Three more clicks filled the air
  107. >"I just need your other side and you'll be done. I promise."
  108. >With three more clicks you were all done
  109. >Though you still couldn't see jack shit, you didn't feel any different
  110. >Which was good
  111. >You didn’t have the jaw to be a superhero
  112. >"Good. Very good. Now I'll take that plate off of you. You can go and sit down while I get these pictures developed."
  113. >The lead was levitated out of your hands, allowing you take off the goggles
  114. >When you did you saw that Twilight looked like she was going to start bouncing off the walls
  115. >She couldn't stand still, and the smile on her face was a mile wide
  116. >Seeing her like this made you want to go over there and pet her
  117. >Thankfully, you resisted the urge
  118. >Lero over there probably wouldn't want you petting his girl...
  119. >The goggles were levitated out of your hand and dropped onto the table as the princess of dorks trotted into a little room on the other end of the basement and closed the door beside her
  120. >Stepping out of the x-ray machine’s line of fire, you gave yourself a quick once-over
  121. >From what you could see, you were fine
  122. >No green skin, no limitless rage, no bulging muscles...
  125. >...
  126. >Huh
  127. >For some reason, you couldn’t help but feel just a bit disappointed...
  129. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  131. >Like every time you wore it, your armor was rubbing against your left hind leg
  132. >It didn't hinder your movement in any way, and it didn't leave any marks or cause any rashes, but it WAS irritating
  133. >You had no idea the cause of this phenomenon
  134. >Time and again you had adjusted the straps on your armor
  135. >When that didn't work you had tried wearing something underneath
  136. >When that failed you had even gone and gotten the back half of your armor replaced
  137. >But it didn't do you any good
  138. >The rubbing continued
  139. >While this might have broken lesser mares, you were a Still Way master
  140. >Patience and controlling one's emotions was your bread and butter
  141. >Such things as discomfort and irritation were beyond you
  142. >You were an enlightened being, one that could let the rubbing slip from your thoughts like water on a duck
  143. >...
  144. >It might have also helped that you almost never had to wear this armor unless it was an emergency
  145. >"So whatcha doing? Keeping the crazy super-prince from escaping?"
  146. >Your gaze flicked over to Prince Anonymous as he made his way over to you
  147. >If one wasn't paying attention, they might have called his gait carefree
  148. >But, if one would have looked carefully, they would have seen a tension in each step
  149. >Each step was careful and thoughtful, with the same amount of gracefulness and simplistic beauty as Lero's walk
  150. >It was oddly predatory
  151. >Like the movements of a cat that had killed many a mouse
  152. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but eye his movements appreciatively
  153. >Beautiful...
  154. "I'm just following procedure, your highness," you said
  155. >"Don't call me your highness. And scooch over, I wanna sit down," the prince replied, stepping around you so that he could sit down on the steps
  156. "It's standard procedure for me to come out in full gear after somepony's been attacked," you continued. "The guard will need to come down here to question you and Honeydew, so they need to be able to easily spot me."
  159. >Admittedly, you weren’t being completely truthful, but he didn’t need to know that...
  160. >Anonymous hummed thoughtfully
  161. >"So what's gonna happen to that angry little horse? You're not going to turn her into a statue or anything like that right?"
  162. >You couldn’t help but snort
  163. >If you were a vengeful sort of mare you’d say that Honeydew could use a few months as a statue
  164. >Thankfully for her, and you, you were a peace-loving unicorn
  165. "The punishment for assaulting somepony without cause is usually a few days in jail and a fine, though I expect that it'll be worse for her since you're an ambassador."
  166. >The prince made a face
  167. >"Eh, I'd rather just drop the charges if I can."
  168. >You raised an eyebrow in surprise
  169. "Really? Even after she assaulted you?"
  170. >"I've walked away from a lot worse."
  171. "Really?"
  172. >"Yep."
  173. >You let out a hum of your own, looking over at your husband
  174. "Why didn't you go sit over with Lero?" you asked
  175. >"Because every time that I get near him he looks like he's about to shit his pants."
  176. >The prince sighed, pressing his back against the wall
  177. >"Is getting kicked like that really that big of a deal here?"
  178. "Not for a pony," you replied, giving your flank a little wiggle
  179. >Stupid armor...
  180. >Anonymous's brow furrowed in thought
  181. >"So it's a big deal for Lero over there?" he asked, scratching his chin
  182. "Yes," you said with a nod. "Lero isn't as durable as a pony."
  183. >You were about to wiggle again when you felt something tapping against the side of your armor
  184. >Looking over, you saw that the prince was now leaning forward, a hand on your haunches
  185. >"Something's rubbing against you huh?" he asked
  186. >...
  187. >Huh
  188. "Yes actually," you said, tapping the spot with a hoof. "Right here."
  189. >"Well, there's a small dent right where you're poking around at, so if you get that fixed I'm sure it won't rub anymore."
  192. >You craned your neck a little further to get a better look
  193. >The armor looked fine to you...
  194. >Touching the spot the prince had indicated, you couldn't feel a difference either
  195. >Anonymous's eyes narrowed
  196. >For a moment, it looked like he wanted to asked you something, but instead he just shook his head
  197. >"We got a couple of minutes until Twilight gets back with her pictures."
  198. >He waved you over
  199. >"Take that lower bit off. I see a hammer right over there. Hey Lero!"
  200. >Your husband jumped
  201. >"Yeah?"
  202. >"Could you do me a favor and grab that hammer over there? I need to help your blind wife with something."
  203. >You snorted good-naturedly
  204. "I'm not blind. You're just seeing things," you said
  205. >With a spell, you unbuckled the lower section of your armor and handed it to the prince
  206. >Anonymous looked up into your eyes as if searching for something
  207. >"...So it’s not just him then?" he mumbled
  208. >You cocked your head to the side
  209. "What was that?" you asked
  210. >"...Nothing. Now why don't you take a seat with me? You look like you need to take a load off."
  212. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  214. "Thank you," you said as Lero handed you the little hammer
  215. >The poor guy still looked a bit anxious
  216. >His movements were jerky, and you’d have had to be dumber than a doorknob to not see that he wanted to start barraging you with questions
  217. >Still though, he wasn’t as bad as before
  218. >Resting the armor on your leg, you ran your hand down where the little bump on Harpbutt's armor was
  219. >You could feel the unicorn's golden eyes on you as you did so
  220. >They were pretty eyes
  221. >A lot prettier than your Lyra’s
  222. >...
  223. >But your Lyra's eyes were clear...
  224. "Alright. I might not be an armorer but I'll see what I can do."
  225. >You flipped over the piece in your hands
  226. >The inside of the armor was lined with leather and wool to make it more comfortable
  227. >Fortunately for you, the bit you were looking for was bare
  228. "Huh, there's more that one little dent," you said, running your finger along where her left haunch would be
  229. >Lyra cocked her head to the side
  230. >"It looks fine to me," she said
  231. >"It looks fine to me too," Lero added, leaning over you to get a better look
  232. "Well, it'll be a lot finer in a second. Now watch me work my magic."
  233. >You had to bang on the armor a lot harder than you thought you'd need to
  234. >To be fair it was armor, so it was designed to take a beating...
  235. >Still though, eventually you managed to fix one little dent after another
  236. >"What's all that banging in there?" Twilight called
  237. >"The prince is trying to ‘fix’ my armor," Lyra called back
  238. >You twitched, nearly smacking your thumb with the hammer
  239. "If you keep calling me prince I'm going to bend you over my knee and beat your butt," you threatened, glaring at the sassy little horse grinning at you. "I'll do it in front of your hubby too. See how you like THAT."
  240. >A grin came to Lero's face as Lyra playfully rolled her eyes
  241. >"Of course, your highness."
  242. >You flicked her nose
  245. "You watch it sist--"
  246. >The air pressure shifted in the room
  247. >Dry, emotionless laughter your ears
  248. >Inhuman laughter...
  249. >A sound that almost made the ears bleed...
  250. >All around the basement, you could see the air begin to shimmer
  251. >If you would have looked hard, you might have been able to see shapes in these shimmers
  252. >They were twisted shapes...
  253. >Dark shapes...
  254. >You could hear them whispering, and the sound of it made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end
  255. >They were coming closer, sucking the heat and the air and the light out of the room...
  256. >Toward you, Lero, and Lyra...
  257. >And with each step they took the whispering grew louder and louder
  258. >The edges of your vision grew red
  259. >Your heartbeat began irregular
  260. >The very blood in your veins froze
  261. >You sat there, hammer raised and ready to swing, watching as they closed the distance like predators stalking their prey
  262. >One of them was just about to touch Lero when the air pressure changed again
  263. >The room grew brighter
  264. >A ringing came to your ears
  265. >The air began charged, causing every hair on your body to stand up
  266. >The shimmers froze before quickly retreating from the three of you
  267. >They ran to the corner of the room before disappearing, leaving a dark, inky spot next to a table
  268. >Your eyes snapped toward another corner of the room, where a set of glowing blue orbs was floating in the air
  269. >These orbs lingered for a moment, giving you the distinct impression that they were staring back at you, before they too disappeared
  270. >Eyes, you realized after a moment
  271. >They were eyes...
  272. "--er."
  273. >You blinked as both Lero and Lyra began to chuckle
  274. >Huh...
  275. >Not the real things...
  276. >Just shadows…
  277. >With a little wiggle, you brought down your hammer one last time
  278. >Everything still felt alright
  279. >Well, as alright as it could be…
  280. >Sighing, you gave the armor a once-over before handing it back over to Lyra
  283. "There you go. You should be alright now."
  284. >Though you could see it on her face she thought you were full of shit, Lyra took the armor from your hand
  285. >Clipping the thing into place she wiggled
  286. >You smiled as her eyes widened in disbelief
  287. >"It... it doesn't rub anymore," she murmured
  288. >You leaned against the stairs, eyeing where the shadows had disappeared
  289. >Blood began to drip from your nose, but you were able to wipe it away with the back of your hand before she or her hubby saw it
  290. "Told you.”
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