Lunar Nights, Sunny Days Sequil

Jul 24th, 2013
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  1. It's been months since that night you and Luna shared. And to put things simply, you're stressed.This wasn't supposed to happen. At least not like this. What started as a hot fling turned into a love affair. Although you still love your wife Celestia, life is looking more and more appealing with Luna
  2. Its been hard, keeping this a secret. The lingering stares, the passing touches in the hallway. The passion you would share when you both were sure Celestia wasn't near. It was all......exhilarating. This is what you wanted with your wife. But as you've come to realize, that will never be.Darling whats wrong" Celestia calls to you. Her voice jerks you out of your thoughts. You straighten up in your chair and assure her that you were simply letting your mind wander where it will. She giggles, its cute, first time months she's actually smiled at you too. Ever since that day in the study she's been very limiting in contact with you. You almost thought she was having an affair of her own. That is till Luna set you straight. You reach over to her and stroke her mane. She leans into you while you do it. You chuckle you're making progress with her. Then she throws this curve ball.
  4. "Dear i've been think, about us" She begins. You stop her for a moment and command everyone to clear the throne room. Once they're gone you gesture for her to continue. You don't like you personal life to be on display. "Well first I just wanted to thank you for being so understanding with my, intimacy problems. I know this couldnt have been easy for you. And after some time and meditation I think i'm ready." she finishes. Your blood runs cold. You hadnt expected her to do this.Your wife leans in and kisses you softly. "I love you Anon, I really do." she whispers. But before she can kiss you again the sound of someone clearing their throat reverberates throughout the room. Both of you turn to see Luna standing there in all her regal glory.
  7. As if this day couldn't get any worse for you, you see it. Her stomach is slightly swollen."Sister i think you may need to lay off those moon pies you love so much, it's starting to show."Celestia smiles point at Luna's stomach. "Be not concerned of that sister it is time to lower the sun. The lunar festival shall begin soon."Luna informs her sister. Celestia hops off her throne and takes to the skies. You walk up you Luna and place a hand on the pit of her wing as she watches her sister lower the sun. "Its not moon pies is it?" You whisper. Luna doesn't respond. In a flash of light she disappears and in the distance you can see her raising her moon.
  9. Once the transition is complete the sounds of fireworks and cheers echo through Canterlot. You make your way to the balcony over looking the town an peer out over your subjects.
  11. You watch the adults dance in the streets, the little fillies running from food stand to food stand. You even see your wife down there, greeting her guests and taking part in the merriment.
  13. You make your way to the streets. Fillies run up to you asking for photographs, which you gladly indulge them in. They follow you with adoring eye as you go form stall to stall sampling all the food's from distant lands. You even take part in a few games with them. Although you pride was hurt a bit when on of them beat you at the test of strength booth. Nevertheless your time among your people was a great time indeed.
  15. Except you didnt see Luna
  17. This was her festival after all she should be standing out more than you.You excuse yourself from your little posse of fillies, much to their dismay and return to the castle. You have a sneaking suspicion of where she is. Sure enough you're right. Inside her bed chamber she sits. crying.
  19. You say her name sternly. She perks up and looks at you with love, and hate" What do you want? Go back to your wife there is nothing more for you here" she whispers. You ignore her request. Instead you walk over to her, kneel and embrace her."Yes their is, this" You say rubbing her belly. Her tears return as she pushes you away.Standing she give's you a fierce look." And what do you plan to do about this. Once sister notices it's only a matter of time before our secret is out."
  21. "We will figure it out" you tell her, stroking her flowing mane.She can't deny your touch as she leans into you. You both sit in silence, watching the fireworks from her balcony. Her tears are long absent at this point. Now she only contemplates her future.Your future. It's future.
  23. You don't share her bed this night. You escort her back to her bed and make sure she's comfortable. She lays on her side watching you, expectantly. You give her a loving smile and gently kiss the point on her horn. You know she loves that, her giggles are proof. Your hand travels down to her slightly swollen belly." How far along is it" You ask. After some thought she replies." At least 3 months". Astonished you ask."Why didn't you tell me sooner." She replies " At first I didnt know how you'd react. Then I thought about how Celestia would react if she found out about, him". With a content smile you rest your head on her stomach. You have a son on the way. And to be honest you're more excited than worried.
  25. After a few more moments you kiss Luna goodbye and excuse yourself. But outside you run into the last person you wanted to see you.
  26. "Darling, What are you doing coming out of my sister's bedchamber." Celestia asks, her voice laced with anger and suspicion. You straighten up,trying to hide your guilt and quickly explain that she was missing from the festival and that you were checking on her.She seems to buy this walks past you into her sister's room. But not before bidding you goodnight and promising to see you in bed.You watch the door click behind you and can only imagine what the sister's are speaking about. But it's out of your hands at this point. You return to your own bed chamber and after a quick dressing down, slip into your large bed. Its tiring keeping these secrets. But now you have a child on the way. A bastard child yes but the mere thought of miniature you roaming the castle makes you giddy. Your mind also wanders to how the child will even come out.
  28. Will it be Satyr, Pony, Human, Centaur? You honestly dont know but you just hope it doesn't come out a hideous deformity. Sadly though the loud slamming of your door alerts you to your rather pissed of wife. "The little harlot! she screams walking past the bed into the bathroom. You know she means Luna yet you show mock concern and ask her who's she talking about. "Luna's pregnant!" She calls back from behind the bathroom. You say nothing as she continues her rant." She's spreads her legs for any stallion that show her some affection and ends up pregnant. And wont even let me know who the farther is.". You roll over so she cant see your face and say."Maybe she thinks you'll banish him or something." I may if he's some ruffian no pony of lower birth shall ever touch mare of such royalty. I'd never allow it." She exclaims. " Is that why we haven't made love" you reply.
  30. The bathroom door swings open and you hear her stomp towards the bed. You dont even need to roll over to face her. The heat coming off of her aura is even to know she resents that remark. "YOU ARE DIFFERENT! you married into nobility" She explains You flip over in a rage and shout. "HOW DOES THAT MATTER CELESTIA?! We've not made love the entire time we've been married. You always push me away. And now you sit in judgment of Luna's love life. How dare you. HOW.DARE.YOU."
  32. Your wife is stunned beyond words. No one has ever talked to her this way before. Your chest is expanding and contracting constantly.You dont even let your wife respond. You redress yourself and stomp towards the door.You swing it open an look back at her. She still staring at the spot on the bed you once were on. " You know what Celestia ,maybe you should spread your legs too for once. Then maybe you wouldnt be such a frigid bitch yourself." Then you slam the door .
  34. The barrel down the hall. Servant's and guards alike step out of your way. Eventually you make it to your private study.
  36. Celestia doesn't bother you in here. Here you have solitude. You ignite the fire in the fireplace and sit in your favorite chair an reflect. You know you'll incur her wrath come morning. But frankly. You dont give a damn. The fire's entrance you and eventually you fall asleep.
  38. You awaken to loud banging. Looking towards the window you see the sun is high in the sky. Most likly ten you think. Not a moment later the doors to your study burst open. "What is the meaning of this?!" You shout. 10 of Celestia's personal guard detail march forward and proclaim that Their queen demands your attention in the throne room immediately. In a rage you push past them and make your way to the throne room.
  40. You push the large double doors open with such force that its cause the enite court to jump, except Celestia. She still at the top of the steps the the thrones, upright and stiff. You take notice that there's only two of them now. You march up her but are stopped by her personal guard at the foot of the steps. " I demand to know why you send your guards to retrieve me when you could've come yourself" You shout. Celestia fires a bolt of magic at your feet. You almost had to jump back. "SILENCE! you have no right to demand answers from me!" She shouts. Its your turn to be stunned. "What happend last night opened my eyes to the type of person you really are. The disrespect you've showed me will not go unpunished. I am hereby striping you of your rank as king and as my husband. You will vacate the palace until such time as I require you presence again."
  42. The entire court gasps. Some cheer while other scream in outrage at the loss of their beloved king."Strip him of everything in my image" Celestia commands. A force of magic comes upon you, keeping you in place. Then you feel your cape ripped form your back. Your chest plate explodes into pieces. Your leggings as well as your gauntlets turn to ash and fall from your body. When is it all over your clothes are in tatters.
  44. You drop to your knees once the magic is released. Some of the crowd tries to come to your aid but are kept back by Celestia guard detail. You look up at your ex wife and exclaim."What of Luna?! has she not the right to voice her opinion on this matter?" Celestia snorts" Luna is being taken to a secluded place to have her 'problem' removed. When she return she may voice her concerns if there are any.Your blood turns to ice in your veins. Celestia is going to murder your child. NO this will not stand NO.
  46. A rage you've never felt before explodes from your body. You twist and make your way toward the door. "Stop him I am not through with him!" Celestia shouts. The guards close in but are quickly repeled by your own personal guard. "ALL HAIL THE KING!!!" they shout. You smile and bolt from the room. You want, no NEED to find Luna before she leaves. One of your personal detail catches up to you and informs you that Luna's already in the court yard about to leave. You and your guard round a corner and come face to face with a small battalion of Celestia's guards. Through a nearby window you see Luna being forced onto a chariot. Your guard thinking quickly throws his lance through the window giving you the chance to jump out. As you make for the window your guard runs into the group. You hear him shout "HAIL KING ANO--" his shout cut short.
  48. You leap through the window and land in the courtyard. "Anon!" Luna shouts from the chariot. The guards escorting her charge at you. You pull a sword from you sash and swing wildly at them . You manage to kill a few but their numbers more than you can handle. A few manage to impale you with their weapon's but Luna fire blast of magic at them knocking them away from you.
  50. Then a golden beam of light hits Luna and stuns her. You manage to get to your feet and turn to see Celestia walking slowly into the courtyard surrounded by guards.
  52. "It seems my suspicions were correct" She says, hate lacing her voice.
  54. ou cough up blood." You will NOT harm,my child"
  55. You growl. Celestia charges and impales you on her horn. She lifts you into the air and tosses you aside. You land in a heap, barely breathing, barely conscious. Through the blood you see Celestia walking toward her sister. "You whore." She whispers. Luna struggles to her feet but is stuck down by her sister and trampled. Celestia slams her hooves down repeatedly down on her sister. Luna still weak from her sister's earlier blast of magic can only curl up and protect her unborn child. "You knew my feelings for him, and yet you betray me."Celestia says stopping her assault. With a last show of strength Luna looks her sister in the eye and said "Anon never loved you. He did only as commanded" Celestia says nothing. She places a hoof squarely on Luna's neck and presses down. "All those who supported you and him will bear the mark of betrayal" Celestia says calmly. "Their fur will be turned black as the night sky, their horns and wings will become scaly like those of a bat, their eyes will be yellow showing all who see them their inner crimes. All this and more will befall your followers. But you dear sister will suffer the greatest of punishment." Celestia finishes letting her hoof up. Luna coughs and sputters, gasping for air.
  57. Then out of no wear a sword flies through the air and knocks the crown from Celestia's head. She recoils and looks towards you in rage. You made to your feet and are dragging another blade you pulled from your one body.
  59. 'EVEN AS YOU DRAW YOUR LAST BREATH YOU CONTINUE TO DEFY ME?!" Celestia shouts. She picks up the blade you threw at her and launches it back at you. It pierces your heart. Blood explodes from you body as you drop to your knees. Its all going dark now. You can barly make out Luna screaming your name.
  60. The memories you shared with her flood you your mind and you cant help but smile. You did your best right? With a final exhale your life ends. Your last thought.
  62. Luna
  64. Celestia snorts in victory and picks up her sister in a magic aura. "Luna for crimes against queen and country, treason, and adultery. I sentence you to 1000 year exile on the moon you love so much. You will give birth in Lunar orbit and your child will die. This is your punishment. What say you" Celestia commanded.
  66. Luna spits in Celestia face and whispers."Celestia you've have stolen the one most precious to me. And will make you pay". Luna lowers her head most a moment as tears stream down her face. Then she raise her head full of malice and hate
  70. THE END
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