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  1. 1. Name:Stefan Bekca
  2. 2. Age:18 / 12.01.1991
  3. 3. Location: Well now I live in Serbia.
  4. 4. GMT:+2
  5. 5. Known Languages other than English:Italian,Serbian,Russian and a bit Swe
  6. 6. *Current school and/or job:Right now im on faculty medicine, department of Molecular medicine Niš
  7. 7. Online available time (daily/weekly, rough estimate):Daily I will be able to play from time to time, mostly of 1-2 hours a day, weekly some hour more.
  8. 8. Previous experience as a Game Master:I will not lie, but this would be the first time to be the gamemaster, but some guidelines for GM commands I read on internet, so I think if I get Gm you will help me, Just to say I learn fast.
  9. 9. Why would you like to become a Game Master:I would be Gm because I have been more than 2 years here and I learned many things. For myself I can say that I am adventurous and always love to experience new adventures and this is one of them.
  10. 10. Why should we pick you instead of others:Because I play a fair play. I do not know what else to say.
  11. 11. Main character name:Allix
  12. 12. *Additional skills or hobbies:Well would not say all of what I began practicing. Right now I train 7 years of football and I'm win a lot of trophies, I do the gym 3 years and in my spare time I go for a swim
  13. 13. *Email/MSN/Skype:MSN/email: / Skype im not using, and facebook share only with irl friends.
  14. 14. Anything else you consider important: I say mostly of myself if you need anything more except Personal stuffs ask me, this is what I have to say. Now I just say do not expect that I will pass but fate will decide.
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