I'm too big! (pregnantGlimxAnon, SoL) to do

Jul 18th, 2017
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  1. >>
  2. >>"Anon. D-do you still think I'm beautiful, even with this big belly I have?"
  4. >You look down at your wife's anxious expression
  5. >And you blink
  6. >That's not like her to fish for compliments
  7. "Are you okay?"
  8. >Your right hand finds its usual place right below her ear and she leans into your touch, relief washing over her face but worry still in her eyes
  9. >"Yes, it's just..."
  10. "Just...?"
  11. >She bites her lip, eyes flicking up and down for a second, searching for the right words
  12. >She takes a deep breath to steel herself
  13. >"I-I'm so BIG!"
  14. >You blink again
  15. >And a smile creeps its way up your lips
  16. >You're relieved it's 'just that'
  17. "You're having twins,"
  18. >She frowns a bit at your playful tone
  19. >"I know! B-but look at me! I'm like a balloon!"
  20. >You can't help it, a small chuckle escapes your lips
  21. "That's true, you can even see your belly protruding from the sides, hell, it might even be bigger than your butt right now!"
  22. >She gasps, eyes opening wide and mouth left agape in surprise
  23. >And then comes her frown, as well as a slight tint reddening her cheeks
  24. >And a goofy grin splits your face in two
  25. >"Dear!"
  26. >You can't contain it anymore, and your laugh explodes
  27. >"M-my flank isn't that big!"
  28. >Her lips curling up betrays the serious tone she's trying to scowl out
  29. >It takes you a good ten seconds to regain your composure
  30. "Nah, it isn't, sadly."
  32. >You don't give her the time to respond, you lean down and carefully pick her up, an arm passing under her rump and the other pulling her chest up, until she wraps her hooves around your neck by reflex and it finds the small of her back to secure her in place
  33. >"W-what--"
  34. >You puff a bit in the effort, the cause the added weight from her swelling belly
  35. "We're going to the couch."
  36. >She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out
  37. >And you grin
  38. "I need to convince my wife that she's no balloon,"
  39. >You begin, and you see her frown returning
  40. "And I'm going to cuddle her until she understands how beautiful she is,"
  41. >She tightens her embrace, wordlessly asking you to not let go of her
  42. >Then she realizes what you just said, giving you a deadpan look
  43. >"I had things planned today,"
  44. >She knows what cuddles on the couch means, and that you're going to take your sweet time loving her
  45. "We'll go kiting with the kids later,"
  46. >Your hand drifts away from her back to her sides, then to her belly, and you start caressing it, running your fingertips through her soft coat
  47. >You can feel her heart beating under your palm, even through all of it
  48. >She sighs softly, maybe in defeat because she knows that there's no way out, maybe in content because she loves the attention
  49. >Certainly both
  50. >Her face drops and her cheek finds its usual place against your neck
  51. >Your heart skips a beat when you feel her lips give it a quick kiss
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