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  1. <color=#12E852>Welcome to Runt's Community RP 2!
  2. The server rules are:
  3. - Dont use slurs in a derogatory way.
  5. 1 - No cheating - Hackers/cheaters/exploiters will be permanently banned on sight.
  7. 2 - No teaming - Teams that have opposing win conditions can never team up (IE: MTF and SCP's). The only exception is; D-Bois can team with anyone for any period of time, so long as it isn't needlessly prolonging the match. SCP's also can team with D-bois if they wish to do so. Remember both of those options are OPTIONAL.
  9. 3 - No loud screeching over the intercom, playing music is ok, as long as it's not overly loud/obnoxious.
  11. 4 - No racist/sexist language of any kind will ever be tolerated.
  13. 5 - No camping - Humans cannot hide in locked rooms for long periods of time, likewise, SCP's cannot camp people in one area for an extended period
  14. .
  15. 6 - Trapping SCP's in rooms is perfectly fine, but mods may release the SCP from the room at their discretion, after no less than 45sec has passed since they became trapped.
  17. 7 - Harassment of another player will not be tolerated. If you harass another player you will be BANNED.
  19. 8 - No TeamKilling PERIOD. If we catch you team killing to abuse to FF aspect of the server you will be kicked and banned (depending on severity). Do not use any excuse to get yourself out of the ban when confronted by one of our mods either. Our mods are highly trained and will decide if your TK was accidental.
  21. 9 - There are certain exceptions to the no teaming rule however, The first one being the Hostage agreement: Where both parties on opposite win conditions can agree that one of them is being held "hostage" in order to work together. The person who is being held "hostage" will temporarily join the "hostage takers" win condition until the hostage taker sees them as no longer needed. The agreement must be announced to other part members or they are allowed to engage in the "hostage". This rule is immediately invalid once they are the last target.
  23. 10 - Remember to respect how others RP :3  
  24. ------------------EXTRAS-------------------
  25.  All of you have to do is follow the rules listed above and there will be no problems :3 Love, Mr.Runt <3 Friendly Fire is on to give the game more of a realistic feel not to abuse people and shoot them for no reason. See rule 8 for details.</color>
  28. <color=#11CAEF>Discord:  </color><link=""><color=#E11313><u></u></color></link>
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