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  1. proto-rules for InterNomic III:
  3. Rules and Gamestate:
  5. All member nomics must obey this ruleset, which must not be changed except as permitted by itself. Gamestate is defined as anything which is regulated by a nomic’s ruleset. Unless otherwise stated, references to the gamestate or the ruleset in these rules shall be interpreted as InterNomic III’s gamestate or ruleset.
  7. Members:
  9. Any nomic may become a member of InterNomic III by having their Liaison post a message to the group stating its intent to join.
  11. Liaisons:
  13. Nomics are represented in InterNomic III by their Liaisons. It is the responsibility of each nomic to select its Liaison. The Liaison may be changed at any time, according to the Liaison’s nomic’s rules. Liaisons should act in accordance with their nomic’s rules. If any rule states that a nomic should perform an action, unless otherwise stated, it is the Liaison who performs that action.
  15. Proposals:
  17. Any nomic may create a proposal to change the ruleset or gamestate by posting a message to the group with a title of “Proposal: X”, replacing X with the string of their choice, and with text describing the changes to be made. Nomics can vote on the proposal until it reaches Quorum, or until 4 days have elapsed since the proposal’s creation. When either of these conditions have been met, if the voting returns “FOR”, the proposal passes and the described changes take effect; otherwise, it fails.
  19. Voting:
  21. Whenever a rule permits voting, Liaisons may comment on the post in which voting is allowed. The legal votes are FOR, AGAINST, and ABSTAIN. Liaisons may only vote once; if a Liaison votes twice, the new vote shall be interpreted as a vote change, and shall be counted as such. Quorum is equal to the number of members divided by 2 (rounding down) plus 1. Voting returns FOR when at least a quorum of nomics vote FOR.
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