Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected 100% Notes (1.00)

Nov 13th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Bionis' Shoulder (1st Visit)
  2. - Mash ZR and A to get through 4 Tutorial Boxes, turn on Casual Mode, then press X to leave the menu
  3. - Party: Shulk/Melia/Nene
  4. - Menu: Melia's Arts
  5. - Burst End -> Mind Blast
  6. - Spear Break -> Hypnotise
  7. - Starlight Kick -> Healing Gift
  8. - Summon Ice -> Summon Aqua (Press L afterwards)
  9. - Nene's Arts: Replace Hangry with Berserker
  10. - Get Quiet Moment 1 and get Navvir Crossroads landmark after fight
  11. - Go southwest of landmark for Pororo's Favourite 1 and Collectables
  12. - Go straight to Companions' Cape after getting the Landmark
  13. - After 2 more Tutorial Boxes, accept a quest near Water Ether Deposit
  14. - Examine Water Ether Deposit and talk to Carranelle again
  15. - Warp to Companions' Cape and change time to 18:00 right at Laennar
  16. - Talk to Laennar, Tulleana, and Haemlin to accept 3 quests
  17. - Go south to get Pororo's Favourite 2, then Warp to Junks and go to Cragmaw Caverns
  18. - Mash through a lot of text boxes and 4 Tutorial Boxes
  19. - Evelen (Kill 3 fishes, talk to Evelen again, 3 Morrow Cobs, finish quest)
  20. - Go to Xen's Thoroughfare Landmark and talk to Fofora
  21. - Warp to Zephyr's Counsel (Go on Xen's Thoroughfare + Up)
  22. - Get Pillar Knoll Landmark and drop to Dekaka
  23. - Warp to Pillar Knoll and get Pororo's Favourite 3 in Hut
  24. - Get Quiet Moment 2 on the way to Alcamoth before Soltnar Seal Island
  25. - Kill Somnivore Lexos and drop down for 2 red items
  27. Alcamoth (1st Visit) (Same as Any%)
  28. - Talk to Drydry to accept his quest and collect 5 red Collectables
  29. - Landmark Warp to Main Entrance, talk to Drydry to finish the quest, then fight Snowal Taos
  31. Bionis' Shoulder (2nd Visit)
  32. - Mash through Tutorial Boxes, then Landmark Warp to Xen's Thoroughfare and go to Teelan's Laboratory (Down)
  33. - Talk to Lavean and kill Leg Skeeters for Thick Nectars (need 4)
  34. - Get Pororo's Favourite 5 behind Teelan's Laboratory
  35. - Landmark Warp to Pillar Knoll and go talk to Setset (Right x2, Down)
  36. - Fall to Pororo's Favourite 6 and go to Gran Dell
  37. - Kill a Praying Caterpile on the way to Gran Dell and go to Eternal Zenith landmark
  38. - Drop down a lot to Pororo's Favourite 7, then warp to Soltnar Seal Island
  39. (Right, Down, Right, Down)
  40. - Menu:
  41. - Arts: Level Up: (Same as All Ponspectors)
  42. Shulk: Monado Buster x1 (ZR, A, Down, Mash A)
  43. Any% Leveling from there
  44. Melia: Summon Bolt x2 (R, Mash A)
  45. Any% Leveling until after Starlight Kick x2
  46. Summon Ice x1 (Left, Up, Up)
  47. Nene: Hammer Beat x3 (R, Mash A)
  48. Feather Swing x3 (Down x3, Mash A)
  49. Sword Drive x2 (Down, Mash A)
  50. Lariat x1 (Down, Mash A)
  51. - After fighting Field Ponios, Landmark Warp to Grand Arch to fight Leg Armus (Right, Right, Up)
  52. - Landmark Warp to Skyridge and go to Teelan's Laboratory to fight Gael'gar (Right x3, Down)
  53. - Start with Slit Edge -> Stream Edge -> Union Strike (Red Comet), then Shadow Eye and clean-up
  54. - Talk to Helmaline and Selsetana behind you, then talk to Ardred ahead
  55. - Warp to Gran Dell Approach and talk to Gran Del Milltia
  56. - Switch to Kino and talk to Angela, switch back to Shulk and talk to Miles
  57. - Switch to Melia and talk to Arara, then warp to Gran Dell Ramparts
  58. - Talk to another Gran Del Milltia and go east for Fogbeast Little Bunnit
  59. - Go straight to Agni's Birthplace for Pororo's Favourite 8
  60. - Go southeast for Halcyon Wheats and talk to Ines
  61. - Go east for Pororo's Favourite 9, then northeast for Light Skeeter Fogbeast
  62. - If it's raining, change time to save time until it's not raining
  63. - Switch to Nene, go south and talk to Shoo-Shoo
  64. - Switch to Kino, go south for Earth Ether Deposit and Sweet Cherry
  65. - Go northwest and talk to Nestinor, then go get Tutu's Mirror
  66. - Warp to Gran Dell Approach and talk to Rudodo (go right)
  67. - Warp to Grand Arch and buy Alcyone Shoes (ZL, down, mash A)
  68. - Go upstairs, talk to Lott, Qarz, then Selene
  69. - Warp back to Gran Dell Approach, talk to Angela, then talk to Nestinor
  70. - Warp to Xen's Thoroughfare, fix party, and kill Kromars (Right x3)
  71. - Kill Leg Skeeters to hopefully get remaining Thick Nectars
  72. - Warp to Xen's Thoroughfare, talk to Fofora, then warp back there and finish Fofora's quest (fight Green Feris Fogbeast and open Big Chest)
  73. - Menu: Equipment -> Equip Ancestral Artistry on Shulk
  74. Equip Attack gems and Agility Down IV on Shulk
  75. Equip Electric Plus IV on Melia
  76. Equip Topple Plus IV on Nene
  77. - Get Pororo's Favourite 10, then run all the way up to Hekasa
  78. - Lure the Kromars strat to get 3 Dawn Smiles and Pororo's Favourite 11 on the way to Hekasa
  79. - Switch to Kino after getting Cloudtop Lookout and fall to Quiet Moment
  80. - Switch to Shulk on the way Abaasy's Dorsum and talk to Faifa twice
  81. - Drop down, kill a Green Feris and get Pororo's Favourite 12, then kill Fogbeast Sloth Gogol
  82. - Warp back up and finish Faifa's quest, then warp to Junks for first aid-kit
  83. - Warp back to Junks, switch to Kino, then go right for Quiet Moment
  84. - Switch to Melia and go south to red (!), then kill a Nebula
  85. - Warp to Cloudtop Lookout and talk to Hekasa again, switch to Shulk
  86. - Drop down to Pororo's Favourite 13 (don't die!), then warp to Navvir Crossroads (Down x2)
  87. - Run back to get Plump Wildgrass x5 and kill remaining Caterpiles
  88. - Change time to same time until Rain during Collection
  89. - Go northwest to kill 2 Brogs with Shulk and a Aqua Nebula with Melia
  90. - Kill Booming Frederick up ahead, get Pororo's Favourite 14, then drop down to Purifying Falls
  91. - Warp back to Navvir Crossroads and talk to Tei-Tei
  92. - Go towards Nerthis Necropolis Gate, lure a Makna Ansel and wait for Air Marshal Reisenbach
  93. - Take the 3rd right and kill a Wind Nebula with Melia and get Pororo's Favourite 15
  94. - Get Nerthis Necropolis Gate, then go kill Ramrod Tirkin and get Pororo's Favourite 16
  95. - Warp to Skybridge, then west for Quiet Moment, Fogbeast, and Pororo
  96. - Menu: Equipment -> Equip Alcyone Shoes and Quick Step VI on Shulk
  97. Equip all 5 Nostalgic Armor on Nene
  98. - Warp to Cloudtop Lookout and get Hekasa, then warp to Prayer Rock
  99. - Talk to Nestinor (DAY 6:00) and Sarja, then go south for Tutu, Terpsichorean Cenoth, and Pororo's Favourite 17
  100. - Warp to Xen's Thoroughfare and go do the Any% drop to Scapular Lance to get a Hover Stone
  101. - Go talk to Melekanze and Nonona, then change time to 19:00
  102. - Go towards Marga's Weeping while taking a picture, get Pororo's Favourite 18, and fighting Fogbeast Deinos Sauros
  103. - Get Brightite at the corner, then warp back to Quarry Colonnade
  104. - Kill Deputy Seagal (don't use Union Strike), get Marga's Weeping, then fight Ravager Apelpisia (if you die, fight him later)
  105. - Get High Ether, then warp to Grand Arch for Story (Up x2, Left x2, Down)
  106. - Menu: Upgrade equipped Arts to VII except Light Heal and Battle Soul
  107. Upgrade Buster once and Armour twice
  108. - Warp to Gran Dell Ramparts for Laeklit Mammut
  109. - Warp to Companions' Cape for Antol King (Left x3 and Down)
  110. - Warp to Pillar Knoll for Fogbeast Doom Hox and 3 Birds for Setset (Go on Companions' Cape, then Right)
  111. - Use Union Strike on Birds when possible, then kill Bird Fogbeast at Soltnar Seal Island
  112. - Warp to Gran Dell Ramparts for Deinos Sauros and use Union Strike
  113. - Fight Fogbeast Perna Eluca to the right, then warp to Zephyr's Counsel
  114. - Kill Highborn Alexandria and Fogbeast Satorl Volff nearby
  115. - Switch Nene with Kino and change time to 6:00
  116. - Warp to Barouh Plaza to get Cerulean Shard and Quiet Moment ahead
  117. - Fix Party, warp back to Barouh Plaza and kill Grotesque Deimis
  118. - Warp to Pillar Knoll, go south to Fogbeast Jungle Quadwing
  119. - Change time to same time until it's Clear if it's raining
  120. - Get last Hover Stone, then drop down to No Armu Done quest
  121. - Warp to Nerthis Necropolis Gate and get Key Item (Down x4)
  122. - Kill Upa UM nearby and get Double Attack IV chest in upper path
  123. - Talk to Solthas, choose bottom option, then warp to Navvir Crossroads
  124. - Finish Tei-Tei's quest, menu, then kill the following:
  125. - Wind Nebulas with Melia (Warp back for 3rd one)
  126. - Phlegmatic Jamir
  127. - Makna Eks (need 4 Eks Iron Hearts)
  128. - Fogbeast Leg Ardun
  129. - Menu: Put Phys Def Down, Double Attack, and Agility Down on Shulk
  130. - Examine rock near Fogbeast after 4 Eks Iron Hearts (need 3 Rainbow Carrots!)
  131. - Warp to Abaasy's Dorsum after you're done with what you need
  132. - Kill Fogbeast Suelo Orluga and hiding Buoyant Rostein nearby
  133. - Get Warped Bangle and Photo of Eluca
  134. - Warp back to Abaasy's Dorsum and fall to Quondam Grimbellum
  135. - Talk to Mithril below and kill 3 Calmorous Panguls and Aqua Nebulas
  136. - Talk to Mithril again, then warp to Prayer Rock to kill Citadel Tostega (mash Up)
  137. - Warp to Scapular Lance to fight Fogbeast Ciconia Ekidno and Confluent Uzya (Down)
  138. - Go east for Pororo's Favourite 19 & 20 along with Deinos Fogbeast
  139. - Warp to Xen's Thoroughfare and talk to Lavean
  140. - Warp to Old Expedition HQ for Melekanze and Nonona quests (Down x2)
  141. - Kill Fogbeast Custodian Barreldart and finish Collectables if needed!
  142. - More than likely you need High Leafs and Kilopumpkins
  143. - Warp to Grand Arch, talk to Selsetana and Thad (change time to 12:00)
  144. - Go upstairs to talk to Lott and Qarz, then warp to Agni's Birthplace
  145. - Switch Shulk with Kino and view Quiet Moment nearby
  146. - Switch back to Shulk, go southeast to talk to Laennar and Ines
  147. - Collect Cream Wheats around the area, then go southeast
  148. - Talk to Shoo-Shoo with Nene, fight Volffs, then talk to Shoo-Shoo again
  149. - Switch back to Shulk and run southwest to a Quiet Moment
  150. - Warp to Grand Arch, talk to Vredda south, Miles, and Tulleana
  151. - Switch to Kino and talk to Angela
  152. - Switch to Shulk, talk to Ardred and Winnie
  153. - Warp to Thulles Way, fight Fogbeast Ogre Bunnia (Grand Arch, Left x2)
  154. - Backtrack to Fogbeast Red Antol and go north for Elastic Ivy x5
  155. - Warp to Marga's Weeping and kill Ravager Apelpisia if needed (Up x4)
  156. - Talk to Ardred, kill Caustic Naquatra, talk to Qarz (Need 3 Snare Wires)
  157. - Warp to Gran Dell Approach (Quarry Colonnade, Left, Up)
  158. - Talk to Winnie, then switch to Kino, change time to 9:00, talk to Angela
  159. - Party: Shulk, Kino, Nene
  160. - Talk to Vredda and warp back to Gran Dell Approach
  161. - Go to northwest Quiet Moment, warp back for southwest Quiet Moment
  162. - If it's raining, change time to 9:00 and same time until Clear
  163. - If not, then change time to 9:00 after Quiet Moment
  164. - Switch Kino with Melia, go south to bridge and talk to Bartholomew
  165. - Collect Angel Breams in Water, drop from Eternal Zenith for Quiet Moment
  166. - Warp to Alcamoth - Fountain of Eternity and kill Fogbeast 1
  168. Alcamoth (2nd Visit)
  169. - Warp to Main Entrance and go northwest for Fogbeast 2
  170. - Warp back for 1st Machine, then go northeast for 3rd and 4th Fogbeasts
  171. - Get Fountain of Hope landmark and Hope Way location as well
  172. - Warp back to Main Entrance and go up for Fogbeast Lexos
  173. - Get Imperial Palace landmark, then go southeast for other 2 Machines
  174. - Warp to Bionis' Shoulder - Grand Arch (Up, Left x2, Down)
  176. Bionis' Shoulder (3rd Visit)
  177. - Talk to Radzam and Helmaline, talk to Thad if you have Wheats and Fish
  178. - If you're not able to talk to Thad, then look for other red !'s
  179. - After talking to Thad twice, warp to Gran Dell Ramparts
  180. - Talk to Haemlin and warp to Old King's Testament
  181. - Kill Cyclonic Yughana, go get Setset, and fight Fogbeast Petra Apis
  182. - Get 2 Glutton's Herb and fight Contemptuous Greymane, then last Herb
  183. - Warp to Gran Dell Approach and talk to Wunwun twice (Old King's Testament, Right, Up)
  184. - Warp to Navvir Crossroads, get 5 Sparkle Stones and kill Perceptive Quinops (Down x2)
  185. - Go kill Marquis Odesh and Cutpurse Igna together
  186. - Warp to Eternal Zenith, backtrack and drop down to Quiet Moment
  187. - Warp to Grand Arch, talk to Radzam, warp back, go to Arara & Thad south
  188. - Talk to Angela with Kino, talk to Selene with Melia, and switch back to Shulk
  189. - Warp to Companions' Cape and take left path for Quiet Moment
  190. - Kill Resentful Gael'gar and get last Pororo's Favourite
  191. - Warp to Nerthis Necropolis Gate and kill Prospector Davrium
  192. - Warp to Skyridge, go west and talk to Pororo
  193. - Warp to Grand Arch and talk to Maxis twice with Melia (Zoom out for Map Verification, Quarry Colonnade, Left)
  194. - Switch to Shulk, talk to Pororo, talk to Maxis, warp to Agni's Birthplace
  195. - Talk to Bana, kill Diabolical Bana, and talk to Bana again
  196. - Landmark Warp to Alcamoth - Imperial Palace
  197. - Go straight to last Quiet Moment and go upstairs for last Landmark
  198. - SAVE BEFORE POINT OF NO RETURN and go fight Fog King
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