Jun 26th, 2020
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  1. Jitterbug
  2. =======================================================================================================================================
  3. Race: Changeling
  4. -Changeling Flight (Passive): You have thin gossamer wings which allow you to fly unencumbered but somewhat slower than other races. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  5. -Shapechanging (Recharge 3): A Changeling can imitate almost anything the same size as itself. You can change your form into any specific person or object you choose on success, with higher success rolls giving better quality to the disguise. The disguise is removed when knocked helpless or when dispelled by magic. If you have the Disguise skill, Shapeshifting will Autocrit. Changelings can tell each other apart via pheromones, passively sensing when other Changelings nearby, but not their specific location.
  6. -Evil Twin (Passive): There is a magic connection to appearances that Changelings are able to tap into. Looking like an individual makes them stronger when fighting that individual. You receive a bonus to rolls targeting anyone whose identity you are assuming. +1 if it’s a general category of people(e.g. military, police, royal guard)and +2 if it’s a specific person.
  7. =======================================================================================================================================
  8. Talents:
  9. -Studied Target (Passive): You gain a +1 to Appraise rolls made against ponies, monsters, and other such targets. In combat, you make rolls against an Appraised Target with a +1. [Trained Talent]
  10. -You're talented at studying doors, locks, machinery, and other items to identify their workings and weaknesses. You receive a +1 to Appraise rolls made against objects. [Special Talent]
  11. ========================================================================================================================================
  12. Hits/Wounds: 6/5
  13. ========================================================================================================================================
  14. Class/Multiclass: Sapper (Rogue/Smith)
  15. -Sabotage (Recharge 3): Ensures something will go horribly, horribly wrong when it needs to. It takes one turn to rig a target or object with Sabotage. On the target or object's turn, you may automatically trigger Sabotage subtracting the Sabotage roll from the roll the target or object makes. Large, aware, or complex targets are more difficult to sabotage. Sucessful attempts to Sabotage do not break Stealth, and you cannot have more than one un-triggered Sabotage at a time. [Multiclass Skill]
  16. -Appraise (Instant): Determine the remaining number of Hits and Wounds on a target, and possibly identify weaknesses. More powerful enemies may be harder to Appraise. Out of combat, you may quickly determine the value of an object, study a document or blueprint, size up a pony, or other, similar things.
  17. -Disguise: Pretend to be someone else. 6+ allows you to mimic a generic person, such as a guard, while an 8+ allows you to mimic a specific person. On a crit, you can mimic a different race or gender.
  18. -Sharpen (Recharge 3): Give one ally (or yourself) +1 to their weapon for the duration of the battle.
  19. =========================================================================================================================================
  20. Inventory:
  21. -Mechanical Eye (2x): +2 Perception. DC-1 for Ranged Attack Rolls.
  22. -Submachine Gun
  23. -Shield
  24. -Rubber Bullets: Allows a weapon to deal Bludgeoning Damage, instead of its normal Damage. (125)
  25. -Enhanced Stability: +1 to recover or escape from Helplessness, and +1 to keep a target Helpless. (300)
  26. -75 Bits
  27. =========================================================================================================================================
  28. Appearance:
  29. Jitterbug is a fairly normal-looking changeling, which is hardly surprising considering what a changeling looks like. The only particularly stand-out trait is his eyes, which are a deep blue as opposed to the standard green. He's dressed in a semi-casual suit.
  30. ==========================================================================================================================================
  31. Faction: PoneTech
  32. -Enhanced Muscle Density (1x): +1 maximum hit. For every third time this is purchased, also provides +1 to melee attacks and lifting rolls.
  33. -Metabolic Overload (Recharge 3 after effect ends): Restores all hits, removes all negative status effects, and grants immunity to poison and ice elemental damage for 2 turns. Also grants immunity to any other poisonous or cold effects for those 2 turns.
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