Derpy, you're drunk (AnonxDerpy, BJ, meh)

Jul 1st, 2017
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  1. "You're drunk derpy..."
  2. >You're not in one piece either, but you're still standing.
  3. >"Oh come on Nonny~,"
  4. >She leans against you some more, her tits getting squeezed against your torso while she wraps her arms around you.
  5. >She's always been clingy when she got drunk, but never this much.
  6. >"It'll be fun, you'll see!"
  7. >You feel your heart rate going up already.
  8. >But you just can't.
  9. "Why don't we talk about this tomorrow?"
  10. >You take hold of her shoulders to try and push her off but her iron grip sends you both stumbling, and you have to take hold of a street light to stay up.
  11. >She giggles.
  12. >"Woooo~!"
  13. >But she still doesn't let go of you, her face nuzzling your neck when you pull her up from her drunken half-fallen state.
  14. >"Why are you all grumpy about this?"
  15. "I'm not being grumpy! You're just--"
  16. >"A cute girl offers you a blowjob and all you do is tease her and tell her she's drunk!"
  17. "Because you are!"
  18. >"Who cares~,"
  19. >You gasp when you feel her knee stroking its way between your legs.
  20. "D-derpy!"
  21. >And her thigh finds your pride a second later, the soft pressure sending a wave of pleasure up your spine.
  22. >"Are you gay or something?"
  23. >You groan, annoyed by her questions and also because of the gentle back and forth motion of her leg.
  24. "That's not it! I wouldn't mind it if you were sober."
  25. >"Oooohh~, at least this part of you isn't gay."
  26. >She giggles again before her right hand drifts its way all the way down your back and to the front of your pants, giving your hardening member a good squeeze.
  27. >Fuck, you can feel yourself losing it, maybe the fourth shot was a bad idea.
  28. "Can't we at least get back to my place first? We could drink some water and--"
  29. >"No silly, I couldn't do this if we weren't smashed, so just try to enjoy it alright?"
  30. >You groan again when you feel her hand stroke its way down your shaft and she takes hold of your balls to give them a gentle squeeze.
  31. >You nod and a happy sounds escapes her throat. She finally lets go of your back and steps away, keeping your balls in her clutch and pulling you along.
  32. "Woah, watch out with these!"
  33. >You don't get any response, she simply grins back at you and rolls her eyes.
  34. >"Duh! I'm not going to hurt these before I use them~,"
  35. >You squeak like a faggot when she gives them another squeeze. Not enough to hurt you but more than enough to make you obey.
  37. >You find yourself in the park a minute later.
  38. >"This should do it..."
  39. "A-are you sure about this?"
  40. >She doesn't even bother responding, too busy looking around to see if you were alone.
  41. >And she drops to her knees the moment she finds out.
  42. >You gasp once again when her hands find your dick, groping, stroking and squeezing it through your clothes.
  43. >"I've always wanted to do this,"
  44. >Her face shoots forward and she buries her nose in your crotch, inhaling deeply.
  45. >You're not sure of what to do with your hands so you awkwardly pets and stroke her hair.
  46. >She starts fumbling with your belt for a couple seconds, before you decides to help her.
  47. >And she tugs everything down the moment the buckles pop free.
  48. >She gulps and stare at your bobbing pride not a foot away from her face for a good ten seconds.
  49. >"It's so... big..."
  50. "Uh... thanks,"
  51. >She lifts her right hand from your pant, caressing your leg all the way up and your cock eagerly throbs, anticipating her touch.
  52. >And throbs again when her fingers wraps themselves around it.
  53. "Fuckk..."
  54. >Why were you against that again?
  55. >She gives your shaft a couple gentle pumps, her eyes peeking up from time to time to examine your reaction.
  56. >And then she dives forward once more and gives your tip a lick.
  57. >Then a second one.
  58. >And a third, this one covering more ground and lingering longer.
  59. >She giggles again when a content sigh escapes your lips.
  60. >She pumps again, her second hand joining her ministrations and finding its place around your balls once more, the warmth of it sending a shiver up your spine.
  61. >And she gives it a kiss.
  62. >And she giggles again when you groan.
  63. >And another kiss, and a third one, this one pressing further, her tongue parting her lips to lap at your crown.
  64. >Then she takes it in, just an inch, looking up at you as if asking for permission.
  65. >Isn't that kinda late for that?
  66. >And you respond by drawing her in with the hand now resting behind her head.
  67. >You moan when the third inch disappears between her lips.
  68. >Then the fourth.
  69. >Then the fifth.
  70. >Holy shit she just keeps going!
  71. >You can't take it anymore so you pull her in and you completely hilt.
  72. >"GLK!"
  73. >You groan when you feel her tongue try to push you out.
  74. >Only then do you realize what you're doing, and you release your grasp, your mouth opening to tell her how sorry you were.
  75. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry derpy, I-I didn't mean-I just..."
  76. >She coughs and hacks for a second, before frowning at you.
  77. >"Just keep going!"
  78. >You blink.
  79. "Wha--"
  80. >She takes hold of your hands and places them back on her head.
  81. >"I can take it!"
  82. >This can't be real.
  83. "Are you sur--OoOoh!"
  84. >She doesn't wait and engulfs your entire length in one go.
  85. >And the glare she's sending you while choking on your cock can only mean one thing.
  86. >So you comply, taking hold of her face and pulling her off, giving her just a second to take breathe, before you plunge back in.
  87. >She chokes and hacks again, but moans when your cock leaves her throat.
  88. >Her hands shoots forward and she wraps them around your butt to pull you in again.
  89. >Half of your mind is trying to process the fact that your best friend is some sort of porn star, but the other tells it to shut up and fuck her face.
  90. >And you soon find your rhythm, your shaft entering and leaving the entrance of her throat every few seconds.
  91. >And it seems like she's getting used to it too, her coughs now only happening every few journeys.
  93. >You keep going for a couple minutes, and you feel yourself getting close.
  94. "I-I'm getting there-ah-shit... just a bit more."
  95. >She nods hearing this, your cock still nestled deep inside, before she pulls away.
  96. >"J-just fuck my face Nonny~!"
  97. >Your dick throbs when your pet name makes you realize what you're really doing.
  98. >And her tongue brings your tip back in her warm prison, and she pulls you in as fast as she can.
  99. >Fuck.
  100. >You keep going for another ten pumps, before you feel yourself passing the PNR.
  101. "Oh shit, here it comes!"
  102. >And you hilt, groaning, feeling your dick throbbing and pulsing deep down her throat.
  103. >She coughs again when you release your first salvo.
  104. >You think of maybe pulling out but her hands have you locked.
  105. >So you decide to simply enjoy it, spurts after spurts, her tongue still shifting around your shaft and the swallowing motion of her throat coaxing you for everything you've got.
  106. "Ahhh, where did you learn how to do this?!"
  107. >She hums in response and starts pulling out when she realizes you're out of juice.
  108. >She gives your sensitive tip another couple laps to make sure it's clean when it finally escapes her lips.
  109. >Your hand drifts down her scalp to cup her cheek, your thumb gently stroking it to show how much you loved it.
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