Second Trixie Low Self Esteem Short

Jun 10th, 2017
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  1. Unfinished because the thread died, never to return. Rest in peace
  3. >You sighed as you walked through town
  4. >Everypony here seemed friendly enough, but none of them ever got too close to you
  5. >Understandable you guessed
  6. >You were an alien which made you potentially dangerous, not to mention the fact that you towered over everyone else here
  7. >Shit got lonely though
  8. >On top of that, every merchant, market and store you had visited tried to extort you
  9. >You had no idea about conversion rates but despite this you knew you were getting fucked over
  10. >You were constantly poor even though your construction business was booming
  11. >You even had an illegal alcohol brewery in your cellar that you used to smuggle to a certain few ponies in town
  12. >Namely Rainbow Dash, your number one customer
  13. >Also yourself
  14. >It was early evening and you were heading home from a quick ingredient run
  15. >The streets were dead but you could swear you saw shadows moving
  16. >Almost as if they were following you
  17. >Your pace quickened as you felt unnerved
  18. >Abruptly a small female pony burst out of a corner in front of you
  19. >"Watch in awe!" She yelled in a powerful voice
  20. >Fireworks began to shoot from her horn as she stood over you
  21. >You hit the deck and covered your eyes, thinking it was some sort of assault
  22. >She could be trying to shoot you with those fireworks
  23. >Just as soon as they had begun, the magic fireworks ceased
  24. >"The Great and Powerful Trixie demands you pay her for her stunning magical feats"
  25. >You cracked an eye open and saw her standing over you
  26. >She was asking you for... payment?
  27. >For scaring you half to death?
  28. "Are you out of your fucking mind? I thought you were trying to kill me!"
  29. >You yelled, coming to your senses and now feeling rather pissed off as you stood up
  30. "I'm not paying you shit!"
  31. >She gave you an exasperated huff
  32. >"Very well then, Trixie shall go and find another worthy of her magic tricks"
  33. >There was a sudden detonation as some sort of smoke bomb went off, obscuring your vision
  34. >You coughed and waved a hand in front of your face to clear the smoke
  35. >Who was this crazy mare?
  36. >As the cloud parted, you saw her silvery tail disappearing down a nearby alleyway
  37. >It was then that you realised your wallet was missing
  38. >That bitch!
  39. >She had pick-pocketed you with her magic and run off!
  40. >You sprinted to catch up with her
  41. >Rounding the corner, you saw her at the end of a dead end alleyway sat on the floor
  42. >She had your wallet clenched in her teeth as she looked at it with disgust and disappointment
  43. >"Two bits?" She muttered to herself in disbelief
  44. "Hey, give me my fucking wallet back you crazy mare!"
  45. >You shouted, catching her attention
  46. >"You only got two bits?" She asked sadly
  47. >You walked over to her and snatched your wallet back as the light blue mare started to cry
  48. >"I- I'm so hungry, I just need a few bits... please, I need to eat!"
  49. >You sighed as your expression softened a little
  50. "Yeah well as you can see I'm poor as shit too"
  51. >She started to cry even harder, curled up in a ball under her cape and shaking
  52. >You felt your anger rapidly subside, only to be replaced with guilt and concern as you relented
  53. "Look... I don't have any bits but if you come back to mine I'm sure I could fix you up something to eat"
  54. >At least you hoped you could fix her something up
  55. >You didn't actually know the current state of your pantry
  56. >Trixie looked up at you with hopeful eyes as tears still streaked down her face
  57. >"R-r-really? I- I tried to rob you..." She sniffled
  58. "Yeah well you're lucky I'm a soft git then. Might even fix you a drink as well, you look like you need it"
  59. >She gave you a somewhat skeptical look but she didn't really have any other choice
  60. >"Than you" She mumbled as she gave you a trembling smile before looking down at the floor
  61. >You lifted her out of the dirt and then started to lead the way towards your home
  62. >Trixie followed tentatively, keeping her distance and looking down at the dirt as you walked
  63. >There was a somewhat awkward silence that persisted, but you decided not to break it
  64. >Eventually you reached your house
  65. >It was more of a cabin really
  66. >One floor, made out of wood and only had a few rooms
  67. >The alcohol cellar didn't come with the house, you had dug it out yourself to make sure you had somewhere to hide it
  68. >Not like you ever really got visitors to hide it from though
  69. >You pushed open the front door, dumping your brewing ingredients on the ground
  70. "Well, here we are. Make yourself comfortable and I'll start up the fire and put some food on"
  71. >Trixie stood lamely in the middle of your front room
  72. >She was too nervous to sit on your couch, or too uncomfortable
  73. >Her cape hung over her side almost as if she were trying to hide behind it, and her wizard's cap was pulled down, obscuring some of her face
  74. >She did everything she could to avoid meeting your gaze, staring sadly at the floor
  75. >You knelt beside the fireplace, stuffing some old paper in to start a fire
  76. >You tried your lighter several times but the sparks kept dying before a flame caught
  77. >You let out an exasperated sigh and were about to throw a tantrum at it, when suddenly the paper burst into flame
  78. "Woah shit!"
  79. >You leapt back from the fireplace, shouting in surprise
  80. >Your attention was then drawn to Trixie as you saw a faint glow dissipating from her horn
  81. >"S-sorry" She mumbled, cringing backwards
  82. "Wait, you did that? Don't be sorry that was awesome!"
  83. >She said nothing in response but instead blushed and shrunk backwards even further
  84. "That's a trick I would pay for"
  85. >You piled some logs onto the fire before it died out, impressed at the roaring flames that her magic had created
  86. >Standing up, you patted the couch behind you
  87. "Come on, sit down. Dinner's gonna be a while"
  88. >Slowly she climbed up and sat, tucking her hooves up beneath herself and huddling under her cape
  89. >She looked terrified, sad and overall pathetic
  90. >You sighed as you walked into the kitchen, wondering just what you were gonna do with her
  91. >Searching the cupboards, you realised that most of them were bare
  92. >However, you were able to scrounge enough together for a decent meal
  93. >Pasta and sauce with some random veg chucked in
  94. >Even had a couple of pastries left for dessert that weren't stale yet
  95. >While you left it to cook you headed to the cellar to grab some beer
  96. >You didn't have much in stock, but enough for the evening
  97. >You grabbed a barrel and hauled it upstairs
  98. "Here, try this. Might make you feel a bit better"
  99. >You said as you poured Trixie a glass and passed it to her
  100. >She looked at it dubiously, then took a tentative sip, coughing and spluttering as she swallowed it
  101. >You chuckled as she gave you a disgusted expression
  102. >"This tastes horrible!" She exclaimed
  103. "You'll get used to it. Trust me"
  104. >You left to go back to the kitchen and serve up the meal
  105. "I don't have any tables or chairs so we'll be eating on the couch if that's alright"
  106. >You called into the front room
  107. >Course it was alright, beggars can't be choosers after all
  108. >She didn't respond, so you brought it into the room for her
  109. >Her eyes lit up as she glanced at the food
  110. >You set her bowl down on the arm of the couch, noting that she had drunk around a quarter of her beer already
  111. >You then took a seat next to her on the opposite end of the couch
  112. "Well, dig in"
  113. >As soon as the words left your mouth she began to devour it
  114. >There was no room for manners as she simply stuffed her face into the bowl and wolfed it down
  115. "Fuck me"
  116. >You murmured as you picked at your own while you watched her
  117. >She was finished in no time at all, then she downed the rest of her pint, let out a tiny belch and licked her lips, sighing contentedly
  118. >it was then that she noticed you staring at her with a gobsmacked expression
  119. >She blushed furiously, hiding behind her hooves
  120. >"I- I'm sorry, its just... I haven't eaten properly in over a week" She stammered
  121. "No worries, I've just never seen a pony eat that fast"
  122. >You got up to refill her glass and then took her bowl and started scraping some of your own meal into it
  123. >"What are you doing?" She asked
  124. "You're a damn sight hungrier than me Trixie, take some of mine"
  125. >She looked taken aback
  126. >"I- I couldn't. You've already been too generous to me. I don't deserve any of this. I tried to rob you..." She started stuttering before you pushed the bowl over to her again
  127. "Nonsense, course you deserve it. Nopony deserves to starve"
  128. >She grudgingly accepted her bowl back and began to eat again, though much slower and with a great deal more dignity this time
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