Half-Moon in Equestria 3

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  1. You are Twilight Sparkle
  2. You are Princess Celestia's #1 Diciple
  3. You recieved a letter from her saying she was sending someone with unusual
  4. magic to you to be studied.
  7. You were expecting a Unicorn, heck maybe even an Alicorn.
  8. You were not Expecting this. As soon as it stepped from the chariot, you could see how big it was. It was HUGE, easily twice the height of big mac, and it was bipedal, it had no hooves instead it had these flat things with little arms coming out of them. Just looking at it, your jaw drops and your eyes Dilate to there maximum. Your brain is running a mile a second as it though up hundreds of different questions to ask this strange thing. all the while it noticed you and stepped towards you.
  11. You are Anonymous
  12. You have just been flown across a strange country in a chariot pulled by
  13. Pegasii
  14. Before you stands a small purple unicorn, who's jaw has hit the floor, and who's eyes were as large as plates.
  17. Sighing, you kneel down and do the first thing that comes to mind, you snap loudly in front of her face.This wakes her from her trance, but also seems to hit her talking switch as
  18. well.
  19. All you can hear suddenly come from her mouth sounds like questions, but at
  20. a rate so fast they are indistinguishable.
  21. "Whatareyouwhatsyournamewhatkindofpowersdoyouhavehowdidyougetherewhatdidyouthinkofthepricesswhatare
  22. thosethingswhereyourhoovesshouldbewhyareyousoobigwhatdoyouthinkofequestria?"
  23. You hold your hand in fron of Her mouth and say "Hello my name is Anonymous, It is nice to meet you"
  24. Somewhat calmed down she replies "My name is Twilight Sparkle, Im Princess Celestia's Diciple. Its nice to meet you to Mr Anonymous".
  25. "Celestia said that I was to meet you so we could discus things and learn about eachothers races, while they work on finding a way back home for me" you say, reaching out a hand "It will be a pleasure working with you"
  26. Reaching out her hoof to take your hand she says "Yes, I hope we can get along". After shaking her hoof, she starts rubbing on the ground in small circles, a motion not unnoticed by you. "Maybe" she says "Could you show me this power of yours?" looking up at you, she see's storm clouds in the
  27. background and exclaims "Oh shoot, I forgot there was a storm planned for
  28. today, we better hurry".
  29. "No need to worry" you say "I'll just make an umbrella, then we will be fine".
  30. Reaching out your hand you pat her on the head, causing her to blush a bit
  31. before she exclaims "Wait!, You can Make an Umbrella!"
  32. Nodding you reach into one of your puckets and pull out some chalk. Drawing
  33. a transmutation circle in the dirt, you draw some confused looks from twilight,
  34. and you just chuckle and say "Watch".
  35. Pressing your hands to the circle you focus your energy and the circle glows,
  36. the dirt underneath it forming up in the middle and changing shape and color,
  37. untill a folded up umbrella sits there. Releasing the circle it vanishes, and you
  38. grab hold of the umbrella.
  39. Turning to look at Twilight, her eyes have expanded again, and her jaw has dropped as well.
  40. Sighing you put the umbrella point first into the ground, and pick up Twilight and set her on your shoulders. Reaching down again you grab the umbrella and expand it, before walking towards the town in the distance.
  43. You are Twilight Sparkle
  44. You are one of the most Magically gifted unicorns in Equestria
  45. You are being carried like a foal by a strange creature you met only minutes ago. And you are blushing.
  48. "What do you think you are doing Anonymous" you exclaim Indignantly "Put me down this instant"
  49. He shakes his head and replies "The umbrella isnt big enough to cover both
  50. of us if we were walking side by side, so the easiest way to keep us both
  51. coveres is for me to carry you, and this is easier than carrying you in my arms."
  52. Giving a sigh, you relax forward and rest on his shoulders.
  53. You dont see the small smile he makes, as he carries you into town.
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