Dec 26th, 2016
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  1. Enter The Gungeon
  2. Legions of the Jammed+300
  3. Mimic's Curse+100
  4. Enforced Boss Rush+400
  5. Gungeoneer-100
  6. Fully-Loaded free for Gungeoneer
  7. Cult of the Gun-100 nice trick, it sure to come in handy in a pinch
  8. Gun Shy-100 discount for Gungeoneer having achieved sufficient regeneration and durability. I now stack I-frames
  9. Hold Your Fire-200 nice trick
  10. Boss Patterns:High Dragun-600 clearly the best one. It covers the most area at once
  11. A Shot Through Time-300discount for Gungeoneer . I always take these and this is one of the better ones
  12. Trusty Firearm: a reliable pump action shotgun Free
  13. Ammonomicon Free I love these kind of things
  14. Pea Shooter:Skull Spitter free for Gungeoneer
  15. BlanksX5-200 first free for Gungeoneer wish I could get more of these
  16. Supply Drop:Cloranthy Ring free for Gungeoneer
  17. Face Melter:Heck Blaster-200 hang on so part of my pattern can only be avoided by dodge . Rolling through it and this fires invisible bullets, plus its Earthworm Jim's gun?! I'm going to copy this and fuse the copy with my GBE for that sweet bullet pattern
  18. Pretty sure I can build the bullet and kill the Lich as a late game Jumper. So let's roll for goodies . Can I get a new Space Friend?Roll(1d100)-60: 85,-60 Total:25 barely
  19. a nice new pair of Springheel Boots?Roll(1d100)-60:24,-60 Total:1 into the armsfusion crafter you go
  20. a shotgun full of hate ?Roll(1d100)-60:30,-60Total:1 . You know I had to
  21. Unity?Roll(1d100)-60:42,-60Total:1 . Each card in my wallet can hold around 255 guns if they are the same kind and my wallet has a lot of cards, time to start printing out a lot of fat man launchers
  22. Angry Bullets ?Roll(1d100)-60:78,-60 Total:18
  23. White Guon Stone?Roll(1d100)-60:54,-60 Total:1
  24. Orange Guon Stone?Roll(1d100)-60: 18,-60 Total:1
  25. Green Guon Stone? Roll(1d100)-60:11,-60 Total:1
  26. Clear Guon Stone? Roll(1d100)-60:61,-60 Total:1
  27. Red Guon Stone?Roll(1d100)-60:83,-60 Total:23
  28. Blue Guon Stone?Roll(1d100)-60:98,-60 Total:38 , so this one is a no
  29. Gold Ammolet ? Roll(1d100)-60: 49,-60 Total:1
  30. Chaos Ammolet? Roll(1d100)-60:34,-60 Total:1
  31. Lodestone Ammolet? Roll(1d100)-60: 43,-60Total:1
  32. Uranium Ammolet?Roll(1d100)-60:28,-60 Total:1
  33. Copper Ammolet Roll(1d100)-60:78,-60Total:18
  34. Frost Ammolet? Roll(1d100)-60:44,-60 Total:1
  35. Honeycomb? Roll(1d100)-60: 15,-60 Total:1
  36. Stuffed Star?Roll(1d100)-60:21,-60Total:1
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