Taiji Exposed By Anonymous

Anon_Central Nov 14th, 2013 3,407 Never
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  1. #OpKillingBay continues....
  2. Greeting Citiziens of the World, We are Anonymous.
  4. Over the past few days we have alongside the LulzSec_Press released several pastebins regarding Taiji Japan.
  5. While LulzSec_Press was DDoS Japanese Government websites, We were intercepting Communication from Japan.
  6. We specifically targeted the Japanese "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries"
  7. In the Intercepted Communications We were able to gather information about a Fishery Program that both Taku Eto and Yoshita Kajiya are both well aware of.
  8. With all the growing Competition from both Korea and Taiwan in the Tuna and fishing industry. Japan decided to do something about that. And Program DevoX was born
  9. The Program know as "DevoX" is where Japanese exports of Tuna to the world are switched from Tuna to Dolphin Meat.
  10. What does that mean for you and me?
  11. It means that most of the "Tuna" in your favorite Store isn't really Tuna at all its Dolphins meat.
  12. Most of this Dolphins used for "DevoX" are taken from a Town in Japan known as Taiji. That right you've heard that name before.
  13. Taiji is where thousands of Dolphins are slaughtered each year. Japan has been operating there "Program DevoX" for as many as Four Years.
  14. Taiji, Japan EXPECT US...
  15. We do not Forgive
  16. We will not Forgive Taiji
  17. We are Legion
  18. We are Anonymous
  20. Support #OpKillingBay by asking the Media and other News outlets to cover Taiji.
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