/bootleg/ Nightmare Rare

Feb 23rd, 2019
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  1. I told you, man, it works, that…hex…works, she is still back at home, she won’t move, she won’t talk, she won’t do anything as long as I keep my eye on her, who knows what she is doing right now
  2. >the bartender spat on the glass and kept polishing
  3. >”if any of this that you are telling me is actually true and neither of us has lost our minds…”
  4. >you look up at him, hoping for a good advice or maybe some kind of solution that he might be able to provide, just a tiny glimmer of hope growing inside of you
  5. >”…then you are fucked”
  6. Oh c’mon man!
  7. >”who the fuck do you think I am anyway? One of the Ghostbusters? How am I supposed to know how to deal with a demonic…what did you call it?”
  8. >you lower your face, trying to hide your reddening face
  9. …pony…
  10. >you mumble
  11. >you look up, he is stifling a laugh…he is struggling
  14. D´hawh! Fuck you!
  15. >you get off the stool and walk out of the almost dead bar, that was your last stop since you got out of work, you can’t procrastinate anymore, you have to go to bed
  16. >a quick glance at your digital watch gives you the hour
  17. >2:57am
  18. Maybe I could stay at a motel…
  19. >you pat your wallet through your pockets, it feels unusually light and slender
  20. Of course…the drinks…
  21. >you wished the walk back home would have taken longer, you did your best to drag your feet as you walked, but eventually, you made it back home
  22. >playing with your keys, you steel yourself and take deep breaths
  23. >you open the door
  24. >for the first time since last week, your apartment feels truly empty
  25. Please be gone, please be gone, please be gone
  26. >you almost chanted but kept it as a low mumble
  27. >keys were thrown at the glass bowl, coat was hanged and shoes left in the tiny basket next to the main door
  28. Please be gone, please be gone
  29. >you kept mumbling as you walked back to your room
  30. >the lights where off, the intermittent red and purple lights from the electronic billboard spilling from the blinds of your only window on top of the bed header was the only source of light
  31. Oh thank god…
  32. >everything was just how you left it
  33. >pants were still hanging on the bed and the scissors were still poking out of the bag of fabrics, so nothing has been moved yet
  34. Maybe she finally got fed up and leaved
  35. >you quickly changed to your night clothes, the fear that she may appear as you lifted your shirt over your head lingered for far longer than you would have liked it to
  36. >but so far, no sign of her
  37. >you hopped into bed and tried to relax
  38. >the intermittent red and purple tones of your bed made your eyelids feel heavier after certain time
  39. She is gone
  40. >you whispered and let your head fall to its side, finally accepting your dreams into your head and giving your final blinks of consciousness
  41. >but there she was, looking at you from the top of your night table, her white fur turning red and purple every few seconds thanks to the billboard´s light
  42. >her yellow-ish eyes didn’t move from yours and her human-ish mouth didn’t moved as always
  43. >a final adrenaline rush surged through your body, but it wasn’t enough to keep you from falling asleep
  44. >you scream as your eyes popped open
  45. >your body feels heavy and tired, a rush of emotions runs through your mind as you try to get up from bed, but…something…is not letting you do it
  46. >whatever it is, it’s not even letting you move your head…who are you kidding? You know exactly what it is
  47. >just by moving your eyes, you try to find her, something hard to accomplish since your range of vision is pretty limited right now
  48. >just now you realize the feel of a small pressure on your cheek, yeah, that’s a hoof
  49. >you take a quick and sharp breath through your teeth
  50. >she is sitting right next to your head, you can’t really see her very well, you can’t even look at her eyes hiding behind her mane, but you can FEEL her staring down at you
  51. >this was a bad moment to remember the rules that you HAD to figure out
  52. >as long as you have any amount of vision on her, she can’t move, it’s almost like living with a non-lethal version (so far) of SCP-173
  53. >a drop of sweat runs down your forehead, down your cheek and disappears into the fur of her hoof
  54. >your breathing gets heavier and slightly faster
  55. >then, there was the second rule, you have to apologize for interrupting her
  56. >you know what you have to do, you don’t want to do it, but you have to
  57. >while struggling and, for some reason, with a considerable amount of muscular pain on your neck, you are able to turn your head JUST enough to let your eyes get a better look at her
  58. >her horn looks like it’s about to fall in pieces and what little of her face you are able to see looks exhausted and ready to die
  59. >her mane was a mess, you were able to count 3 single strings of grey hair and a big wrinkle under her right eye
  60. Im sorry…
  61. >you whispered
  62. …I didn’t mean to
  63. >and you closed your eyes
  64. >after a few seconds, her hoof gently stroked your cheek and just like that, the pressure on your cheek disappeared
  65. >you reopened your eyes and let out a whimper in-between chokes when you saw an empty space where she used to be
  66. >you felt the stiffness of your body disappear and quickly get up on your bed
  67. >you patted your legs and chest, shortly after, you did your best to stabilize your breathing
  68. >after your breathing got to a regular pace, you look at your digital clock, next to where she used to be
  69. >3:33am
  70. Dammit, not now…
  71. >you look at your pair of pants hanging on the bed´s footer
  72. Guess that´ll do…
  73. >you took the scissors out of your bag of fabrics and the pair of pants then and walked to the main door of your apartment
  74. >you cut several holes in the pants and leave the mess of fabric next to the door
  75. There, just how you like it
  76. >that was the third rule, after an apology is given, a small sacrifice must be offered in order to appease her
  77. >you go back to sleep, hoping she enjoys the offering
  78. Im gonna miss those pants
  79. >you wake up with an orange light hitting you in the face, the morning sun finally replaced that obnoxious red and purple billboard
  80. >you take a quick look at your clock
  81. >12:00am
  82. >12:00am
  83. >12:00am
  84. >Why is it blinking? You wonder
  85. Maybe it ran out of batteries…gotta remember to get more
  86. >you drag yourself out of the bed and look for your slippers
  87. >after a few moments, you found them next to your night table
  88. >you put them on and went to the kitchen for a small breakfast
  89. >a banana and glass of milk will do
  90. >you dip the banana into your glass of milk as you walk to your David Hasselhoff Beach Edition Calendar hanging on your fridge
  91. >today is…666/666/666
  92. Man, already? Time sure does flies when-wait a minute…
  93. >you look at your clock again
  94. >12:00am
  95. >12:00am
  96. >12:00am
  97. if it ran out of batteries…then why is it still on?
  98. >you look back at the calendar
  99. >every day was marked as 666
  100. Fuck! not again!
  101. >you finish your breakfast as fast as you could while running back to your room and look out the window
  102. Gooood Dammit…
  103. >that wasn’t the sun illuminating your face when you woke up
  104. >those are the fiery flames of hell fueled by cursed and damned souls and spirits
  105. >you quickly change back to your everyday clothes and run back to the main door
  106. >your ruined pants are still there
  107. >She hasn’t repaired them yet, that explains why
  108. >this was the third time that this has happen
  109. >the first time you came here when you accidently interrupted some kind of summoning process that she was doing, you still have to clean that pentagram on your bathroom wall
  110. >it took four days “I-HT” (In-Hell Time) to figure out how to go back home
  111. >you had to ask help from some succuby and demons, but you made it back MOSTLY intact
  112. >…your ass still bleeds from time to time and you are pretty sure your soul is damned to burn for eternity
  113. >when you came back, it only passed a couple of hours
  114. >the second time you came here was because you accidently threw away some fabrics that kept appearing on your room not knowing that she brought those…big mistake
  115. >took over a month of “I-HT” and the tuxedo that you used to wear every single day along with your green mask…now you only have the mask
  116. Man, I miss that tuxedo…
  117. >you say as you look how a flying tentacle-eyeball flies away in the distance and suddenly gets devoured by a magma-whale
  118. >now who knows how much time will it take to go back this time
  119. >you move away from the window and go back to the front door
  120. >you pick up your pants and open the door
  121. >you are greeted by a heat wave hitting you in the face and the sounds of hellish screams assaulting your ears
  122. Welp…time to find her…again
  123. >you take out your keys and lock the door of your apartment
  124. >then, you jump the river of lava that surrounds your apartment, it’s weird, you live in the fifth floor, but the entire building is missing, you can still see some of the rebar peeking out of corners of your walls
  125. >you have gone to sleep twice now, that means at least two days of “I-HT” have passed since you left your apartment
  126. >at least that’s what you think, you are not really sure, there is no sun down here but it sure feels like you are walking on it
  127. >you are down to your underwear and using a demon´s bladder as a makeshift backpack
  128. >you had to kill it in order to pass one of the many gates scattered around hell
  129. >That was one hell of a fight
  130. Hehe…
  131. >you chuckle at your own pun as you reach the ledge of a cliff
  132. Thas a lot´o spikes down there…better turn back and walk around this cliff…
  133. >you do turn around, but freeze in place
  134. >that’s not who you are looking for, but it might be able to help
  135. >also, it wasn’t there when you reached the ledge, did it just appeared out of nowhere?
  136. >it was laughing, it had a feminine voice, so you started calling it a “she”
  137. >you still had your doubts calling stuff down here by pronouns
  138. >fucking futa-demons and trap-imps…they are still fuckable though
  139. >her fur was a dark pink, it looked sticky and it had a lot of dark-ish spots around her, probably dried blood or something
  140. >her hair was really puffy and fluffy, it looked so soft and comfy…also red as blood
  141. >finally, huge grin, deep and long eye bags, every part of her face was twitching at variant degrees of intensity
  142. Umm, excuse me, im looking for Rarity, do you know where she is?
  143. >you assumed she knew her, after all, she look pretty similar to her, what with the human-ish face and all of that
  144. >she turned around and started bouncing away, beckoning you to follow her
  145. >and so you did
  146. >a few hours into the walk, you noticed her mark on her leg, it was in the shape of balloons
  147. >except this wasn’t like Rarity´s mark
  148. >Rarity´s, despite her somewhat unkempt fur, looked clean and stylized, almost like a tattoo
  149. >this one looked like it was iron-branded, it looked scarred and as if it were really badly infected at some point
  150. Pinkie? Is tha-
  151. >you were interrupted by a sudden cry of agony
  152. >her head turned 180 degrees and her neck snapped with a loud crack
  153. >you didn’t even get to finish the question before she jumped at you and started screaming at your face, hugging it somehow and not letting go despite your best efforts to get her away from you
  154. >it was like a face-hugger
  155. >she started biting your face, a few chunks of flesh being ripped apart from it
  157. >but apologizing didn’t work, she was still at it
  158. >then you remember that this was supposed to be Pinkie, or at least you hoped that was the case
  160. >and just like that, she jumped off your face and continued bouncing away
  161. >you carefully touched your face
  162. Fuck! She is stronger than she looks…
  163. >you stood up and kept following her at a relative safe distance
  164. Well…that’s a rule…don’t say her name
  165. >after a day or so of walking, the burning flames of hell were slowly replaced by some strings and fabrics hanging down from the infinite darkness above you, how that worked? You had no idea
  166. >far in the distance you saw a castle made out of cloth and patches
  167. Guessing she is in there…Thanks Pink-
  168. >you stopped yourself before finishing her name
  169. >she looked ready to snap but didn’t
  170. …I´ll be on my own for now
  171. >you took a step before feeling a tug on your underwear
  172. >she was climbing your leg and up your torso until she reached the “backpack”
  173. Oh, right, your candy
  174. >she jumped into the bag and pulled out the head of some smaller demon you killed before
  175. >she popped one of its eyes out with her tongue and munched on it
  176. >you did your best not to barf and continued walking, you had a castle to reach
  177. >after a few hours of walking (and turning around every 5 minutes making sure Pinkie didn’t followed you) the spiky rocks that protruded out of the ground and the fire and lava that used to be hell´s regular landscape slowly transformed into a forest of sewing articles, crochet needles acted as the trunk of trees and colorful patches of cloth acted as leaves
  178. >the ground became the same texture as a sofa cushion, big buttons included
  179. >you jumped a couple of times, confirming its bouncy properties
  180. Well…not exactly what I expected, but I know something is wrong here…
  181. >you turned around, a feeling of unease slowly creeping up on you
  182. >you shuddered and patted the chunks of missing flesh on your face to try to distract you from that feeling
  183. >they are sticky and sting a little but healing quickly
  184. Better hurry up
  185. >you kept walking for another couple of hours
  186. >after a while, the temperature descended to “not burning you alive” levels and decided to get dressed again
  187. >you pulled out your clothes from your “backpack” and realized you never changed into something adequate for hell cruising, just your comfy pants, a wife-beater and your slippers
  188. >you put your night clothes on while cursing and continue walking
  189. >what you think was another night came and went, you didn’t get a lot of rest but it was enough to keep you on your feet
  190. >looks like you are halfway there, but there is still a long way to go
  191. >suddenly, a small group of dolls shaped like ponies jumped out of a bush made out of crochet
  192. >the patches on their bodies were colorful and had trivial shapes
  193. >they held different kind of needles as staffs to poke you
  194. Ow! Hey stop that! That thing is pointy
  195. >you shove them away with a single foot since they weren’t bigger than an orange or apple
  196. >they all fall and struggle to stand up again
  197. >you see how an eye-button falls from one of them and pathetically crawls to find it
  198. Aww now I feel bad for these guys…
  199. >you lift it and pick up its button
  200. Here you go litt-OH SHIT!
  201. >there is a bloody human eye where the eye-button is supposed to be
  202. >you drop it and stomp on it
  203. >the little pony doll gets squished under your slippers in a pool of blood and bones
  204. >yet, it still moves, almost as if wanting to rearrange itself
  205. >a teeth and what looks like a kidney wiggle in place, trying to get close to each other
  206. >the same happen with its eyes…
  207. …Three…four…fi-why do you have 6 eyes?! Fuck that!
  208. >you jump over the small group of dolls and run for it
  210. >after running non-stop for another couple of hours you finally fall exhausted and rest next to a bush of crochet
  211. I (pant) fucking (pant) hate (pant) hell (pant)
  212. >you rest your head on the bush and close your eyes for a moment to catch your breath
  213. >you hear a small toy horn in the distance
  214. Fuck, they are catching up, can’t stop now
  215. >you stand up once again and continue you marathon
  216. >as you jogged, you noticed that the colorful leaves slowly became dull and desaturated
  217. Must be getting clo-UGH!
  218. >you slammed into the main door of the castle, knocking the air out of your lungs for a second
  219. Fu(wheeze)uk! What is it with stuff suddenly appearing out of nowhere?
  220. >you lay your hand on top of the cloth that makes up the castle walls and door
  221. And why is this so rough?
  222. >the castle it’s the only thing with some regular color that you can see around
  223. >the toy horn sounds once again
  225. >a few seconds pass with no answer
  226. ANYONE?
  227. >nothing
  229. >the cushie main door opens almost instantly, despite being made of patches, it sounded like a concrete wall slamming into another wall
  230. I´ll take that as a yes
  231. >you waste no time and run inside, the door slams behind you
  232. >despite its colorful exterior, the interior is completely in black and white
  233. Great, more black and white…
  234. >you move one of your shoulders in circles, trying to ease a small pain and stretch a little to relax
  235. >despite the eerie interior, you feel safe, as if there is nothing here at all that could hurt you
  236. >you are currently standing in what seems to be the castle´s lobby
  237. >there are chairs, a few tables and a fountain in the middle of the big room, everything still in monochromatic tones, the walls are completely made out of patches and stiches
  238. >you can see 3 corridors, 1 in each side of the room and 1 directly in front of you, that one is the biggest
  239. If this is a castle and if what I know about castles is true, then that corridor leads to Rarity´s throne room
  240. >at least you hoped it did, you are tired of surprises already
  241. >you start walking to the main corridor, the fluffy floor shapes around your flip-flops every time you take a step
  242. Kinda lonely in here…I like it, could use some color though
  243. >halfway through the corridor, you notice some portraits sewed on the walls
  244. >her human-ish eyes feel like they are staring down your very soul, kinda unnerving, but at the same time, there is something charming about it
  245. >being able to look at her without fearing for your sanity and soul made you notice the finer details on her face, she almost looks like a mature woman, serious, with a professional look but at the same time, something wild is hiding behind her stare
  246. >it almost…sexy
  247. No, anon, don’t!...Don’t do that, don’t go that way, you know it’s just a trap
  248. >you shake your head and continue walking after you noticed that you completely stopped to admire the portrait
  249. >you reach the end of the corridor, a big wooly door blocking your way, looks pretty ornated and royal-y, must be the door to her throne room
  250. >you push it, hoping it would open side by side, but instead, it moves like the drapes of a curtain
  251. >there is a throne, there are woolly statues of more ponies
  252. >but there is no Rarity
  253. 1, 2, 3…9…10 statues, Hmm, I was expecting some demonic amount like 666 or 13
  254. >the room was impossibly dark, it had no walls, no floor, no ceiling
  255. >a lonely throne sat in the middle of the “room” with a red carpet going all the way from the “door” to the throne
  256. >that, along with the statues, was all you could see in here, nothing else, no furniture, no light sources, nothing
  257. >you step closer to the statues...plushies? Giving the fact that they are made out of wool they might as well be giant pony plushies
  258. >they look…decent, not “show accurate” but not deformed neither, there is something uncanny about them, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is
  259. >there were 5 on each side of the red carpet
  260. >they are all holding big needles as swords except for the 2 closest to the throne
  261. >those 2 have scissors…BIG scissors
  262. >you stare at them for a few moments
  263. >they are making you nervous
  264. >you look away and head to the throne
  265. This is the cheapest throne I’ve seen…
  266. >you knock on it a couple of times
  267. Plastic?
  268. >it has a red cushion on it, most likely for Rarity´s comfort
  269. >you turn around and sit on it while looking to its sides, trying to find a comfortable position to sit
  270. Feels like sitting in the last available chair in a party…
  271. >you finally find the most comfortable position and lift your head, hoping for Rarity to appear soon
  272. >but as soon as you did, you almost crapped your pants, not for the fact that you were surrounded by every statue, aiming their needle-swords at you and the 2 statues with the scissors were standing next to your side with their scissors wide open
  273. >no, you almost crapped your pants, because Rarity was halfway through the red carpet and for the first time, her face looked different…angry
  274. >and yet, nobody moved
  275. >First, chills ran down your back
  276. >then, you stood up as soon you realized you were still sitting on her throne
  277. OH SH!-HEY! HELLO! I WASN’T- I DIDN’T-oh man im so dead
  278. >or at least, as close as you could ever be, you are already in hell, you can’t die here
  279. I was just…making sure it was comfy for you! Yeah!
  280. >you pat the little cushion on top of the chair
  281. Here you go!
  282. >you don’t and will NOT take your eyes out of her, you are too scared to know what would happen if she moves
  283. >your big fake smile seems to be working, she hasn’t moved yet, although you know you are lying to yourself, she will move the moment you take your eyes off of her
  284. Hey, im ju-im just gonna…
  285. >you start taking small and slow steps across the red carpet, doing your best to keep every statue in your sights as well as Rarity but you reach a point where taking another step forward would put at least a statue out of your sight, even if for a moment, you can’t risk that
  286. >so, now, you are standing right in front of her throne, blocking her path, she does NOT look happy and your eyes are starting to itch
  287. >you do your best not to blink
  288. This is not what it looks like, I promise, I just-
  289. >your eyes are burning
  290. -came to bring you this
  291. >you reach for your backpack and pull out your torn pants
  292. >accepting your fate, you steel yourself for the eternal pain and close your eyes
  293. >you feel some shuffling around you and something taking your pants off your hands
  294. >several pointy things poke you on the neck, most probably the needle-swords
  295. >a sharp pressure on your back makes you wince but it does not tear any skin off
  296. >rather, it pushes you and makes you turn around
  297. >you open your eyes and are greeted with a Rarity on her throne, lying on her side almost as if she were relaxing
  298. >she is looking at you, just barely, the small hint of a smile on her face, your pants on her hooves
  299. >you stare at her for a few seconds, then you feel two sharp pieces of metal slowly sliding across your neck
  300. >SNAP
  301. AAAHH!
  302. >you wake up, sweating, hyperventilating and for some reason, cold
  303. >your bed feels wet with sweat and the first rays of sunlight entering through your window feel like both a blessing and a bunch of needles in your eyes
  304. >you reach for your clock in your nightstand
  305. >4:47am
  306. >you let yourself fall back onto your bed, a huge weight off your back
  307. Im out…
  308. >you slide your hands across your face, making sure to remove whatever trace of sweat you have and close your eyes for a minute
  309. Today is Monday...
  310. >Fuck the office, you just had the worst nightmare ever, except this one wasn’t a figment of your imagination
  311. >you open your eyes and get off of bed
  312. >I said, you open your eyes, and get off of bed…
  313. >…
  314. >why can’t you get up?
  315. >you try looking down to the bed´s footer but instead stare down at Rarity, sitting on your chest
  316. >your blood pressure must have risen to a 1000 or dropped to -1000 because you are feeling very hot and cold at the same time
  317. >knowing that she won’t move until you let her move, you reluctantly close your eyes
  318. >fear invades you and drop of sweat slides down your cheek
  319. >you feel how she stand up on your chest and slowly walks across it and reaches your face
  320. >your hair moves to a side and a strange warm sensation tickles your ear
  321. >>”you didn’t had to do that for me, anon”
  322. >the whisper melted in your ear and inside your head
  323. >you open your eyes and are finally able to get off of bed
  324. >you run to the bathroom and are pleasantly surprised when you see a familiar pentagram is now missing from your wall
  325. >better take a proper shower now that you can, you are tired of taking sponge baths in your kitchen
  326. >after the bath and some breakfast you decide to take a walk to clear your mind
  327. >before heading to the door, you took a peek out of the window and confirmed that, in fact, you are back among the living
  328. >you took a step out and then realized
  329. Wait a minute…did she talked to me?
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