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  1. I have just built a new server for my office intranet that runs Debian Squeeze as an LAMP server - It runs 2 web based systems that are quite database intensive (both are constantly storing/reading PDFs as BLOB format in MySQL for the most part of the day) whilst replicating it's database with an offsite server. I have 2 gigabit NIC's in the server each with it's own IP. The 2 systems are setup as virtualhost's in the Apache config each with their own port (82 and 84) This works fine with one NIC but I would like for each card to handle the traffic independently (eg: eth0 handles the port 82 in/out traffic and eth1 handles the port 84 in/out traffic) - I have tried to configure iptables to get this working but its not giving me much love (usually no connection from one or both cards) Do I need to have both NIC's ip addresses on different subnets (therefore needing me to set pfSense to route the different subnets)? - I will also be adding a 3rd NIC to handle traffic out to the internet and also rsync duties. Thanks guys!
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