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  2. Aug 6, 2016 at 11:15 PM
  3. Guest_KetsuekiItodaichiGuest_KetsuekiItodaichi Whisper: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ANY POINT AFTER THIS RP ALL TALK WILL BE IN OOC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: ((Okie c:))
  5. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: Akasha would step out of a portal then walk into the Arenawith no armor but the clothes on her. The outfit she is wearing is red and black plad sweate, no shirt underneith and black pants, black and white converes with her black Angelic wing. She would then look to her opponent aand say "You insignifagant little whelp you will fall here and now and you will learn your place."
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  7. Guest_KetsuekiItodaichi: (Welcome
  8. Guest_UchihaFunny: Obrigada ,
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  10. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: James smirked softly at Akasha, running his pale and tattooed hand through his rather long black hair. His bright blue eyes looked at her as if they could pierce her, just with a look. He gently stood up properly from the ground, standing his full 6 ft 5". The small chains with crosses that hung from his long horns clinged slightly as he got up, making him smile slightly. around his neck were a small piece of cloth. "You really think you can just walk in and say that, expecting you will get to keep your sad little life?" he smiled, as he put the cloth over his eyes, materializing three swords by his side.
  11. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: -Akasha would then use her vamp and darkangle speed to rush towards her oppent and attempt to slash at his midsection in hopes to cut him -
  12. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smiled, sensing her moving towards him, as he jumped to the side, with an incredibly speed, landing safely close by her. "Nice try Akasha." He smiled, grabbing one of his swords, unsheathing it slowly. He held the tip of the blade down to the ground, tapping it lightly. he then rushed towards her, dragging the tip against the ground, leaving a big crack behind as he swung his sword towards he waist with an incredible force.
  13. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: - Akash would then side step to the left and hold out her hand and cool the air and make a small ice wolf-
  14. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: James smirked, a deep and wide cut appearing in the ground where he had slashed. "Lucky for you that you're fast." he said, watching her make a small ice wolf. Well, watching her with his senses. "I can feel it getting a bit chilly here, what are you doing little Aka?" he said and chuckled lightly, jumping up onto one of the big pillars, standing horizontally on the pillow.
  15. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: - Akasha would then Comand the ice wofl to attempt to attack James with her mind-
  16. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smiles as he stands there, still with his sword in his hand. He could sense the wolf as it tried to attack him, but he chuckled softly, knowing that it could go straight up the pillar, and that he was way to high up for it to reach him. "Really Akasha? Sending a small creature that can't even reach me here to attack me?"
  17. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: - Akasha would then take to the air and then fly towards her oppenant then attempt to knock him back down to the earth and then fly back down and land gracefully on her feet-
  18. Guest_xSantiago95x: (kick his ass)
  19. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: (( -smiles-))
  20. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He would smile as he would dodge her hit, jumping from the pillar, trying to kick her in the side to knock her down. He would then land on his feet, quickly making a swing towards the wolf with his sword, which would cut it in half if it hit it. A light blue mist would flow through his blindfold as he held his left hand up to his eyes. "ugh" he mumbled, a light glow coming through the thick leather blindfold.
  21. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: - Akasha would then dodges by lean backwards to the point where she was almost touching the ground and then she would kick out one of her long slender leg and attempt to kick her oppenant legs out from under him-
  22. Guest_xSantiago95x: (come on love make him bleed)
  23. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: James looked up a tad too late, having been distracted by the pain in his eyes as he felt her kicking his legs. He quickly tried to withstand her kick, but failing, causing him to make a spin in the air before rolling sideways on the ground, quickly getting up again. "damn eyes..." he mumbled, a small line of blood flowing under the blindfolds. "Well, gotta make this quick I guess." He said, grabbing his other sword as well, making two quick slashes towards her, one towards her legs and the other towards her throat~
  24. Guest_AkashaGreyOsirisGuest_AkashaGreyOsiris : -akasha would take the blow to her right sholder and blood would start to rush from the wound then she would bring up her left dual blade and attempt to slice her oppenants left arm off-
  25. Guest_xSantiago95xGuest_xSantiago95x Whisper: (atta girl)
  26. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smiles at her, leaning just slightly backwards, the tip of her blade lightly slicing through his top, but not reaching his skin. "Nice blade you have there Akasha." he said, and slid off his blindfold, his eyes glowing stronger than before from the smell of her blood. "but now I have gotten the lust for your blood, so I can get to look at your little blade later." he said, moving faster than before as he would swing both his swords, one towards her right arm and the other towards her left wing
  27. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: -Akasha would then take to the air and then attempt to do a dive bomb kick to Finn's Face then retreat back up into the air-
  28. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smiles up at her, putting his elboy infront of her foot, stopping her kick as he would jump up after her, making a powerful slash towards her with his swords. The glow from his eyes grew stronger and stronger, along with his skin slowly starting to glow.
  29. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: - Akasha would dodge by flying backwards and then while in the air would then sethe her left blade then hold out her left hand and heat up the air and make a phoenix in her hand then send it up high into the air then she would wait for her oppenant's next move-
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  32. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smiled weakly, letting himself drop down to the ground on his feet again, sheating his swords. He smiled up at her, putting his hands in his pockets. "I don't feel like fighting anymore and I can't fight much more in my current condition."
  33. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: -Akasha would then fly back down to the earth and land gracefully on her feet then she would say- " Very well lets call it a draw for now until next time" then she would open her portal to her home and enter it then the portal would close behind her-
  34. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: (( Ketsue how was that))
  35. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: He smirked and walked over to his blindfold, picking it up and covering his eyes again. "sure." he said, wiping the blood away from under his eyes.
  36. Guest_AdventureTimeFinn2: ((Well I will leave then, that way I can lag less and go to sleep soon o-o))
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  38. Guest_KetsuekiItodaichi: (Not bad
  39. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: (( ty am i getting any better)
  40. Guest_KetsuekiItodaichi: (yea your getting there slowly
  41. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: (( ok good))
  42. Guest_AkashaGreyOsiris: ugh -winces in pain-
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