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Infinite universes in Shinza

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Jul 28th, 2017
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  1. The great Mandala behind that spreads out, it became the Manji of Alaiyeshi/Eight Consciousness that shines like a halo, this fellow is what we are told to be the one who seizes all parallel universes that exist infinitely.
  3. Such what it is, this is definitely the Shinza…….As the being of the top, there is nothing strange for one to be awe in front of him. To the same way of a giant tree and a high peak, such an effect was accompanied by having an overwhelmingly enormous mass.
  5. He is gloomy, words dripped like monologue and thrown to talk about everything. Whenever and each time each sound was sung, stars will disappeared from the Mandala in the back.
  7. Light gets darkened. The territory of the darkness expanded. Just by a few words now, how many unknowable number of universes had been crushed?
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