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  1. lsd merc: at the end i just was tilted
  2. lsd merc: didnt cared at all sorry for that
  3. nasko7: no problem, it's a normal human reaction
  4. nasko7: what was the reason behind it?
  5. lsd merc: the reaction
  6. lsd merc: not at a single person
  7. lsd merc: *mad
  8. lsd merc: for example
  9. lsd merc: just gonna say people by name
  10. lsd merc: mind said "can you flash me please" after thata i flashed the demo and the scout
  11. lsd merc: lena got cut off cause i just can uber 2 people at the same time
  12. lsd merc: nobody is staying in the uber
  13. lsd merc: and we all went in and died
  14. lsd merc: cause we had a uber with much flashes then
  15. lsd merc: iam really trying my best to get the best out of my potencial but its fucking hard sometimes
  16. lsd merc: *me/our potencial
  17. nasko7: I understand
  18. nasko7: alright
  19. lsd merc: thats just one point
  20. nasko7: Yeah, go on
  21. lsd merc: just trying to get you in my position
  22. lsd merc: i mean like
  23. lsd merc: why am i calling we are holding passively on second, dont die, when somebody is dying cause overextending anyway
  24. lsd merc: i mean like yeah shit happen
  25. lsd merc: but we really have to open the mouth
  26. lsd merc: its good that we are improving with calling stuff
  27. lsd merc: but those things are some things we still didnt fixed
  28. lsd merc: for example
  29. lsd merc: in the first round as we capped 2nd and were about to going to last
  30. lsd merc: i said
  31. lsd merc: rotate under
  32. lsd merc: demo went with me
  33. lsd merc: 5 seconds later our scout went there
  34. lsd merc: 10 seconds later our pocket went there
  35. lsd merc: then we went in got forced early cause they got positition and didnt got the cap
  36. lsd merc: i mean if there are things what you have to do before
  37. lsd merc: just call it
  38. lsd merc: i dont have a healt board for every player
  39. lsd merc: *health
  40. lsd merc: i also dont see thought walls
  41. lsd merc: *though
  42. lsd merc: i think thats enough for now
  43. lsd merc: there are probably more points but gonna watch the demo anyway
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