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  1. Bennett Mammone
  2. 2-3-12
  3. Period 4
  4. Yearbook photo takes teen to the “Today Show” by Paige Blankenhuehler
  5.     In today’s society, people have become obsessed with putting images of themselves and their friends everywhere. However, it needs to be understood that these pictures must remain appropriate. In “yearbook photo takes teen to the ‘Today Show,’ by Paige Blankenhuehler, Sydney Spies wants to put an inappropriate picture in place of her formal yearbook photograph. Photos this revealing should never be included in a yearbook, which is why the yearbook committee refused to include this picture.
  6.  Spies claim that, “The photo represents who I am. I want to be a model. I’m a dancer.” (1). although this is a fair reason, posting vulgar pictures in a yearbook is unacceptable. Additionally, if spies are allowed to post this picture, more students will follow what will take away the importance of having yearbook photos. Yes, it may be unfair that football players are allowed to have pictures with them dressed up, but they are doing it in a suitable manner. If Spies wants to put a picture in that is different than a traditional yearbook picture that is perfectly acceptable. However, the picture must be fitting for a high school environment. Moreover, if Spies is allowed to post this picture, more students will follow her and post similar pictures of them. This will cause yearbooks to be filled with nothing but inappropriate pictures of high school students. Clearly, allowing Spies to put these pictures into the yearbook cannot be allowed.
  7. When people put pictures of themselves or others on the internet or wherever it may be, they must realize that these pictures must be appropriate. The more pictures of this people post the more often people will post similar pictures. Therefore, Spies should not have her picture in her yearbook. However, she may pick a new picture that the committee says is acceptable.
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