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  1. +15165551212: Yo idk what Monica's talking about but she says your mad at me. Are you ? 12:33 AM
  2. Me: Yo Monica is a straight up BITCH 1:00 PM
  3. +15165551212: Y 1:29 PM
  4. Me: Promise not to tell anyone? 1:30 PM
  5. +15165551212: Yea 1:31 PM
  6. Me: I always thought she was a bit dirty but she promised she was clean. I fuck this bitch one time, just ONE TIME, and she gave me a disease 1:31 PM
  7. Me: Now I have herpes for the rest of my life because of that fucking CUNT 1:31 PM
  8. Me: I suggest you stay away. Stay FAR away from that dirty bitch 1:31 PM
  9. +15165551212: No fucking way. We talkin bout the same monica? 1:32 PM
  10. +15165551212: How do you know she gave you something ? 1:32 PM
  11. Me: Do you know any other Monica? I sure don't. FUCK THAT BITCH 1:33 PM
  12. +15165551212: I can't believe this. 1:33 PM
  13. +15165551212: How do u know 1:33 PM
  14. Me: I went ot the doctor last week for some tests because I knew something was wrong down there 1:33 PM
  15. +15165551212: Are u kidding me 1:33 PM
  16. Me: Just got the call back today. I got fucking herpes and she was the only bitch i slept with for a couple weeks so it HAD to be her 1:33 PM
  17. Me: I fucking WISH I was kidding 1:34 PM
  18. Me: Do me a favor next time you see that bitch slap the shit out of her for me 1:35 PM
  19. +15165551212: Bro I can't believe this. 1:35 PM
  20. Me: I knew it looked a little funny when I was going down on her but she said it was razor burn from shaving her pussy!!! 1:35 PM
  21. Me: Turns out I was eating this bitch out while she had open herpes sores. I am so pissed yo 1:35 PM
  22. +15165551212: What a lying slur 1:35 PM
  23. +15165551212: Slut* 1:35 PM
  24. +15165551212: If I was you I would deadass slap her 1:36 PM
  25. +15165551212: When were u fucking her 1:36 PM
  26. Me: Idk like a month or 6 weeks ago, something like that 1:37 PM
  27. Me: At first I was wondering if this skank even knew, but I mean my shit feels like its on fire, theres no way she could not know 1:38 PM
  28. +15165551212: Have you talked to her since 1:38 PM
  29. Me: Well yeah I mean I already got the herp so I might as well keep banging her. Aint no one else gonna wanna bang me once word gets out. She's probably the only piece of ass I'll ever be able to get again 1:39 PM
  30. +15165551212: that's nuts. What are you going to do once you go back to college 1:57 PM
  31. +15165551212: Is it only genital or everywhere 1:57 PM
  32. Me: Well since I went down on her I got it everywhere. Right now it looks like I have the fucking chicken pox or some shit. 1:59 PM
  33. +15165551212: Are u kidding me. 1:59 PM
  34. +15165551212: Is there any treatment ? 1:59 PM
  35. Me: Those open sores were weird though, the pus they leaked was kinda sweat tasting. I thought maybe she had put some cherry flavored lube on or something 4 anal 2:00 PM
  36. Me: When the sores go away I guess I'll start fucking bitches at college again. I mean i'm a do everything i can to make sure no one finds out I got this shit 2:00 PM
  37. +15165551212: That's crazy. You should kill that bitch 2:00 PM
  38. Me: I can take pills that help stop breakouts and make me less contagious. I'll probably be on them the rest of my life 2:04 PM
  39. Me: Well you know me, I'm crazy, so I got a plan for revenge 2:04 PM
  40. +15165551212: Werd lmao what your plan 2:04 PM
  41. +15165551212: Can I tell grandma 2:05 PM
  42. +15165551212: ? 2:05 PM
  43. Me: I'm a post on craigslist calling for dirty bitches. I want to get every STD in the book and then fuck the shit out of monica 2:05 PM
  44. Me: This bitch deserves to die, and she will -- when i give her aids 2:05 PM
  45. +15165551212: Lmfaoo 2:05 PM
  46. Me: You want to tell this shit to grandma??? Are you nuts!? 2:06 PM
  47. Me: Fine, you can tell grandma I guess 2:06 PM
  48. +15165551212: Lmao maybe she can help ! 2:07 PM
  49. +15165551212: Did you tell your mom? 2:07 PM
  50. Me: Na, I didnt tell my mom but I guess she'll find out after you tell grandma 2:09 PM
  51. +15165551212: Nahh grandma told me to tell you to tell your mom 2:09 PM
  52. +15165551212: Grandma wouldn't do that 2:09 PM
  53. Me: ugh i guess i should tell her 2:17 PM
  54. Me: maybe shes been through something similar 2:17 PM
  55. +15165551212: either way she is your best option for help 2:19 PM
  56. Me: You know anyone with crabs? What about scabies? Im pretty sure I gave that slut chlamydia just this past week, but I want to get her nasty snatch infested 3:12 PM
  57. Me: I want that bitch to be scratchin her pussy like I shoved poison ivy up there 3:16 PM
  58. +15165551212: Lmfaooooo 3:16 PM
  59. +15165551212: Do that ! Get it on a glove and get in there 3:16 PM
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