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  1. Nbritton91 (8:04:40 PM) Hello, i have been contacted by a member of my clan
  2. Nbritton91 (8:04:48 PM) He is claiming harrassment by you
  3. manimal1 (8:04:49 PM) And SO
  4. Nbritton91 (8:04:53 PM) Do i need to notify wargaming?
  5. manimal1 (8:05:10 PM) If your member was
  6. manimal1 (8:05:23 PM) being talked to by me
  7. manimal1 (8:05:40 PM) HE IS A COWARD that RAN from A BATTLE
  8. Nbritton91 (8:05:54 PM) I see you are upset
  9. Nbritton91 (8:06:06 PM) But you must understand this is simply a game
  10. Nbritton91 (8:06:20 PM) and that verbal abuse, such as this, is not the correct solution to your anger
  11. Nbritton91 (8:06:36 PM) have you condsidered an anger therapy course?
  12. manimal1 (8:06:38 PM) I get UPSET when TEAMMATES run or hiode from a BATTLE
  13. manimal1 (8:06:46 PM) HIDE *
  14. Nbritton91 (8:07:01 PM) Is there something wrong with your shift key?
  15. manimal1 (8:07:23 PM) Dude who the hell u think u are
  16. manimal1 (8:07:56 PM) 8225 gaMES YOUR A SCRUB
  17. Nbritton91 (8:08:10 PM) I see
  18. manimal1 (8:08:20 PM) u see what
  19. Nbritton91 (8:08:35 PM) I see you are upset
  20. Nbritton91 (8:08:42 PM) why are you so mad?
  21. manimal1 (8:08:45 PM) LOL
  22. Nbritton91 (8:08:54 PM) I have done nothing to provoke you
  23. Nbritton91 (8:09:01 PM) Why are you insulting my statistics
  24. manimal1 (8:09:03 PM) Did you not understand my 1st reply
  25. Nbritton91 (8:09:16 PM) No i didn't
  26. Nbritton91 (8:09:22 PM) please repeat your 1st reply
  27. manimal1 (8:09:28 PM) OK LETS START OVER
  28. Nbritton91 (8:09:29 PM) I would be most appreciative
  29. Nbritton91 (8:09:31 PM) fantastic
  30. manimal1 (8:09:47 PM) Did you OR DID YOU NOT talk to me 1st
  31. Nbritton91 (8:10:18 PM) I contacted you yes, to ask you what the problem is
  32. Nbritton91 (8:10:26 PM) i do not understand the problem as you have described it
  33. Nbritton91 (8:10:33 PM) please re-explain the situation for clarity
  34. manimal1 (8:10:59 PM) I said your member was a coward and hid in a BATTLE
  35. Nbritton91 (8:11:04 PM) I am trying to understand why you are verbally assaulting a fellow clan-mate of mine
  36. Nbritton91 (8:11:13 PM) Is there a difference between a battle and a BATTLE?
  37. Nbritton91 (8:11:18 PM) for clarity
  38. manimal1 (8:11:19 PM) BRB
  39. Nbritton91 (8:11:38 PM) I'll wait
  40. manimal1 (8:13:56 PM) Difference between a battle and a battle ARE YOU IGNORANT
  41. Nbritton91 (8:14:31 PM) No i am not
  42. Nbritton91 (8:14:36 PM) I am niether a scrub
  43. Nbritton91 (8:14:39 PM) nor ignorant
  44. manimal1 (8:14:40 PM) DO YOU PLAY TO WIN
  45. Nbritton91 (8:14:44 PM) Yes
  46. Nbritton91 (8:14:45 PM) Yes i do
  47. manimal1 (8:15:21 PM) Then WHY do you let PEOPLE in your clan RECRUITER that HIDES
  48. Nbritton91 (8:15:47 PM) I am so confused. Let me explain why i contacted you.
  49. Nbritton91 (8:15:52 PM) I contacted you to give you a chance
  50. Nbritton91 (8:15:55 PM) I was being nice
  51. Nbritton91 (8:16:02 PM) I wanted you to provide me with a reason
  52. manimal1 (8:16:02 PM) HAVE you EVER spent HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS GAME
  53. manimal1 (8:16:20 PM) Do u understand my reason
  54. Nbritton91 (8:16:21 PM) I wanted you to provide me with a reason NOT to report you
  55. Nbritton91 (8:16:26 PM) to wargaming
  56. manimal1 (8:16:36 PM) Dude.
  57. Nbritton91 (8:16:54 PM) I'm afraid i will be contacting them regarding your unaccaptable behavior
  58. manimal1 (8:17:19 PM) REPORT ME IF YOU want. I never call out anhyone that BATTLES TO WIN
  59. manimal1 (8:17:58 PM) I PLAQY TO WQIN . COWARDS need to BE REPORTED report your MEMBER
  60. Nbritton91 (8:18:04 PM) Define play to win
  61. Nbritton91 (8:18:17 PM) Provide me with proof that you "play to win"
  62. manimal1 (8:18:21 PM) NEVER RUN from a fight
  63. manimal1 (8:19:05 PM) <<<< Always 1st to a fight. MY STATS prove it
  64. Nbritton91 (8:19:19 PM) Yes they do i'm afraid
  65. manimal1 (8:19:28 PM) AND NEVER EVER HIDE ...... LIKE YOUR BOY DID
  66. Nbritton91 (8:19:36 PM) My condolences in regards to the statistics
  67. manimal1 (8:19:55 PM) 1 on 1` ME and YOU RIGHT NOW
  68. manimal1 (8:20:26 PM) Your not that good DUDE
  69. Nbritton91 (8:21:22 PM) Very well
  70. manimal1 (8:21:33 PM) NO CAP
  71. Nbritton91 (8:21:41 PM) Invite me to a training room sir
  72. manimal1 (8:21:49 PM) Invite . What tier TUFF GUY
  73. Nbritton91 (8:22:04 PM) Whatever tier you like
  74. Nbritton91 (8:22:09 PM) I would prefer 10
  75. manimal1 (8:22:22 PM) Ok t110s
  76. Nbritton91 (8:22:55 PM) Very well, i await the invite
  77. manimal1 (8:23:29 PM) I SAID IUNVITE ME
  78. manimal1 (8:24:03 PM) How old are u
  79. Nbritton91 (8:24:43 PM) I'm sorry personal info is against wargaming code of conduct
  80. Nbritton91 (8:24:46 PM) I sent you an invite
  81. manimal1 (8:25:32 PM) LOL your PATHETIC is BEING PATHETIC agaist WARGAMING conduct to
  82. Nbritton91 (8:25:51 PM) Accept the invite please, i have a clan wars battle to attend in the near future
  83. Nbritton91 (8:26:38 PM) I have sent you three invites now
  84. Nbritton91 (8:26:54 PM) If you do not accept i will be forced to cancel our plans
  85. manimal1 (8:26:55 PM) No your IGNORANT, Report me if you belive your COWARD team mate BUT YOU BEING IGNORED
  86. manimal1 (8:27:14 PM) BYE BYE
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