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Log Twenty-Five: Mono and the Grey Men

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May 5th, 2013
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  1. <Bashir> hiho
  2. <Gustbran> Nyaa, In the military, one's time is at a premium. The few people who did more than the bare minimum required actually enjoyed doing so. I wasn't one of them.
  3. <Corbenik> hiho
  4. <Gustbran> Now that I'm out, I'm quite happy that stuff is behind me.
  5. <Dirk> Hi Adrian
  6. <Momo> I can understand
  7. <Wits> Freespace: do you want to play aiden or gustbran?
  8. <Gustbran> imagine showing up for PT (excersize) at 5AM, working from 630AM to 330PM, then getting stuck onboard for security watches, having maybe 4 hours of sleep that night, and then doing another 630 to 330 shift, and THEN do another PT at 5 to 6PM and tell me you'd do more.
  9. <Wits> You can play both, if you want, but it's fairly demanding I should think
  10. <Gustbran> I'll play as Gustbran since I think Aiden's busy with lab
  11. <Wits> Ok
  12. <Wits> I guess Calpurnia is still away, so Nagas is with Corbenik?
  13. <Corbenik> Yep
  14. <Momo> Calpurnia solo adventure to become the queen
  15. <Momo> with her army of faerie
  16. <Corbenik> Most likely you'll all now when she returns, maybe (depends cj has yet to give me information on what me can learn T_T )
  17. <Wits> [Let's retcon this before we begin] Corbenik and Gustbran follow the magi through a dark, labyrinthine catacomb tunnel lined with skeleton, and catch them at a room with a pond just as Dirk is submerging to swim through. Roll stamina + swim to see how you get through
  18. <Wits> And Momo, roll dex+hunt
  19. <Corbenik> (wait dirk or us two)
  20. <Wits> You two - dirk doesn't have to roll
  21. <Momo> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 if smaller critter)
  22. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 if smaller critter): 5 :3+2
  23. <Momo> so 6.
  24. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+1
  25. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik: 7 :6+1
  26. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  27. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 9
  28. <Wits> The woman turns into a mouse and slips away from Momo, and makes a run for the door on the right [i.e. not the one you came through]
  29. <Wits> The map of the catacombs thus far is on page two here:
  30. <Wits> Are we all here?
  31. <Corbenik> I am
  32. * Momo pretend it was on purpose and say "Go, young one. My servant escort you."
  33. <Bashir> (present, minor question, which woman was fleeing from Momo?)
  34. <Momo> shall escort*
  35. <Wits> [You don't know anything about that yet, Bashir. I'll post the mini-adventure Momo had on the forum once we're done]
  36. <Bashir> (ah right)
  37. <Bashir> (carry on :p )
  38. <Wits> I think we can begin, since everyone who's coming is here as far as I cna tell
  39. * Momo then toward the men and ask, "Are your doubt cleared, young initiative?"
  40. <Wits> ---------------------- Libon's Lair
  41. <Bashir> (CJ hasn't, but it doesn't seem likely he will)
  42. <Dirk> (he sayed he wont be here)
  43. <Wits> (Yeah, he's going to his parents)
  44. <Bashir> (goodie then)
  45. <Wits> Gustbran, roll stamina + swim
  46. <Wits> Corbenik, you took a level of fatigue trying to swim through a narrow, submerged tunnel. You emerge on the other side splashing and gushing
  47. <Corbenik> (grrr me will most likely need to go get a drink now)
  48. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+1 (untrained)
  49. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (untrained): 3 :2+1
  50. <Wits> You're all in a small room, the floor is littered with skeletons, there's a small pond in one corner, water runs down the walls to the pond
  51. <Momo> (We better have makara perdo the water when we meed to escape)
  52. <Bashir> (no faith :p )
  53. <Wits> Ok, gus is in trouble. And since Gui can't help him with his broken hand, there's just Fishy and Dirk - roll str + swim (that's what we rolled last time as well, right?)
  54. <Bashir> (str for rescue, yes)
  55. <Gustbran> (*sigh*)
  56. <Momo> !roll 1d10+7 (+1 if maneuver)
  57. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 if maneuver) : 9 :2+7
  58. <Bashir> (Don't worry, most of us didn't swim through unscathed either
  59. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (Perception+Awearness to I realise that they followed)
  60. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Perception+Awearness to I realise that they followed): 3
  61. <Corbenik> (drown)
  62. <Wits> Dirk, they arrive before you go under, so you know they're there
  63. <Wits> do you want to help them though? then str+swi
  64. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (STR)
  65. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (STR): 5
  66. <Dirk> (err only 4)
  67. <Wits> Ok, your combined efforts bring Gush through relatively unscathed - just 1 fatigue
  68. <Wits> Do you rest the fatigue points away, or try to push through after momo?
  69. <Momo> (Two men would had drown if it not for great fishy~0
  70. <Wits> Gui stays behind to nurse his hand, in any case.
  71. <Gustbran> (question, is this a new adventure from the previous one I got fatigue from?)
  72. <Wits> (Yeah, you've rested all previous fatigue away)
  73. <Bashir> (what fatigue was that?)
  74. <Dirk> (drinking? ^^)
  75. <Momo> (drunk fatigue)
  76. <Gustbran> (from bashing a door and failing!)
  77. <Bashir> (ah :p I forgot)
  78. <Bashir> (haha ah yeah...)
  79. <Momo> (now you can forget it)
  80. <Dirk> (oh this one)
  81. <Gustbran> (I'll rest my 1 point away!)
  82. <Wits> Ok, you rest for a few minutes - all those who had 1 fatigue can scratch it, but if someone had more, those stay
  83. <Dirk> "Everyone fine? ... Oh and where did Momo go?"
  84. <Momo> (Meanwhile, Momo wonders where the heck is everyone?)
  85. <Corbenik> "..."
  86. * Corbenik I don't know gesture
  87. <Bashir> [coughing lightly] "he ran a-a-ahead"
  88. <Dirk> (btw to the 2 new it was strange how long Drik stayed underwater , maybe a spell?)
  89. <Wits> (Momo, note my msg)
  90. <Corbenik> (damned magus)
  91. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4
  92. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 13 :9+4
  93. <Wits> Ok, you've rested.
  94. <Bashir> (I almost got eaten because of them(!))
  95. <Dirk> (And my clotes are dry as I did cast a spontan spell on the other side)
  96. <Wits> (ok)
  97. <Dirk> (roll for this was in the last session so I dont see the need to do again ^^)
  98. <Wits> You take off into the tunnel that leads away from the room. And again, you arrive at an intersection. Does anyone have a particularly good sense of smell?
  99. * Bashir is short naked wet and cold, not to mention the slight coughing
  100. <Corbenik> (I can most likely smell out food, but other than that no)
  101. <Bashir> (nope, sadly)
  102. <Wits> Or everyone except Corbenik and Gustbran can also roll perception + survival to orient your mental map to know which way is which
  103. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (untrained)
  104. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (untrained): 10
  105. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (untrained)
  106. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (untrained): 3 :4-1
  107. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  108. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 2
  109. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  110. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 4
  111. * Bashir is sure that the swim turned us around
  112. <Bashir> (can we see the wet paw-prints perhaps? its dark though, I suppose, save for the shield)
  113. <Wits> Ok, you don't know anything. I think I'll roll for which path you'll take, since you know the right way OOC :) 4 or under is right
  114. <Wits> Ok, that's fair, yes. Roll perception + awareness
  115. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (still untrained :( )
  116. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (still untrained :( ): 3
  117. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (+1 if Searching)
  118. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (+1 if Searching): 1
  119. <Corbenik> :P
  120. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  121. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 2
  122. <Corbenik> :P
  123. <Dirk> (nooo)
  124. <Bashir> (aww)
  125. <Wits> Cobenik and Gus can roll for this one as well
  126. <Wits> As can fishy
  127. * Dirk is searching if any foorprints of the wet cat are to see
  128. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  129. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 4 :1+3
  130. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  131. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 2
  132. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4
  133. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 14 :10+4
  134. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if spotting)
  135. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if spotting): 2 :3-1
  136. <Gustbran> >:(
  137. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  138. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 6
  139. <Bashir> (haha it is refreshing to see that our luck hasn't changed!)
  140. <Wits> Fishy roll botc
  141. <Corbenik> (indeed, the Curse of Calpurnia is affecting you guys, except oddly momo)
  142. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  143. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 2
  144. <Dirk> (Think dirk now see the best of all as the shield only gives torchlight)
  145. <Wits> Ok, no botch. None of you have any idea which way would be good
  146. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  147. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 1
  148. <Wits> You decide on right, seems like the sensible way to go.
  149. <Dirk> (No wet footprints of the cat?)
  150. <Bashir> (dun dun dun duuun!!)
  151. <Bashir> (not that we could see)
  152. <Wits> (Guess he leaped at that point or something ;)
  153. <Dirk> (If necesary I serc for a bit)
  154. <Momo> (just don't u-turn back to the kerberus)
  155. <Wits> (You did that already - didn't see anything. Any other tricks up your sleeve?)=
  156. <Bashir> "W-w-w c-can't stay, iiif it g-g-got in trouble"
  157. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  158. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 6
  159. * Bashir mutters "or trouble got it.."
  160. <Dirk> "DO anyone have a Hair of Momo?"
  161. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4
  162. <Magic_Dice> Momo: 11 :7+4
  163. <Bashir> "nnnn-no, why?"
  164. <Dirk> (Moment I know a arcane conection)
  165. <Bashir> (the wound on Gui's hand? :) )
  166. <Wits> Dirk: Gui just used his robe to catch Momo from the water, you oculd probably find some there
  167. <Dirk> Brother Lui I have to touch your wound for a moment
  168. <Wits> Great. You go back and use that for an arcane connection
  169. <Dirk> (Wounds are also arcane conection to the weapon for some time)
  170. <Makara> (Momo have an arcane connection with my fish pulp back at the lab...)
  171. * Bashir shivers slightly from the cold
  172. <Corbenik> (I don't want to know why)
  173. <Bashir> (who knows with these mages..)
  174. <Bashir> (lol, I missed that Makara)
  175. <Bashir> (would make sense though)
  176. <Bashir> (since it was the fish pulp that made him abandon his royal court..)
  177. <Wits> Do you need to roll, Dirk? Which spell was it again?
  178. <Dirk> (eks wont work as Arcane conection to Cat is animal)
  179. <Dirk> (Dirk only have a instant True Path equivalent and tht wont do it or?)
  180. <Wits> (Is Momo a cat in that sense, though? I'm not sure how that would work.)
  181. <Wits> (It's terram, right?)
  182. <Dirk> (yep)
  183. <Momo> (momo is cat)
  184. <Wits> (Yeah, that probably won't work unfortunately)
  185. <Wits> (Does Makara have anything?)
  186. <Makara> (nope)
  187. <Makara> (enigmatic wisdom?)
  188. <Dirk> (fishy would easy for Makara but cat not)
  189. <Wits> (Makara: Ok, you can try with enigmatic wisdom, look for hidden patterns)
  190. <Bashir> "w-w-we c-can't ssstay around, w-what i-if th-the cat leads trouble b-back to uus?"
  191. <Makara> !roll 1d10+9 (int + wis)
  192. <Magic_Dice> Makara, (int + wis): 17 :8+9
  193. <Bashir> (holy fish...)
  194. <Makara> (detective Makara at your service)
  195. <Gustbran> (that stuttering seems like a real pain to type!)
  196. <Bashir> (no kidding, do you know where I left my keys?)
  197. <Wits> Ok, you remember an old Criamon proverb you heard: "When in doubt, always go left."
  198. <Dirk> (Who is all naked? )
  199. <Wits> Seems to fit perfectly here.
  200. <Makara> "I suggest left"
  201. <Bashir> (It's freaking annoying, and I forget it sometimes :p )
  202. <Bashir> (I'm naked)
  203. <Dirk> (I think the grog also)
  204. <Bashir> (left my dagger at the other side too...)
  205. <Dirk> (oO)
  206. <Wits> Ok, the passage to the left is narrow, so you have to go single-file. What order do you go in?
  207. <Bashir> (don't want it to rust...)
  208. <Bashir> (It's the most expencive thing I got! :p )
  209. <Corbenik> (hmmmm, grog)
  210. <Dirk> (light need to first)
  211. <Dirk> (I'm behind)
  212. <Bashir> (I'll walk in the back, again)
  213. <Wits> (Momo, respond to the msg)
  214. <Bashir> (freezing :p )
  215. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+20 (Spontan a Herbam cloth for the grog)
  216. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Spontan a Herbam cloth for the grog): 22 :2+20
  217. <Dirk> (Sun +2, Base 2 probably +1 Touch)
  218. <Dirk> (still there?)
  219. <Corbenik> (me am)
  220. <Bashir> (I's here :p )
  221. <Bashir> (looking though to find something smiliar hehe)
  222. <Wits> (yes, ok so you spont clothes for the grog?)
  223. <Bashir> (though the core book, that is)
  224. <Dirk> (yep as he walk ahead)
  225. <Wits> (Dirk is behind, the grog is probably near the front, where is everyone else in the queue?)
  226. <Bashir> (I take the rear guard)
  227. <Dirk> (I'm behind the Grog and Grog is first ^^)
  228. <Corbenik> (behind dirk)
  229. <Wits> Ok, so grog, Dirk, corbenik, ... Bashir - where are Makara and Fishy ?
  230. <Dirk> (Gust?)
  231. <Fishy> (Makara and fishy is following in the middle)
  232. <Dirk> (gust securing the probably from behind?)
  233. <Wits> Ok, grog, dirk, corb, Mak, fish, bash, Gust
  234. <Gustbran> I'll either be at the frontmost or rearmost.
  235. <Wits> You move along the left passage, when suddenly you hear angry shouts
  236. <Bashir> "c-c-could yyyou m-make me some c-clothes t-too?" [is shivering]
  237. <Bashir> (never mind that then)
  238. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (con)
  239. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (con): 7 :3+4
  240. <Dirk> "It would drain me to much, sorry"
  241. <Wits> You can also see light glinting from an opening in the tunnel's wall, to the right
  242. <Bashir> [in low voice] "w-w-what is it?"
  243. <Wits> How do you approach this?
  244. <Corbenik> ".......running is most likely a good idea"
  245. <Momo> !roll 1d10+2 (qik + claw)
  246. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (qik + claw): 11 :9+2
  247. <Dirk> silent "Carfull with weapons ready!"
  248. <Wits> !roll 1d10+4 libon
  249. <Magic_Dice> Wits, libon: 8 :4+4
  250. * Bashir is leaving it up to the front guys
  251. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 Ganasi
  252. <Magic_Dice> Wits, Ganasi: 6 :4+2
  253. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 Elasus
  254. <Magic_Dice> Wits, Elasus: 3 :1+2
  255. <Wits> !roll 1d10 Bion
  256. <Magic_Dice> Wits, Bion: 6
  257. <Dirk> silent "Copernicus be prepared that you have to get past me"
  258. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 Abood
  259. <Magic_Dice> Wits, Abood: 7 :5+2
  260. <Bashir> (Elasus got a 1 btw :) )
  261. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 Elasus doubles
  262. <Magic_Dice> Wits, Elasus doubles: 10 :8+2
  263. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10-1
  264. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 1 :2-1
  265. <Gustbran> ...
  266. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-3 (ini if needed)
  267. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (ini if needed): 4 :7-3
  268. <Wits> !roll 1d10+6
  269. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 11 :5+6
  270. <Bashir> [in low voice if insistent tone] "w-w-what is it?"
  271. <Wits> (Anyone remember the formula for dodge skill? Which attribute and skill counts to that?)
  272. <Bashir> (Quick)
  273. <Dirk> (brawl)
  274. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 for dodge)
  275. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 for dodge): 10 :6+4
  276. <Momo> so 11
  277. <Wits> Ok, Momo barely dodges and runs for the door
  278. <Bashir> (its on page 171 I've written)
  279. <Momo> "Help me servant! These heretic are attacking me!"
  280. <Wits> Ok, as the grog and Dirk reach the door and peek in, a scared-looking Momo comes out running like the wind
  281. <Dirk> "what in Apollos Name ...."
  282. <Wits> Through the door, you see four men standing in the middle of a large room with spears in their hands
  283. <Momo> (three man right?)
  284. <Wits> One of them shouts "Treachery! Attack!" in latin
  285. <Wits> (No, four - one more came from the tunnel in the beginning, if you remember)
  286. <Wits> roll initiative everyone
  287. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2
  288. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 7 :5+2
  289. <Dirk> "Stop right there I dont want to bring the Punsihment of Marsyas upon you!"
  290. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+3 (sword has been drawn, along with shield)
  291. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (sword has been drawn, along with shield): 13 :10+3
  292. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+3
  293. <Dirk> (If they Apollo beliver this might ring a bell)
  294. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 6 :3+3
  295. <Wits> Dirk, roll presebnce + leadership
  296. <Makara> !roll 1d10+1
  297. <Magic_Dice> Makara: 11 :10+1
  298. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+4 (without gift and Disfigrement negative)
  299. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (without gift and Disfigrement negative): 12 :8+4
  300. <Dirk> (my ini was 4 as I rolled already above)
  301. <Corbenik> (oh yeah fatigue)
  302. <Dirk> (you rested)
  303. <Corbenik> (good)
  304. <Dirk> (but I have fatigue good you remberd me)
  305. <Bashir> (I think those were longterm, wasn't it?)
  306. <Bashir> (but yeah, I'd forgotten as well)
  307. <Dirk> (only the Grog got longterm if I rember right)
  308. <Wits> Corbenik and Makara roll for botch for the ini roll (Does anyone know what happens if you botch that?)
  309. <Dirk> (So Ini is 3)
  310. <Bashir> (ah right, couldn't recall who it was that got it)
  311. <Momo> !roll 1d10 (for botch)
  312. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (for botch): 10
  313. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10
  314. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik: 10
  315. <Corbenik> ...................
  316. <Momo> (that's for makara)
  317. <Bashir> (...)
  318. <Momo> welp
  319. <Dirk> (They wnat to know ^^)
  320. <Corbenik> lol
  321. <Makara> welp
  322. <Bashir> (ergh, miss a turn or so?)
  323. <Wits> Dirk: With your negatives that's not enough even wit hconfidence. They attack
  324. <Wits> Momo: Does your power change the target's clothes as well, or do they remain?
  325. <Wits> Yeah, Makara and Corbenik miss a turn
  326. <Momo> Ehh... I guess faerie power is more throughout, so I guess cloth too.
  327. <Bashir> (they've no clothes?)
  328. * Dirk wisper to the grog "stay outside of the room"
  329. <Wits> !roll 1d10-1 (agenor)
  330. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (agenor): 5 :6-1
  331. <Bashir> (I had hoped to snatch a bit off them... *cough*)
  332. <Wits> Initiative order: Elasus 18, Momo 9, Abood 7, Bashir 7, Ganasi 6, Bion 6, Fishy 6, Agenor 5, Dirk 4, Corbenik 3, Makara 1
  333. <Momo> (momo have 11)(
  334. <Wits> The only ones of you who are within reach of the room are Dirk and the grog Agenor
  335. <Dirk> (is it big enough that the get past the Grog or anyone behind me get past me?)
  336. <Wits> Momo: you got +2 for the claw, so I marked down the base roll (9) in case you use powers or something with a different initiative
  337. <Momo> +2 for claw
  338. <Momo> +1 for claw
  339. <Momo> and +1 for quick
  340. <Wits> Ah, ok, so the base is 10
  341. <Dirk> (If Agenor dont enter the room and manage to block them of we are fine)
  342. <Wits> Initiative order: Elasus 18, Momo 10, Abood 7, Bashir 7, Ganasi 6, Bion 6, Fishy 6, Agenor 5, Dirk 4, Corbenik 3, Makara 1
  343. <Bashir> (haha, sacrificing the grog are we? :p )
  344. <Wits> Agenor doesn't hav armor anymore, though, but he managed to bring his axe and shield.
  345. <Wits> Of the people in the room, one of them is clad in full scale armor and wields a polearm - he looks just like one of the covenant's guard grogs, in fact, and is huge (that's Abood)
  346. <Dirk> (no I just need to bring my room spell in)
  347. <Wits> The others are clad in normal clothes and wield spears
  348. <Wits> Dirk: No, the door isn't big enough for anyone to come through
  349. <Dirk> (but till then he need to stay outside of the room)
  350. <Wits> Ok, Elasus runs up to the grog and attempts to stab him - he's a fairly muscular mand with tall blonde hair
  351. <Dirk> "Focus on defense"
  352. <Wits> (there's a diagram of the room on page 3 at
  353. <Bashir> we are at the tunnel?
  354. <Wits> !roll 1d10+6
  355. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 13 :7+6
  356. <Bashir> ()
  357. <Wits> Bashir: Yes, you are stuck behind Dirk in the tunnel and can't really see much of what is going on
  358. <Dirk> (Yes thats why the grog have to hold them of alone sadly(
  359. <Wits> Unless you try something - Fishy could fit through, as could Momo
  360. <Bashir> (Yep, sounds right hehe )
  361. <Wits> !roll 1d10+11 (grog defends)
  362. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (grog defends): 21 :10+11
  363. <Momo> (Tunnel, best way to get one on one)
  364. <Dirk> (but more then 2 of them also cant attack the grog)
  365. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (grog defends botch)
  366. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (grog defends botch): 1
  367. <Corbenik> (grog botches)
  368. <Wits> Elasus hits the grog
  369. <Bashir> (ouch..)
  370. <Bashir> (this is gonna hurt)
  371. <Momo> (don't hold back)
  372. <Dirk> (yep)
  373. <Momo> (All the way up)
  374. <Wits> Agenor the grog gets stabbed in the side, and grunts in pain
  375. <Bashir> (Bashir would likely be incapacitated by that, so I'm thanking my stars!)
  376. <Wits> It's Momo again - what does he do?
  377. * Momo stay far, sit back and keep watch.
  378. <Bashir> (must be nice, having servants do the fighting..)
  379. <Momo> "Good job, my servant, stab them up."
  380. <Wits> Ok, then comes Abood with his poleaxe, fully armored. Agenor looks horrified
  381. <Bashir> (o.O wait wait, momo is cheering for the bad guys? :p )
  382. <Momo> (you are my servant)
  383. <Bashir> (I'd certainly be too!)
  384. <Wits> !roll 1d10+13
  385. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 15 :2+13
  386. <Dirk> (Can he realy attack him? )
  387. <Momo> (also being vague)
  388. <Wits> !roll 1d10+10 (Agenor defends)
  389. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Agenor defends): 13 :3+10
  390. <Wits> Agenor gets hit again
  391. <Bashir> (I'm already feeling bad for this one...)
  392. <Dirk> (His movments are hindered by the other so it might some negative on his roll)
  393. <Bashir> (spears give a bit of distance though..)
  394. <Wits> (Nah, he has a long weapon)
  395. <Bashir> (they don't need to clog the doorway)
  396. <Dirk> (ok)
  397. <Momo> (Spear is the master race of weapon)
  398. <Wits> Abood thrusts with his poleaxe, and Agenor takes a horrible gash to his shoulder, almost falling over but barely staying on his feet
  399. <Dirk> (pure grog :( )
  400. <Wits> Does Bashir have anything?
  401. <Momo> (throw an insult and disorient them or something)
  402. <Bashir> (I'm at size -1, if possible I'll move to the side to let Gust past)
  403. <Bashir> "l-l-leave him al-alone!!"
  404. <Wits> Ok, you manage to switch with gus, after a bit of pushing and shoving
  405. <Wits> Then it's Ganasi, who sings something in a hushed voice and disappears
  406. <Momo> (Can momo see it with faerie sight?)
  407. <Wits> Fishy, roll initiative again to see which order the ini 6 people go in
  408. <Wits> !roll 1d10+2 (ganasi re-ini)
  409. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (ganasi re-ini): 3 :1+2
  410. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (ganasire-re-ini)
  411. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (ganasire-re-ini): 8
  412. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+3
  413. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 13 :10+3
  414. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (Bion re-ini)
  415. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Bion re-ini): 10
  416. <Fishy> !roll 1d10
  417. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 1
  418. <Wits> Ok, it's Ganasi, Fishy, Bion.
  419. <Wits> So Fishy now
  420. <Wits> Momo: you can roll for the fairu sight. Likewise for Dirk second sight
  421. * Fishy fishy fly high in the tunnel and help punch the guy in the front then.
  422. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (Second Sight +1 for Invisible things)
  423. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Second Sight +1 for Invisible things): 8
  424. <Momo> (faerie sight is not an ability)
  425. <Momo> (so perception+aware?)
  426. <Wits> Fishy, ok, which one do you want to attack? There's Abood the big poleaxe guy and Elasus the blonde
  427. <Bashir> (what is faerie sight, a virtue?)
  428. <Corbenik> yes
  429. <Momo> (yaeh)
  430. <Wits> (What does it say? What kind of invisibility can you see with that? Where is it in the book?)
  431. <Corbenik> (page 50 of faerie lore book)
  432. <Fishy> (long list)
  433. <Corbenik> This Virtue, which works constantly at
  434. <Corbenik> no cost to the faerie, is used in conjunction
  435. <Corbenik> with the Awareness Pretense. It allows faeries
  436. <Corbenik> to:
  437. <Bashir> (ah, no wonder I couldn't find it :p )
  438. <Corbenik> • Tell mundane from glamourous things.
  439. <Corbenik> (Automatic success: no roll required.)
  440. <Corbenik> • See the borders of glamour, so that they
  441. <Corbenik> know which faerie that props and territories
  442. <Corbenik> belong to. (Automatic success: no
  443. <Corbenik> roll required.)
  444. <Corbenik> • See Arcane Connections, so that they
  445. <Corbenik> know which objects belong to a human
  446. <Corbenik> (automatic success), and also to which
  447. <Corbenik> human they belong. (If human and object
  448. <Corbenik> can be observed, automatic success.)
  449. <Corbenik> • Read each other’s glamour. Faerie Lore is
  450. <Corbenik> a body of knowledge that humans learn
  451. <Corbenik> through experience, so very few faeries
  452. <Dirk> (The stop copying it here)
  453. <Corbenik> have it. (Ease Factor = Might of other
  454. <Corbenik> faerie/5) Faeries use the ability to read
  455. <Corbenik> each other’s glamour to guide their interactions,
  456. <Corbenik> instead of using Faerie Lore.
  457. <Corbenik> • See mundane things hidden by glamour.
  458. <Corbenik> (Ease Factor = 3 + (Might of Faerie causing
  459. <Corbenik> the glamour – Might of the faerie attempting
  460. <Corbenik> to see through the glamour)/5)
  461. <Fishy> Yep, that
  462. <Corbenik> (hehe)
  463. <Fishy> if that power is glamour..
  464. <Fishy> song thing
  465. * Fishy punch the blond!
  466. <Dirk> (Sorry for Hyperboren its the invisibility of Spirit so I doubt its glamour)
  467. <Fishy> (k)
  468. <Wits> Hmm, I think glamour is probably different from this kind of magical invisibility, so I won't let oyou see it with that without further proofs
  469. <Wits> Ok, fishy, roll the punch
  470. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+8 (HULK SMASH)
  471. <Magic_Dice> Fishy, (HULK SMASH): 17 :9+8
  472. <Bashir> (that is dex?) ^^
  473. <Fishy> oh str
  474. <Wits> (Haha, wait, I don't think you get to use that power for attack :D)
  475. <Wits> (I think it's just for moving stuff)
  476. <Fishy> dex is 1
  477. <Fishy> so 13 then
  478. <Fishy> otherwise, fishy can't punch, it tackle I guess?
  479. <Wits> (Yeah, it's just manipulate things)
  480. <Wits> (I checked)
  481. <Fishy> (Or push that blond down!)
  482. <Bashir> (slap with fins, surely? :p )
  483. <Fishy> (Manipulate the Blond!)
  484. <Wits> Yeah, you can roll the tackle, but then you'll have to use Fishy's strength score and not the powers
  485. <Bashir> (haha)
  486. <Fishy> Eh, fishy decide to sit back and watch.
  487. <Fishy> (str -3)
  488. <Bashir> (aww)
  489. <Wits> So dex+brawl to hit and then str+advantage for damage
  490. <Wits> Haha, ok, Fishy doesn't enter the fray
  491. <Bashir> (always thought there were more fire in Fishy..)
  492. <Wits> Then Bion goes in for the stab
  493. * Fishy is like hurrr
  494. <Fishy> "What is going on~~fishy?"
  495. <Wits> !roll 1d10+4 (the scrawny Bion attacks)
  496. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (the scrawny Bion attacks): 5 :1+4
  497. <Wits> !roll 1d10+4 (the scrawny Bion attacks)
  498. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (the scrawny Bion attacks): 12 :8+4
  499. <Wits> !roll 1d10+5 (Agenor defends)
  500. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Agenor defends): 15 :10+5
  501. <Wits> !roll 1d10+5 (Agenor defends)
  502. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Agenor defends): 11 :6+5
  503. <Fishy> (Ah I could had pull the spear out of the man)
  504. <Bashir> (the scrawny Bion makes an amazing attack, passing his friends finding Agenor clearly in the chest)
  505. <Wits> Yes, Bion hits Agenor in the eye, and the latter collapses immediately
  506. <Bashir> (poor man)
  507. <Bashir> (never had a chance)
  508. <Wits> Dirk is up
  509. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+ 15 (vs20 fomulaic "The Earth Carbuncle" 10+Stress die dmg to all in room)
  510. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+15 (vs20 fomulaic "The Earth Carbuncle" 1d10+Stress die to all in room)
  511. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (vs20 fomulaic "The Earth Carbuncle" 1d10+Stress die to all in room): 17 :2+15
  512. <Dirk> (there I gain a other fatigue)
  513. <Fishy> (You got the aura and stuff in?)
  514. <Fishy> (voice and gesture)
  515. <Wits> Ok, roll for damage. The room is larger than the spell's effect, though, but Abood, Elasus, and Bion are all standing next to each other, so you can hit them
  516. <Wits> Aura is 4 here
  517. <Dirk> (its room size so the complet room!)
  518. <Fishy> (We are in the tunnel, yay~)
  519. <Wits> Ah, ok. Isn't it group, though?
  520. <Corbenik> (yay)
  521. <Dirk> (No because here I have a clear defined room so no group need)
  522. <Fishy> (thank god)
  523. <Bashir> (he modified the spell I think :) )
  524. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+10 (dmg probably for each a seperat roll)
  525. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (dmg probably for each a seperat roll): 16 :6+10
  526. <Wits> (But isn't room a level higher than group?)
  527. <Dirk> (No Room is also +2)
  528. <Wits> (Yeah, roll separately for each damage, so 4 times)
  529. <Wits> (Ah, ok, that works. what range is it?)
  530. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+10
  531. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 11 :1+10
  532. <Dirk> (voice)
  533. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  534. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 2
  535. <Dirk> (14 this one)
  536. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+10
  537. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 14 :4+10
  538. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+10
  539. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 17 :7+10
  540. <Fishy> (one more)
  541. <Dirk> The oponents fly in the air as derbis shut up from the ground
  542. <Dirk> (4 times)
  543. <Dirk> (16,14,14,17)
  544. <Fishy> (ah missed first one)
  545. <Fishy> (Fishy could had caught in it if it had melee :| )
  546. <Bashir> (there are risks all around, just ask Agenor..)
  547. <Fishy> (Time to give fishy a spear)
  548. <Wits> Ok. Bion and Elasus essentially have their skins ripped off by a blast of sharp stones. Problem is, Abood in his full armor with a poleaxe only grunts in pain, but remains standing
  549. <Fishy> (no, trident)
  550. <Wits> Abood is the only one up now, but you can't see Ganasi
  551. <Wits> Corbenik is up now
  552. <Corbenik> (charge!!!!)
  553. <Wits> You're behind dirk - you'd have to push him out of the way.
  554. <Corbenik> Corbenik will go and attack Abood
  555. <Corbenik> Ohmm
  556. <Bashir> (might be safest too..)
  557. <Wits> you can, if you want - roll str+brawl in that case
  558. <Bashir> (for Dirk, that is)
  559. <Corbenik> (................. oh I have to do this now)
  560. <Bashir> (Abood the giant is still standing, with a poleaxe)
  561. <Wits> Te tunnel continues forward after the opening in the wall, so you can push him there
  562. <Dirk> To the High Priest in silent communication "I would need a helping hand"
  563. <Corbenik> (oh then no)
  564. * Dirk let him push
  565. <Corbenik> Corbenik waits "patiently" for Dirk to move later
  566. <Dirk> (can I still step to the side?)
  567. <Bashir> (dun dun DUUUNNNN)
  568. <Wits> Ok, the high priest will mateiralize on the next turn
  569. <Fishy> (delayed action eh)
  570. <Corbenik> (yep)
  571. <Wits> Dirk no, you have your thing
  572. <Wits> You have done your dthing
  573. <Wits> Corbenik: You don't know about the hight priest, though - you just see that dirk is about to hget killed
  574. <Dirk> (kk thought spell casting dont interver with a movment by 2-3 steps)
  575. <Corbenik> (ehh he's a christian most likely so he can die :P )
  576. <Wits> (This would require more coordination than you have in the situation - you don't realize Corbenik is coming right now)
  577. <Bashir> (you did a bit of mental communication too though ^^ )
  578. <Wits> Corbenik: So do you do anything or not?
  579. <Fishy> (Try not to step into the spell zone~)
  580. <Fishy> (whatever the duration is)
  581. <Corbenik> (waiting for Dirk to step out of his own free will, not telling him however I'm waitng)
  582. <Dirk> (Yep but I want to be out of the direkt target of the oponents to the side and give way to the behind me)
  583. <Bashir> (Fishy, consider that their mage might do a similar room-thing to us waiting outside the door :p )
  584. <Fishy> (geek the mage)
  585. <Wits> Dirk, ok, roll perception + awareness to realize Corbenik could step in
  586. <Dirk> (why would I need this? I know he is behind me and I only want to get to the sid what he then do is up to him)
  587. <Fishy> (So now is abood stand and other sticking on top of the wall?)
  588. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  589. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 8
  590. <Wits> Dirk: you can use confidence for that if you want
  591. <Fishy> (ceiling)
  592. <Dirk> (Huuhhh?????)
  593. <Bashir> (he may be dead, but maybe he passed through the stone and is standing RIGHT BEHIND US!!)
  594. <Dirk> (No searios go kill my mage!)
  595. <Fishy> (Someone stab our back)
  596. <Wits> (Dirk: you didn't plan for this in any way - you just cast your spell, and you've barely recovered to see what the situation is. Fishy: Abood is standing behind the door in the room, gathering himself after the spell)
  597. <Dirk> (if you ask for such simple thing rolls higher then 6)
  598. <Wits> (Are you going to use the confidence or not?)
  599. <Dirk> (NO cant)
  600. <Gustbran> (...)
  601. <Dirk> (Where do you think I would have gained confidence till now?)
  602. <Fishy> (bar fight?)
  603. <Wits> Ok, Corbenik delays, Makara is up
  604. * Fishy cast Spams of the uncontrolled on Abood
  605. <Makara> (I mean makara_)
  606. <Wits> Ok, what range is it?
  607. <Bashir> (voice :) )
  608. <Wits> Yeah, you can cast that
  609. <Makara> lemme check
  610. <Wits> roll for it
  611. <Makara> oh okay
  612. <Makara> !roll 1d10+9 (no gesture and voice vs 5)
  613. <Magic_Dice> Makara, (no gesture and voice vs 5): 15 :6+9
  614. <Bashir> (pretty neat and easy spell too, now that I look at it)
  615. <Wits> Ok, it works. He drops the poleaxe and grabs his spasming hand, yelling in fear
  616. <Makara> (probably have a hard time to punch too)
  617. <Wits> Next turn. Momo is up
  618. <Momo> Second turn?
  619. <Wits> Yes
  620. <Gustbran> (...)
  621. <Wits> (No wait, did I miss Gus)
  622. <Bashir> (Makes you wonder if the mage went and unleashed their little pet dog..)
  623. <Gustbran> (I'm pretty sure I was dead last in ini)
  624. <Bashir> (Push them Gust!)
  625. <Momo> (I hope the tunnel is too small for the dog...)
  626. <Bashir> (just make your way though)
  627. <Dirk> (he cant if even Copernicus cant do a thing)
  628. <Momo> (Stab empty space for invi)
  629. <Bashir> (lol yeah, but most of us don't know there even was a mage)
  630. <Momo> (true)
  631. <Wits> Ok. Gus is up
  632. <Wits> You're the second-last, so pretty far away from the action, and there are many people blocking you
  633. <Bashir> (Push Corbernik and Dirk aside and stab the man!)
  634. <Bashir> (and Makara...)
  635. <Bashir> (and the corpse..)
  636. <Momo> (too far)
  637. <Gustbran> (Mhh... I dunno)
  638. <Momo> (Stay to the side so you won't get in others way)
  639. <Gustbran> (maybe I should just stab people closer by so they'll move outa my way...)
  640. <Corbenik> (side note, Corbenik appears to be wearing full body metal scale armor)
  641. <Gustbran> (hahaha!)
  642. <Momo> (He can't move.)
  643. <Momo> (That's that)
  644. <Momo> (for Corbenik)
  645. <Momo> (Armor is nothing against gustbran)
  646. <Gustbran> (I'll move along and get in front, without actually doing anything else, pure defense!)
  647. <Bashir> (tackle Makara, throw him back so you can come closer to the fighting) :p
  648. <Wits> You have a hard time moving in the line - there's Makara, corbenik and Dirk in front of you, but you might be able to push past them for next turn if you want
  649. <Wits> If they realize you're coming and let you past, that is
  650. <Momo> (Gustbran stay in front from now on)
  651. <Corbenik> (why wasn't he in the front?)
  652. <Gustbran> (yeah, that's the day that the enemies come from behind!)
  653. <Bashir> (Bashir is glad he changed places in a quick fashion)
  654. <Dirk> (Because the other Grog did have the only light source?)
  655. <Bashir> (They still might...)
  656. <Wits> So you want to do that, Gus? Ok, you start pushing past Makara.
  657. <Momo> (Have corbeik at back since he have full armor)
  658. <Wits> Next turn, now.
  659. * Makara him push. "Ekk"
  660. <Wits> Waitasec, gotta roll something
  661. <Makara> let him*
  662. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  663. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  664. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (high priest)
  665. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (high priest): 9
  666. <Wits> !roll 1d10 (Abood)
  667. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Abood): 2
  668. <Wits> All right, Momo is up
  669. <Wits> NEXT ROUND
  670. * Momo stands up, jump and claw Abood's face
  671. <Wits> Ok, roll that
  672. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (dex + brawl)
  673. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (dex + brawl): 7 :3+4
  674. <Bashir> (I just realized my plan of stealing some pants off their corpses is ruined, the carbuncle spell would have tattered them all :p )
  675. <Momo> (magic it back)
  676. <Wits> !roll 1d10+4 (Abaad tries to dodge)
  677. <Magic_Dice> Wits, (Abaad tries to dodge): 9 :5+4
  678. <Wits> Momo doesn't hit him
  679. <Momo> (Aww no shaking penalty?)
  680. <Bashir> (the shaking is just his hand..)
  681. <Momo> (is distracting)
  682. <Bashir> (true hehe)
  683. <Wits> (nah, he manages to dodge barely)
  684. <Momo> (k)
  685. <Bashir> (I doubt a cat claw could've done a lot either way, but still ^^ )
  686. <Wits> Abaad dodges Momo's claws barely, and then, all of a sudden, starts wailing pitifully and falls to the ground
  687. <Momo> (And momo still down a lot)
  688. <Momo> done*
  689. <Wits> blood sloshes from within his armor in great waves
  690. <Wits> His voice trails off
  691. <Wits> and he's dead
  692. * Bashir doesn't like everything and anything that has happened with that room, or this tunnel
  694. <Momo> (Samuria style)
  695. <Wits> (:D)
  696. <Bashir> (holy shite.. a cruel way to die)
  697. <Wits> There are three corpses at the door of the room
  698. <Wits> A growing pool of blood
  699. <Bashir> (not that any of the others are any better hehe)
  700. <Momo> (Everyone totally gonna blame it on Momo)
  701. <Wits> the air is still thick with dust from Dirk's spell
  702. <Wits> but otherwise it's quiet
  703. * Momo is surprised by the dead, but brag about how awesome he is.
  704. <Momo> "This is why you don't mess with the king!"
  705. * Bashir stands dumbstruck at the back of the group
  706. * Dirk look at the cat with a bit suprise
  707. * Fishy is shocked
  708. * Makara is like ahhhhh
  709. <Wits> Now that you get a closer look at the room, you can see that it's mostly empty, now the floor is blasted into debris. There's an alar like in Libon's house at the back of the room. There are two doors, one to the right and one on the left
  710. * Dirk step to the side and let Copernicus ahead
  711. <Bashir> "W-w-we c-can leave nnnow?"
  712. <Wits> The left one is shut with thick stone double doors, the right one doesn't have a door at all
  713. <Wits> Otherwise it's empty
  714. * Fishy tries to hunt for mouses.
  715. <Fishy> I mean momo
  716. <Wits> The walls are inscribed in letters you recognize as Hyperborean
  717. <Dirk> "I hate it to have justify the lost of a good man!"
  718. * Corbenik going to walk into the room, and search the bodies for... things :P
  719. * Dirk look at the writings
  720. * Bashir waits for the rest to move
  721. <Momo> "Hey guys, if you see some mouse then tell me, cause I turned two of them into a mouse just then."
  722. <Dirk> "How long till they turn back?"
  723. <Momo> "Sun down I guess"
  724. <Wits> Ok, you search the bodies corbenik. They don't have much of anythin, relaly - you recognize the armor and the polearm as ones that disappeared toegether with one of the guard grogs, Abood, a while ago. You searched high and low for them but couldn't locate them
  725. <Momo> "Or sun"
  726. <Momo> "up"
  727. <Corbenik> -_- "hghghgrrrrr"
  728. <Wits> The other two don't seem to have any possessions beyond their clothes and spears
  729. * Bashir walks to Agenor and closes his eyes, taking a quick moment to see if he should have any personal belongings
  730. <Dirk> "Ohh and we have to make sure our Grog get a good furnal acording to his belive"
  731. <Wits> As you remove the helmet, you realize that the man inside the amor has had his skin peeled clean off
  732. <Wits> It's a horrifying sight
  733. <Bashir> (a wedding ring or such)
  734. <Dirk> (Btw did dirk see anything with his Second Sight roll of 8)
  735. <Wits> Bashir: He seems to have left everything other than his axe and shield at the pond
  736. <Wits> No ring, it seems
  737. <Wits> Dirk: No, didn't see anything
  738. <Corbenik> -_- "Hmmm, not good"
  739. <Momo> "Or I am just too good."
  740. <Dirk> To the High Priest "thanks for your help, is anyone else present here you can spot!"
  741. <Wits> Dirk: There's a lot of thext on the wall. Some of it deatils a hyperborean hymn, some deals with history, some with this place. Wha tdo you want to take a closer look at?
  742. * Momo smirk at Corbenik
  743. <Corbenik> -_- "You do realize we can't link this man to anyone else who might be associated with, right?" smirks
  744. <Dirk> First read about this place
  745. <Momo> "Not my problem, right?" smirks
  746. <Wits> Dirk: The high preast resopnds "Nothing I can see ... although there is a strange air to this pklace)
  747. <Dirk> "Could you other keep watch there some interesting texts here!"
  748. <Corbenik> "Indeed, my fluffy friend" stands smirking
  749. <Momo> "Indeed."
  750. <Wits> You all get the following personality traits for as long as you are here: Compassion +2, Retribution +2, Sadness +2
  751. <Momo> "But actaully, I feel sad for them for some reason"
  752. <Wits> It's a strange feeling - as if the weight of the world lie on your shoulders, and you feel like you want to blame someone for it
  753. <Momo> "It's all your fault that we can't capture him though."
  754. <Wits> Page 3 of the scribbler has a pircutre of the room on it
  755. <Corbenik> (hmm this is going to conflict with most likely wrath and apathetic to inferiors)
  756. <Bashir> (is any of the clothing somewhat intact?)
  757. <Momo> (they just cancel out I guesS)
  758. <Bashir> (Naa you think the inferiors are to blame for everything)
  759. <Wits> Bashir: No, their clothes are completely shredded to pieces
  760. <Corbenik> (Indeed they are to blame, they are inferior)
  761. <Bashir> (depends how you direct your compassion and retribution ^^)
  762. * Fishy swims around~ "I don't like this place, fishy~~"
  763. * Dirk will spend the next 30 Min at last studing the text so its up to the other what they do
  764. * Bashir tries to avoid the bloodpool as he most into the room
  765. <Makara> Lecture: "Momo, you should had instant thousand slash skin peel the poor man like that!"
  766. <Corbenik> (pretty certain my wrath of +3 out weighs compassion, retribution stays)
  767. <Wits> Dirk: You piece the following together about the room from reading on the wall: It was built by Abaris the Air Traveler in an attempt to flee from magi of the Order who were persecuting him and the other hyperborean magi who used to live in the city a long time ago
  768. <Bashir> (did anyone pick up the shield or can I do so? ^^)
  769. <Momo> "Aww, sorry."
  770. <Momo> "Still Corbenik fault though."
  771. <Wits> Another thing: it seems that whoever wrote the stuff on the wall also mentions that Abaris' ghost is behind the closed stone doors.
  772. <Corbenik> "We should move on, no point staying in here, there maybe others feeling as we speak" ignores Momo
  773. <Bashir> (the glowing shield)
  774. <Corbenik> -fleeing
  775. <Dirk> "Abari your still present? If so would you mind talking with me?"
  776. <Wits> Dirk: Nothing happens.
  777. <Dirk> In Hyperborean the same
  778. <Bashir> [speaks up] "m-m-maybe th-their d-dog is on iiiits way"
  779. <Wits> Dirk: Still nothing
  780. * Makara ask the stone door about it's history
  781. <Wits> Makara: The stone door cannot únderstand what that means
  782. * Makara rephrase and just ask how others people open it
  783. <Wits> As you think about the door, though, Makara, you get the feeling that you really dno't want to open the door or touch it or try to go past it in any way
  784. * Bashir walks out to pick up Agenor's glowing shield
  785. * Corbenik walks up to the stone door and tries to open it
  786. * Makara decide not to ask that
  787. <Dirk> "To the High Priest apearently behind the Stone Door is the ghost of a follow Hyperboran Priest if I understand this text right!"
  788. <Wits> Bashir: Ok, you get it just fine - it's covered in clogged blood by now
  789. <Makara> "This door need to be close forever."
  790. <Corbenik> [Looks at Makara] "why"
  791. <Wits> "Abaris the Air Traveler! He is the greatest of our kind known to me! He disappeared long ago, before I left this world. I must go meet him!"
  792. <Makara> "Just a feeling."
  793. <Wits> Corbenik: When you think about it, you get the same feeling - you don't want to open the door at all
  794. <Bashir> [softly] "Ssssorry A-agenor." [heads back into the room, casting a dirty glance at Dirk]
  795. <Wits> (Or wait, Makara, what's your mentem resistence, i.e. 5xparma + mentem score)
  796. <Dirk> "Makara I fear that the one who made this door used Emotional magic"
  797. <Corbenik> (Is there a roll I can use to over power it, THERE MAY BE MORE OF THEM INSIDE WHO MUST PAY!!!)
  798. <Makara> (I use familiar bond's resistance, so 15)
  799. <Makara> (oh parma would be)
  800. <Wits> Dirk: As you read on, you realize Abaris is apparently hugely hostile to the magi of the Order, for persecuting him.
  801. <Makara> (10)
  802. <Wits> Dirk: He was visited by the magi, and told to join the order. When he refused, the Magi attacked. Abaris and the other magi only escaped by casting a spell on the city that lifted into the air.
  803. <Corbenik> (wait what is dirks skill in hyperborean?)
  804. <Dirk> (The question is what order it was there was different over time and if this is older then the High Priest then we are fare bevore our curent Order existed)
  805. <Wits> The names of Trianoma and Tremere are cursed on almost every line that is written on the wall, in the most ungainly ways
  806. <Wits> Makara: Ok, it affects you normally
  807. <Dirk> (We are in a time conflict now!)
  808. <Dirk> (as I understand the history)
  809. <Wits> (Right, wait, how old was the priest again?)
  810. <Wits> Corbenik: If you have a suitable personality attribute, you can roll that to try to open the door
  811. <Dirk> (over fare 1000 years ago he became a daimon)
  812. <Dirk> (he lived during christh birth)
  813. <Wits> (Ok, right, so scratch what I said just about that. The priest knows Abaris nonetheless - he's heard about him afterwards)
  814. <Corbenik> (well I have wrathful, and retribution (now), and I think that would work)
  815. <Makara> (angry smash)
  816. <Wits> Corbenik: Yeah, you can roll retribution at +2
  817. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+2
  818. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik: 8 :6+2
  819. <Dirk> "Dont open the door the spirit rest behind this door is up to revenge!"
  820. <Makara> "Nooooo"
  821. <Wits> Corbenik: You can't bring yourself to open the door
  822. <Corbenik> confidence :3
  823. <Bashir> (hehe ^^ )
  824. <Dirk> "And by the time today he probably mad with it lookid in for so long!"
  825. <Wits> Corbenik: Wouldn't work even with confidence, alas :D
  826. <Bashir> (aww)
  827. <Corbenik> (DAMN THEY MUST PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  828. <Makara> (Go to the gym)
  829. <Corbenik> (Can I hit the door with my sword :3 )
  830. <Wits> Dirk: You read about the hyperborean magi fleeing underground, even the flying city could not protect them, so they hid from the people in the city with a few trusted grogs
  831. <Dirk> To The High Priest "We need to find a way to clear upo his mind from the rage he have in him bevore we can release him!"
  832. <Bashir> (If you are looking for an 'inferior' then Bashir is at size -1, only grudgingly accepted by Antonius but somehow not as a guard, he didn't help with the soldiers in the room either)
  833. <Bashir> (and you found him joining in a bar brawl ealier)
  834. * Fishy slap Corbenik to senses
  835. <Fishy> "Be happy, dummy! Fishy~"
  836. <Wits> The High Priest responds "I... We... Abaris told me about the magi, the horrible things they have done! I did not know this! We must..."
  837. <Wits> Dirk: The priest seems ... strange, somehow, distraught or manipulated
  838. <Dirk> "We must not wage ware right now they are to strong for what remains behind!"
  839. <Dirk> "We need to leave this room alll!"
  840. <Wits> Corbenik: No, you can't bring yourself to do anything about the door - that was the personality roll, the door is in your head, you fear it, you cannot touch it, you cannot do anything about it, it must remain as it is
  841. <Bashir> (Are the rest of us hearing the talk to the priest?)
  842. <Fishy> "Fishy, what if the door is a exit?"
  843. <Dirk> (No but the We must not wage war ... Dirk said acential loud)
  844. <Bashir> (goodie :) )
  845. <Corbenik> "I WILL RETURN YOU DAMNED THING OF EVIL (oh wait does magic defense do anything?)" leaves room if it doesn't
  846. <Wits> Dirk: Also on the wall, you recognize instructions to perform one of the ancient hyperborean hymns the Priest has told you so much about
  847. <Wits> Parts of it are effaced by the flying debris of your spell, but it's still readable
  848. <Dirk> (can I study them from outside?)
  849. <Wits> Corbenik: What is your magic defense?
  850. <Fishy> (Oh if only someone have photographic memory)
  851. <Corbenik> 5 (due to faerie might)
  852. <Wits> Dirk: Not really, unless you manage to record the writing with a spell or something
  853. <Corbenik> wait 10
  854. <Wits> Corbenik: No, that's not enough. It affects you normally.
  855. <Corbenik> (sorry I forgot I had increased faerie might)
  856. <Corbenik> (then Corbenik leaves the room shouting curses at the door)
  857. <Fishy> (Baruch would just kick down the door and it will open just like that)
  858. <Dirk> (If a might 35 Spirit + X MR against Mentem effect get affected then the Mind effect is extremst powerfull)
  859. <Bashir> (we are moving through the open doorway Corbenik?)
  860. <Bashir> (<- was waiting someone to follow)
  861. <Bashir> (ah wait, scratch that, I'm not following you :p )
  862. <Corbenik> (leaving room from the way we entered to wait outside of room)
  863. <Gustbran> (don't look at me, i'm being lazy!)
  864. * Dirk also leave to where we come from
  865. <Wits> Dirk: You also find out that after a while underground, the magi suddenly stopped coming to their grogs, who lived in these rooms here. They went on as before, and then, one day Abaris appeared through the door glowing and ethereal, and told the grogs to go back to the city, never tell anyone anything about this, and destroy any evidence of the existence of this place.
  866. <Wits> Dirk: No, the priest got through the door just fine, and apparently got to talk to Abaris. But you think Abaris might have been able to affect him somehow, yes.
  867. * Bashir looks through the passage to the south of the room
  868. * Momo gave up finding the mouse and just give a yell, "hey traitor woman, you know where to find us later!" Then he follows the group out
  869. <Wits> Ok, you all enter the tunnel again
  870. <Dirk> (You jsut gave me something for my Spring study time)
  871. <Wits> Momo: You can roll perception + hunt for finding the mice in the other rooms to the right
  872. <Wits> You spent this time looking for them
  873. <Dirk> (As mentioned I studyed the text for quite some time bevore send everyone out)
  874. <Momo> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 for smaller critter)
  875. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (+1 for smaller critter): 5 :3+2
  876. <Bashir> (Anything through the southren doorway Wits?)
  877. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  878. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 8
  879. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  880. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 1
  881. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  882. <Magic_Dice> Wits: 7
  883. <Wits> Momo: You can't find either mouse, alas
  884. * Momo hope they both backstab each other when they are back in human form
  885. <Wits> Bashir: There are several small rooms there, with small stone slabs outfitted as beds
  886. <Wits> One of the rooms hold the rebels
  887. <Wits> rebels' supplies
  888. <Wits> food, clothes, such things
  889. <Momo> (LOOT)
  890. <Bashir> (any pants to be found? :) )
  891. <Wits> Haha, yeah, you find clothes for yourself there :
  892. * Bashir is happy to have found some pants
  893. <Wits> Is there anything more you wish to do? If not, then we'll start wrapping up
  894. <Bashir> (and clothing in general)
  895. <Momo> (Who want to burn down the rebels supplies?)
  896. * Bashir looks around for any valuables
  897. <Wits> Yeah, Bashir, you get yourself clothed
  898. <Corbenik> (THAT'S EVIDENCE FOOL, burn it all)
  899. <Wits> Bashir: roll for looking for valuables
  900. <Momo> "I say we burn their supplies and while they are distracted, we escape."
  901. <Bashir> (Which roll do you want?)
  902. <Bashir> (perception +..?)
  903. <Wits> Perception + awareness
  904. <Corbenik> "Hmm that would work, and might kill whatever is behind that door"
  905. <Bashir> (or just perception?
  906. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (not trained :( )
  907. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (not trained :( ): 4
  908. <Bashir> (*curses the dice*)
  909. <Wits> Corbenik: There's not that much there - if you burned that, you'd get smoke, but since it's all stone, it wouldn't spread to the other room
  910. <Wits> Bashir: You don't notice anything
  911. <Momo> "It should slow down the rebel for a while at least"
  912. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3
  913. <Corbenik> (grrr well I did say might)
  914. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran: 7 :4+3
  915. <Bashir> (you can be sure that I'm getting some awareness after this!)
  916. <Wits> (Bashir: Haha :)
  917. <Wits> Gust: You are looking for valuables as well?
  918. <Gustbran> (liquor!)
  919. * Fishy looks for shiny thing.
  920. <Wits> Haha. No liquor there - they seemed to be living very ascetically
  921. <Bashir> (some holy wine maybe ^^)
  922. <Wits> Ok, fishy, you can roll as well
  923. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4
  924. <Magic_Dice> Fishy: 11 :7+4
  925. <Bashir> (bloody fish... :p )
  926. <Fishy> (fish eye)
  927. <Wits> Fishy, you find a pouch of 10 silver coins hidden away under a pile of rubble in one of the rooms
  928. * Fishy grab it and give it to Makara
  929. <Wits> Ok
  930. * Makara pet fishy
  931. <Wits> Alright, we'll wrap up for now. I'll post some of the stuff you found out in the forums. Do you tell evreything it said on the wall to the others, Dirk?
  932. * Bashir casts Fishy a cold look as he noticed the pouch too late
  933. <Fishy> "Fishhhyyy~"
  934. <Momo> "Start a fire already, I am cold!"
  935. <Wits> If you want to do anything about any of the stuff in here later, or if these things come back to haunt you later, we can deal with it in the forums.
  936. <Bashir> (sounds good)
  937. <Momo> (So we escaped?)
  938. <Bashir> (survived, at least ;p )
  939. <Wits> You leave the room and the corpses behind, and take the route through the pond again, and make it out with one less grog
  940. <Wits> Momo, yes, you killed three rebels at least.
  941. <Dirk> (Wits is there any usfull Arcane connection I can grab to the text wall?)
  942. <Bashir> (oh, the passage way north was blocked?)
  943. <Wits> Momo: Do you tell evertyihgng about what happened before to the others?
  944. <Momo> yes
  945. <Momo> brag the hell out of it
  946. <Bashir> (the tunnel passage that is)
  947. <Wits> Dirk: Yeah, a piece has falled off due to your spell, it has writing on it, so you're sure it would work
  948. <Bashir> (he didn't turn 3 mages into mice, he turned 50, and some knights too)
  949. <Momo> (Intellego eye spy it later)
  950. <Dirk> (Thanks I hope it last for at last 1 year)
  951. <Bashir> (and not just mice, but flies too)
  952. <Wits> Bashir: Yes, it goes on for a while, and if you look there you will find the place where the rebels went to get a dump, so a shitpile, but other than that it's a dead end
  953. <Bashir> (and one particularly fat rat)
  954. <Bashir> (damnit)
  955. <Dirk> (Yes thats my plan Momo)
  956. <Momo> (rewrite it in latin please :d )
  957. <Wits> Thanks for tonight - like I mentioned, I'll post some aftermath
  958. <Bashir> (Sounds good Wits, thanks :) )
  959. <Momo> you posting the momo story?
  960. <Dirk> (No its imposible to do for the interesting part as it have to be in Hyperborean)
  961. <Wits> Yes, and also what Dirk found out
  962. <Bashir> (and damnit, my new clothes will get wet again..)
  963. <Wits> Dirk: I don't understand
  964. <Dirk> (The Hymn)
  965. <Wits> (Yes, that you can't explain, of course, but the information you can)
  966. <Dirk> (sure ^^)
  967. <Wits> Arright. Bye!
  968. <Momo> bye
  969. <Dirk> Thanks for todays session
  970. <--| Fishy has left #wizardbase
  971. <Bashir> Take care Wits :)
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