Journal Entry Nine

Jul 1st, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Nine
  2. >Today we set out on another adventure. This one had Bob, Hidden, Able, Lucyne, Sharp, Quick, Shining, and I. This one was again to the Hillside Caverns, but a different entrance. Lucyne set this one up. With everything ready we headed out. The trip up there was pretty uneventful. We were hurrying along so we wouldn't get caught in the rain. We luckily arrived at the caves before it began to rain. Quicksilver seemed uneasy, but followed us.
  3. >Hidden was able to pull off a light spell. We came to several intersections, Hidden leading us left on every one, and Able marking our direction. After a while, we came to an unsettling realization: we were going in a circle. We took this as a sign to go right. We came to a room with five tunnels splitting off, so we took the center passage. I went first, Quick bringing up the rear.By sheer luck I saw a shimmering layer in front of us. Turns out it was some kind of living slime. It grabbed Quick and pulled her in. Later, while trying to pull her out, I got pulled in. I think it was digesting us. Our friends pulled us out and the eight of us bolted. Luckily, it was slow as all hell.
  4. >After a short time, Hidden's light spell went out, and something big was coming down the tunnel after us. I managed to light a rag Bob had and we came face to face with a Minotaur. He knew the tunnels like the back of his hand, and it was no use running, so he gave us a chance. Correctly answer three riddles and he'd show us the way out. If we failed, he'd eat us. We managed to answer all three correctly, with me barely blurting out the correct answer to the last, most challenging one before a fellow companion said the wrong one. Like he'd promised, he told us he'd show us the way out. But first, he asked us if we could help him with something.
  5. >He soon after introduced himself as Iron hoof He showed us a headless statue of a Minotaur. He then showed us a camp where we equipped ourselves, myself getting a set of armor. Able found five potions; Two healing, a strength, a transformation, and an unidentified one. We saw several shades come into the camp. We conversed with them, but they were soon set on by an unseen assailant. It turns out, this Minotaur once had a wife, turned to stone by a cockatrice. He kept the statue in hopes he could find that cockatrice. The ponies in this camp took the head of the statue and gave it to a giant slime they had created. They'd hoped Iron Hoof would kill off their problem. In rage, he slew them. However, he couldn't recover his wife's head, as the passage was too narrow for him to go face the slime. We agreed to help him. This slime however, was much stronger than the previous one. Standing at least 12 feet tall, it towered over us. However, we managed to defeat it quickly with no injuries to our party. Sharp finished the creature off, showering us in it's innards. We found the head and brought it back to Iron. He sincerely thanked us, and showed us the way out. Before leaving, he wrapped us all up in a big hug and thanked us again. It felt nice to help him.
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