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Apr 12th, 2019
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  1. criteria: game forces the player into lock on state, changing dismiss into charge
  2. not tutorials.
  3. will check if skipable.
  4. generally, once activated, it disables further activations by targets in the same category (all mounds, all flukeweeds, etc). an exception is made to the first red bulborb of garden of hope, which will activate again on subsequent days if it respawns.
  5. destroying the target of the lock on from a distance will prevent a lock.
  6. go here will not prevent the active leader (the one you currently play as) from activating lock on spots. keeping the map open in play, rather than pause will prevent the lock itself, but still activate the category, preventing all other locks. in either case, the leader stops immediately, and does not continue the go here.
  7. inactive leaders will not activate lock on in go here but will not disable the catagory.
  8. Garden of hope
  9. • Bulborb sleeping when crossing the first bridge (can skip if you can kill it while standing on the bridge, only activates from the front. so when you return, you can loop around the back and kill it from there. 100% killable from the bridge on day 2, just be sure to save some pikmin just in case it goes south, I did while also leaving the bridge not 100% completed, left a fragment)
  10. • electric gate beside bulborb (must be first gate)
  11. • Crystal wall blocking access to lemon and Brittany's wall (have to squeeze by far wall to skip)
  12. • medusal slurker (have to back away from it to skip)
  13. • electric gate by the sputterchuck (must be first gate)
  14. • electric gate by first blowhogs (must be first gate)
  15. • electric gate by elevator platforms
  16. • no lock on bamboo gate
  17. Distant Tundra
  18. no lock on electric gates
  19. no lock on bamboo gates
  20. Tropical Wilds
  21. • dirt mound by reinforced wall (must be first mound, won't activate if dug up first, can't squeeze past, can toss past activation zone, which goes out to about the rock opposite to it on the path)
  22. • dirt mound by waterfall (must be first mound found, won't activate if dug up first, can squeeze around it)
  23. • red bridge fragments mound does not activate
  24. • long legs arena mound (first mound found, won't activate if dug up)
  25. • electric gate does not activate
  26. Twilight river
  27. • flukeweed with the 5 pellet under it (there's three of them, ones by each end of the bridge, and the one by the onion) (first one, must have winged first)
  28. • flukeweed with the nectar egg under it (first one, must have winged first)
  29. • flukeweed with the 1 pellet under it (either or, there's two of them by the onion) (first one, must have winged first)
  30. • Neither the flukeweed behind the ship nor the two by the burgeoning spiderwort nor the one by the scornet swarm activate lock on
  31. • trio of orange bulborb from the front
  32. • bamboo gate by the bulborbs (you can lift it from a distance and collect the Portable sunset with grounded pikmin)
  33. • scornet swarm
  34. • clipboard with the dwarf bulborbs underneath it (it has a deceptively large radius to activate, but is possible to lift it without the lock)
  35. • mound by the orange dwarf bulborb does not lock on even if it's the first mound.
  36. • The dam blocking the lily pads (does not require wingeds to activate)
  37. Formidable Oak
  38. • Dwarf bulborbs but only as Brittany, or Charlie with flag or Alph with flag, only works at the entrance of the room, using go here to get past that spot will not lock, nor will carrying Brittany or having her in your squad. it locks on to one dwarf specifically and if it's dead, there will be no lock even if there are still other dwarf bulborbs. (I can not tell which of the locked triplet is the target) only activates the first time.
  39. • large Crystal blocking concrete wall shortcut (any captain, small radius)
  40. interesting glitch, using the camera while using go here and activating a lock on location will cause the lock on UI to appear on top of the camera on the tv and if you press b to close the camera, the game will still act like you are locked on, but not show any of the UI, beyond a slight blurring of the screen edges. while the camera is still active on the game pad, all of the buttons correspond to the camera functions. so ZL will toggle flash, not cancel lock on. when you close the camera, the dismiss button has changed to charge and ZL has its normal function. pausing and unpausing brings back the UI. Interestingly, it does this inconsistantly, as mounds do not lock on while in camera while enemies, gates and flukeweeds do.
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