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  1. Nero looked around, he was floating in a vast dark void, no light but his body that glowed in a bright blue. He can't move his body, try as he might, it wouldn't respond, as if he was binded by a mystical force, perhaps a malicious one. "H-help..." A young girl's voice called out from the void, echoing through the seemingly infinite space. Nero opened his mouth to speak yet no words came out, "P-please h-help me..." The voice croacked, her voice was filled with pain, in the verge of breaking.
  3. Using all of his strength, he squirmed to the bottom of the void, slowly descending to the very bottom. His glow began to fade, indicating that the darkness within the bottom was great, enough to completely shroud any kind of light. He felt his entire body moving by itself, he can hear the voice growing louder and louder. The cries becoming more desperate and pain-filled, calling out names that Nero wasn't familiar with.
  5. "!
  7. "Ri...!"
  9. "...nayo!"
  11. With every name the voice utters out, half of it becomes unclear to Nero, as if it was preventing him from even familiarizing with the names.
  13. "...mi!
  15. "Ko...ri!"
  17. Each name sends a shiver down to Nero's spine, the voice desperately called out for help, almost at the tip of insanity.
  19. "No...mi!
  21. "!"
  23. "Ni...!"
  25. He felt his feet touching ground, yet he can see nothing but a faint glow of dark orange in a distance, seeing that calling out would still be useless, Nero walked towards the faint light. His arm outstretched to guide him if there's any obstacles in the way.
  27. " me..." The girl's voice cried out, her sobs strikes daggers to Nero's heart.
  29. Using every ounce of his strength, he pulled his body to the source. He felt his sweat ran down from his forehead to his chest, getting closer and closer to the light.
  31. " someone there?" The voice felt Nero's presence. "W-who are you!"
  33. He wished that he was able to speak, he can only push himself to the light.
  35. "N-no, s-stop screaming in my head!"
  37. Nero was getting near.
  39. "P-please, leave me alone! W-why me!"
  41. Closer.
  43. "S-s-STOP!"
  45. He was so near.
  47. "STOP!"
  49. Nero's hand gripped a soft fabric, the voice became silent. The light shined, covering the entire void with light. Then it died down, the void was colored white, he can see who it
  51. It was a girl, she wore some sort of school outfit. Her hair was dark orange, resembling to the light he followed, she covered her face with her hands as dark liquid seeped through the edges.
  53. "Oi." Nero croacked out, his ability to talk returned.
  55. "I can't..." The girl cried, ignoring him, the dark liquid drip to the floor. It started to spread all over the void.
  57. Nero pulled back his hand, relunctant to call her attention yet he felt like needed to press on, his hand pressed against the girl's hands, ignoring the dark liquid slowly climbing to his arm.
  59. "Hey, hey. You alright?" Nero asked softly, nudging her hand gently.
  61. Suddenly, the void became dark once more, only Nero and the girl was visible. The girl took her hands off of her face and looking up to Nero slowly, her eyes was pitch dark, as if her eyes was pulled out, the dark liquid was leaking out of the corners.
  63. Her skin paled, dark purple veins were visible, it was like her entire soul was sapped out of her body and left it to rot.
  65. "Turn back...NOW!" The girl's voice cracked, her head was spazzing out.
  67. Nero removed his arm and backed away from the girl who slowly walked towards him, the girl's expressiom kept changing from murderous to scared, Nero can only assume that she was having an internal fight and she was losing badly. Dark tendrils sprouted from her back violently, causing the girl to scream in pain.
  69. Before can Nero react, he found himself being bounded by the dark tendrils, the girl's eyes kept leaking out dark liquid, her pupils vanished. She stood before the bounded Nero, who struggled to free himself.
  71. Nero opened his mouth but he found that his ability to speak gone, "I..." The girl started, she was on her knees,
  73. "...can't..." He felt the tendril's gripped tighter and tighter.
  75. "...fight..." The girl's hands grabbed Nero's neck and began to chock him, her nails digging through his skin.
  77. "ON!"
  79. Nero's eyes shot open as he quickly sat up on his bed, sweating profusely. His heart beat fast, his eyes looked around. He was back in the VIP room. Nero took a deep breath and laid back down at the bed, "What in the fuck was that." Nero said out loud.
  81. Who was that girl? What was happening to her? Questions flooded within his head, he was not the one who believes in dreams as visions but he felt that the dream was some sort of message. Nero wasn't so easily scared by anything, but that dream filled with dread and anxiety, he couldn't understand why.
  83. He took a deep breath before letting it all out, calming his heart. Whatever it was, he'll deal with it in the future but for now he needs rest before meeting up with the client, as he laid back down to the bed. His stomach growled, Nero muttered curses before sitting back up again, he turned to the bell that was still in place.
  85. With a shrug, he grabbed the bell and shake it, causing it to ring loudly. After a few minutes, a middle aged butler entered the room. The butler bowed to Nero, "Is there something you want, sir?" He asked politely.
  87. Nero proceeds to order something to eat, which he later found rather bland and tasteless. So much for a fancy cruise.
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