Night Court (AiE; Luna)

Oct 17th, 2014
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  1. "I kinda like the idea of Anon and Luna chilling out during night court. How about since they don't get many problems to solve during night they take on some of day courts outstanding issues. Ponies are terrified as they are woken up by Anon and Luna "fixing" their problems. Like Twilight lost a book and requested a new one so Anon and Luna break into her home and rustle through her library? I don't know..."
  3. "Princess Luna, I have to be honest with you, when you asked for a hand during night court..."
  4. >You're Anon
  5. >Sitting in Luna's main audience chamber on the floor
  6. >Two batpony guards at the door, stone faced
  7. >Her throne is empty, she's sitting on a red cushion on the floor with you
  8. >A game of scrabble and a box full of half eaten pastries between the two of you
  9. "...I wasn't expecting this"
  10. >Luna shuffled with her pieces and began hovering a few toward the board
  11. >"Perhaps We were not clear. You feel the need to wander Our halls in the dead of Our night, We were often alone at this hour. We felt our mutual idleness could be solved with company"
  12. >She laid down five pieces, building a word from one of your Es
  13. >LONELY
  14. >She looked up with a half smile
  15. >Subtle, Princess Luna...
  16. "Alright, but can we do something else? Board games were never my cup of tea..."
  17. >"We will have tea for thee! Guard! Fetch Master Anonymous tea!!"
  18. >One of the guards snapped to attention, saluted, and darted away
  19. >You shook your head and began to pack the Scrabble game up
  20. >"Perhaps a different game then?"
  21. >She starts to list other board games
  22. >All made by Hasbro
  23. >This universe is so weird
  24. " maybe we can do actual...official stuff? Night Court stuff?"
  25. >"Alas, ponies are asleep at this hour. Those awake are fulfilling their duties, working, or partying. Few bring their problems to Us to solve. In fact, We oft wonder if many ponies even know of Night Court's existence."
  26. >She sighs and twirls a hoof on the polished floor
  27. "We could be proactive then?"
  28. >"Pardon?"
  29. "Why wait for them to come to you with problems? You can see into dreams right? Don't ponies dream about problems they might have?"
  30. >Luna rubbed her chin
  31. >"Perhaps....We have not considered such a notion! We will enter the dreams of the populace! Come, Master Anonymous! We must prepare!"
  32. >She practically hovers in place, her wings flapping like a hummingbirds before she settles on the floor and pulls you along
  33. >Luna pulls you along with her magic to a room behind her throne with a large crystal ball adorned on some gothic looking ironwork
  34. >The walls are polished steel and curved, somehow being completely smooth but non-reflective
  35. >It's as if you're standing in the middle of empty space, very weird
  36. >Very typical Luna
  37. >Before you have a chance to ask what this room is, a bat pony guard thrusts a tea cup and saucer in your hands
  38. >With a curt nod he flies off
  39. >"Master Anonymous, this is Our Dreamscape Orb! We use it to scyr into the dreams and project them onto walls! From there we may enter the dream and discover what Our citizens are plagued with!"
  40. >She smiles with her eyes closed and you have to resist the urge to pet her on the head
  41. "So...kinda like Cerebro?"
  42. >"Pardon?"
  43. "Nevermind...oh can you stop with the formal talk? I can hardly understand what you're saying..."
  44. >She blushed and turned back to the orb
  45. >"Sorry. When We....I am nervous it helps me think better."
  46. >Cute
  47. >Her horn glowed a pale blue and the orb began to swirl with color
  48. >Pinks, blues, yellows, all sorts of clashing and vivid hues danced under the surface of the glass
  49. >"Be warned, Anon. We're about to look into the dreams of the populace. While we will find issues to solve, I'm afraid we may also discover things we never wished to know."
  50. "Sex dreams?"
  51. >She coughed and you sipped your tea with a smirk
  52. >"Sometimes...more often with my sister than myself I might add..."
  53. "You keeping a tally?"
  54. >"NO! Maybe..."
  55. >She snorted and intensified her magic into the orb
  56. >The walls of the room began to match the colors of the orb, swirling and dancing across the ceiling and even the floor
  57. >As you looked down, you noticed the platform you, Luna and the orb were on was made of glass
  58. >You felt a sudden sensation of vertigo and have to look back up to keep yourself from stumbling
  59. >Why did these crazy contraptions never have handrails!?
  60. >...well when the only user has wings....
  61. >"Here we go, Anon!"
  62. >The walls changed suddenly to a full image of Twilight Sparkle
  63. >She was wearing a maids outfit and flying around dozens of bookshelves
  64. >Kind of like she was looking for something
  65. >"Ugh, I hope it is not the bad librarian dream again..."
  66. "I kinda hope it is."
  67. >Luna shoots you a dirty look and you take another sip of the tea
  68. >It was pretty bomb ass tea, you'll have to tell Shining Armor about it tomorow
  69. >"Where is it!? Where is it!? SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!"
  70. >Twilight whined and pulled books from the shelves
  71. >Every book that fell had no title on the cover
  72. >The ones that hit the ground had no words inside them
  73. >As she tossed more and more books from the shelves, they regenerated
  74. >A never ending cascade of illusionary books rained down on you and Luna
  75. >"Perhaps she is missing something important in her life! A coltfriend? Or a purpose? She often--"
  76. >"My book on the life and hobbies of Clover the Clever is missing!"
  77. >Luna stopped and rolled her eyes
  78. >"...or she literally is missing a book..."
  79. >You look around the dream, and under the kitchen table there's the book she's looking for
  80. >Propping it up, with very visible dragon fingerprints on it
  81. >"Ah-ha!"
  82. >Luna pointed with her hoof in the direction of the table
  83. >"Now we must guide her to the conclusion!"
  84. "Say again?"
  85. >"We will slowly and carefully guide her mind to realizing her dragon slave placed the book under the table. You see, subconsciously she remembers but..."
  86. >She prattles on about how dreams work
  87. >You shake your head
  88. "That's boring though. Why don't we find the book ourselves and put it on her table so she feels like a moron in the morning?"
  89. >Luna stops, rubs her chin again, then gasps and smiles!
  90. >"That is a wonderful alternative! We shall right this wrong and let Purple McSmartyBook feel foolish!"
  91. >You chuckle and suggest they get going then
  92. >"One moment"
  93. >Luna trots over to the orb and...pulls a big red lever and the entire magic room snaps off
  94. >You stare at her with an incredulous expression
  95. >The trip to Twilight's library is an adventure in and of itself
  96. >Luna's carriage is an angry looking gothic thing and her bat pony pullers seem uninterested in the concept of 'straight and level'
  97. >You're hanging on for dear life while she cheers and occasionally yells for the guards to change course
  98. >They knew where they were going, what did she insist they flew so crazily!?
  99. >When you finally hit solid ground you jumped from the carriage and practically kiss the ground
  100. >"Come on, Anon! We have to find that book!"
  101. >After you finished your Pope impression, you followed the night princess to the library
  102. >"She has locked the door. Fear not, I was prepared for this!"
  103. >You expected a spell or Luna to be some sort of expert at picking locks
  104. >She, however, knocked her hoof on the door three times and smiled
  105. >You laughed but she looked to you puzzled
  106. >It's even cuter that she was serious
  107. >Don't boop her nose, Anon...
  108. >After waiting a few minutes, she knocked again
  109. >"Odd. Why aren't they answering?"
  110. "It's three in the morning, they're asleep."
  111. >"So...they should wake up when a princess knocks on their door!"
  112. >She knocked a third time
  113. >OK, enough
  114. >You walk over to the window and push it open
  115. >"Anon! What are you doing?"
  116. "I found a way in."
  117. >"Absolutely not! I am the princess of the night! I will not be undignified and climb through the window like a hooligan!"
  118. >She looked from the open window and back to you
  119. >"However, if someone were to open the door and allow us a proper entrance..."
  120. >She smiled and winked
  121. >With a groan you climb through the window
  122. >A little shuffling and sneaking around later, you got to the front door and unlatched it
  123. >Luna cleared her throat from the other side
  124. >With another groan, you pull the door open
  125. >She gracefully trots inside
  126. >"You are too kind, Anonymous."
  127. >You roll your eyes
  128. "Lets find the book and get out of here..."
  129. >Sure enough, the book is under the kitchen table, balancing it
  130. >"Quickly, Anon, we must think of a good place to put it!"
  131. >You shush her
  132. >"Sorry!"
  133. >Even when she's not shouting, Luna doesn't seem to have an inside voice
  134. >Whatever, you give a few tugs and the book comes free
  135. >But the second you did that, the table nearly toppled over
  136. >It was a thick book afterall
  137. >You grabbed the table leg but it was too late
  138. >A cup and a plate crashed down on the floor
  139. >"Now who's being noisy..."
  140. >Luna nudged the back of your leg with her hoof
  141. >Between her voice and you knocking things over it wasn't even worth being discreet anymore
  142. >You climb out from under the table, book in hand, half expecting to see Twilight and Spike
  143. >But neither of them are there, just Luna
  144. >She clops her hooves together happily when you show her the book
  145. >"Good work, Anon! Now to place it where Book Princess will find it and feel the greatest level of foolish!"
  146. "We could put it in her bathroom?"
  147. >"No, no it must be somewhere more embarrassing! Somewhere she looks every day but will..."
  148. >She spots the fridge and gasps with joy
  149. >"There!"
  150. >Not bad, Princess
  151. >You take the book and put it inside the fridge
  152. >As you go to close the door, a piece of cake levitates out of the fridge
  153. >It hovers in front of the Princess's mouth and she takes a bite
  154. >For the third time now, you look at her with the word "really?" practically written on your forehead
  155. >"What? It is our finders fee."
  156. >Well if that's the case
  157. >You open the fridge back up and take an apple
  158. >Twilight probably gets them free from...what's her name anyhow
  159. >"Let us go now, before we are..."
  160. >The light turns on
  161. >Busted!
  162. >Spike is in the doorway
  163. >Rubbing his eyes, trying to make sense of what he's seeing
  164. >You're about to give him an excuse why you and Luna are in his kitchen stealing food
  165. >But before you can, the piece of cake Luna was eating hits him square in the face and knocks him on his back
  166. >"RUN ANON!!! AVE DOMINUS NOX!!!"
  167. >She charges forward and nearly tramples poor Spike, who's flailing on the ground, covered in cake
  168. "Sorry..."
  169. >You offer the apology as you run out the door behind Luna
  170. >She's already in her chariot, shouting for you to hurry up and jump in
  171. >It lifts off the ground when you jump aboard, the two pullers somehow pulling the chariot nearly vertical
  172. >You cling to the rail, Luna on the other hand shouted cheerfully
  173. >"We solved a problem, Anon!"
  174. >When the chariot levels out, you sigh with relief and sit down on the velvet floor
  175. >"It was glorious, we are an incredible team! Together we shall solve all the problems of all the citizens of Equestria!"
  176. >She lifted you up with her magic and gave you a hug
  177. >After she deposits you back on the chariot floor and stands tall on her seat.
  178. >"Onward! We must search more dreams! For a slice of cake, the Princess of the Night shall be your savior!"
  179. >You wince as her 'onward' causes the guards to bank the chariot hard right
  180. >She was happy at least
  181. >But this was going to be a regular thing now and she would expect you to come along with her
  182. >All because you couldn't play a game of scrabble....
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